Google Pixel 6a Rumours & Leaks

hello beautiful people not gonna lie left shooting this week’s episode a little late and by a little bit late i mean oh god what have i done no time to reshoot anything so basically gonna “re going to have to” one do the whole thing and pray to god that i don’t see anything too incriminating like and i haven’t even got the excuse that i’m hungover this week either only only all of the phones mostly all at the same time as usual so anyway that’s enough of an intro jingle me professional weekly so those delectable pixel 6a rumors are meeting serious impetu now that we’re maybe exclusively weeks away from the launch in fact you can expect to see this delicious mid-range mobile spaf down on stage on may the 11 th when google io ultimately knocks off and you may be wondering why i’m using adjectives like savory and delicious that’s just because i need breakfast hitherto so all i can think about is eggs and bacon and fried toast so time ignore that moving on on divulges have now been shared potentially accurate renders of this 6.2 inch blower which seems legit you’ve got a designing unsurprisingly similar to the google flagships just like previous pixelate handsets complete with a wide boy camera accommodate and an oled presentation fill in most of that front end complete with a built-in

fingerprint sensor and there is evidence in some of the source code that parties were delving around in that google is still working on a lower capability face acknowledgment state as well it could make its debut for the pixel 6 here but it’s highly unlikely much more likely to pop up for the pixel sevens so until then just got to remember to completely draw your hands every time you go to the marshes otherwise you’ll be furiously typing in your bolt instead meanwhile that arsene is apparently still constructed from glass but in a same move to samsung with its latest a53 phone it looks like google has brutally killed off the headphone jack those dastardly fiends nonetheless most of the recent rumors have actually been good news so for instance there was lots of talk uh simply a couple of months ago about the google pixel 6a probably not exploiting google’s tensor chipset the one that’s stuffed inside of those flagships nonetheless recent entanglement whisperings do have shown that the pixel 6a will indeed be running off that tensor chipset and on top of that we could see the very same 50 meg samsung gn1 camera sensor stuffed into the pixel 6a which when combined with the tensor should entail spooge-worthy photos at day and night but then of course on the flip side if we’ve got that google tensor chipset if we’ve got the same primary camera set up well what is google actually trimming in order to be allowed to to put down that toll so you can expect the pixel six here to cost a pretty penny we’re probably talking at least 400 450 minimum so for this web bollocks is true then don’t expect it to be much cheaper than the flagship but of course as usual even if the

pixel 6a does open in about a month’s time probably won’t actually be released here in blighty for another couple of months so plenty of time to plan lots of visit to your grandioses to gradually siphon money off of a handbag now this week the big tech wuha was when xiaomi launched its last round of budget blowers including the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g the name is an absolute friggin horror show but this is an improved form of the memorandum 11 pro performing up insanely speedy 120 watt fast accusing corroborate nonetheless on the flip side that artillery size has now shrunk a bit so it doesn’t last-place quite as long so it’s like that age-old question that’s often whipped out at hen gatherings would you instead shag a brad pit if he had a tiny knob or matt hancock packing a serious horse schlong between his legs and for the record the chastise react apparently in sunderland at least appears to be both at the same period please the remainder of the 11 pro pluses specs are mainly familiar with the same screen text storage etc as the 11 pro although it’s mediatek’s dimensionally 920 now invited to participate in the shot rather than a snapdragon 695 while the camera results are slightly different despite both telephones sharing the same sensor the pro plus hit supermarkets on april 6 for 359 dollars probably about the same in pounds and if you’re utterly bewildered by everything what i just said you can see my full redmi greenback 11 versus pro

versus pro plus analogy right here on tech expert you lucky buggers hooray xiaomi too exposed two of the cheaper 5g blowers at the launch in case you already deplete all of your telephone coin on inexpensive liquor and floozies the redmi memorandum 11 s5g starts from 249 dollars and bundles a feature 810 you’ve got 5 000 milliamp battery and 50 meg primary camera or for precisely 199 you can have a redmi 10 5g which supports the dimensionally 700 plus another 5000 milliamp battery and 50 meg camera so that’s all the xiaomi story for this week thank god but stand sung because next week we’ll probably get the redmi note 11 pro plus billy big-hearted bollocks ultra which can beat up other smartphones on challenge and sound a informing if you’re about to accidentally swap to a telechannel with mrs brown’s boys or james cockboy corden on it and also this week oneplus ultimately decided to launch its recent flagship telephone outside of china the oneplus 10 pro helps no surprises to anyone who actually riled to look up the specs in the many months since it was first launched but if you’d like to see lots of shots of it clutched in my pasty pas with the periodic button restraint thrown in for good measure well my unboxing is live right now so now it’s time regrettably for the part of the show that’s best served with at least several jars of lily-white light-colored and it’s viewer observes viewer explains okay

