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hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from techspert and clutched in my sweaty grasp today i have the galaxy a53 5g from samsung one of the most exciting mid-range mobiles to launch in 2022. boston a colorful water resistant design improved camera tech beefier performance and a handful of other upgrades versus the older a52 this mid-range mobile has proper potential i thought samsung has culled some features like the headphone jack which is a massive suck the samsung galaxy a535g will cost you 399 quids here in blighty i should know because i stuffed up my own actual real-life cache for this wii bugger so let’s get unboxing and for more on the latest and greatest tag please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell cheers so i’m not expecting to find much packed inside of this raw the miniature box just one samsung galaxy a53 5g and another tinier box inside of that box which has your porky pin device quick start guide and usb cable so once again it is bring your own adapter and that’s it absolutely everything you will find inside so now the phone all right so the samsung galaxy a535g all set up ready for action and as far as that design goes it does look remarkably similar to last year’s a52 s5g it’s a 6.5 inch smartphone again

with reasonably slender bezels surrounding that display and of course the old infinity or selfie orifice up top is a completely flat display again here on the a53 with what samsung ranks is quite a skinny build gotta say it looks quite chunky probably not helped by the fact that they are reasonably flat edges still this semi blur ain’t exactly too much of a handful certainly by modern standards 189 grams so reasonable heft to it as well you’ll feel it when it’s lodged in your pocket or your bag or whatever but not too cumbersome to clutch flip this bad boy over and it is your basic plastic arse end thankfully the good news is you’ve got a matte finish to it and it seems reasonably fine at masking smudgy prints you’ve got to have it catching the light just so to sort of pick up on the uh the greasy goodness of course naturally i’ll be putting the galaxy a53 through my standard fried chicken test later in the week just to make sure it’s not done in by greasy takeaways you’ve got a choice of four different color options here in the uk once again samsung has been super modest with its newman conventions god with awesome black awesome white awesome peach or this here awesome blue model is it actually awesome well that kind of depends on your definition of awesome is it the actual definition of awesome or is it more like hey kevin just next his pint and then puked up all over dave’s shoes awesome but it is really rather lovely indeed and i really like the way that the camera chassis only subtly and gently slopes up above the rest of the surface of the smartphone it’s very subtle protrusion and those edges which are also constructed from plastic nice and shiny as well just to break up that matte design a bit that display is constructed from gorilla glass 5.

So it should prove nice and hardy hopefully keep it free of scratches and nicks and other scuffs as well just as well because there’s no pre-installed screen protector on the galaxy a53 and this smartphone is also ip67 water and dust resistant so literally you can drop it in your bubbly bath take in the shower whatever you want no worries whatsoever that’s a very rare feature at this sort of price point only offered by the likes of the iphone se 2022 and that smartphone is so don’t get that one so overall quite like the design of uh this this galaxy blur but what about the software running on this thing well it is the latest freshest android 12 thankfully you don’t have to hang around with it to finally update to that one and as you can see there samsung’s one ui launcher version 4.1 is slathered on top now if you’ve used the samsung smartphone before you’ll know what to expect from one ui all of its various joys and fireballs you’ve got all the standard sort of android fair on here like the google discover feed you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere lots and lots of toggles to a mess about with in there that’s for sure and then of course usual apps tree except done slightly differently i’ve ordered it in alphabetical order just by tapping up

here because uh by default it’s set to a custom order which is basically just kind of the order you install the apps in i think which is stupid one of my major bug bears with samsung smartphones and one ui is the fact you get so many apps slapped on here so much crap where that you end up having to uninstall like good old linkedin of course likes of outlook does anyone even still use outlook you’ve got tick tock spotifybooking.

com none of this stuff i wanted installed on here but you don’t get a choice unfortunately you just have to uninstall it and as far as samsung’s own app score quite a lot of them are actually pretty decent like some samsung health samsung p but of course a lot of them are just basically alternative to google’s own apps like google p for instance smart things is just another alternative to google home you’ve got something’s on web browser and app shop and everything thankfully again most of these can be uninstalled uh so if you don’t use samsung’s own services you can just do that it’s just a bit of a pin in the ass and then if you dive on into the smartphone settings this is where one ui really shines because they throw in a lot of extra bonus bits which you don’t get with standard android which are actually worth a gander so for instance you do have an always on display option as well fully customizable so you can play around with all of the different clock styles and get it set up just the way you like it don’t man i actually feel really sorry for the fake person that samsung set this calendar up for because imagine that’s your birthday you’ve got to meet them with sue followed by the car wash you’ve also got samsung’s nox security suite on here which adds a

