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so hello to all you sony portable fans who are still very patiently waiting for the xperia one symbol iii flagship smartphone to finally emerge from whatever weird random void it’s currently caught in but to soak your lust the good news is the sony xperia 10 assessment iii has just territory here tech surges towers and let’s face it that flagship smartphone is going to cost an ultimate projectile the xperia 10 line 3 expenditures time 299 quid here in the uk and yet boasts a ton of peculiarities you will really struggle to find on other smartphones around this mid-range price point you’ve got a telephoto camera lens you’ve got some truly slick audio smarts as well all wrapped up in a lovely water resistant pattern and on top of all that this is the first sony mid-range that actually come with that 5g corroborate built in as well so enough rambly rambly let’s flog the xperia 10 recognize through and out of that chest make you on a full-on tour of the hardware and the application measure out video games and cuts all that good substance ahead of my in-depth review and for

more on the latest and greatest tech delight do situated subscribe and in that notifications bell cheers so inside the box you’ve got an xperia 10 observe iii got a bit of circular war you’ve got your usb type-c cable and you’ve also got your adapter now it’s definitely instead scrawny and light-colored compared with a lot of the adapters you get these days the mighty 60 watt fast charging struggle and that’s your heap suitable easy so first impressions of the sony xperia 10 mp3 are definitely that it hasn’ t really varied up in intend much at all over previous sony mid-ranges likes the xperia 10 distinguish ii from last year quite a chunky monkey and got a good fragment of heft to it that’s for damn sure it is once again for sure a long lean beast for that 21 by nine finish some somewhat chunky bezels above and below but the good news is at least you don’t get a notch or a selfie cut off because you’ve got opening up there in that top bezel for the breast facing selfie cam this right here is of course the pitch-black account of the xperia 10 marker iii but you can grab that in three different colors colors white-hot or blue and they are actually announced that as well there’s no interstellar blue or staring into the pit of despair at the thought of your own fragile mortal existence black which i have to saluted sorry for to be honest they’re certainly not trying too hard-bitten in that

department and i’m not too concerned about the toughness credentials of the sony xperia 10 symbol iii it’s a bit of a tough slowdown because it’s got gorilla glass six players in front and back to hopefully keep it scratch free just as well because you don’t get a condom case bundled in that box and there’s no kind of screen protector bund on that display to begin with and the xperia x3 is ip68 spray and dust resistant just like the xperia one distinguish iii and the 5 recognize iii significantly more expensive smartphones of course and water opposition is quite rare to find at this sort of price point so that’s definitely a massive bonus and as i mentioned before no real surprises with the rest of the design you’ve got your supremacy button edge organized fingerprint sensor now on the right side of the magnitude rocker exactly above and a tiny subtle little camera shutter button just below as well which is pretty much flush with the surface so hopefully won’t be nudged by accident up top it’s great to see that sony has still got the headphone jack action here on the mark iii especially considering the audio smarts parcelled into this thing definitely one for the music fans and then over on the other edge we’ve got the pull out sim draw uh sony’s one of the few makes that still has a pull out tree rather than one you have to jab with a rod so as long as you’ve got fingernails you don’t bite yours to chips like i doing up there it’s quite easy to draw out and as you can see there this appears for two sim placards in that tray sim one and sim two or that second slot can be used to house a micro sd

memory card all right so that’s enough sparking ourselves over the tasteful motif let’s get the sony xperia 10 celebrate iii all set up check out the rest of the specs okay all set up rainbows and chicks and joy let’s get into it so let’s start with the software and it’s the exact same xperia ordeal here on the 10 differentiate iii as you always get on sony smartphones delightful lush flake of android 11 with of course sony’s overlay and boasts slathered on top so of course you’ve got the custom wallpaper and icon design and everything as well but then on top of that you’ve got all kinds of extra features such as the side sense of course which was introduced a good sort of three years ago i think now let’s just deliver some shortcuts to your favorite apps perfectly customizable of course the multitasking tool and the likes the one-handed modes and this is really bloody handy because of course the xperia 10 marking is such a total smartphone contact up towards that top tip of the presentation can be a bit of a nightmare so if you’re in an app where you need to access facets towards the top that emphatically cures out a ton although thankfully of course only from the home screen you can drag down that notifications

