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now i’ve reviewed some frankly stunning affordable smartphones over the last couple of months topped off in style of course by the poko x3 nfc from xiaomi but just as you might have thought you decided on your next budget blower along comes real me to everything up with the real me 7 pro this bad boy right here busts an all end screen a stereo speaker setup with full dolby atmos support and the snapdragon 720g chipset which should absolutely blaze through any game out there so what i’m going to do is whip out the real me 7 pro and take you on a full-on tour of the hardware and the software so you know exactly what to expect ahead of my in-depth review and from the latest greatest tech please do pub subscribe and ding my my notifications bell chris that sounds all kinds of wrong now i really really absolutely adored the real me six series smartphone so i’m really hoping they unbuggered things up with the seven series i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have done because the only smartphones in general tend to offer stunning value for money you got the usual hot warming message when you first yank that lid off welcome to the realme family let’s embrace a new journey a journey that hopefully in 2021 will actually involve leaving the house and not being scared to mingle with other people so what you get in the box is of course the phone itself you got your porky pin device for getting your sim in there bit of type c usb cable and that’s a freaking loot the enormous super dart charging plug and may we like pretty much all budget smartphones these days you do get a bundled condom case in there as well just slap that around the 7 pro give it a bit of extra protection but anyway bugger all of that noise let’s actually check out the real me 7 pro itself now first up i’ve got to say i got my hands on the real me 7 pro

before the official uk launch so i don’t have the official pricing just yet but i will update the description when that is announced and real me has promised it will be crazy low as with the real me six series now as with most budget smartphones it’s a polycarbonate back just a bit of plastic there um we do have a metal frame uh stretching right around the outer rim and as you can hopefully make out there it is a split design on the back end as well or what real me is determine a mirror design just for a very funky aesthetic and here at blind you’ll be able to grab the room b7 pro in this blue finish or also a sort of silver uh finish with the exact same mirror aesthetic of course that plastic back is probably gonna scratch up fairly easily so you’ll probably want to slap that condom cover on it if you do grab your own i’ll be leaving that cover off while i’m using it for the next week or so for my full review just to see how hardy it really is the good news is though at least around the front you do have gorilla glass 3 to help protect that display and you’ve actually got pre-installed screen protector on it as well so it’s a double hard bastard and while the real me 7 pro isn’t fully water resistant of course like pretty much every other budget smartphone out there it is at least splash resistant apparently and it’s great news on the sim card front as well because you’ve actually got a dual sim tray right here and you’ve also got a separate slot for your micro sd memory cards so you can expand the memory up to a further 256 gigs on top of the 128 gigs of built-in storage okay my sim card is inside let’s get the real me seven pro all set up and i’ll take you on a tour of all the good stuff all right so the room e7 pro is all set

up and good for action now first of all on the software front looks like a fairly stock version of android it’s actually android 10 with real me ui 1.0 slathered on top a real miui for those who don’t know it’s basically very heavily based on color os so if you dive into the settings you will notice it’s a little bit clunky there is so much stuff packed in here finding what you actually need can be a bit of a struggle on the flip side of that you’ve got loads of great additional stuff crammed in here that you don’t get on standard android such as for instance the game space this can just help to boost the performance of your games when needed and adds a whole bunch of other features including notifications blocking and the like we’ve also got some very useful one-handed help as well you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere on the screen and you’ve also actually got a dedicated uh one-handed mode as well so you can shrink that screen when you need it to very handy if you’re trying to play around with your apps one-handed although to be fair the roomie 7 pro isn’t exactly an absolute monster it’s a 6.4 incher which is actually fairly restrained compared with some 6.7 6.8 inch beast that you get around this price point now i’ve definitely got to turn our attention to the actual display as well because unlike pretty much any other smartphones around this budget price point it is all led tech as you can probably tell from the slight flickering uh there on the screen i can’t actually see that flickering in real life it’s only when it’s on the camera now overlay tech has a few advantages over ips uh one of the advantages is you can actually get an always on display on the go which of course the real me seven pro supports you can also expect really poppy vibrant colors as well which absolutely leap off the screen and smack you

right in the chops of course you’ve got full customization over the display in the settings as well so you can play around with likes the color temperature you’ve got various screen modes to play with including the gentle mode for an srgb style finish that’ll be good if you want more realistic use for editing photos and the like it’s a full hd plus resolution display 2400 by 1080 so even though it’s a 6.4 inch of visuals all nice and crisp you have to really get in there close to notice any sort of pixelation at all for a budget smartphone you certainly get nice deep blacks a nice crisp white and of course you can play around with the color temperature in the settings as i mentioned before and on that top brightness level positively eye serum as well no worries uh with outdoor visibility or anything like that and yes you do have a wee selfie camera orifice down here in the corner at least it’s sort of wedged out of the way it’s quite small so rather non-descript but it will of course intrude slightly onto the visuals when you are going full screen for a bit of gaming action bit of movies whatever that is unless you actually dive into the display sends and explicitly say that you do not want the app to show that front camera and then even when you try to go full screen in the likes of disney plus netflix whatever what you’ll get is a big fat black bar hiding that uh selfie orifice from view however while you do have that gorgeous oled display here on the real me seven pro there is one little sacrifice you’ll have to make in order to get it and that is there is no 90 hertz refresh rate support here on the pro model uh so of course there will be six before the six pro they both supported 90 hertz it’s only 60 here on the pro version of the 7 series and

