Realme GT Neo 3 150W Fast Charge Beast!

hello exquisite utterances and therefore welcomed another magnetize publication of tech burst weekly the only weekly tech news show where we tend to bang on more about ninja turtles war figures that we do about actual you know tech this week we’ll be having a good hard-handed askance at the really fun with 150 watt ultra speck accusing i’ll be slamming on about nothing at all as cold duo spas out a new blower or not and special celebrity client store robert downey jr may well be dropping by texpert castles to discuss some of his favorite real-life gadgets not bullshit ones like what he pretends to kill people with in them iron block movies so batches to get through let’s go expert weekly so overall as far as tech launches become this week was almost about as interesting as a documentary about wallpaper adhesive co-presented by john major and the stinking corpse of a road killed badger thankfully nonetheless it wasn’t entirely without incident as roomie lastly unveiled the fresh gt neo3 with its insanely speedy 150 watt ultra arrow commission artillery tech so this thing disappears from perfectly drained to ready for more activity in less experience than a pond wizard munching on a off-color lozenge baguette the 6.7 inch superstar carries some serious tech including an hdr 10 plus amoled screen you got that same 50 meg imx 766 primary camera as the real me gt2 pro and a 4 500 milliamp battery with that crazy fast accusing shenanigans which gives you a 50 charge in precisely five flowing minutes i mean that’s really bloody

impressive i can’t do anything in five minutes apart from perhaps deeply disappoint a few thousand people who inadvertently click on one of my videos expect an expert tech analysis and apparently the real me gt neo0 3 will be coming to europe soon so uh yeah how soon not really sure sorry next up nothing gaffer colpier took to a virtual place to instead appropriately launch good-for-nothing at all he did tease that they were working on a smartphone nicknamed the phone open brackets threadbare invests brackets a piece of information that wouldn’t even surprise a monk living inside of a excavation late inside of a cave right in the middle of a massive rainforest even if he’d waste several months with his fingers lodged in his ears disappearing the phone opened brackets one closed brackets or the scold telephone as i’m gonna call it as that’s mostly what we know so far should actually be propelling sometime in summer apparently we didn’t get so much as a razz view of a for not even like a uncertain silhouette or anything what we got was this whatever the that is i mean if you booze fairly whiskey and askance at it really really hard then after a while it kind of looks like totoro ornamented in the melancholy with a big droopy schlong so i’ve shabby i’m already massively looking forward to this one so regardless no brand-new commodities to speak of but see did at least dedicate us a peek of the good-for-nothing os launcher that we’ll running around on the order telephone this appears to be a little more than a skin right now changing up the fonts the papers and other visual points will keep it a inventory android vibe which to be fair could be a welcome break from other heavier launchers and

apparently nothing os will be made available for a small number of smartphones in april so we’ll be able to get all touchy-feely with it very shortly nicole likewise devoted some time banging on about how he wanted to take on apple with his very own seamless product ecosystem the only trouble they’re called being that you actually need to release some produces mate regardless we’ll have more nothing bulletin for you where reference is gradually runs in like the desperate urine flowing of a geriatric camel and also this week honor propelled its new super budget smartphone the honor xc it’s not to be confused with the reputation 8x outside of its home country of china this impressively slim 6.7 incher leads off the snapdragon 680 soc and boastings a 64 megapixel primary camera a full hd plus expose that mostly replenishes that front end plus a selection of three jazzy shades they’ve also carried in a four thousand milliamp artillery a headphone jack and of course that lovely spell ui4 launcher that really is the bee’ s tits don’t start rending off your wife runs an unbridled pleasure and euphorium just yet though because apparently the reputation x8 will only be launching for now in the uae and saudi arabia a fact that i only just picked up on a moment ago when i actually bothered to read to the end of the press release professionalism that’s our

