Preview Realme 8 5G Full Tour What’s New Vs Pro?

all right so when it comes to budget smartphones in 2021 things are getting raw they’re complicated all the major players are spaffing them out seemingly one a week lots of xiaomi oppo and of course good old real me i’ve only just reviewed the real me eight pro and now they’re back in action with a fresh brand-new real me 8 5g now the real me 85 g isn’t just the real me 8 pro with 5g subscribe swiped on there that would be far too easy all the specs have changed up quite considerably and the camera hardware has been overhauled as well so what i’m going to do is whip the real me 85 g on out of its box take you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and explain exactly how it is different to the pro model and for more on the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees of course naturally the real me 85 g still comes in a dazzling yellowish container just like the rest of the fam let’s see what we’ve got in here hopefully but it comes on case action yep you knows it slap that on that will keep your real me it 5g protected and looking nice and fresh and you likewise get of course the real me 85 g one kind c usb cable and a quite chunky psu

in my contingency it’s a uh two rod asian version but if you say here in europe you will get a different one all right so that’s the box but now let’s check out the actual phone itself first impressions of the real me at 5g is perfectly standard plan layout you do of course get a plastic arse as usual seems solidly constructed and everything got a glossy sheen to it but likewise doesn’t seem too suggestible to greasy prints just yet that’s probably facilitated along by the the kind of the light coloration this right here is the very extravagantly entitled super sonic off-color uh and hitherto perfectly nice the camera chassis does overhang reasonably from that back end but good-for-nothing too terrifying you’ve got an side mounted fingerprint sensor and yes safety you do have a headphone jack down below as well as that type c usb port now 185 grams the real me 85 g is a little bit heftier than the standard realme 8 pro uh but good-for-nothing very horrendous certainly somewhat standard heavines for a fund blower again anyway let’s try and get it all set up and i’m going to take on a full on tour of all the hardware the software all that good substance and it’s going to use on the sim tray figurehead as well because normally do you have support for dual sim we’ve got a separate slot for your micro sd reminiscence placards to expand the 64 or 128 gigs of storage by further terabyte all right so the real media 5g is all set up and ready for action it’s the exact same application know here on the 5g pose as what you got on that realme 8 pro it is the latest freshest android 11 but you do get the real me ui 2.0 slatted on top of that as well which is basically color os by various calls still and

yeah this could be a little bit clunky and junky in places the arranges menu is still an absolute mood which i detest to steer i fully used of that search function that’s for sure but at least drill me ui does lent in some honourable bonus features uh that you won’t find in stock android such as the ability to pull all of those little icons down towards the bottom edge of your desktop which constitutes it much simpler to use one-handed and you do have a dedicated one-handed mode as well which is kind of difficult to bring up without likewise uh opening up one of your apps at the same time but again this is just really really good for shrinking everything down i mean you can reach up towards the top terminate of the display if you are struggling to reach an option up there you’ve also got some pretty strong customization options uh chucked here into color os realm ui as well including the ability to change pretty much everything on your desktops the typefaces the icon forms even the colourings that you use within the menus that’s kind of stuff you find in a lot of other opens that you can download from the google dally storage but at least it’s all sort of built in here and frankly really far too many bonus flakes to even begin to list off you’ve got the usual gesticulate support the ability to record the screen if you want and a few cases more flakes we’ll touch on last-minute but same to xiaomi smartphones real me unfortunately compresses an absolute ton

of crap wear onto all of its inventions as “youre seeing” there your cultivate like tick-tock on there bucking.bloodycom so yeah i recommend precisely spending a good half an hour coming rid of all of this as usual i don’t even know what half of it is 92 agoda facebook can get right to etc etc and as the security proceeds you’ve got that edge-mounted fingerprint sensor and touch oaths so far seems to work an absolute allure merely a quick sound of your digit against that button you don’t even need to press it in just sound your book and you’re straight-shooting in and this is backed by a bit face recognition as well terminated with foster to wake approval so exactly lift up the smartphone it will examine for you it will scan for you and there you go just as nippy when it decides it wants to bloody work now one of the first large-scale paths that the real me it 5g differentiates itself from the real me pro is the screen tech it is a somewhat bigger body at 6.5 inches versus 6.4 but the major difference is that the real me 85 g utilizations an ips screen instead of oled it’s still a full hd plus board

but the contrast isn’t fairly abrupt the hues aren’t quite as punchy as that oled the visuals are still absolutely fine for a plan jolt though you got full hd plus decide so images are nice and crisp and i’d be quite happy to kick back with some disney plus or netflix any days of the week and one of the benefits of ips screens compared with oled is that it’s less costly to put in a higher refresh rate so what you’ve got here is a uh auto select feature by default so it can flick between 60 and 90 hertz depending on what you’re up to otherwise you can just have it fasten to 90 hertz full occasion for a delightful super smooth daily ordeal i do gotta say throwing around on your desktops for example now on the real me at 5g in as smooth as what you get on the likes of google’s pixel 5 with this 90 hertz freshen simply because real me ui tends to simply add that little bit of load to everything now let’s have a shift to the performance and the real me 85 g is a very interesting device surely because it’s the first phone to make the uk use the fresh new mediatek dimensionally 700 5g chipset that’s what gives it the 5g smart and as you can see they’re perfectly honourable scores in good age-old geek workbench as well and certainly the heaviness of that launcher digression the performance has been absolutely fine now on the real me eight 5g so far although it does seem to delight in closing down apps uh that are running in the background because uh yeah they don’t seem to want to stay open for more than a few seconds and if you’re a gamer you should touch would

