Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Top 20 Meta Quest VR Titles (2022)

so it’s christmas time a time traditionally reserved for festivities and fun and frolics or at least it would be if everyone wasn’t dropping with the plague right about now meaning that parties are cancelled and everyone’s stuck inside with no one for company but other family members no worries though if you’ve got a shiny oculus quest 2 vr headset the oculus store is packed with great games to suit any taste from action games and puzzle titles to proper scary brown trouser time horror games so even if you can’t enjoy actual reality you can at least slip away into virtual reality and still have a pretty decent time or the most fun that it’s possible to have without downing half a bottle of scotch i’ve personally tested out dozens and dozens of games on the oculus quest 2 here or the meta quest 2 or whatever the bloody hell it’s called now so here’s my pick of the absolute best vr games you can bag yourself right now on the oculus quest 2 and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so undoubtedly one of the greatest oculus quest games right now is resident evil 4 vr a straight up port of the classic action game that puts you right in the beefcake body of leon s kennedy as he shoots angry europeans in the face over and over and over again

because resident evil 4 has been ported to pretty much every console ever in existence i’m pretty sure you can even play it on a pocket calculator these days and for good reason too because it is proper mint from the opening assault on the village to the kakyopan session with a giant lake gribbly thing resident evil 4 is one of the most entertaining games ever designed in first person that combat feels even more fluid as well as more personal and thankfully i didn’t feel motion sickness at all despite constantly dodging all over the place avoiding flying axes and those chainsaw [ __ ] it is a real shame though that cutscenes and cutaways basically anything where you’re not in direct control of leon still play out as a boring 2d movie and it’s particularly jarring when for instance you knock down a ladder and you’re instantly pulled out of leon’s body you watch the ladder falling down in 2d and then you’re back into the action it’s yeah very bizarre but that and a couple of minor gripes aside this vr port works really well and it’s well worth a play-through even if you’ve done the original game to death now if you’re in the mood for some more light-hearted vr fair we’ll definitely check out i expect you to die too which is unsurprisingly the sequel to i expect you to die which by the way if you haven’t played either of these games some of the best fun you can have with one of these things

strapped to your buns this tongue-in-cheek adventure slaps you in the sexy tux of a secret agent and thrusts you into various perilous far-fetched situations you’ll need all of your wits to solve the many puzzles and escape each scenario unharmed so don’t go down in too many martinis first with its tongue-in-cheek humor clever mind twisters and impressive interactivity i expect you to die and i expect you to die too or just absolutely bloody delightful although also pretty damn short another one of the most impressive immersive and pant filling the terrifying titles you can grab right now for the oculus quest 2 is walking dead saints and sinners this melancholic post-apocalyptic tale that has civilization plunged into chaos and humans turning against their own kind in horrifying fashion could easily be mistaken for real life these days but it’s actually a pretty smart first person survival adventure from your base which is inexplicably a bus parked up in a graveyard you’ll find yourself piecing together clues to find a legendary bunker filled with enough supplies to last a lifetime all the while you’ll need to scavenge for food bandages weapons and materials that you can strip down and use to craft more useful items the real joy of saints and sinners is that tense exploration you’ll need to creep cautiously through the skeletal remains of civilization either sneaking by the shuffling dead or

ending their misery with a brutal selection of melee and ranged weapons the stealth mechanics are solid and gone one-on-one with a zombie and a shiv never gets old you can’t just poke that rusty blade into the head with a pathetic weed jab you need to properly swing it into their skull and penetrate that brain to put their lights out proper not enough force and you just end up grappling with a seriously miffed off corpse it’s suitably groey and it’s bloody amazing and tension is ramped up even further because you are working against the clock if your wrist watch goes into the red that means the bells are gonna tall and the walking dead are gonna flood the streets which is about as much fun as being in blue water on a saturday afternoon and if the sound of that really basted your christmas spuds we’ll definitely check out arizona sunshine as well yes it is yet another first person zombie survival shootery thingy with very similar mechanics indeed but it is also a classic and it’s been spruced up for the oculus quest too the plot is a little light but like the walking dead this first person adventure really makes you feel like you’re lost in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

once again you’ll be foraging for resources while putting brain munching buggers out of their misery but there’s more emphasis on action here and capping an undead fiend from 30 yards with a jizz-tastic headshot never gets old arizona sunshine’s puzzles are admittedly easy even for a boozed-up northerner mostly involved in finding a key or pushing a button but when you have dozens of zombies closing in on you with only a few bullets to spare it is a proper thrill ride those visuals which were already pretty stunning have been given a bit of spit and polishly oculus quest 2 and the physics seem improved as well so now those zombies behave in an even more naturalistic manner at least as natural as a walking stiff could ever behave if you happen to be more of a fan of dinosaurs rather than rotten reanimated corpses well jurassic world aftermath is definitely worth some of your time aftermath has you explore on the infamous island after things went a bit wrong and those dinos got all bitey but you’re not here on your halls rather you have to evade those pesky raptors while trying to escape with all your bits intact besides the ravenous raptors there’s a bunch of