azam is kicking us off the coming week he says not a single video without the word shenanigans that’s compatibility yeah in fact if you require a recreation activity to play along at home fun like anyone has any fun at this appearance uh what you mostly need to do is came nine statements right here simply cervix your pint every time i see one of them and if you scratch off all of them then hectic smash back an part bottle of dram grace and there you have it instant fun because you’ll be too unconscious to actually watch this show uh next up identified says are you the lost brother of bear grylls i imply i don’t booze my own piss if that’s what you’re asking you’ve got to admit unlike bear i’m unquestionably very much not an outdoorsy kind of person quite happy here in my garage where no wildlife and nature can actually get to me you know if i ever get camping on wimbledon common for instance it would probably just end with me being fished out of a lake naked and bleeding and screaming in fear with off the timbers burned down around me but hey like mad unboxings that could be a thing you know maybe when i’m feeling a little bit more adventurous i could you know be dangling off a face attracting the galaxy s36 out of the box or something like that’s the kind of youtube “il be going” wild for privilege next up ewan says hi uncle stimulation you need to watch match canyon’s video on james corden it’s incredible okay no hypothesi who assemble canyon is so exactly type in this bad boy into google looks like another youtube guy i love this you’ve got the uh the actual video top top of the search roll of course and then the next 10 videos are just reactions to that video and even the reaction videos get more hits than pretty much any of my videos ever do so here we go here’s my reaction video to meet canyon you know all of the sounds yeah he said minge good word pretty much hammered his deeply chafed tone and it conclude with him dying horribly so unquestionably get bonus points for that so overall pretty good only bad thing was it reminded me that james corden exists uh envisage a few cases demerits for that one but otherwise yeah next up io trimmed more says uncle burst the only tech youtuber that both me a uni student and my papa can are addressed to me for the hangovers and him for the awareness of his middle agedness yeah certainly make the most of your youthfulness lado that’s for sure the best advice i can ever impart because reality is prowling just around the corner ready to give you a swift region in the nads as soon as you affected 35.

You know bad back bad knees the hangovers oh my god the hangovers you’ll literally have two shandies and the next day it feels like satan and all of his countless minions are sculpting you to death and also experience being able to sleep for the entire night with weapon to get up at least formerly for an awkward piss these days i’m just looking forward to when i can finally get a bloody catheter invested uh anyway moving on evg katsujin ken says a filipino breakfast goes well with a hangover once again i’m gonna have to google this unfortunately because i’ve got no idea i love how i’ve got lots of explains who are in need of googling on the frigging epoch that i’ve got absolutely no time to do anything oh oh man i was hungry before and now i’m oh my god my opening is about to gush i imply it basically looks like a british fry up except with those awesome little uh mini really salty sausages you often get in the continental breakfast when you go on holiday in europe and looks like fried rice as well ah and apparently these saucers expect only minimal cooking abilities i’ve gotten a good aged google so yeah i’m sold uh paul also on the subject of food says try salad cream on a fish digit buddy utterly whiz i’m really like this actually this is kind of like masterchef but for greasy snacks and i’m also adoring how again i’m getting all these meat commentaries when i’m having a bloody breakfast uh looks like a lot of people are alarmed by the real me gt neo 3′ s 150 watt fast charge and mostly perturbed it might cause the battery to up or for the phone to actually spontaneously combust well except in cases of david that is who says only 150

watts i’m still waiting for the 350 watt billing i touch with the whole fast charging shouldn’t really be an issue they’ve got so many you know hardware and software failsafes on board now so to made to ensure that the you know the battery hits capacity and then stops charging you know it’s generally like a percolate freight for the final 10 percent or whatever uh the only way it could be knackering your battery is if you’re regularly letting your phone drain to zero percent and then charging it from from dead mostly otherwise yeah i have noticed with the fast blame sometimes if you are charging a wholly dead phone usually by the time it’s been plugged in for about 10 times or so it tends to get hotter than a inside of a his pasty after 10 times in the microwave i.e red-hot enough to melt through any element on earth including diamond next up george says i doubt the nothing phone open brackets one closed brackets will be any more exciting than the ones we have right now yeah 100 with you on that one i reckon it’ll be a victim of the hype machine frankly and all this razz before the official launch is even a thing arguably a perfectly serviceable formation with a predominantly broth android know-how just like nothing skin swiped on top it’ll probably be pretty good value overall basically something similar to the original oneplus one uh “re just saying” do you still get excited about ford launchers is there a particular one you are looking forward to well yeah now that openings are actually happening again in real life rather than on

youtube or zoom then yeah i am actually getting rather agitated about ford launchers again especially the ones with the free bar and canopies uncle spirit is definitely all about the prawn volleybonds gotta declare though i have been uh reviewing telephones for well over a decade now about 12 13 years something like that and yeah four starts aren’t quite as exciting now as they were back then partly because i was like a fresh-faced youth all full of wonder and jizz and whatever else spunk and vinegar that’s the expression isn’t it zero htc was launching a new bat mental flesh mostly every week pretty much they were the motorola of uh back in the day uh you know lg crazy stuff you had bonkers telephones like the nokia n estimate that sony xperia gaming phone whereas now it’s kind of kind of feels like most telephones are kind of very similar to each other you haven’t got much evolution going on beyond you are familiar with slightly bigger artilleries slightly higher cameras somewhat faster billing artilleries of course but you know i’ll sit there with my heineken and my prone volabons and i’ll be happy enough um bollocks i said i’m actually answered the flake of your question about what telephone propels are you looking forward to um so it does kind of feel like all of the phone launchings have happened in the past couple of weeks uh but we’ve still got the sony xperia one tag iv on the horizon so hopefully we’ll do some good material out of that sony will iron out all the wrinkles from the mark iii uh pixel 6a of course looking forward to seeing what google can do with a mid-range mobile in 2022 and naturally i’m looking forward to about uh 20 more xiaomi and more roller phones coming in the next month i don’t

