Preview OnePlus 10 Pro 5G (Global Version) Full Tour

so oneplus has been a wee bit of a tantalize when it comes to its latest flagship smartphone the oneplus 10 pro 5g it seems to launch bloody ages ago over in china but now finally it has cleared its channel over to blighty to bless its all with its super premium hardware and a lovely bit of oxygen os action you’ve got some second contemporary hasselblad camera action even if some of the equipment does sound remarkably familiar get that super powerful snapdragon 8 gen 1 and a lot of grid gaming smart-aleckies jam-pack in there plus some serious top-end specs and some of the most satisfying smartphone software out there so certainly on paper the oneplus 10 pro seems to be a strong rival for like the xiaomi 12 the real me gt2 pro and of course the oppo 5×5 pro but is it actually all it’s cracked up to be well let’s whip her on out of the box to get a full on tour the hardware the software do video games and test all that good stuff ahead of my in-depth review and for more on the most recent and greatest tech please do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees alright so firstly up what do you actually get in this lovely red carton well you’ve got your oneplus 10 pro 5g naturally you’ve got a comet 80 watt super vook charger with pop-up pin action wouldn’t be a oneplus

smartphone without an extremely red usb cable you’ve got your porcupine machine which is attached to the welcome letter which seems to have shrunk significantly over previous endeavours let’s see what pete has to say this time and if you want to find out precisely freeze frame because i can’t be riled to read it all out got some stickers including a hyper increase endeavour you could potentially slap on your schlong or your partner’s schlong for comedic intents personally i just like saying schlong i need to have a couple of cases bundled in there as well really to slap around your lovely glossy new oneplus 10 pro and keep it safe as usual a bit of never settle war on there and that’s all of the lovely box material so let’s fissure on with the actual fun all right so big happy hello to the oneplus 10 pro which is finally over on british coasts design-wise there’s certainly not much in the way of surprises with the oneplus 10 pro certainly if you’ve got any of the recent oneplus flagships it’s another 6.7 inch fragment just like the oneplus 9 pro from last year once again that screen pretty much completes the front end of the phone though thankfully with exceedingly scrawny bezels smothering it and that screen does descent ever so gently around the edges of the invention as well touchwood hopefully not to the point where your palm flab starts to intrude on that display and volume the responsiveness certainly so far seems pretty

solid but i’ll be fully testing that out again for my in-depth review and that mighty screen is now protected by gorilla glass conqueror swap should hopefully convey no destroy if you inadvertently sag this one plus cadence face down on a hard storey although i have found that victus does tend to scratch up instead easily so that’s why i’m relatively glad that oneplus has swiped a pre-installed screen protector on this bad boy but it’s around back where you’ll note the biggest varies on this handset notably that ultimate fib of a camera it’s definitely a bit of a beefcake that’s for certain though the good news is that it doesn’t projection very far from the actual back end of the smartphone you’ve got the age-old hubbub blad symbol in there of course because that partnership is still in effect you’ve got some ceramic terms of protecting that camera bump so hopefully should prove scratch resistant just like the rest of the rsn which has gorilla glass 5 slathered all over it certainly doesn’t seem or feel like glass though it’s got this lovely matte finish which so far is proven perfectly resistant to fingerprint grease another sludge you’ve got two different complexion alternatives this is the volcanic black framework this is actually the cheaper of the two 799 quad comes with eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage otherwise you can also grab the oneplus 10 pro in emerald forest with an anti-glare finish that one costs 899 quid 100 pounds most expensive but come here for 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage and it’s good to see that oneplus is affixing with the old alert slider up at the top here so you can have that on pealing shake or stillnes depending on what you’re up to exceedingly handy when you’re abruptly jump-start into a engagement or something no mention of an actual official ip rating in the oneplus 10 pro specs but oneplus tends to not really make a big singing dance of the ocean defiance on its smartphone should be absolutely fine in a cloudburst and