whole bunch of very useful tools to help keep your privates private the likes of samsung pass secure folder secure wi-fi definitely well worth a look if you’re worried about naughty criminal types getting hold of your bits and you’ve also got a very handy one-handed mode as well a handy not a pun that was intended i promise and this just shrinks everything down to make it that much easier to fondle with the one mit which is definitely helpful on a 6.5 inch blower like this but anyhow if you want to know all about one ui for i have done a full review and best features guide right here on textbook so go check that out before we shift on entirely from the subject of security however you do have an in-display fingerprint sensor here on the samsung galaxy a53 it is your basic optical scanner standard this sort of price points just takes a 2d image and then just reads that whenever you want to unlock your smartphone so far touchwood seems pretty responsive and accurate you’ve also got a pretty secure version of fierce unlock here on one ui as well with various tools such as for instance requiring open eyes to actually unlock so no one can just like hold your phone to your sleeping face and have a read of your messages while you’re having a kip or whatever and again in touch with this seems to be pretty reliable overall but i will be fully testing all of this stuff for my in-depth review as for your storage well that’s set at 128 gigs on this blower and if you look here the second sim slot also

doubles up as a micro sd memory card slot so you can expand that storage by up to a further terabyte now one of the best thing about samsung mid-rangers is the fact they don’t skimp on the display tech you got a 6.5 inch super amoled display here same full hd plus resolution as the previous generation which means nice crisp visuals as far as i can tell it’s basically the same panel as the a52s 5g you’ve once again got really poppy colors of course you can dive into the display settings and dial that down a bit if you prefer more natural output but i really like that default config here on the a53 i think it’s perfect for your netflix your disney plus if you was just browsing your photo collection that infinity or orifice on the intro is a teeny weeny little bit on the action when you go full screen it is impressively dinky viewing angles are great no worries there on top brightness it seems just about powerful enough so you can clearly see what’s going on outdoors though it is quite an overcast day today hopefully we’ll get some sunshine later in the week so i can fully test that out according to samsung is a bit brighter now tops off at 800 nits um so yeah should be absolutely fine because i’m no worries with the previous gen and that’s before it’s a 120 hertz panel as well you can drop it down to 60 hertz refresh if you’d rather favor the battery life instead those are your two options basically as for the audio side of things well it’s a stereo speaker set up here on the samsung galaxy a53 5g let’s just pump up the volume see what we got you know bad back bad knees the hangovers oh my god the hangovers you literally have

two shandies and the next day it feels like satan and all of his many minions will scoff from you to death see on the top volume it’s got a bit of a kick to it that’s for damn sure the audio quality is reasonably strong as well so it should be again absolutely fine for just kicking back with your favorite bold git on youtube of course if you are going to want to enjoy some music you’re gonna have to get some headphones on the go and that’s where things get a little bit bitter unfortunately because the old a52s 5g had a headphone jack down below but on the year 53s bugger all that has been absolutely stomped out of existence so you want to enjoy your tunes here on the a53 well you’re gonna have to use one of those god awful dongly things otherwise you’re gonna have to use a bit of bluetooth to get connected wirelessly now while samsung previously went snapdragon for its ear series handsets the a52 the a52s etc the a53 is instead powered by a five nanometer exynos 1280 chipset of samsung’s own creation backed here by six gigs of ram according to samsung at least this is supposed to offer a massive leap in gpu performance compared with last year’s a52 well one thing’s for sure is the geekbench scores aren’t particularly impressive has to be said especially when you compare them side by side with again last year’s ear 52 s 5g that’s quite a remarkable dip in the multi-core score right there so that doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence but of course it’s

not necessarily about a bunch of numbers spaffed out by a benchmarking app what i needed to do to really test out the galaxy a53 5g’s grunt is to launch goodbye genshin impact up and see if it can handle this almighty android title i kept the graphics settings on the default level which for this semi blur was law unfortunately and even more unfortunately at that low detail settings it didn’t really cope very well at all there was lots of juddering going on some serious frame rate drops here and there and also the graphics are to put it politely a bit pants and that is a shame because some mid-range rivals like the poco f3 likes the oneplus note 2 can handle gentian impact for a similar sort of price if you are a gamer you might want to look elsewhere then otherwise alternatively the galaxy a535g can cope perfectly well with pubg call of duty mobile played flawlessly excellent frame rate throughout and the touch response rate at the screen is fantastic too so every poken swipe instantly registered so you can blow your fellow human beings face off from 100 yards samsung’s gaming mode is still on board here as well slightly awkward to conjure up you’ve got to drag down the notifications bar in game but it offers up a reasonable selection of tools including screenshot options you can record the action if you like there’s a

