Review Xiaomi 12 Pro Two Weeks Later

so for the last fortnight i’ve been using the xiaomi 12 pro super fee flagship smartphone as my full-time personal handset on my daily move in youtube tech usage and if you’re a wee bit birthed you might be looking for an alternative to the samsung galaxy s 22 s the iphone 13 s all those other fee priced smartphones right now well maybe give this one a shot the xiaomi 12 pro is stacked with premium hardware from the snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset and that elegant dolby image amoled display to the triple 1550 meg camera setup that can take on those sami and apple smartphones no worries nonetheless while xiaomi’s main usp used to be putting out economical flagship phones unfortunately the 12 pro will cost you 999 u.s. dollars which implies it’ll be the best part of a gloriou when it does shore here in blighty so it’s actually worth that sky high toll and what is the everyday experience like well here’s my full xiaomi 12 pro further consideration and for more on the latest and greatest delight do plug subscribe and take that notifications bell mirths so let’s start with that roller jaunty blueprint and while the xiaomi 12 pro won’t accurately be turning foremen with any preposterous flounces or unique aesthetics it is a smartly dressed gale that could actually pass as some kind of business phone especially in this here grey hue great news if you’re one of those suit wankers the pros raised a metal frame and gorilla glass victus finish front and back as well and the great news is even a couple of weeks on with abundance of abuse this thing has not got any

scratches scuffs or other injury and that matte finish on the back end does a bang-up job of rebuffing any greasy periodicals and the like as well so this thing is pretty much still box fresh the 12 pro is pretty bloody big at a smelled over 6.7 inches so you’re gonna have to go in there with two paws unless you’ve got mitts the size of the giants especially as it is a reasonably slippery knit blighter as well but the 205 gram force isn’t outrageous compared with some other flagships one of the large-scale drawbacks though of the xiaomi 12 pros layout is there’s no official ip rating for water and dust resistance unlike pretty much every other flagship smartphone out there so it’s absolutely fine if you you know afford it a little of a splashing but it was far too much of a wuss to actually dunk it underwater in case that perfectly bollocks this on the software area what you have here is that fresh android 12 feeling with xiaomi’s own miui 13 start exactly deposit there on top and it is a potent combination we’re not quite talking fish and chips or beer and pork rubs now but it’s definitely at the least a dick and dom i do have a few wee complaints on the software side though so for instance despite the fact you’ve got android 12 you can actually change up the colour of the ui based on the wallpaper you’re currently rocking which is among the main features that google time “ve brought” and when i first set up the phone it made a gala chip of meddling to actually get the app notifications taken through in a timely manner as well but that’s something that i’ve kind of got used to on xiaomi telephones and then as usual you’ve got tons of bullshit we’re bundled on there from the off as well so you’ll have to go through manually uninstalling all the stuff you really can’t be honest with but apart from these minor ball legs i’ve got to say that miui did behave itself remarkably well here on the xiaomi 12 pro following a big four gigabyte method revise when i first set it all up that is in the two weeks i’ve been using it full time i’ve literally accompanied one insignificant little stumble where basically the launcher various kinds of forgot what it was supposed to be doing quarry a bit of

brain freeze happens to the best of us and then it sorted itself out and just got on with it today oh and likewise xiaomi doesn’t seem to have fairly sorted out the whole palm intrusion thing as well because you’ve got that arced screen it just bends ever so slightly around the edges and i pointed out that any scenario where i was lying on my backs or you know lounging around in bunked or on the sofa or on the storey if i’d had a few too many and taken a bit of a tumble in those instances i did find out to grip the phone a little bit harder than usual and therefore the screen went a little bit wonky and occasionally was selecting nonsense that i really did not want to happen speaking of that screen though it is a proper stunner to antagonist any flagship out there for sheer see sugar the spacious 6.73 inch sizing implies watching movies playing games all of that jazz is perfectly comfy while the amoled tech truly delivers as far as sharp-witted contrast and poppy hues travel you’ve actually get dolby see as well as hdr 10 plus approval and those visuals are beautifully reasonable specially if you bump up the resolution to that peak wqhd plus position and flow some ultra high def video and on top of that as well it’s also ltpo tech so basically the full freshen straddle from one hertz all the way up to 120 hertz is supported and it can dynamically adjust to suit whatever you’re up to so mostly in every possible way the xiaomi 12 pro’s display is one of the best out there now according to xiaomi this blower boasts a total of four orators although media is exclusively blasted out of two border attached grilles plus that earpiece audio spaffage isn’t quite a match for front firing orators on gaming handsets like the crook phone but well enjoyed the crisp and reasonably loud output helped by the dual tweeter and wafer setup and perhaps that hormone cordon fine tuning which even authorizes a bit of brandon up top apparently all of this isn’t relatively good

enough to make music sound decent of course and the xiaomi 12 pro is jackless as usual but i had zero editions when streaming to speakers or headphones with a bluetooth 5.2 substantiate along with a good bit of dolby atmos activity although the xiaomi 12 pro did continuously badge me to stop listening to music on my headphones because it detriment my hearing well jokes on you human my hearing’s already suitable although it also had to go at me uh for listening to music on my headphones when i was actually only streaming to a loudspeaker instead so i’m not sure what that’s all about and on the performance side well as you’d kind of hope and expect when you’re spunking out this much cash on a new blower there’s no editions there whatsoever you’ve got qualcomm’s top boundary snapdragon 8 gen1 stuffed inside of this thing connectivity is flawless with its wi-fi 6c and it’s 5g brace and of course the everyday drive is just buttery smooth and gaiman on the xiaomi 12 pro has been joyful for this past two weeks like other gen 1 handsets the pro can utterly crotch thrust its style through any deed out there even gentian with maxed out graphics at 60 frames per second it’s not totally flawless of course you’ll ascertain a couple of windy little firmware plunges here and there but overall it’s very liquid very impressive stuff especially when you’ve been gaming for an hour or two xiaomi’s liquid cool tech holds those internals from spontaneously combusting and the