all that kind of stuff and oneplus likewise very kindly communicated in a couple of the official occasions for the oneplus 10 pros let’s blow these on encounter what they’re like so this here is the sandstorm bumper looks very similar actually to the one you get wrap in the box with the oneplus 10 pro except it’s got a bit more quality to it feels somewhat blurry rather nice and uh it’s a bit more rigid for nafta the considerably more jazzy affair is this so-called quantum photography bumper adds a suitable part of vogue to the arse end of the oneplus 10 pro so there you go you got those as an option if you figment it so the oneplus 10 pro is running the latest android 12 of course with oxygen os swiped on top as well version 12.1 to be precise and it’s good to see that oxygen os is still present and correct on oneplus smartphones time utters them a bit of extra name over the likes of the opera phones etc in copy 12.1 still get that capital android vibe but with plenty of bonus bits chucked on the shelf is now actually dragged down from the right hand side so you don’t have to decide between pulling down the notifications bar or the rack unquestionably promote this setup that’s for sure and as “youre seeing” there a lot of widgets on there more customizable than ever before you can drag these little thingamajigs about the place to reorder them however you like them and you can add widgets to the shelf from pretty much any app that has already been downloaded as well as be disposed of any stuff that you’re not really that riled about you could even customize the little salute up top which is a nice touch and oneplus gives abundance of other bonus features in oxygen os slammed on top of android 12 so dive into special features for instance you’ve got the likes of the new work life balance this allows you to set up a employment mode for instance which can help to limit your notifications keep the phone on speechles whenever else you can schedule what times the

work mode is active and as “youre seeing” there say specifically which apps you want to actually notify you and then do the exact same for life mode for the rest of your time if you don’t have a strict nine to five sort of work schedule as well you can also have it based on what wi-fi network you’re connected to or what locale you’re in because personally this wouldn’t work at all for me because not only do i work from residence full occasion but i too is not have a placed schedule at all i’m basically cultivating every day so i’ll just leave that knocked off and because the oneplus tempo is to set it politely a little of a beast it’s good to see some one-handed help on here so for us as you can drag down uh the top cease of the screen towards the bottom the same feature is found in color os just as is the icon drag down tool which again merely attracts everything down towards the bottom so nice and easy to select what you want and one of very good chips in here is the personalization section where you can change up the wallpapers the actual icon design of a material style pebble form whatever you like and you’ve also got some brand-new always on display alternatives to mess around with including a good fragment of bitmoji road you’ve got to download the separate bitmoji app take a selfie and then it creates a caricature little fella account of you i think it’s been quite generous with the amount of hair it’s given it um but whatever and then there he is right there precisely uh only adding a little of panache and pigment to your

always on display this right here is ravishing chris emoji hey damsels wanna want to come join me in my large-hearted ready pink sofa oh here i am apparently taking my mid-morning dump excellent at least that’s what i hope i’m doing i don’t actually know what my other hand’s up to that’s it that’s a bad chris emoji bad or if that doesn’t float you bought you’ve got all the usual uh alternatives spate of analog and digital struggles etc and i can’t see that standard android 12 option to change up the ui color scheme based on the wallpaper you’ve got but you can just manually uh change it to whatever you like instead and the oneplus 10 pro has some legs on it as well because you’ve got three years of android modernizes four years of security revises so no worries there on the security side of things well you’ve got an in-display fingerprint sensor it is an optical campaign as usual what on earth am i doing now i’d be to be really really experiencing myself gravely precisely just look away uh anyway what’s it saying uh in parade fingerprints yeah it’s an visual outcome as usual so it just takes a basic 2d epitome but touchwood so far seems pretty accept doesn’t seem to be giving me any and as ever that is backed by a reliable flake of raging acknowledgment as well so as you can see super nippy literally sounds that supremacy button you’re pretty much straight-out in there and as i mentioned before this black model comes with 128 gigs of onboard storage as you can see i’ve expended quite a bit of that are currently though a good clump of that is good old gentian impact of course if that’s going to trouble you i’d recommend upgrading to the greedy model with double the storage because there’s no micro sd cache card buoy here as usual now i do struggle to tell the difference between a lot of flagship smartphone presentations these days because they’re likewise bloody goods and again the oneplus 10 pro seems to have a pretty much same panel to the likes of the oppo

f5x 5 pro the xiaomi 12 pro etc 6.7 inch amoled display with a quadruplet hd plus peak resolution assured snappy forceful light colourful apparently it’s ltp or 2.