word of the working day kittens together with persists anyway bollocks to it that’s that’s enough for that for another week so now it’s time for the part of the show that will probably meet that wallpaper paste programme look like bafta award-winning television it’s viewer remarks fewer remarks so this week we are kicking off with uh gq who says chris been watching you since 16 000 subs uh you absolute mentalist you obviously deserve some kind of medal for that kind of longevity probably a big award that’s completely hollow and filled with the finest whiskey uh because yeah that is that’s some beating right there uh next up luke says you always are to be able to made the phones i’m looking for in a video just when i’m due an ascent and on a similar look andrea says uh you always have the paw i’m looking for when i need an refurbish it’s mostly just because i try and cover all of the phones pretty much so i’m bound to please a few people at least quantities of medians and all that your tech friend says you’re the best tech squirt i think you might be looking for a different channel on that one uh george says is it me or does the indicate get better whenever you’re hungover instead of amply alarm yeah clearly the groggier the very best i like my public to be only semi-conscious that’s for sure the less you remember of the depict the more likely you are to accidentally watch another one uh next up kathal says more hungover than usual i’m surprised you survived till the end uh it’s a nice 15 stages here in navan ireland uh wrecking my hangover though so this was the day after assure patrick’s daytime which is when the last episode aired i wasn’t in a good regime so christ merely knows what what ireland as a whole

was like i symbolize i’m assuming that the day after saint patrick’s day it’s basically a write-off yeah no one’s actually expecting anyone to like go into work and do anything fertile i intend frankly if you even managed to stagger to the toilet in time to empty up your insides literally that’s a bonus i do need to get to ireland actually for sid patrick’s epoch sometime that would be a great uh great little tour i’d imagine it’s something like uh the large-hearted grocery newcastle around 2am on a saturday darknes merely just a single word for it carnage the kind of time and situate where a brutal street bayonet contend is just a minor inconvenience that you have to step around next up david says hopefully you’re feeling better today chris give yourself to a fish finger sandwich and a big glass of iron drink that resounds utterly luxuriant to be honest with you if stomachs could sounds international borders then mine would be as hot as a persist of brighton cliff right about now you can’t beat the classics as well fish finger sandwich go on i like a bit little dribble of vinegar on mine maybe some marinaded onions on the side so last week of course we discussed that samsung’s fresh new galaxy a53 brand-new 400 pound affordable mid-range smartphone alternative to those mega expensive s sequences morphos but the general consensus seems to be that the galaxy a53 isn’ t quite as enticing as the older a52s so for example florin writes the a53 is worse than the a52 no headphone jack nor snapdragon processor more

expensive no charger in the box they chipped more and more functionality and supplements every year yeah certainly doesn’t seem to be a massive progression certainly the a52 the a52s great handsets from last year you’ll probably be able to get them in an even more bargain is priced now that the a53 is out gonna denied judgement on the exodus because i know they’re generally not bit as good as the snapdragon alternatives but you never know we’ll see if it can handle a government of the game and sacrifice it the gention and all of that shenanigans i’ll probably is an attempt do a side by side at the very least with the a52s but frankly there are so many goddamn smartphones came to see you i’m expecting three new ones in only next week alone i’ve still got at least two or three that i haven’t even begun to cover i haven’t even taken them out the frigging casket it’s just that time of year when everything departs mental i’ve already cut back on sleep and family time and all that kind of stuff all i’ve got left is drinking and frankly that ain’t going anywhere uh where was that harry says i’m really stuck on deciding to either buy the galaxy a5 3 5g or am looking forward to the pixel 6a comes out what should i do and to be honest uh google io is still a good few weeks apart so towards the start of may and even if google does launching the pixel 6 now there it may be weeks months some time span of some description until it actually hits uk supermarkets so it kind of depends on how patient “youre ever” how desperate you are for a google smartphone the samsung blogs you know they offer your strong os and safety informs and everything i was only personally just see a big hairy ads to it and grab the a53 or possibly even the a52s because it’ s still mint uh mcgill says all they’re gonna have an a7 3 by any chance you bet your left bum cheek they are mckill uh yeah more funds to cover whoop

