Preview Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G vs Note 11 & Pro

so if you’ve been checking out xiaomi’s brand-new super price redmi note 11 smartphones you might be a wee bit mystified should i get the regular sit or should i updated to that redmi memorandum 11 pro well good bulletin then because xiaomi has already decided shape things even more complicated by propelling a redmi document 11 pro plus sit which is strikingly similar to the pro but boasts a couple of big improves like 120 watt crazy fast charging and a completely different chipset actually run in the appearance so if you feel like your brain has taken a little of a kick in and frankly you just want to hurl yourself into the nearest chasm well hold up let me take you by the hand in a friendly but purely idealistic pattern and head you through a full unboxing tour of the redmi record 11 pro plus 5g don’t be pointed out that 5g because the refers surely not long enough without it and equate it side by side with the original memo 11 and note 11 pro and for more on the most recent and greatest tech satisfy do poking subscribe and hitting that notifications bell ovations so first issue what do you actually get bundled in the box well perhaps unsurprisingly there is a xiaomi redmi note 11 pro plus 5g you’ve got yourself a super serious 120 watt adapter this thing is an absolute brick bit of usb accusing cable war sexy and as ever you’ve got a protective condom lawsuit what you can wrap around your redmi memorandum 11 pro plus and keep it safe and that is it that’s the contents of the box so let’s fissure on so let’s start as ever with motif and the redmi memo 11 pro plus is pretty much identical to the original pro and both of them at 6.67 inches tower over the reasonably compact 6.43 inch tone 11.

it’s quite a slab-like design as you’ve actually got flat perimeters running the circumference of the smartphone rather than rounded sides it’s not uncomfortable to clutch though i cured along by the fact you’ve got smooth rounded recess at least but it is a proper hand filler if you miss something that’s going to be a bit easier to use one-handed i’d recommend the regular redmi memo 11. there is a one-handed mode you can activate on all of these xiaomi smartphones but unfortunately if you have the gesticulate piloting then you will have to have the quick ball active for this to actually work that’s the actual construction well again very similar to its siblings like the other two you’ve got plastic instrument and then around back it is a glass finish and as for the pigment options well this is the forest green representation but you can also grab it in graphite’s gray if you demand something a bit more austere otherwise too ace blue-blooded and up front you’ve got gorilla glass 5 shelter on the pro plus and the original pro the standard redmi note 11 downgrades that somewhat to gorilla glass 3 but should hopefully keep it free of scrapings and scratches so you do get screen protector either pre-installed or bundled in the box with all three and the entire series is ip5 3 splashing resistant as well so norris if your outdoors get caught up in a bit of a rain they’ll be absolutely fine so let’s turn our attention to the software and one of the hassles the chunk lakes with the redmi memo 11 successions is the fact that they’re all ranging aged android 11 rather than the latest freshest android

12 which has been out for months away and the worst while these two are at least on xiaomi’s miui 13 start of the lit’s edition of that you still got me ui 12 here on the new pro plus of course the pro plus is pre-released at the time i’m shooting this video so hopefully that miui 13 revise will roll through as soon as the offer is exits out for retail but we’ll appreciate and apparently the android 12 rollout should be happening soon i think it’s happening in some parts of the world already no signaling of it here in the uk just yet though as for informs going forwards where you can expect all three of these redmi blowers to get android 13 next year and then probably no more os ameliorates beyond that and you’ve got around two to three years of security revises as well i do relatively like the software knowledge now on xiaomi’s smartphones me ui 13 does have a highly broth android vibe to it you’ve got the likes the google detect feed you got your apps tray on there you can drag down the notifications bar from anywhere on screen but then you’ve also got those bonus miui flakes like the control center you’ve got fast access to all kinds of useful toggles as well as your smart-alecky dwelling goodies unhappily not all of the bonus aspects cultivate particularly well on these cheaper xiaomi handsets like the redmi tone 11 successions for example the always on display isn’t and always on display at all you can only have it exposed for a few seconds after you actually tap the screen and after the 10 seconds are up basically the always on display will really fade away so not ever on at all by any clarity but for the most part it is all good stuff including the likes of the video toolbox which you are eligible to snatched out when you’re watching a little of