simple puzzles to tackle and exploring the ruined halls is a lot of fun even if interaction is depressingly limited and despite the colourful cartoon graphics those dyno encounters are proper punch shredding so thank the baby jesus you got lots of convenient lockers scattered about the place to cower inside of another great oculus quest game that’s been updated for the meta quest 2 is trovers saves the universe this action platformer is from the diseased yet brilliant mind of justin roiland one of the sick puppies behind rick and morty and that potty-mouthed eccentric humor is well and truly ingrained in trova which sees you floating about in a chair while guiding a purple sweary thing through all manner of levels and things and generally getting up to mischief it’s simple stuff but it’s so bad mental and funny that it is well worth picking up and yet another vr gem that’s been polished up for oculus quest 2 is red mata a sci-fi puzzler that has you breaking into a deserted space space to steal intelligence from an opposing faction as you do it won’t be too challenging for hardcore adventure fans but the hunting atmosphere and mystery kept me hooked

until the end if you want a way of burning off all of those crispus mince pies and shandies then definitely have a good long squint at pistol whip 2089 this is basically an unreal shooter where your sole purpose is to pick off every bugger what pops up from behind the scenery every level is set to a different song and you get bonus points for plugging your force in time to the beat so it’s kind of like an ultra violent version of just dance in this 2089 update a proper campaign mode has been bunged in alongside the original levels and to be honest the campaign’s plot is about as meaty as a vegan sausage roll but who cares it’s basically more levels for free hazard and to jazz things up the campaign also features fresh enemy models some cool new weapons and twists on the original gameplay the best thing about pistol whip is that it makes you feel like a proper badass even if you’re just a bald middle-aged punching about in his living room those funky digital style visuals reminded me a lot of super hot and they help to keep the game child friendly as well even though you’re plugging literally dozens and dozens of people with guns there’s not so much as a splash of blood or a kidney flying against the nearest wall and yes speaking of super hot that is another oldie but goodie the hook here is that enemies move only when you do so at any point you can just freeze and plan out your next move should i grab this guy’s gun and blast him in the face or maybe just take him down with a well aimed pull ball to the nands the world is your violent oyster heads up though you will need a good bit of free space to play it as you’ll actually have to move around ducking and dodging and uppercutting some dudes junk and what have you any star wars fans out there are well serviced by the good old oculus quest 2 as well and you’ll probably splurge yourself silly at tales from galaxy’s edge which is absolutely stuffed full of fan service you play as a simple droid repair technician whose mission is to salvage some valuable kogo that you just jettisoned you’ll spend most of

your time exploring the lush planet of batu and blasting halls and unfriendly gang members who are after your precious booty although your enemies are about as clever as a box of pop-tarts that combat is still good fun you’ll feel pretty badass dual wielding blasters and i really like how you can chuck your old weapons when they’re spent and grab pistols from fallen fours it is a shame that tales from galaxy’s edge is rather on the short side like quite a lot of your adventures to be perfectly honest but at least there is a bit of unlockable bonus content that is very different from the standard main gameplay and the vader’s quest trilogy will also probably delight fans but any casual dippers into the star wars lore probably won’t find much to hold their attention here beyond the occasional bit of hot lightsaber action and let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy wanging around a massive glowing sword and last up for the action games i’m still a big fan of robo recall a fun and fast-paced arcade title that has you blasting and slapping rogue robots into tiny metal chunks it’s simple but it’s highly addictive carnage and definitely an essential purchase for oculus quest too now one of the most addictive games that i’ve played recently on the meta quest is walkabout mini golf

which is exactly what you’d expected to be several rounds of crazy golf shenanigans to suit putters of all ages and abilities halls range from your usual fare with rocks and tunnels to absolutely back mental efforts that you’d never actually see on a real-life course taking full advantage of the vr escapades there’s a hardcore version of each course to tackle once you’re confident enough missing balls to find dotted about the place and basically hours of absolute joy thanks to the realistic physics and stellar design work now next up one of the most infamous and best-selling adventure titles of all time has been given a fresh lease of life here on the oculus quest 2 as well i’m talking of course about mist which like resident evil has already been re-released god knows how many times but all the same i still get a thrill wandering through those familiar worlds in vr it’s still as tough as a rhino’s arse and the puzzle randomizer feature means that even veterans won’t breeze through it my only complaint is that taking notes while you’re playing the game is a wee bit awkward basically involving taking off the headset making a note putting it back on and such forth some sort of automatic note-taking tool in-game would have been really bloody helpful but hopefully that’ll be implemented in some some future patch but all the