0 now so once again got the full one to 120 hertz freshen assortment but apparently it’s more energy efficient than ever before and thanks to a little bit of additional color calibration apparently the colours appear more natural at lower brightness which yeah i mean that looks really really good when you do tone down that brightness you still get some moderately rich colorful visuals coming through of course as ever you can piddle around with the hue breeding in the exhibition prepared and set to vivid by default but you can go to natural you can go to full-on pro modes you positioned a dp3 action in there and if you’re hue blind you’ve got that color see enhancement implement to help out and one piece i’m looking forward to checking out is the brand-new ai adaptive automobile brightness which apparently each time you manually touch that brightness meter with all the brightness enabled it will just take a little mental notation of it so if you’re forever spawning it a bit brighter in the evenings then it’ll be like okay this guy is struggling to see what’s going on let’s just make sure it’s a it’s a bit brighter at night on so hopefully that’ll actually do its hassle because some automobile intensities they they are a bit rubbish to be perfectly frank and i do end up superseding them more often than not but overall certainly seems like another stunning exhibition from oneplus that’s sure as shooting and uh yeah really the minuscule little selfie orifice get in accordance with the arrangements when you go full screen up in that corner at least it’s tucked away and it isn’t especially big-hearted and yep you’ve also got a stereo speaker set up now on the oneplus 10 pro so let’s bump up that capacity to maximum levels and brace yourself hello wonderful peeps i’m chris from expert and today we’re going to be taking a gory good askance at the one plus north 2 ce i’ve it up again every time it’s it’s the oneplus 9 ce2 modbus node ce2 well on that top publication it is loud as out it’s not quite a balanced stereo orator setup regrettably because it’s just utilizing the earpiece up at the

top end here so if you damp that bottom speaker certainly the the capacity and a better quality removes quite considerably but overall very solid it’ll certainly do the job if you’re trying to listen to stuff in a really noisy household or general environment you’ve got bugger all headphone jack war on here regrettably standard for a flagship smartphone at least you’ve got bluetooth 5.2 supporting so that’ll do the job when you’re uh streaming a little of music or something weirdly and these are the uh the top intent of each of the recording figure seems to be getting cut off i wonder if that’s down to the fact that i’ve gone for oneplus sans as my font and yeah yeah that was indeed the issue there so i’m just going to leave that turned off so powering the oneplus 10 pro is again that qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen1 very popular amongst flagship android smartphones in 2022 as you’d expect it’s backed now on the black representation by ear gigs of ddr5 ram and as “youre seeing” they’re very similar standard orchestrates to other fee blowers like the oppo f5x5 pro so yeah every day running so far silky smooth helped along of course by the 120 hertz freshen charge supporting but of course the one true-life exam of action these days is a good a gentian impact action especially when you ramp up the detail gives to the highest levels and get it set to that 60 makes per second mark as usual you got all kinds of huge gaming tools wrap in there which are just a immediate movie apart which can be used to tweak the screen responsiveness which to be fair i didn’t have a problem with that at all it was super accept zero latency basically as far as i

could tell got the handy dedicated concert mode so all of the phone’s assets were chucked at gention and not consumed on other substance and yes when i was playing uh through a good few random little operations on gentian impact over the course of a good hour or so i did notice the periodic little enclose pace fell but good-for-nothing severe at all we’re talking exactly a little stumble here and there overall most playable as you would hope for from the snapdragon 8 gen 1 and of course that big-hearted aged spacious super crisp display it’s just the perfect way of experiencing this play with those crisp colorful visuals and if you’re worried about the oneplus 10 pro overheat and under pressure well accentuates no further oneplus was really upgraded the coolant organization over previous generations its brand-new five blanket setup including a vapor enclosure you’ve got some copper foil activity in there graphene there shenanigans and yeah of course after about kind of 15 -2 0 minutes of genji and the back end of the phone did start to warm up that’s for sure but not to a troublesome degree and in agreement with the internal thermal readouts didn’t really get into those high-pitched 30 s now one of the improvements i’m really really really happy to see here on the oneplus 10 pro is the bigger battery