youtube or whatever this allows you to take screenshots and what are you you can also enjoy a youtube video with the screen off if you just want to listen to the audio while you’re strolling down the street for instance yeah plenty of other stuff including the game turbo mode which i will definitely touch on later however it’s not all rainbows and hand jobs with me ui unfortunately for example with xiaomi smartphones you tend to get a lot of idiocy wear compressed on these things and the tone 11 series certainly no different at all you got tons of random competitions like jules detonate bundled on now you got linkedin tick tock spotify the opera browser something announced downfall which i’m not even really sure what the hell that is so mostly when you first go through setting up your xiaomi smartphone you will have to spend unfortunately a lot of meter basically precisely uninstalling all of the random turd thankfully you can do this without much impediment it just takes a bloody while on the security side will all three of the redmi observe 11 streaks smartphones have a edge prepared fingerprint sensor built into that strength button and this works a charisma had absolutely zero issues with it whatsoever unusually responsive and fast acting as you can see there and you’ve also get intense open approval if for whatever reason you can’t employ that fingerprint sensor which again seems pretty fast behaving and reliable exclusively thing is it also seems to work quite happily even if you’re wearing a face mask and such for so probably not the most secure unlocking method around and as for the storage you’ve got a alternative of 64 or 128 gigs of room on all three of these blowers as well a gala chunk of that already take it up with all the many countless

apps pre-installed on here of course thankfully all three of these xiaomi blows also support micro sd recollection placards to expand the storage however on the pro and the pro plus modeling that microsd slot is shared with the second sim tray so this is one area where the regular redmi memo 11 actually has one up on its more expensive siblings because that does have a separate micro sd remembering poster tray so now the flaunt tech and as i mentioned before the redmi tone 11 pro and the pro plus have a bigger display versus the regular redmi record 11 but all three have an amoled screen and that’s great to see at this budget price point it’s becoming more of a regular thing which is fantastic because amoled panels genuinely are a step up from the basic ips displays in many ways including sharper contrast you’ve got nice penetrating pitch-blacks as those pixels can completely switch off nice wide ending directions as well so it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to watch better netflix or youtube with a chum or two the nice punchy colours as well and you can tweak the colour output if you like in the parade adjusts but i like it on the default vivid mode on all three of these telephones because you get a nice punchy truly colorful poppy output on the a minor intrusion from a dinky little selfie cam orifice wedged apart up at the top end of these displays in a central slot similar to the samsung blowers somewhat wider on the regular redmi document 11 but not to a frightful grade it’s a full hd plus resolve on all three of these handsets so technically the standard redmi note 11 does actually boast sharper visuals than its bigger brothers but

honestly the difference in the output is absolutely minimal between these three so if you are a youtube fan netflix fan whatever you’re gonna enjoy the eye candy on offer from any of these handsets on the mac style brightness the redmi notation 11 pro plus does seem to be a tad brighter than its siblings but no real issue because the other two the visibility is still absolutely fine when you are outdoors on a sunshiny date you’ve got all the standard expose prepares tucked away in the menu there including the reading mode to compile things a little bit more cozy and easy on the eye in the evenings you can change up as i said before the complexion yield exactly the same settles on all three one of the only gaps is the refresh rate where it pinnacles off at 120 hertz here on the pro frameworks whereas the standard redmi note 11 that does max out at 90 hertz now all three of these fund smartphones buoy a stereo talker setup you’ve actually went speaker grille now on the bottom edge as well as that top margin but there is a crystal clear improvement in the audio yield as you actually upgrade through the various examples here’s the standard redmi note 11.

