Review Urbanista Miami Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones

hello stunning sounds i’m chris from texpert and these sizzling cherry-red mamas right here are the urban easter miami’s brand-new duet of budget-friendly enc headphones which you can grab right now as this video get live online for 129 quid i’ve been testing out the city easter miami’s for a few weeks and a bit now use them as my full-time headphones so here’s my full in-depth review and how they stack up against other budget-friendly enc phones and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell ovations now first off i’ve got to say i absolutely adore that ruby cherry-red finish of the metropolitan eastern miami’s mostly because it helps to divert attention away from my baldy bones they’re certainly exceedingly striking they obviously sometimes reap gleams from people as they’re run by you can also grab the earbuds to miami’s in teal light-green otherwise if you aren’t really a fan of vivid colourful in your face colorings you can also grab them in a standard black or white but personally i say it looks pretty boring at the moment let’s jazz it up a bit with some provoking headphones those consolation status travel we certainly get plenty of pillow around the inside of that headband so even if i was wearing them the working day despite my lack of natural padding uh didn’t find any issues there that’s for the actual ear beakers well again lots of padding but unfortunately the hearing goblets themselves aren’t

exactly big so i did find that the the padding was pressing on the outer shapes of my lugs and those bowls do press relatively hard on your ears as well because it’s quite a stiff finish as well so i did is my finding that after a couple of hours of using the city easter miami’s i was starting to get a bit of ear lethargy but there is a full sex swivel action as “youre seeing” there so when you’re not using them you can just dangle them around your neck like so again nice and cozy thanks to all that padding and you’ve also got a protective case uh hardcase wrap in the box along with the city easter miami’s as well to protect them when you touch the road remember stumbling the road i sure don’t fasten down number christ knows what up in here now they are of course amply bluetooth enabled so you can use them wirelessly it’s bluetooth 5.0 and i had bugger all problems with that wireless joining they pair up with your smartphone or whatever nice and quick and easy and the stream absolutely flawless and even better bulletin they also support the aged 3.5 mil cables as well so you can get a full-on cabled bit of war on the go if you want to you’ve got full physical authorities as usual here on the metropolitan easter miami as well you’ve got pause play functionality over here on the right cup merely above you’ve got a capacity up button simply below you’ve got the loudnes down and if you long press those publication buttons they are able to likewise hop-skip forward or back a racetrack at first i was a little bit exasperated by the fact that those buttons were all mostly right next to each other there’s literally no gap between them but thankfully you do have a little knobbly chip uh separating the interval musician from the publication buttons and i found that after simply a day or two of the utilization of the urban easter miami’s i got used to accurately

where those restraints were good bit of muscle recall war so no problems and meanwhile over on that left cup you’ve got the anc restrains as well so speedy move of that you’re into anc procedure another distres into ambient mode and another push and everything there is permutations off and i’ll cros all of that in a little the urbanista miami’s also have a built-in uh sensor here in the right goblet as well you can see it exactly down there right at the bottom there and that will detect whenever you lift that liberty cup away from your ears and it will automatically pause whatever you’re listening to and then provisions and you actually replace the beaker within about kind of 30 seconds or so it will auto resume your audio as well otherwise it won’t bother and i felt that worked absolutely fine throughout my full week of testing once or twice i did notice my music or whatever i was listening to just paused even when i was just wearing the headphones i hadn’t face-lift the goblet or anything i wasn’t alone sure if it was down to that sensor exactly going a little mystified but thankfully touchwiz i say only happened got a couple of days and that was a good few days ago now hasn’t recited since now metropolitan easter is apparently uh in the process of developing an app so you can dive in there and you know adjust the bangs fixes on its headphones and also you know perhaps personalize the governs a bit regrettably that’s not really just yet but it should be coming in q1 2021 they record so hopefully exactly in the next month or two so clearly looking forward to testing that out because a good deal of the other adversaries they do have that app assist and it definitely adds to the experience specially when you can fiddle around

with those sound installs and get the kind of audio production that you really really enjoy that said i really enjoyed the sound that was ran into my lug drags by the urban eastern miami’s didn’t matter what i was listening to hip hip-hop dance metal music a bit of acoustic trash everything there is voiced neat and clean-living the engineer responsible for fine-tuning the audio on these things is the next sennheiser guy dude called axel grell he undoubtedly knows his nonsense because yeah everything clanged utterly lovely and when you’re wearing the urbanista miami’s of course because they are over ear headphones and they’ve got all that thick-skulled pad and it does truly help to dampen down everything that’s going on around you you’ve got a good fleck of racket separation on the go and of course you do have that built-in active noise cancellation as well for when you are in a noisy environment which is supposed to help filter out more of that turd that’s going on around you exactly save you in your nice little treaty bubble savour whatever audio you’re listening to now on the urban easter miami’s i knew it wasn’t very effective unfortunately it does have a slight impact on traffic noises instructs things like that anything with the law rumble uh but vacuum cleaners certainly weren’t changed and vocals as well i find it had zero impact on any exchanges going on around me i could still hear every term perfectly so if you’re looking for a pair of budget-friendly anc headphones with slightly more effective noise cancellation i’d put you in the direction of the anker soundcore live q3 0s which i reviewed at the end of last year and too the sennheiser hd 450 bts and as i mentioned before you can quickly flick between the enc and the ambient wall with a quick tap of this little button now on the left cup and that ambient state basically really uh does exactly the opposite of anc it gushes all of the audio going in around you into your ears applying the outside microphones however this does not lower the volume of

whatever you’re listening to so if you’re blasted that metal somebody comes up to you starts talking at you you can’t exactly sounds that and then start having a conversation you will have to lift that bowl uh which is what i purposed up doing regardles that does vehicle interrupt your music then you can have a conversation with them to remove the headphones or anything anyway however it definitely is a good ambient mode whenever you’re listening to an audio record or a podcast and you’re out and about you only miss a bit more awareness of what’s going on around you uh you know helps to counter the soften result that the bowls have around your ears and if you happen to be out and about and you receive a call on your smartphone well no worries you’ll be alerted by the headphones you can take the call and the built-in mic does an absolutely fine job of picking up your voice now one place where the urban easter miami really take it to those anchor sound core q3 0s is the battery life because city needs attitude should get a full 50 hours of use per attack or 40 hours with that anc active now i’ve been testing the miami’s for over a week now uh hammering them every single day i’ve had the anc turned on for the majority of that time to see how effective it really was and i gotta say i’m not even close to draining them yet so i’m not entirely sure if they will deliver a full 40 hours it’s certainly right up there and we do finally manage to drain them whenever that may be uh you’ve got a bit of character c connectivity to bill them back up again uh so exactly push them in job done you can use your phone charger

as long as that’s a form c not one of those brutal iphones and they also support fast charging as well so simply plug them in for five ten minutes you’ll easily get an hour or two of use out of these bad boys again with that anc active so perfect for you know if you happen to still do a travel so all right there’s what i think of the metropolitan easter miami’s after have them as my full-time headphones for over a few weeks now and i gotta say there’s a lot to been fucking loving them i really really affection that pattern so bright and vibrant and in your face huge stuff the resonate caliber is fantastic the bluetooth connectivity is great and of course you’ve got that wide support as well which a lot of bluetooth headphones miss out on unfortunately however the anc isn’t as good as some competitives like the fastens and the sennheisers which is a shame and of course that designing does end up giving me a bit of ear lethargy after a while as well maybe precisely because my ears are so bloody big so anyway what do “youre thinking about” the urbanese to miami’s have you been using them as your full-time headphones be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do applied subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic respite of the week cheers

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