Preview OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition the Retro Gaming Phone!

so we may not have a oneplus 9t to look forward to at the end of 2021 but that doesn’t mean that oneplus has just been sat around on a project doing out because what we’re getting instead is the oneplus nord 2 special pacman edition this bad boy will cost you 499 quid or 529 euros you can pre-order yours right now from the oneplus website and oneplus has really gone to town with this thing changing up the specific characteristics of it uh the theme and all sorts so let’s slam the oneplus node 2 pacman volume on out of the box do you on a full-on tour of all the changes and little nips and bonus facets that you’ll find backpack in there and for more on the roll of greatest tech satisfy do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell heartens first up i’m going to give a shout out to the box design which is remarkably confined as you can see there’s just a little bit of firebrand in there pac-man and then the oneplus down below and then lots of little pills basically disbanded all about the place tiny stinky little pac-man up there in the corner munching on them searches rather nice i was expecting them to just slather the big-hearted yellow fat bastard all over this thing let’s just ease it open okay this is a bit more what i was expecting highly very bright and vibrant and that wasn’t actually the real box this is apparently the real box okay but box number two surprise box still liking that restrained design again a little bit of the old pac-man brandon really like the labyrinth theme that elongates all around this thing now she managed to sneak one plus nord into that maze let’s buttock a little bit spirit activity as well blinky or wanky or whatever he’s called let’s see is there another chest within this box nope we’re into the phone proper now really is impossible to get this entire box into bloody chassis so what are you actually getting now besides the oneplus notation 2 pac-man edition well you’ve got oneplus deflection indictment 65 influence adapter and when i say power adapter i intend absolute measurement you’ve got the usual color red oneplus usb cable which i frankly thought would be yellow in this edition you got your oneplus nord stickers we do have a bit of yellow activity going on now but still no pacman and then last up the usual welcome letter from the team who worked on the machine and it’s good to see jason the dog back in action if you want to know what the welcome note says it says these oaths precisely and that’s everything you get inside the oneplus nord 2 pacman edition container let’s stop piddling about and check out the phone now first up i am liking the design of the oneplus nord 2 pac-man edition got to see it i had images of precisely large-hearted bright smiley yellow-bellied faces all over this thing but again it’s looking reasonably restricted the first glance is basically a silver finish you got your your pac-man here merrily munching apart on all kinds of various lozenges got the name of the smartphone only subtly tucked away next to the camera chassis right there the teeny part of the oneplus brandon down below with that symbol apart from that seeming and feeling very similar to the standard oneplus memorandum 2 that liberated earlier this year nonetheless we just go ahead and precisely turn off all of the light-footeds this is actually a glow-in-the-dark smartphone you’ve got a shiny fluorescent back there created of two seams with phosphorescent ink exercised immediately to the innermost layer in a sort of maze theme again just like on that second box pointless yes but snazzy most definitely i’d say it looks amazing but then i’d have to go and[ __] kill myself as for the rest of the design i believe that the back end of the oneplus indicate 2 pac-man edition is still constructed from a gorilla glass 5 as well as the exhibition you have a pre-installed screen protector on there too of course the oneplus observe 2 doesn’t have an ip rating but it is splash proof so no worries if it does get a little bit moist it’s good to see when the oneplus nords 2 pac-man edition is booting up you do get a funky little living nice touch now while the oneplus indicate 2 pac-man edition is busy aim itself up let’s have a bit of a go at constructing the oneplus note 2 pac-man phone holder every time ah okay so as you can see it’s a bit of a lego special so uh i’m a bit rusty on the aged lego build but the instruction manual is literally merely 14 steps long so i think i could probably just about manage that step one is literally make sure you’ve got this big blue-blooded wanger here already on to pace two feeling moderately confident i anticipate i could do this even if i had a couple more whiskeys fries you dislike me and there we have it the finished oneplus nord 2 pacman volume phoneholder absolute portion of piss quite a funky design as you investigate got pacman seeming as cheerful as ever down there at the bottom thinking about all those yummy capsules he’s about to shove down his throat and then you’ve got a staircase uh winding its highway up the exterior of the phone holder there with uh the aged supernaturals of course time slapping about having having a good time so anyway the oneplus records 2 pac-man edition is all set up ready for action and once again it’s a good flake of oxygen os 11.3 slatted on top of android 11.