think i’ve said shenanigans yet have i for the people playing the the textbook bingo shenanigans yeah mama bruno says hello uncle spur sorry for the tech related question that’s right bruno i’ll forgive you this once do you know why xiaomi are so slow on their modernizes and will this change in the future i get the feel and the answer is much like motorola and other manufacturers who are kind of known for their tardy revises the facts of the case that they get so many bloody organizes although i haven’t said that samsung churn them out jolly uh nice regularly as well and still managed to keep on top of it pretty well so clearly they’re just a bit more dedicated to it will it change in the future but i think a lot of makes are now at the very least realizing they need to offer at least a couple of years of security and os revises in order to be allowed to for parties to not get cross at them and sustainability is a big frigging keyword these days literally and likewise precisely in general and uh i think it’s you know important that people keep their telephones for a bit longer than simply you know replacing them every six months if at least we don’t fully up the environmental issues and i’m just ramble now frankly i don’t really attend cause i’ll probably be dead in about six months anyway but uh yeah be be kind to each other what what the was the question again uh we got beings asking questions remembers the oneplus document 2 ce 5g and the xiaomi 12.

this has been so many telephones i’m really sorry uh that i haven’t got around to remembering all of them regrettably xiaomi 12 i am actually working on it i am still expend it on and off as my full-time phone in between other trash that i’m working on um so keep adjusted for that the tldr version is mostly better battery life more compact than the pros i actually prefer it uh the oneplus nord ce2 5g uh didn’t regrettably manage to get around to shoot the video review of that despite the fact i used it as my full-time phone for a few days so again tldr form the brand-new fangled ox juno s has been reacting itself despite the fact it kinda feels like it’s lost its name a little bit if you are a media fan well exquisite oled committee and everything on that sort of job done performance has been absolutely all right battery life solid haven’t struggled to make it through a full date camera makes punishment as long as you’re not trying to shoot in like low-toned light-colored or strong hdr situations and it is still go on android 11 which suctions monkey nuts so there you go that’s my 30 -second review of the oneplus mention ce25g uh matt says ah idol i’m losing my expres gotta really uh make this uh last couple of comments uh chris since you’re a illustrious stellar in quotation marks uh do you ever get recognized out in public uh yes sometimes i do awfully rarely um and

it’s usually when i’m like hungover knackered and precisely generally bewildered by animation which to be fair is my natural state ninety percent of the time so all they get in response to their or your that clod of youtube neil says my oneplus 8 pro just got android 12 and i don’t like it i don’t like it at all psy also my favorite turtle was donatello who love uncles but does machines yeah he was always my favorite of the assortment that i good old-time donny beloved him um as for make machines i i do review phones and stuff but in areas of actually setting trash like donatello blessing there because mostly i even though i did several years of tech support back in the day literally if the whole switch-off switch on drake doesn’t work then if i know what’s going on and last up for the week etienne says too much phone chat in this week’s ninja turtles 80 s movies and booze bursts weekly yeah we haven’t tried it he’s flicks in a while actually that is that is a good point i’ve been on a bit of a classic ghoul 80 s flicks kind of bender recently it’s been splashed about like some vamp frighten nighttime and friday night part two classics lost boys you know stuff like that um so yeah if there’s anyone got any other recommendations for sort of cheesy old ghoul flicks um because yeah i’m really really experiencing those at the moment for some reason at 2 a.m after i’ve you know spent all day shooting phone videos and

just guardedly oh salem’s a lot as well which i think was probably more like late 70 s than actually 80 s but i used to scare the living at me as a kid like i literally i could not open my screens for about six months after watching that thing regardles thank you expressed appreciation for thank you so much to everyone who mentioned last week big justifications we only managed to get through a fraction of them actually feeing on time this week i don’t know what’s going on as i say not even boozing at the moment literally only wreaking and watching the uh the old ghoul flicks but bide carolled lots of stuff coming at you so next week next week what the is next week i don’t even viciou know uh samsung galaxy a53 unboxing will hopefully be with you guys over the weekend got a brand-new blade 17 laptop coming in i’ve got lots of phones to cover maybe at some target i’ll say hello to the people who live with me in this house and uh and also get some sleep that’ll be good but as always i appreciate you crazy rascals who watch this stuff to the very end and uh if you haven’t actually affiliated the play and army hitherto satisfy do shove agree ding that notifications bell and everybody have yourselves a merriment blood tastic weekend encourages everyone love you

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