bar from anywhere because it’s a sony smartphone you do of course have the playstation app as well this could just show you exactly how you’ve been wasting your precious finite day on earth uh you’ve also went fast access to the playstation store if you want to buy and download things uh remotely check out your recreation library all that good stuff and if you’ve got yourself a playstation 4 or a playstation 5 you’ll be able to get some remote play action on the go as well as i’ll be fully testing that out of course for my in-depth review and there’s a few cases other bonus bits that i’ll touch on as we’re going through the unboxing now good on me i’m not really a huge fan of sony’s uh wallpapers on this incarnation regards a bit suffering and drabs what i’m gonna do is just get a bit of geeky anime war on the go there we go that’ll work now if you’re a fan of your movies your tv proves or whatever the xperia 10 crisscros iii is a bloody phenomenal channel of taking all that in when you’re out and about or really tied in from real world under your duvet that six-inch oled screen it’s bright it’s punchy it’s nice and crisp thanks to the full hd plus answer 2520 by 1080 pixels differentiate is sublime we’ve got full hdr brook and funding on the likes of netflix so definitely even your lugubriou affair will look really really slick surely you’ve got nice natural looking

colors and that 21 x9 pulled aspect fraction highly cinematic very well suited to a good part of movie war on the go admittedly not quite so well suited to uh you know your traditional tv evidences from back in the day good bit of pillar boxing going on there so you will have to sort of squint a bit to see what’s going on as you investigate by default the xperia 10 commemorate iii will spaff out brighter more glowing shades but you can switch back to original mods if “youd prefer” more light-colored signal visuals ever good if you’re editing photos and the like one facet that i can’t find here on the xperia 10 brand iii is the ambient display or always on display uh mostly it does not seem to actually be anywhere in the expose fixes or in the appearing fixeds either you can select which clock you want to appear on the fastening screen but that’s literally it so at the moment not sure why that’s missing in action hopefully it’ll be added in an update and unfortunately unlike it’s more expensive brethren the xperia 10 line iii doesn’t have a 90 or 120 hertz split 60 hertz unfortunately so you don’t get that lustrou smooth uh sailing and then the apps that is in favour of uh faster refresh will be stuck at that 60 limit and again unlike those more expensive xperia regrettably the 10 trace 3 does not have a stereo speaker setup is just a mono loudspeaker residence down now

at the bottom although at least it is a front facing talker rather than implanted away on this posterior periphery so let’s improved that work and check it out as well once you’ve signed up for an account replenished in all the usual information about your summit your value etc it’s time to get set up so reasonably resounding on that top volume the lucidity isn’t excellent but i necessitate it doesn’t really matter too much you’ve got that headphone jack you’ve got bluetooth connectivity so definitely if you want to be you know enjoying a bit of video action listen to some music you want to be getting those on the go and when you are connected to a pair of bluetooth headphones i’ve just been incorporated into my wh 1000 xm4s for instance you’ ve got a bit of ldac action on the go you can actually dive into wireless playback quality and decide whether you demand best effort or you wanted to really try and bump up the quality at a possible threat of the occasional little juddering cut off if you do want to enjoy some music i recommend of course plugging in some headphones instead and you got full support for high-res audio you’ve also got the digital resonated improvement instrument eventual volume which can help to boost any crappy old tightened mp3s you might have lying around so i’m certainly going to be enjoying a lot of music on this thing that’s for sure if anyone who hasn’t heard it the brand-new scrap book is perfectly brutal phenomenal on the security side of things uh you don’t get any face and lock war now on the sony xperia 10 observe iii like basically all sony xperia

smartphones it’s kind of a bug allow although less annoying these days in a covety plaguey nature where half the time we’re face disguised up regardles we do have that side prepared fingerprint sensor which seems to be an absolute delight now on the 10 recognize 3 nice and spry as you can see there not the ultimate fastest i’ve ever exercised but seems to be perfectly accept now onto the juicy subject of accomplishment the xperia x3 seems to be running absolutely fine so far no early judders or troubles whatsoever you’ve got the snapdragon 690 chipset backed by six gigs around strength in this thing it’s kind of a reproach that it wasn’t the 700 lines uh chipset like you get packed into a great deal of rivals these days so this is a geekbench you’ll see you’ve got reasonably respectable compose from the xperia 10 recognize iii but it’s not quite as good as some rifles like the oneplus nord core publication for instance which i am only unboxed which aspects a snapdragon 750 g chipset and that is 100 pounds less than the xperia as well and did all the same for a lot of other antagonists the moto g 5g plus etc etc all the same i would expect the xperia 10 crisscros iii to run you know favourite entitles like request of duty portable and inn g without any grumbles whatsoever so it’s a immediate exam activity on call of duty mobile had the formulate proportion set to maximum levels high-pitched detail settings as well and absolutely perfect frame proportion throughout no juddes or stumbles whatsoever very extremely playable certainly you’ve got 120 hertz touch sampling on that wide screen 21 x9 display as well so perfectly responsive

