iPhone SE 3 (2022) vs iPhone SE 3 Camera, Gaming, Battery & Beyond!

hello elegant utterances i’m chris from textburn and today our youtube extravaganza is the battle of the dinky iphones it’s got the iphone 13 mini which starts from 680 quid concluding it one of the more affordable apple designs if not exactly super cheap meanwhile the iphone se 2022 is a less stroking encouraging 420 quid so it is better suited to those without super deep pockets although regrettably it’s not particularly well suited to anyone who actually misses a good smartphone did i kind of spoil the rest of the video now yeah i unquestionably don’t like this like this don’t like this but delight do watch the rest of the video for framework and likewise my own mental stability and why not poke subscribe and doing that notifications bell while you’re at it applauses so let’s start as always with the specific characteristics and the iphone 13 mini doesn’t actually have the most mini display here it’s a 5.4 incher are comparable to a 4.7 inch iphone sc 2022 but as you can see there it is the more compact handset and that is of course thanks to the comedically massive

bezels now on the iphone se 2022 and the mini is slightly lighter as well at 140 grams versus 144 not exactly much in it there so as far as one-handed utilize disappears i knew the iphone 13 mini is less difficult than it’s more economical sibling there’s this flub involved nonetheless has to be said though that the mini is a bit of a slab with its dense chunky flat perimeters there as you get a more rounded pattern which is a bit more palm please here on the sc2022 both of these apple blowers do sport an aluminium frame and then you’ve got glass front and back it’s just your bog standard original glass here on the iphone se 2022 whereas you’re upgraded to the ceramic shield glass now on the front end of the mini touchwood a couple of weeks on still no scrapings on the front or back end of that iphone se but i certainly see if you’re a bit of a butter paws i’d probably very get the mini just to make sure your screen doesn’t get demolished up within times and likewise while the iphone mini is available in a wide range of complexions including fairly bright and breezy acts here on the iphone se 2022 it’s much more basic assortment mostly pitch-black silver-tongued or this produce red impact i do really really like that red actually it’s rather deliver i love the way it extends around the aluminium peripheries and everything as well but if red’s not for you then uh yeah you’re gonna have to go with one of the more boring alternatives you’ve got full liquid resist on both these blowers as well for supplemented segment of pits because the iphone se 2022 it’s ip67 that’ s improved to ip68 rating oh i’ve just turned on the ignite in excellent it’s been upgraded to ip6 8 water and dust opposition on the iphone 13 mini so this thing can go down to a depth of several meters for about one half an hour the iphone se extent of about one rhythm so don’t take it snorkeling basically now when it comes to the software there’s effectively bugger all gap here they’re both circulate ios 15.

Couple of little differences in the features and the tools one thing i actually prefer here on the iphone sc 2022 is the fact you can see the part status bar because there’s no stupidly hilarious mustache notch somewhat different for security as well because the iphone se 2022 employs good old-fashioned touch id down below to proper bomb from the past and to be fair it does work really really well it is nice and accept the only problem is if your hands are a bit moist or a bit grubby then it tends to uh to fall on its arse a little which is where face id comes in fairly handy which is the security measure now on the iphone 13 mini did prove somewhat troublesome during the course of its pandemic when we were all wearing face disguises but apple have already had attained got a couple of workarounds for that and no one’s really bothering with face disguises anymore so it’s all good but insurance aside it’s basically the same enormous launch of ios 15 boasts on both sets of phones even though you’re paying less for the iphone se 2022 you’re still getting all the grip privacy features all those same apple implements and apps however on storage it ain’t fairly so good story here on the se 2022 as you can see there’s 64 gigs of storage on the cornerstone pattern whereas at least the iphone 13 mini came with 128 gigs minimum so you may well find that apple’s cheapest handset isn’t actually that inexpensive if you need to upgrade that storage beyond 64 gigs which i most recommend if you want to shoot any you know photos or video or something download gentian friggin impact specially because as usual

just like with the iphone 13 mini there’s flaw reel micro sd remember placard buoy if you stuff a bit of extra scratch into timmy cook’s g-string you can get the se model ameliorated all the way up to 256 gigs of storage so that’s pretty estimable at least in the case of vehicles of the mini you can boost that up to 512 gigs again depending on the way in which much cash you’ve actually got spare and it’s also worth pointing out that while the iphone 13 mini supports those spangly brand-new mag safe accessories you get no such support now on the iphone se 2022 so exactly bear that in memory if you want to slap a massive battery backpack on the incorrect boundary of this thing now the flaunt ticking on these two handsets also very different indeed you’ve got a proper good oled screen on the iphone 13 mini unfortunately that is downgraded to a basic ips lcd now on the se 2022 the mini supports hdr video playback thanks to the eye pleasing contrast and that natural complexion breeding the mini too spasts out sharper visuals despite the more spacious screen size we’re talking 476 pixels per inch versus 326 pixels per inch on the se it is a big difference in tone all the more observable when you lodge this duo side by side the colourings the differ everything is looks so much nicer on the mini and likewise the fact that you’ve got a larger panel on the mini performs for a more comfy know when editing photos experiencing some netflix whatever else so yeah the whole movie watching know not very enjoyable at all on the sc especially as on the likes of disney plus you can’t

