Preview Poco M3 Full Tour & Gaming Test First Post-Xiaomi Budget Phone

now if you fancy a new smartphone with crazy ridiculous specs for an insanely low price well you really can’t go wrong with a poko the poco x3 nfc which i fully reviewed right here on techspert is still one of my favorite budget smartphones of 2020 costing just under 200 quid here in the uk but if you can’t even stretch up that far well your next best bet might be the fresh new poco m3 this is the cheapest phone released by the brand thus far costing from just 149 euros but it still serves up some really unexpected specs like a full hd plus display got snapdragon 662 chipset a 48 megapixel primary camera and a 6 000 milliamp battery well suck me through a horse pipe that is nuts so now it’s time to whip the poco m3 out of its lovely yellow box get it all set up take you on a full on tour of that hardware in the software ahead of my in-depth review and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers okay let’s see what you get with this beast it’s got the phone itself of course which is exceptionally cold after its trip over uh from good old hong kong it’s got a power adapter in this case a two pin european affair got your type c usb cable i’ve even got some very snazzy wristbands bundled in there as well gnarly dude and then bundled inside the little bonus yellow box you know what i’m hoping for and yes there it is my friends a condom case to keep your poco m3 in perfect nick so that’s the box let’s actually check out the exciting part of it all which is the poko m3 now the m3 is certainly a sizeable wii beast at 6.53 inches but you know no bigger than most other smartphones in 2020.

As you’d expect for a simple budget smartphone it is of course just a plastic a backhand but it’s actually textured as you can hopefully see there it’s got an almost leather style uh sort of finish to it which is quite funky should hopefully aid with grip and also prevent uh fingerprints and greasy marks from coating that surface too easily and you’ll be able to pick up the poco m3 in either a black finish a blue finish or a bright vibrant yellow instead kind of similar to the old poco box and personally i wouldn’t have minded that bright yellow one actually i think it’s got a bit more character to it than just the bog standards black and of course a lot has been made of the uh bit of pockel brandon up there at the top on the uh rather enormous camera chassis i don’t mind the actual camera chassis itself i think that’s all helps it to stand out a little bit and when you see the poco m3 you’ll see that camera chassis doesn’t actually jut that far from the surface of the phone although it isn’t obviously completely even but certainly won’t be a problem if you’ve got the poco m3 line flat on the surface you’re trying to use it like so and here’s open that plastic backing won’t get scratched up too easily but only time will tell on that front as for the display it’s coated in gorilla glass 3 so hopefully that should prove relatively scratch resistant and you should actually have a pre-installed screen protector on here as well the reason mine doesn’t is because it was an early unit shipped ahead of time and you’ve got your edge-mounted power button there as well with built-in fingerprints and so let’s just see if we’ve actually got any juice in the tank hopefully should be good to go yep so we go so we’ll get the poco m3 all set up and take you on a full on tour the rest of it oh and it’s good news as far as the sim tray is concerned by the way because not only do you have a dual sim setup here but you’ve also got space from micro sd memory card as well up to 512 gigs supported to expand the 64 or 128 gigs of

onboard storage depending on which model you grab okay poco m3 all set up and ready for business and what you’ve got on here is android 10 so it’s unfortunately not android 11 the fresh new os but hopefully that update won’t be too far away but what you do get slapped on top of that is me ui 12 that xiaomi’s on launcher but it is miui 12 for poko so there are some subtle differences here and there you do still get that fantastic control center which was introduced to me ui 12 so just gives you fast access to all of your main sort of settings and toggles kind of similar to the ios version you do thank god have a built-in app tray as usual with poco smartphones you can bury away all that stuff you do get a fair bit of crap where pre-installed on here as well um so a lot of like the xiaomi first party apps and then random stuff like tick tock and linkedin which might not necessarily want at least quite a lot of that stuff if you don’t want it you can simply uninstall it which is definitely good and despite the budget asking price you actually get quite a decent little set of features on here like dual band wi-fi support although you don’t seem to get nfc and indeed no no nfc in the connections up uh section so yes it looks like if you want contactless payments you’re gonna have to look elsewhere of course at the same time that it launched the m3 poco did announce that it was splitting away from xiaomi and becoming its own independent body so be interested to see what happens with the software on poco smartphones going forward especially likes the poco m3 which come with of course xiaomi’s miui launchers slathered on top now let’s check out that gorgeous display and as i mentioned before it’s a 6.53 incher here on the poco m3 it’s an ips panel which is standard at this budget price point and the bezels aren’t too chunky again for a cheapy smartphone you’ve got a little nipple notch poking its way into your view when you are streaming a bit of video action but it’s nothing too obnoxious the main thing is that the visuals are rather rather tasty indeed again at this budget price point it’s a full hd plus resolution which is very hard to come by a lot of the motor rollers around this price point they are hd instead 720p instead of 1080.