Snapdragon 695 smartphone that i’ve had the chance to check out and i got so i’m not particularly raucous and the lucidity ain’t precisely superb either next up is the redmi note 11 pro and again i’ve maxed out the work 11 pro is the first snapdragon 695 smartphone that i’ve had the chance to check out and then the loudnes has increased a bit so it’ll be a bit easier to hear what’s going on if you are trying to enjoy some youtube or whatever in a noisier environment and the lucidity is slightly stronger as well and then finally the fresh new redmi document 11 pro plus again max volume 695 smartphone that i’ve had the chance to check out and i gotta say it for a 600 streak and hopefully it can make out there the audio is even more powerful you’ve got an incredible capacity uh here on the redmi tone pro plus the lucidity probably about the same as the standard pro i wouldn’t personally recommend listening to music on either of them but certainly again for your video if you can’t be vexed to plug in headphones they will definitely do the job the difference is apparently made by jbl here on the redmi observe pro plus it’s even stomped up top sound by jbl so good racket guys i mentioned headphones before the good news is that all of these redmi document 11 handsets do proposal a 3.5 mil headphone jack in order to be allowed to precisely get a wide connection on the go otherwise you’ve got bluetooth 5 brace received it’s actually bluetooth 5.1 you’ve also came dolby atmos foundation on

those pro examples including this pro plus now with a good fragment of graphic equalizer act if you liking messing around fine-tuning that audio now really to determine things even more complicated with the redmi memo 11 lines every single smartphone is powered by a different chipset the fresh brand-new redmi greenback 11 pro plus is powered by the mediatek dimension t9 20 the same as the chinese example incidentally whereas the world-wide patterns of the redmi tone 11 and the 11 pro are powered by qualcomm snapdragon chipsets instead you’ve got the snapdragon 680 on the basic redmi note 11 and that’s upgraded to the 695 here on the pro now as you can see the redmi mention 11 is the more basic of the trio whereas the pro and the pro plus very similar performance from that dimensionally and that snapdragon chipset ought to have eight gigs of ram in these two pro poses whereas the basic redmi note 11 that’s only got four gigs of ram in it but you will be able to get different variances in different regions however it’s 100 merit going with redmi note 11 pro plus just for the name of the motherboard by itself piss piss or a pro still the everyday experience is perfectly smooth on all three including the basic redmi note 11 and that more basic representation can even cope with some lighting gaming on the side as well a bit of ask of duty but a bar g as long as you don’t go two nuts i found that despite the fact that i’m reasonably egotistical sports to be perfectly 100 honest i’ll still manage to cap a few geeks in the likes of the cod mobiles screen responsiveness is fine yada yada however more serious gamers is certainly want to look to the pro or the

pro plus frameworks instead because they can play anything out there mostly even the most demanding android entitles like gentian impact play well on the default medium fixes yes you’ll ascertain the occasional drop in frame rate but nothing too shocking the games are perfectly playable and look absolutely lush on those huge amoled parades as well the pro modelings likewise boast that liquid cool 2.0 tech as well so again the likes of gentian impact they won’t cause these phones to spontaneously combust if you’re going to be playing for a good hour or two the phones remain pleasingly cool and all three redmi handsets likewise boast the same excellent gaming modes it’s a good bit of game turbo activity which boastings lots of tools it’s more instinctively laid out than ever before so first as you can swap from balanced to rendition if you really want to dedicate all of your phones the resources necessary your play get the best possible experience you can quickly change up the screen brightness you can take a screenshot record the action all kinds of shenanigans if you want to enjoy a bit of that next-gen 5g connectivity though you’re gonna have to bump up your budget a bit and give either the redmi tone 11 pro or this here pro plus because they’re the only ones that support the 5g the regular redmi note 11 lte only now the battery front is very interesting indeed because you’ve got a 5 000 milliamp capacity cell crammed in the original redmi notation 11 and mention 11 pro whereas on the pro plus simulation it’s actually reduced somewhat in capability to 4500 the reason for this is because the pro plus sit employments different dual cell battery tech compared with the other two and that’s to achieve the ridiculously fast 120 watt fast charging velocities so the full accuse of this bad boy will only take 20 minutes give or make which is frankly nuts particularly for a plan friendly blower whereas on the other two the billing is slower especially as it is a bigger capacity battery anyway you got 67 watt billing on the original pro you got 33 watt blaming on the regular redmi indicate 11.