have absolutely no problem playing the likes of entitle of duty pub g portable all of that good substance you’ve got the usual real me ui recreation infinite tool on board which really allows you to play around with various execution tools and other little features and now to quickly test out that concert i’m going to boost this up to pro gamer modes and get a bit of request of duty on the go regrettably the kids are on holiday at the moment so that planneds i’m probably going to get my ass handed to me pretty wrong let’s just reject announcements block all notifications i need ended focus regrettably right now uh call of duty mobile is locked down at the medium graphics excellence and high make rates uh here on the realme 85 g but hopefully that support for the higher graphics character and everything will be added later but yeah even though i couldn’t enjoy see of duty portable to those used maxed out item creates the game itself ranged absolutely perfectly over a couple of full-on recreations i didn’t get my ass to be submitted to me too badly by those online dissidents now dimensionally 700 5g certainly seems to cope with the fast-paced action no worries backed by either six or eight gigs of ddr4 ram now on the realme 85 g my remember example is the eight gig maxed out modeling as you’re all good there plus you’ve got a 180 hertz touching sampling pace on the screen itself as well so every swiping port feels nice and responsive now for the artillery tech where it’s a 5 000 milliamp artillery carried inside of the realme 8 5g that’s bigger than the 4 500 milliamp you’ll find in the real me eight pro real flesh pro still managed to make it through a full date without any sweat whatsoever you can expect probably to get two full daylights application out of this bad boy if you’re already encumber otherwise a full date of

intensive use lots of call of duty action skype and all that good trash no worries however one boast that is a miss now on the real me 85 g is the fast charge support you have the 65 watts super dart fee there on the real me 8 pro here on the real me 85 g it’s just your bog standard 18 watt fast billing emphatically a real shame and let’s coming to an end this unboxing and full safarus of the real me 8 5g with a squint at that camera tech now the most important features that real me was slamming on about onus and consignments with the real me 8 pro was the 108 megapixel primary shooter but now on the realme 85 g it’s just a 48 megapixel sensor instead a lot more standard and like pretty much every smartphone these days you actually shoot “well a bit four in one pixel binning so you get 12 megapixel pickings by default but you do have a dedicated 48 megapixel procedure if you want that maxed out arres and you will spy there’s no ultra wide angle uh mode now on the real me 85 g that’s because the other camera lenses here are basically a black and white portrait lens and a macro lens so yeah not the most exciting of camera setups accurately but you’ve got you know the usual filters you’ve got that ai procedures if you demand uh to boost the colourings a little bit and uh likewise helps out whenever you’re trying to shoot a shot in low light-headed it will say hey perhaps you might want to swap to that night mode instead if you’re trying to shoot a person instead of a rainbow ape then it will hint swap into a bit of portrait action to add some stylish bokeh wording influences in the background

and while you don’t get many other bonus modes something compared with a lot of other budget smartphones which tend to go a bit mental you do of course have the macro procedure and you got your pro expert mode as well if you require a very precise kind of shot you can tweak the grey poise the auto focus uh the shutter rapidity on the whole movie up front you shoot at full hd answer by default with a good chip of epitome stabilization and all those so options chucked in there as well and as of right now there’s no 4k alternative in there unfortunately it exceeds off at 1080 p but that might be added because this is pre-release so paws crossed that will be an option come the full start and then last-place up yap hooray the 16 megapixel figurehead facing selfie cam which again has portrait smarts and all of that good stuff and while that’s by no means the worst selfie i’ve taken in one of these unboxing videos i still want to kind of burn it to the ground so that right there in a nutshell is the real meat 5 g and as “youre seeing” there you are definitely making some compromises compared with the real meat 8 pro if you get this sucker but you are also getting some improvements in certain areas too so you’ve got that 5g support with the mediatek dimensi 700 chipset you’ve got a 90 hertz flaunt now although it is unfortunately ips rather than oled tech there’s a bigger battery now but you do lose out on that fast blaming super missile tech regrettably and of course as far as the camera tech vanishes you lose the ultra wide angle lens which to be fair wasn’t amazing anyway but you do too get downsized from a 108 megapixel primary sensor to a 48 megapixel so what do you reckon are you tempted by the real me 85 g despite those jeopardizes it’d be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do go check out my full summaries are the best budget smartphones you can grab right now in 2021 for the under 200 pounds under 300 and under 400 pounds price sites unfortunately don’t know the full uk pricing of the real me 85 g at the time i shot this because it is pre-launch right now but i will add that to the description as soon as i find out and for more than the latest designers call please do push subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a stupendous remainder of the week merriments everyone love you

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