So you get nice crisp detail in there and fairly punchy colors for an ips panel as well you can actually dive into those display settings if you like have a bit of a play around with the colors it doesn’t make a massive amount of difference you can go for saturated or standard uh just slight difference on basically the general vibrancy and you can also play around with the color temperature if you like and in further great news the poco m3 is fully wide vine l1 certified so that means in the likes of netflix you’ll be able to enjoy hd quality content not crappy sd and as if the visuals weren’t already special enough here on the poco m3 you’ve also got a stereo speaker setup as well um so let’s just boost up that audio see if it’s actually any good screen stereo speakers that same snapdragon 662 chipset as the moto g9 power and play so yeah unsurprisingly like a lot of budget smartphones with a stereo speaker set up that earpiece speaker definitely a lot more tinny and quiet compared with the bottom mounted speaker but it’s still nice to have that sort of stereoish option and the rest of the audio chops on this thing really impressive too you’ve got a headphone jack up top so you can actually get a wide pair of headphones on the go otherwise bluetooth 5.0 support you’ve also got support for high-res audio playback on this thing so overall proper media beast so now let’s have a gander at the performance and the poco m3 actually sports the same snapdragon 662 chipset as you’ll find in the moto g9 power and g9 player backed here by

four gigs of ram and then my benchmarking tests as you’ll see there perform very similar to those phones slightly better in the single core slightly worse than the multi-core score what does that mean for the everyday performance well i’m 100 expecting to see a few little stutters and stammers as you’re sort of getting around doing every day shenanigans am should hopefully load without too much of a grumble and hopefully touchwood you’ll be able to do a good bit of gaming as well with the likes of call of duty and pub g the good news for gamers though is that you do get that miui game turbo feature slapped on here as well so i can just help to streamline the performance just by dedicating resources to your game make sure there aren’t any nasty little background uh resource hogs basically taking up all that valuable memory and all that good stuff you can also block notifications and do all kinds of other clever stuff so call of duty set to medium graphics quality and frame rate by default you know what let’s try putting it through a little bit of pain it does have the adrenal 610 gpu in there after all so let’s see if i can handle uh things when it gets a bit hot nobody wants to play with me okay let’s do this thing so so far touchwood seems nice and smooth oh the guy just completely ignored me thank god yeah you know what nice and smooth so far no jutters or anything like that i’m actually killing people so that’s always a bonus and the touch response and everything seems absolutely fine for a budget smartphone as well which is good either these guys really suck or i’m actually doing all right yeah so yeah very very impressed uh by just a quick gamer call on duty there played with an absolutely fine frame rate uh touch responses say everything absolutely fine as well great for a budget

smartphone so you know what that’ll do the job but of course i’ll be playing plenty more call of duty uh ahead of my in-depth poco m3 review so check back for that in case there’s any little quirks or other issues and then of course hot damn you’ve got that 6 000 milliamp battery as well which is bigger than i mean a lot of budget smartphones these days they come with a 5 000 milliamp cell stuffed inside which is you know big enough generally to get a day and a half two days of use per charge 6 000 milliamps that should hopefully see it through two full days no worries got the usual battery saver mode shenanigans like you’re gonna need that so yeah the only other budget smartphone rocking a 6 000 milliamp battery that’s come out recently is the moto g9 power so obviously a match for that you do have 18 watt fast charging on here as well which is pretty damn good again for a budget blower so let’s finish up by taking a proper look at that triple lens rear camera tech and what you got here is a 48 megapixel primary sensor backed by simple 2 megapixel macro and depth efforts and normally at this sort of budget price point you get a very basic snapper that’ll do the job fine for simple shareable shots and not much else but to be honest i’ve been so impressed by everything else on the poco m3 i won’t be surprised this camera is actually really solid as you see there you got full hdr smarts you’ve also got an ai mode which is kind of like basic scene recognition i tend to leave that switched off to be honest and i’m expecting that yes indeed the default auto mod will shoot photos at 12 megapixels rather than the full 40 you’ll get a bit of pixel building just help brighten up shots make them a bit more balanced but if you want a full 48 megapixel resolution shot you’ll have to dive into the bonus camera modes and there you go just if you want a bit of finer detail in there only uh if the lighting conditions are good of course everybody say hello to veronica by the way i’ve been very rude and not introduced to you uh yeah her face has seen better days but you know she still does the job as my photography subject you got full-on portrait mode of course using that depth sensor just to add a nice bokeh

style background effect you could also choose how strong that effect is as well the level of blur in the background and you’ve got a selection of other bonus camera modes that you can jump on board with as well including a bit of night mode as well so that’ll just take several different shots and different exposures got to keep the phone pretty steady while you’re doing that and then it’ll mash them all together and hopefully you’ll get a nice bright result i forgot about that effing watermark as usual but yeah as you can see there reasonable amounts of detail quite natural looking tones and everything as well considering the ambient conditions in here and if you know what you’re up to as well uh you know your way around a dslr on the likes of that you’ve also got a full-on pro mode as well where you can basically play around with likes the iso levels the white balance the shutter speed all that good stuff you could also shoot at the full 48 megapixel resolution if you like and then if you drag down this little settings bar as well as you can see there you can shoot in raw format as well and you’ve got all kinds of other bonus options as for your video well you can’t shoot at 4k resolution sadly you do top off at 1080p at 30 frames per second but hopefully it should be fine for your everyday home movies and all of that good stuff and then if we uh go back to photo and dive around to the front you’ve got a single selfie snapper it’s only an eight megapixel effect so

again pretty basic but hopefully should be fine for you every day a sort of selfie instagram shots or what have you oh yeah sex on a stick so that right there in a nutshell is the poco m3 the first m-series entry-level smartphone from the poco brand and so far i’ve got to say it looks like an absolute stonker if you’re into your your media streaming when you’re on the move be it video music whatever if you want to do a bit of gaming on the go all that kind of good stuff and you’ve only got 150 quid in your back pocket you know what it seems like this is a more than worthy choice of course there are a couple of key features lacking you don’t get 90 hertz display you don’t get nfc but again for 150 quid like that would be blow your own brains out incredible if it did you can always upgrade to the poco x3 if you want that kind of jazz so stay tuned for my full poco m3 review and if you’re an impatient bugger then you can actually order one right now from the likes of aliexpress online from 149 euros be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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