performance from controlling meanwhile the pros mighty screen is pleasingly responsive with its 480 hz touch sampling substantiate and you got the usual excellent selection of gaming tools laid down by eventually in a smart and instinctive nature nonetheless it’s not all good news regrettably with the xiaomi 12 pro so for example the battery is only a might bigger than the regular xiaomi 12 despite the fact that this thing is an absolute freaking behemoth 4 600 milliamps and i did find that the battery life was not as strong as a good deal of antagonists out there extremely the oppo f5x5 pro which i only just reviewed on one of my busiest years these past 2 weeks for instance i found that the xiaomi 12 pro was dead by about 6 p.m and that was only with around five hours of screen on time i didn’t precisely lead super nuts with this thing although there was a fair bit of diesel streaming in the background as well but compared against how that penalize x5 pro acted the pixel 6 pro as well i certainly acquired this thing drained a lot faster and more stevens i was squeaking it into bed with only maybe a couple of percent left and i do have a feeling that some of this battery ditch is down to maybe some software quirks some penalty chanting is possibly needed precisely in the back end uh so for instance one day i pointed out that the wi-fi was one of the main culprits for killing the battery faster than customary hopefully these little problems can be sorted out and the battery pierce can be improved over time with various others the good news is those if you is first necessary to do environmental emergencies top up on the go well you’ve got 120 watt wide blaming corroborate here on the xiaomi 12 pro and 50 watt wireless blaming as well so literally plug it in for 10 instants and you’re pretty much good to go again now while the regular xiaomi 12 carries that popular sony imac 766 sensor too are available on large-hearted competitives like the oppo f5x5 pro this blower now upgrades to another 50 meg sony sensor the imx 707 some extremely fascinating multitudes there for you but the big question is is the xiaomi 12 pro actually any good for snapping everyday collects well you certainly get some good looking shots out of this thing on full auto even when the illuminate isn’t standard however is not expect natural appear photos like you get from the oppo flagship or the pixel 6

series the xiaomi 12 pro tends to boost color feelings to conclude everything sound a bit more vibrant regardless of whether you leave the ai on or thump it right off personally i appreciated some of the more colors outcomes but it would have been nice to have the option to capture a punchy pick or something a bit more natural no objections at all when i was shooting living topics especially those who tend to leap about as if several parts of their anatomy had suddenly burst into flame the 12 pro boasts nose tracking as well as motion tracking focus and this works beautifully obstructing even rapidly differing children pets as abrupt as possible at all times at night when you’re snapping away in darker environments the shambi flagship again proves one of the very best around right now image capture usually simply takes a second or two managing is just as quick and you’re left with a luminous photo boost in impressive detailing and minimum particle however i will say that the regular xiaomi 12 too does a bang-up job in those low-light situations courtesy of that imx 766 i’ve actually done some side-by-side camera likeness in my xiaomi 12 unboxing with that and the pro if you want to see the distinctions between them the pro tends to produce slightly brighter photos with a little less green in those low-light situations it’s not a massive objective for discrepancies between them you too have a 50 meg ultra wide angle

shooter that you can swap to for a more gathered back notion with same visual results and exclusively a wee bit of aberration around the edges and last up the 50 meg telephoto shooter offers a basic two times optical zoom the same as the oppo f5x5 pro but inferior to quite a few flagships out there it’s still more than good enough for get artificially closer to your theme without disturbing them though although don’t expect sharply returns if you punch in above the 10 experiences stage that indicated by the xiaomi 12 pro does dish up a super moon procedure which can be used to snap that big-hearted bullet of stone hanging in the sky with affecting lucidity if that happens to tweak your wing nuts still further so good and i also increased the video upshots spaffed out by the xiaomi 12 pro you’ve got ak tape cuts if you’re into all of that personally i restrained the phone set at 4k decide where you can capture footage at 30 or 60 frames / second and you’ve even got an hdr 10 plus alternative when dealing with dodgy contrast stabilization is strong tracking is once again dependable and even when the lighting in great you can expect honorable detail backpack into every enclose and audio pickup also gets a thumbs up so overall lovely stuff and hey up front you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie shooter which is a good one for your instagramable minutes if you don’t mind sharing every crate and pucker with the world countries although you’ve got the usual glamour state guff if you’d rather look like a short figure and again at night no worries the 12 pro does a solid task and using that 32 meg selfie shooter you can capture full hd footage at 30 or 60 frames / second no 4k options sadly but absolutely fine for your vlogging needs especially as again that audio capture is strong so right there is what i think

of the xiaomi 12 pro after exerting it as my full-time smartphone for a couple of weeks and it is kind of a chagrin that xiaomi’s flagships are no longer the more economical alternative compared against the samsungs and the apples “of the worlds” but thankfully the xiaomi 12 pro apologizes its sky-high price by being moderately cruel good and mostly almost everywhere you’ve got some seriously premium tech on now the application knowledge i discovered certainly was enjoyable the camera is fantastic one of the best out there it’s just the battery life if xiaomi can somehow magically style that out in an updated report then gorgeous otherwise personally i’d rather go with something like the pixel 6 pro which has the more dependable battery life you can also capture more natural looking picks and it’s a bit cheaper but anywho that’s what i surmise what do you guys think are you seduced by the xiaomi 12 pros if clearly be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do thrusting subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest i’ve got you a full xiaomi 12 unboxing i’ve got a review of the brand-new xiaomi watches all kinds of shenanigans disappearing live at the moment because they launched a good deal of viciou nonsense but yeah have yourselves a good one and see you next time bye love you you

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