another feature that you’ll find here on the real me 7 pro that you’ll find on bugger all other budget smartphones is the in-display fingerprint sensor tucked away here at the bottom touch wood seems to work in absolute charm so far and that’s complemented by a good bit of face unlock here on the real me seven pro as well so just tap that power button it’ll scan for your face and as you can see boom straight in there no hanging about real me always manages to nail the audio on its budget smartphones as well and once again here on the real me seven pull you’ve got a stereo speaker output uh it’s not both front facings are the obviously got the earpiece and then you’ve got this uh downward firing effort right here but let’s just bump it up to maximum volume and see what you get anything you want to turn about about the big sexy text launches this week or just life in general and how badly it sucks yeah you know what again for a budget blower nice and powerful so on that top volume you’ll get some really meaty sound uh something says some tinny or anything like that and should be clearly audible even in a very noisy environment jump on into the audio settings and you’ll find you’ve got full dolby atmos support on here as well as usual with full automatic tweaking uh depending on what you’re actually doing watching a movie playing a game whatever as usual with real me smartphones you’ve got a headphone jack on here as well so you can get plugged in otherwise you’ve got full bluetooth 5.1 support you’ve got support for high-res audio all the good stuff i’ll definitely be getting some music downloaded get that uh fully tested out now you may have noticed so far the specs are actually pretty similar here on the real me seven pro as

they alter the oppo renault four of course real me and oppo uh quite closely aligned uh owned basically by the same sort of umbrella company and like the arena you’ve once again got the snapdragon 720 g chipset packed in here providing that performance it’s not quite as impressive as the likes of the poco x3 nfc which is powered by the 732g but all the same everyday performance should be nice and smooth you should be able to get gaming on the likes of call of duty mobile and pub g mobile on those high detail settings as you can see the real me seven pro benchmarks rather respectably as well and that’s all helped along by the fact that you’ve got either six or eight gigs around this is the eight gig model so plenty of memory stuffed in there but of course i will be doing a full gaming test with real me seven pro for my in-depth review so stay tuned for that and another area where i’m expecting good things from the real me seven pro is the battery life as well you’ve got a mighty 4500 milliamp cell stuffed in here not quite as impressive as some rivals like again the poco x3 nfc but still should easily carry through a full day of use without hams a resort to the power saving modes helped along by that energy efficient 720 g chipset and as i mentioned before you got a 65 watt super dart charge tech on board as well so you should get a full charge for that 4 500 milliamp cell in about 34 minutes and it’s great to see you actually get the adapter bundled in the box you don’t have to stump up extra cash for that now let’s finish up this room e7 pro unboxing with a squint to that quad lens rear camera and actually doesn’t jump too far from the surface as well it’s a fairly inconspicuous bit of camera chassis action what you’ve got here is a 64 megapixel lens using sony’s imx 682 sensor that’s backed by an eight

megapixel ultra wide angle lens and then the last two are basically a two megapixel macro lens and a two megapixel mono lens now that 64 megapixel shooter will actually snap at 16 megapixel uh pictures by default i just using the four in one pixel button which helps out in sort of tricky hdr situations just helps to brighten up low light shots things like that but you can flick to full on 64 megapixel mode if you fancy packing in a bit more detail you’ve got all the usual features on here such as an ai mod dazzle color so as you can see that just really brightens up things really makes those colors pop but if you prefer more natural photo then definitely leave that knocked off because you’ve got your hdr auto smarts if you want to swap between the primary 64 megapixel lens and the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle just quick tap of those icons like so nice and easy and then you can of course dive into the digital zoom with a quick tap up here because of course there’s no optical zoom on board and you’ve got all the standard bonus modes on here like the good old portrait mode to add a bokeh style effect in the background of course you’ve got your night modes which can take several different photos at different exposure levels melt them all together for a brighter overall result and it looks like you’ve got full and pro controls for this night mode as well so if you want to mess around with the iso levels the shutter speed and everything to get very precise kind of results you can do that and there’s also a full on pro mode right here and the rest of the bonus settings along with the usual stuff like time lapse ultra macro of course and when you want to shoot a nice bit of whole movie action you can shoot full hd resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second

otherwise get involved with a good bit of 4k uh you got your ultra steady mode if you want to uh do a good bit of running about jumping a bit parkour action while you shoot but that tops off at full hd and then last up if we flip around to that 32 megapixel front facing camera this should be absolutely fine again for your bit of instagram’s actions and all of that you got your portrait mode if you want to blur out the background really emphasize your gorgeous mug and once again for anyone who’s uh constantly asking me why i’m not really on instagram where i present evidence here so that right there in a nutshell is the realme 7 pros hardware and software but of course as i said stay tuned for my in-depth review of this bad boy my sim is already stuffed inside so i’ll be using it as my full personal handset for about a week or so would be great to hear your thoughts on the real me seven pro down below i’ve also got the real me seven the standard version right here so i’m gonna do that full unboxing that should be going live at the same time as this and a comparison of the two side by side so you can see which one might be best for you and for the latest great so please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers everyone love you

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