priority mode to kill all the notifications so i haven’t entirely given up on the galaxy a53 5g i will keep on pounding it with a good bit of genji and see if i can get it working properly on this thing maybe it was just early jitters or something like that but yeah stay tuned for my in-depth review for more on all that and of course because it’s called the samsung galaxy a53 5g yes it’s got 5g uh stuffed in there as well as you would kind of hope for from a 400 pound smartphone now that you can get phones at 200 quid it also have a 5g so the design is basically the same the headphone jack has gone the gaming performance isn’t quite as strong but one serious upgrade for the a53 is the battery which has been upgraded in size you’ve now got a five thousand milliamp hour capacity cell crammed inside that lovely awesome chassis now will the battery life actually be better because of course bearing in mind you’ve got an exodus chipset in there now instead of a snapdragon well only time will tell again stay tuned for my in-depth review for full thoughts on that what i can tell you right now is that the 25 watt fast charging supports here on the a535g pretty lethargic compared with a lot of rivals at this sort of price point that offer you know 40 50 even 65 watt fast charging instead he’ll grab yourself a redmi note 11 pro plus 5g and that thing offers 120 watt fast charging which is ludicrously insane and of

course there’s no adapter bundled in the box so you’ll have to provide your own good for the environment not so good for your bank balance if you don’t already have one but you should do from your previous smartphone so it’s no biggie however as far as wireless charging goes no wireless charging support here on the a53 again not a surprise because very few smartphones around the 400 pound price point offer wireless chargers just the likes of again the iphone se 2022 which as i previously stated is absolute ass i’d rather have cockroach than use that thing as my full-time phone so let’s end this unboxing extravaganza with a squint at the camera tech headed up here on the back end of the a535g by a 64 meg primary shooter now again if you’ve used the samsung smartphone in recent times you should know exactly what to expect here it’s a very similar ui to the more expensive s series flagships you start off in full auto mode but you’ve also got a big selection of bonus modes that you can choose from including the standard portrait mode where you can actually change up the bucket effect using this handy on-screen slider jump on into the more section and you can play around with the likes of the pro mode which is quite handy if you’re actually a photographer you’re comfortable messing around with the focus point the iso levels the white balance the focus slider is particularly good if you just

want to smoothly shift between two different focal points you’ve also got a dedicated night mode you’ve got a dedicated food mode if you need to snap things before you shove them inside of your face all kinds of stuff and yes you do have the obligatory samsung fun mod it’s just so much fun are you having fun kitties i’m definitely having fun oh look she’s got a uh a cat humping a head awesome seriously whoever invented this fun mode i hate you with every single cell in my body anywho that 64 meg primary shooter uses four in one pixel button to capture 16 meg images by default here’s just a few quick test sample shots that i snapped around the homestead again i’ll be taking this out and about in central london all over the place testing it day and night to see how good it really is it does seem absolutely adamant that i should switch to macro modes pretty much at all times i’m not really sure why it does have a basic macro lens on it as well as a depth sensor and also a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter so it should be pretty good if you want your more dramatic kind of picture or otherwise if you’re trying to just fit a lot into frame and when it comes to video you can shoot full hd footage at 30 or 60 frames per second otherwise also 4k footage at just the 30 fps there’s no 60 fps option there and again here’s just a brief taste of some home movie footage i shot around the homestead this past 24 hours but stay tuned for that in-depth galaxy a53 review for

more on all that and last but not least up front you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie shooter in that infinity or orifice up top i’m sure that’ll be absolutely fine for your everyday selfie snaps as you can see you’ve been going to ultra wide mode where it pulls out dramatically a huge amount to fit extra heads into frame or just extra background once again you can shoot selfie picks with the portrait mode enabled as well get bit that bucky background effect on the go and the good news for any wannabe vloggers or whatever you out there is you can actually shoot 4k ultra hd video footage using that 32 meg selfie snapper and the vocal pickup is really strong as well so there you have it my lovelies that in a nutshell is the samsung galaxy a53 5g and it looks like a pretty nifty mid-range mobile overall but gotta say the gaming performance definitely seems to be a bit of a downgrade versus the previous generation as does that lack of a headphone jack so a bit of a bummer let’s hope that the battery life the camera turk etc make up for the pitfalls here on this latest freshest mid-range mobile but definitely as i said i’ll be slapping my sim in there using this my full-time smartphone for about a week or so so stay tuned for that in-depth review it’ll be coming at your face real soon and in the meantime let me know what you reckon down in the comments below are you tempted or are you a little bit disappointed maybe you’re just gonna try and grab yourself an old a52 or an a52s instead if you enjoyed this video please do pork subscribe and ding that notifications bell down below do me a kindness be very much appreciated have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week and that’s pretty much it cheers everyone love you

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