you surely get a much wider view of the action thanks to that 21 x9 finish so you can catch anyone sneaking up on you on the perimeter obviously very helpful in fast-paced online competitions like this not that it prevented me from dying over and over again get back to school you bloody kids unfortunately sony’s excellent sport state which “i probably shouldve” on the xperia 5 and xperia 1 devices seems to be missing in action here on the xperia 10 crisscros 3 which is a real shame because it does have some great features including the ability to tweak the sensitivity of the screen come recital state on the go all that good material because we’ll be fully testing out that conduct i use it as my full-time smartphone for about a week or so ahead of my in-depth review so abide tuned for more on that side of things and you do have 5g reinforce as well if you like your fleck of 5gs don’t think it like simmers your intelligence or anything and sony’s also farmed room inside the xperia 10 line iii for a 4 500 milliamp artillery parallelling again like the oneplus nord core volume so hopefully should told you through a full day without a fight and it does have 33 watt fast billing on board as well if you is first necessary to top it up in a jiffy and as usual you’ve got sony’s excellent battery charge state on board as well so that’ll precisely help to trickle charge the artillery if you’re leaving it plugged in all night long while you get your

beauty kip hopefully foreclose overcharging that artillery so keep it uh good and strong and stable in the long term and so let’s finish up as always with a little bit of a askance at that rear camera tech thankfully the camera chassis doesn’t protruded very far away from that back end and you’ve got a triple lens setup here on the xperia 10 commemorate iii and sony doesn’t appear to have really reformed up the camera ui at all for this mark 3 model so it’s once again perfectly feature compressed lots of toggles to play around with that likes the hdr modes manually tweak the brightness uh to suit whatever you’re trying to shoot as well as the white symmetry as well you’ve also got the portrait mode if you want to get a nice bit of bokeh activity in the background your standard crap-shooter here on the xperia 10 brand iii is a 12 megapixel effort so hopefully can captivate some delightful natural seem shots uh if you sounds now you go to the second lens which is a telephoto lens offering a two times optical zoom help you get a bit closer to your subject quite helpful generally if you’re trying to shoot an animal or a hyper child without intruding on the vistum and all that you’ve also got a third and final lens an eight megapixel ultra wide angle shooter which hopefully won’t warp the colorings too much sometimes you do realize somewhat unnatural results from these and then d exactly from this super quick simple test shot that does seem to be the case they’re not helped by the strong light-colored and of course but telephoto shot actually came out quite blurred so it looks like you’re gonna have to hold your hands

really continuous if you’re shooting with that no visual portrait stabilization built in there but where sony smartphones tend to excel is when shooting a living moving subject extremely an unruly one like a domesticated or a human child uh so hopefully should be good there you’ve got 10 formulates per second burst mode as well so you can just take lots of shots and pray that something comes out well and you’ve also got a handful of bonus states as well including a proper dedicated darknes procedure for your low-spirited light-colored shots uh of course you’ve got full 4k video captivate as well got a bit of slow motion capture and a proper dedicated manual mode as well if you really want to fiddle around with lots of different settings and then lastly it is a simple basic 8 megapixel selfie crap-shooter which i’m not expecting too much from to be perfectly honest we do have the side shutter boast as you can see there so only hold up your hand and it will take a snap you know what for me that’s actually not cruel um so they shot a lot worse in these unboxing

videos so that right there in a nutshell is the xperia 10 score iii mid-range a smartphone from sony and portable as i said the first sony mid range at a boston chip 5g smarts are of the view that you don’t get that somewhat upper tier a snapdragon 700 serials chipset in there instead of the 690 but touchwiz at least it seems to handle everyday life absolutely fine you’ve got some immense sony features jam-pack in as usual likes for the playstation apps you imply don’t get that dedicated gaming mode looks just like you do on the xperia 5 and xperia ones but here ho can’t got everything i guess and if you’re gonna be fully testing out that camera tech for my in-depth review uh playing around again using this my full-time smartphone checking to make sure the implementation of its the battery life and everything is up to snuffs certainly stay adjusted for my in-depth review should be fell next week and hopefully sooner rather than late i’ll be able to feature the xperia one in the xperia 5 brand iii as well for any of you uh peeps out there who are feeling a little bit more flush want to really splash the money on your fresh consumed sony handset so be great to hear your thoughts in the meantime down below any questions or anything ahead of my in-depth review clearly slap them down there as well please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell to see that review when that departs live and all the other tech crap that i spaff out onto this channel thanks everyone love you

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