So the redmi note pro plus doesn’t last quite as long as the other two under duress but it’ll still comfortably make it through a long intense steer with plenty of screen on time and if it does run dry on you at any point exactly plug it in for 5-10 minutes that’ll be hours of extra use and apparently xiaomi has backpack more than 40 battery and charging safe features into the pro plus so hopefully it won’t time blow a fuse in your face now the camera hardware is actually moderately bloody same and all three of these are redmi blowers the main difference is you’ve got a 108 meg samsung hm2 sensor on the pro and push plus that’s amended by replacing a more basic 50 meg sensor on the regular record 11. now the camera experience is essentially identical on all three of these handsets you’ve got likes the ei state the hdr state which you are eligible to activate up top actual focus acceleration seems nice and spry on all three you’re not has been dragging on perimeters waiting for him one of them to lock on at least not unless the illuminate is really low-toned in which case yes all three of them do struggle rather now despite exerting that accurate same sensor the pro and the pro plus do induce slightly different wordings of photo probably because they use a different image processor the pro plus spats out more natural looking images more often than not although it also fights a little in stronger light-headed and hdr status while the regular pro actually distributes pretty well with abrupt differ and including captivates some really nice

dare shots with a rich blue sky overhead the cheapy redmi indicate 11 actually runs out pickings quite similar to that pro plus quite a lot of the time with respectable tones and abundance of detail packed in so those photos seem good when chucked up onto a big screen although where it truly struggles is in low-toned lighting status vomit out light grainy messes even with the special night mode active in comparison both the pro and the pro plus can direct those evening shots no worries with the nighttime procedure stirring things even brighter where required you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter on all three of these redmi memo 11 phones which is pretty basic but it can be useful when you want a different examine of specific actions and the final lens on all three of these phones is your basic quagmire standard macro crap-shooter whoop-a-dee-doo you’ve also got the usual selection of bonus modes including yes fan favourites like the photograph state and if you punch more you’ve got a good aged selection of extra stuff as “youre seeing” there you can shoot at maximum resolution 108 meg on the pro representations and 50 meg on the basic model you’ve also got a dedicated pro state on all three of these blowers although the pro plus does also introduce the option of shooting in raw epitome format unlike the other two and when it is necessary to your dwelling movies well simply the pro plus renders the option to shoot 1080 p at 30 or 60 encloses per second or you can also bump all the way up to ultra hd level at 30 fps so if you are the kind of person who likes to shoot a lot of footage of their everyday existence well surely you’ll want to upgrade to that pro plus prototype because the 4k resolution footage exactly inspects so much better than the lousy full hd efforts that you’ll get from the mire standard document 11 and

note 11 pro truly does make a lot of inconsistency to those visuals so yeah if you require long lasting retentions that aren’t gonna suck yeah pro plus all the way and last up a little of selfie cam action it’s a basic 13 meg act on the regular redmi record 11 updated to a 16 meg shooter on the pro plus and the pro you know what all three will do the job if you simply miss simple shareable shots that you can spaff out there on the internet no worries even in low-spirited glowing environments the regular redmi mention 11 seem to have been do a respectable hassle just like those pro accounts and all three redmi indicate 11 smartphones can shoot full hd front-facing footage as well employing those selfie cams you can actually shoot at 60 formulates per second now on the redmi document 11 pro plus whereas the others top off at 30 makes per second the actual visual character no real gap then the audio pickup is fine on all three as well so there you are my lovelies that in a nutshell is how the fresh new xiaomi redmi note 11 pro plus 5g stacks up against the original redmi greenback 11 and the redmi memo 11 pro and as you can see quite a lot of differences between the three it’s a bit of a minefield to say the least and forget minefield it’s a terminated intellect is what it is but hopefully this video has helped you to work out which one is likely to be best for you be great to hear from you down in the comments which one you’re more tempted by you’re going to spruce up that fresh brand-new redmi memo 11 pro plus or you’re gonna try and conserve a bit of cash and maybe go with one of the others instead please do bash your statements down below pog subscribe doing that notifications below all the usual youtube shenanigans and have yourselves a gory wonderful remain of the week glees everyone love you so

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