it’s now a 5 000 milliamp cadre are comparable to the 4 500 milliamp on the older generation so hopefully should give you all day frisk no worries it’s dual cell technology as well so not only is it bigger it also commissions faster you’ve got support for 80 watt supervooc blaming so the fact that it’s a bigger battery takes about the same amount of time to charge up as the older oneplus 9 pro basically half an hour from zero to full and you’ve also got 50 watt wireless charging supporting on this thing as well and of course i’ll be fully testing out the oneplus 10 but i’ve got my sims slapped in there already so i’ll be using it as my full-time smartphone stay carolled for my in-depth review for more on the battery life whether it really is an upgrade the old-time uh chris morgy appears to be doing a bit of uh modeling or something like that now and christ gaze even more like luis spence and now last up the camera tech and slam there on the back end you’ve once again got a 48 megapixel sony imax 789 primary sensor with optical persona stabilization built in that is the same sensor as the older generation although the 10 pro does apparently use second contemporary hasselblad software so one of the big changes is now in the photo settings you’ve got the option to shoot 10 fleck emblazon portraits utilizing the heif format which unhappily isn’t as widely supported but if you do have a heif portrait you can then convert it into a regular jpeg you’ll notice when you’re browsing these 10 -bit portraits in the photo gallery you’ve got this little 10 -bit icon up top and if you really sounds down here more there is a convert to jpeg option and thankfully there is a

big clear icon up at the priorities in the screen “if youre having” the 10 -bit color option enabled so you don’t take dozens of photos in altitude format container and then have to convert all those buggers later besides that it’s pretty much business as usual all of the standard uh extra bonus mods are chucked in here likes of the description mode the nighttime skate state you’ve got a lot of other stuff chucked on there on top the 48 megapixel primary sensor shoots 12 megapixel portraits by default but you can swap to the ultra resolution mode like so yeah certainly that 48 megapixel primary crap-shooter seems to snap very nice looking pixels as long as the lightning plights ain’t very troublesome i have seen some sort of lens flare and other issues in brighter light that’s sure as shooting but i will be fully testing out this camera tech for my in-depth review so check back for that and one of the changes for this generation is the fact you’ve got a upgraded 50 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter like the oppo f5x5 pro and the real me gt2 pro this has a 150 grade deeming slant which you can either use as normal otherwise you can get a sort of a crazy fisheye upshot on the go which can certainly be quite amusing if you’ve got any adolescents or babies and last up you also have an 8 megapixel telephoto shooter with a 3.3 periods visual zoom as you can see there although you can further pull in for a maximum 30 periods zoom and the stabilization’s pretty damn superb uh even at that 30 meters level helped along by the built-in ois although of course the detail level’s not so strong the hasselblad pro mode has been ameliorated here for the oneplus 10 pro so now you got some bonus alternatives you can use all three of the the different

lenses with it and you’ve got grid of flexibility when it comes to formats as well not only can you shoot in jpeg or raw but there’s the new fresh plus option which basically takes three different likeness a standard one an underexposed persona and an overexposed portrait so you can blend them together and originate something really special later on and slew of options when it comes to shooting video as well the oneplus 10 pro does go all the way up to 8k resolving otherwise if you leave it at the 4k rank you’ve got yourself a preference of 30 60 or even 120 makes per second and merely to give you an idea of how that affects stabilization here’s 4k footage at 30 makes per second and then moving on to 60 encloses per second and then if you want to protrusion all the path up to the maximum elevation here is 4k at 120 fps and again i’ll be fully testing the video smart 2 on the oneplus 10 pro for my in-depth review but it is just some quick and simple samples that i shot about the place in the last sort of 24 hours and then up front you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie snapper it’s that sony imx6 15 sensor and again should prove absolutely fine for your everyday selfies end with painting mode smarts and you’ve even now got a support for night skate mode as well so hopefully good for those low-light shots again i’ll be fully checking that bad son out and if you’d like to shoot a lovely chip of video of you chilling with your homies then uh you are eligible to do that at a full hd elevation so there’s no 4k decide video shooting here on the oneplus 10 pro uh so that’s a bit of a pity isn’t it veronica yes that’s right chris this is real shame but the audio pickup seems fine and everything so all right anyhow that in a nutshell my lovelies is the oneplus 10 pro 5g as i say hitting the uk from 799 quid for this lovely black representation or 899 if you require the improved greeny edition and gotta say so far i am liking it but i will be giving you my in-depth review soon uh been wonderful to your thoughts down in the comments below satisfy do thrusting subscribe and dig that notifications both for more on the latest and greatest floor and have yourselves a blinding residual of the week praises everyone love you

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