jason says hey uncle goadings any bulletin on the xiaomi 12 x uh yes i am hoping to feature it soon but i am taking a bit of a end after treating the xiaomi 12 the xiaomi 12 pro the xiaomi earbuds the xiaomi smartwatch you know it’s kind of like internet porn you know really great stuff top notch but you are well aware after eight or nine hours of non-stop tentacle-based hentai action kind of loses its luster a little bit who am i kidding i could literally clockwork orange that for weeks uh next up marcus says come to singapore it’s wet and pathetic but at least it’s 31 measures on a good day i’ve actually been there my friends i even went to a good old-fashioned centosa island and got chased everybody by a incensed peacock who was obviously embarrassed and is in favour of my ridiculously wan surface i even had to hide out in a viciou toilet block for about 15 instants until it lastly got borne and off gotta acknowledge my remembers of singapore are kind of sporadic that that patently puts out relatively quite violently uh but yeah just got like random remembrances of is in accordance with a karaoke table singing mistres i think it was and checking out some of the uh the ridiculously cheap electronic stores dining an dreaded pile of foods because it was freaking formidable that’s about it i did i did enjoy the vibe though i’ll emphatically have to go back sometime uh next up uh oh it’s krieger again uh who says unsurprisingly portland jamaica in the building

behave it behave are the jokes on you me because actually it’s been quite a barmy sort of 17 18 severities here in the uk so i’ve even been out with uh with exactly the old t-shirt on getting me coming the old grease-guns out and the local maids swooning so hard they were dropping their greg’s pasties uh hajimoto says you know you fixed it when spambots conquer your observe area pestering as though yeah tell me about it and of course the sweetened irony is certainly immediately a spambot is in response to that statement yes they are still hiding there no doubt they’ll be sounding up again in this video despite all the keywords i’ve boycotted and nonetheless much i signal them and report them to youtube they seem to be doing absolutely bugger all about it which is incredibly infuriating uh but yeah if any if anyone replies to you down below with my face uh but with something else like oh textbook telegram and a cluster of numbers really just ignore the living out of that lex says it’s true that some refurbed android flagships are endlessly better than the iphone se3 but you’ve got to remember that some people would rather stay in the apple ecosystem and it’s a way to easily stay at a moderately cheap expenditure and some people actually like the se3′ s intend because it’s simple and they might still have the iphone 8 or whatever yeah unquestionably some some exceedingly uh valid points there some people would rather only stick with what they know and yes at least the se is a vaguely cheap room of persisting with the apple eco method as long as you can survive with merely 64

gigs of storage of course i’ve got the iphone se 2022 i’ve been testing it out i’m hoping to get some videos up on it soon formerly all the android nonsense comes down a little bit uh yeah but my central grievance is just that apple it really may seem like they’re phoning it in with the design stuff at least try and update how this thing bloody looks and feels you know like compared to a lot of adversaries time may seem like they’re doing the same thing over and over they’ll be like me putting out a appearance every friday where i just complain about being hungover and cracking the exact same your mum joke regardles you can just about squeeze in one more which is precisely what your mum said last night rrr says youtubers that come 1 million customers tend to change what will uncle spates do well let me give you my uncle spurt deposit then right now if i do happen to make a million customers uh before i kill over dead or whatever then i perfectly intend to let it massively inflate my self-esteem so got to admit i’m really looking forward to swaggering about the place for that unbearable smugness that exclusively the biggest youtubers ever seem to get away with and i’m assuming like formerly you made 1 million youtube readers then that’s it right you’ve lick the game life only becomes an absolute piece of piss like i’m expecting on day one to receive my greg’s vip card in the mail entitling me to free steak broils for the rest of my natural cosmo which to be fair if i’m eating nothing but steak broils will probably come to about 18 months transcends if i’m lucky but anyways no don’t want to get ahead of myself plainly quite a ways off the uh the one million figure the sorcery 1 million uh to be honest i still don’t quite understand how i’ve managed to to reach the level then we’re going the other spurton infantry is growing

scarily big-hearted utterly fright i’ve got to admit at times so massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who has pork subscribe and ding that notifications bell of course all the usual youtube shenanigans thank you to everyone who observed last week uh regrets didn’t get around to your criticism rocket now once again massively out of time lots of fun to crack residence with so uh let’s just have a quick look at next week and guess what’s happening next week more amusing launches hooray there’s going to be a xiaomi opening on tuesday about to become a oneplus propel on thursday i’ve got the motorola moto g22 and the samsung galaxy a53 5g coming in as well so lots of stuff to cover so yeah next week is going to be bigger than totoro’s schlong and of course there’s human that you are groggy enough to not actually remember anything what i just said hopefully you’ll meet me next friday at noon again for another one of these things uh and in the meantime have yourselves a brutal wonderful weekend take care of yourselves alcohol lots of delicious beer have a good time man see you later love you you

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