nonetheless right off the back you’ll probably notice a good fragment of pac-man theme and uh tucked away in there starting of course with the rather obvious wallpapers there you got the usual oneplus papers and the likes of the canvas mode of course but then the uh preferably eclectic selection of pac-man efforts going from the very jazzy and in your face to the uh the bit more subtle and that is far from all i likewise affection how when you drag down that notifications bar it actually reflects the arcade style motif terribly off-color and yellow so retro feeds will definitely get a bit of a kick out of that and while the default icon pack now on the memorandum 2 pacman copy is the standard oxygen icons you can swap to a special pac-man one as well and as “youre seeing” there this establishes the system apps a retro 8-bit vogue vibe which is very very cool definitely i see it very very cool it clearly depends on how much you burrow the retro vibe you’ve got a pac-man themed fastening screen as well and even the ready fingerprint sensor is mostly pac-man stuck inside of his little knees i intend fair player to one plus they’ve really gone to city with the bonus software flakes here and yes you’ve also got a special usage pac-man alarm and pac-man ringtone as well that would definitely get me up in the morning that’s for certain on the ringtone i like it and quite a lot of these little uh bonus parts aren’t actually active by default you will have to go digging through the aims menu looking forward to them and when you actually firstly boot up the oneplus nords ii pacman edition you do get a little message saying that there are some genuinely secret obstructed parts tucked away in there that you will have to go rooting around for really cute definitely and you do get some clues here in the entertaining stand instruction manual on how to open some of these bonus bits as well so i’m gonna try and employ my big intellectual genius in order to actually find some of these bits right now if you don’t want to spoil the surprises because you’re going to get the phone yourself you might want to skip onward to the next area oh you know don’t because opportunities are i ain’t going to find diddly dick because let’s face it i’m a few whiskeys in now the aged breen boxing what it used to be because the first clue is if a little puzzle has got you out fox don’t be sad time read the blocks which i’m assuming refers to the age-old gopher excellent now on the phone holder which i’m not really sure what that mean you do get the pacman 256 sport invested now on the uh the pac-man edition uh but surely it can’t expect you to get a perfect score that would be a bit much i definitely one of the following options people who gets the the age-old platinum mementoes typically you’ll be glad to hear that pac-man 256 frolics perfectly now on the oneplus nords two unsurprisingly oh what’s happening now am i dead already a high score of 73 i don’t think that’s quite perfect okay scratch that if you flunked a lot yep and you’re achieve your restrictions look for a number around seven digits okay perfectly rubbed this thing looking for a seven digit multitude uh there’s absolutely nothing that “i m seeing” anywhere that could count you can’t see anything hidden away in the wallpapers or anywhere dangerously what what am i what am i missing here anyone anyone got any clues hang on maybe it’s the seven digits that you would have to punch into an old facet phone in order to spell out perfect when you find the digit enroll it into the calculator and tap equals all right so i’ll be seven three and finally eight nope that ain’t it okay so i completely freaking give up if you guys have got any feelings let me know down in specific comments uh otherwise yeah besides the uh self-evident pac-man theme and it’s mostly the same one plus nodes 2 that we are familiar and adoration with that dimensionally 1200 chipset strength on it you’ve got 12 gigs of ram and this only comes with 256 gigs of onboard storage so slew of gap there for all your shiz just as well as there’s no micro sd supporting you’ve got a six time four three inch amoled screen which i really really like full hd plus answers nice crispy punchy visuals in there surfaces off at 90 hertz neat strong brightness for outdoors use as well nice wide examining slants and everything and a stereo orator setup that’s pretty estimable for this sort of price point along with uh bluetooth 5.2 buoy you’ve got a good flake of ldac and aptx hd and all of the usual codec shenanigans the performance once again comes courtesy of a dimensionally 1200 chipset as mentioned before the battery life is solid on the oneplus record 2.

i’ve done a full in-depth review of the original smartphone so go check that out for all you need to know about specs the features and what i thought of using it as my full-time smartphone for a week likewise that camera tech hasn’t changed up at all for the pac-man edition once again a 50 megapixel primary shooter exploiting sony’s imx 766 sensor with visual portrait stabilization that is backed by a simple eight megapixel ultra wide angle shooter and a two megapixel mono lens the only actual difference i’ve noticed is if you dive on into that camera app and then go to the filters you do now have a special pacman filter which as you can see there only includes all kinds of random souls and pac-man randomness to your photo and once again 32 megapixel selfie shooter as well which is perfectly reputable for your better insta action zarya there is the oneplus note 2 pac-man edition clearly a good one for any retro gaming fans out there they’ve really gone to town with the theming and everything but besides that it’s still the same age-old oneplus observe 2 that i am aware and really really like really uh so clearly has to say go check out my full tone 2 re-examine for my in-depth expectations on the phone itself you guys are clearly a lot smarter than i am so uh yeah if you’ve got any impression what any of these secret bonus flecks are let me know down below and i’ll try and maybe do a video part two at some top in the meantime please do shove subscribe and ding that notification bell if you haven’t already and have yourselves a stupendous remainder of the week cheers[ Music][ Music] i

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