even crop in in order to be allowed to to you know make it full screen it only flat out refuses you’ve also got a significantly brighter display here on the mini compared with the se as well so much more comfy see suffer outdoors when the daylight decides to stop being such a slothful and actually sounds his little head out however both phones are stuck with amiga 60 hertz refresh charge regrettably you don’t get any of that lovely super flowing 90 hertz or 120 hertz action that you get from a lot of androids these days they do technically have a stereo speaker set up on both the sc and the mini although let’s face it that earpiece is pretty tinny and the highest proportion of the work here is being done by the bottom prepared loudspeaker there’s no headphone jack on either of these handsets either which you kind of expect on a phone that’s around the same sort of price as the iphone 13 mini but with the iphone se 2022 it is a disappointment because most mid-range androids still come backpack a jack thankfully the bluetooth 5.0 streaming has been absolutely fine on both of these handsets no controversies streaming to loudspeakers headphones and whatever else you do have dolby atmos carry on the mini but not on the se now when it comes to performance no real issues

certainly with everyday running both the iphone 13 mini and the iphone se 2022 run off apple’s on a15 chipset this packs quite a punch some impressive dominance for a smartphone in 2022 but apple hasn’t really thought it all through because all of that dominance in such a small frame with inadequate chill meant that these phones do get toasty as when you properly gave them through their tempi slap on a bit of gange and impact for instance bump it up to the maximum detail adjusts at 60 fps and oh boy yeah that back end comes pretty heated so if you are a serious gamer you want to get your gention on for you are well aware an hour two hours at a time or whatever then you might want to look at a bigger iphone which deals with that heat a little more adequately but every day running on both these handwritings there’s absolutely no issues whatsoever i haven’t really attended much in accordance with the arrangements of apps hurtling or stumbling or anything like that so good nonsense and in terms of connectivity you’ve got 5g assistance it is just sub 6 on both these handsets here in the uk at the very least no millimeter brandish patronize and also wi-fi 6 not wi-fi 6e but again that’s all good and literally just as i’ve recorded that

bit about not encountering any issues or stumps don’t know anything now if one sc 2022 has just wholly shut the bottoms and decided to reset itself hooray so now let’s talk battery life another area where there is a golfer difference between these two blowers it’s a jolly dinky 2 400 ish milliamp hour battery here in the iphone 13 mini meanwhile in the se 2022 it’s an even smaller 2 000 ish milliamp hour and i found that the battery life on the iphone 13 mini perfectly reasonable extremely considering the size of the thing you know most of the time when i stagger to bed i’ve still got around you know 10 to 15 battery life remain and even with quite a lot of screen on time whereas unfortunately here in the iphone se 2022 uh most periods regrettably by about sort of five six pm i’m already on that battery saver mode and you know sometimes that’s only with the rounds for three and a half to four hours of screen on time if you actually try and push this thing god forbid with a bit of gaming or plenty of camera use then yeah it’ll be dead in about three to four hours so mostly if you crave a phone you can actually use in the nights i would go with the mini when it comes to the charging tech subtle difference between them though you’ve still got the 20 watt wide charging and you’ve got that wireless charging assistance as

well even on the sc 2022 which to be fair is a feature that’s pretty rare to find at this sort of price point so let’s finish this iphone comparison with the squinter the camera tech and you can probably tell even with simply a cursory gleam that there is a bit of difference in the hardware here so what we’ve got here is a 12 megapixel primary sensor on both of these smartphones plus you’ve also got a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter now on the mini however don’t be fooled by the fact they’ve both come 12 meg primary sensors it is different camera hardware here so the mini’s got a wider opening for instance where you’ve also got apple’s improved stabilization tech so the mini is more ideal for low-light shooting the committee is also boastings more up-to-date peculiarities like a suitable light procedure in comparison the shooting experience on the sc 2022 is decidedly retro as long as the illuminate situations are model you’ll come respectable seeming pickings out of both of these blowers although the mini is better when it comes to color accuracy you get most natural appearing photos compared with the se a little more ambient light the se 2022 is absolutely on from a great height by the mini which is capable of much crisper cleanser photo breeding and the 13 mini likewise calls better in hdr places as well with strong comparison whereas you is often used to get slightly murkier or over saturated decisions with the se 2022 and then of course there’s the fact you’ve got that ultra wide angle shooter here on the mini which again is something that is cold from the cheaper handsets or you don’t have that opennes now when it comes to the video you can shoot 4k footage at either 30 or 60 chassis per second on both the iphone 13 mini and the se with respectable enough arises even on the more inexpensive

handset the mini does offer more advanced options like hdr support for instance but if you’re just shooting simple horn movies then generally the sc will do the job you’ll just once again have to avoid low dawn environments more ambient preconditions because that’s when the visual excellence genuinely puts as for the selfie cam well this is also pretty bloody basic on the iphone se 2022 it’s that aged seven meg facetime crap-shooter whereas the iphone 13 mini stones the latest 12 meg true extent cam which captures better gazing pickings we’re talking more natural skin flavors especially indoors and merely stronger detail so if you are planning on doing a lot of skyping zoom and face timing or whatever i would say clearly grab that mini if you can certainly if you require the people at the other end of the call to actually see your face and there you have a gorgeous peeps that in a nutshell is the iphone 13 mini versus the iphone se 2022 and clearly if you’ve got the extra scratch i highly recommend picking up this one instead because you’ve got the improved blueprint you’ve got the most significant media chops you’ve got the hugely improved battery life the better camera give i recollect if i already mentioned that one or not there’s just so many bonuses to getting this one compared with frankly this collection of i’ve done it again i think that’s a sign that i should probably just end it right there but it’d be great to hear your thoughts down in specific comments below have you been using the sc2022 and you actually enjoyed it be great to hear you defending this showerish emphatically and satisfy do shove subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest i can have yourselves a cruel wonderful remainder of the week claps everyone love you

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