same anyone who loves a good puzzle especially a good super tough puzzle will have you smacking your head off the nearest wall until everything goes pleasantly numb should definitely get involved and any adventure game fans out there should also get a kick out of a fisherman’s tail which is certainly one of the more unique and innovative titles available for this sleek white helmet this time around you play as a wooden puppet who lives in a lighthouse naturally and who also spends his spare time working on a small wooden replica of his homestead but one day when you lift the roof off you discover a tiny version of yourself in there and not just that but your own home’s roof appears to have lifted off and now an enormous view is looming overhead thus begins an absolute mind of an adventure where you basically have to solve puzzles by passing items between big u and little u in order to manipulate your environment and yes i realize i’m making about as much sense as i usually do after 10 pints of bitter but really it’s one of those games you just have to play and experience for yourself it is a work of pure genius and getting through will take some proper lateral thinking as well as some thorough exploration and perhaps a healthy dose of illicit substances factor in the surprisingly emotional story and that slick presentation and this is one of my favorite all-time titles for the oculus quest too and lots of love also goes to room vr a dark matter which has

been built from the ground up for virtual reality although it does work in much the same way as those mobile games a dark matter cast you as a london detective in the early 20th century and your objective is to find out what happened to a missing archaeologist who just mysteriously vanished to do that you’ll have to trace his final steps and figure out a bunch of sometimes ridiculously intricate puzzle boxes protein buttons and twists and knobs until you manage to unlock the secrets being able to lean in and closely examine each object from every angle definitely makes a dark matter even more immersive while you once again have a selection of supernatural lenses that can transform your surroundings with eerie results fireproof games has really made the most of this platform the room vr looks stunning and plays beautifully sucking you in from the very first moments and keeping you gripped be warned though it’s also tougher than a week old chicken nugget so if you turn off that built-in hint system well get ready for some serious brain ache now another brilliant recent addition to the oculus stone one for any survival fans out there is a song in the smoke this challenging title has you crafting tools foraging for food and fighting off beasties as you search for three purple glowing rocks for reasons this is

hardcore stuff there’s not a primark in sight so you’ll have to skin animals to clothe yourself and build campfires at night to ward away the horrible gribblies that lurk in the darkness it’s very tough stuff and definitely not for the weak of heart especially with the limited number of saves in each stage so only true hardcore survivalist should apply now if you’re missing going down to the gym to burn off all of those crispus mince pies and port well there is some relief to be had in fit xr a very worthy vr exercise app that started as a box and sim type thing but now it’s expanded to include even more workout types the sweat and juice and boxing sessions have you smacking 10 bells out of flowy orb things as they hurtle towards your face definitely a very enjoyable virtual workout with a range of difficulty levels and a decent variety of hip-hop rock dancing pop tunes to get your punch into the beat and that has now expanded to include hits training and dance sessions as well so you’ve got a good bit of variety of stuff on there though it is a subscription-based service you will have to spunk up seven quid a month in order to get involved and you’ll also get a decent workout from ortika a highly satisfying oculus quest rhythm based game which has you dual wielding pistols and blast and fast moving targets to the beat of a pump and dance soundtrack on the more advanced levels you’ll need instant reactions to clear everything zip and buy while modifiers such as

invisible guns make life considerably more difficult i’ve also got to give big love to synth riders an excellent rhythm game that has you fist pumping all over to punch coloured balls before they smack you in the gob there’s a great selection of tunes to bop along to including dance dubstep rock and even some swing i’ve got even more love for smash drums a title that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination all you’ve got to do is pummel supernatural floating skins as they drift towards you keeping to the beat while pulling off a good bit of proper flare every now and then absolutely banging and of course i’ve got to give a bit of love to the original title they kick-started this rhythm dance craze good old beat saber which basically is exactly the same as the others except your dual wielding lightsabers this time and has been expanded with an ever-grown collection of dlc involving some of the biggest international music superstars and also panic at the discord just remember to use the actual wrist straps on your oculus controllers when you’re playing any of these games because if they happen to slip out your sweaty grasp well that’s something else you’ll have to ask santa for next year so anywho that right there is my selection of the very best games you can bag yourself right now for the oculus quest 2 meta quest 2 whatever the hell you want to call it of course these are all single player titles for solo play there is also a lot of co-op and multi-player titles that you can grab yourself right now for the oculus quest too if you want to be a bit more social and interact with fellow human beings i’m going to try and cover some of those in a separate video because otherwise this video will be about an hour long so stay tuned for that one and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fun bloody tastic rest of the holidays cheers everyone love you

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