Review Razer Blade 17 (2022) The £5000 Gaming Laptop Hellbeast

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from techspur today we’re going to be checking out one of the biggest beefiest most beastly gaming laptops you can bag yourself right now the razer blade 17 2022 edition this thing is absolutely stacked with sheer power and incredible specs including rtx 30 series graphics you got 12th gen core i9 grunt you’ve got a massive mighty 4k 144 hertz display there’s absolutely no about here whatsoever though the razer blade 17 2022 is absolutely only for the most hardcore gamers out there and i’m talking about ones who have cash spilling out of literally every single pocket and preferably stuffed into every single available orifice because this review unit right here costs almost five grand so frankly i’m kind of terrified to even breathe on it let alone punish it with the latest gpu throttling titles anyhow i’ve spent several days putting this thing through its pieces now says my in-depth razer blade 17 20 22 review and for more on the latest and great step please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers now the design hasn’t really changed up much at all for this 2022 model you’ve got an almighty chassis cut from a single block of aluminium which weighs a decidedly hefty 2.75 kilos if it’s a portable gaming laptop you’re after to actually you know take outdoors and stuff i’d say maybe downgrade to the likes of the razer blade 15 instead this is a massive brute no denying it but at least razer hasn’t wasted any space

you’ve got some nice skinny bezels surrounding that display so it’s no bigger than it has to be a jazzy light up logo once again adorns that lid otherwise it’s again a smart streamlined design as usual with razer this thing doesn’t look like a downed ufo or anything and razer was really big enough the fact that you’ve now got an anti-fingerprint caught in all over the surface does this actually work well i gotta say it this thing does still get quite greasy and grimy at times but at least now you can actually give it a bit of a buff and clean those fingerprints off they’re not imprinted on there forever and no complaints with the connectivity you’ve got dual thunderbolt 4 ports here one on either side plus three usb a 3.2 ports you’ve got hdmi 2.1 you’ve got ethernet and even a uh s2 card reader so software and it is windows 11 home edition running here on the razer blade 17 of course you’ve got the usual razer goodies chucked on top of that you’ve got essential tools like geforce experience pre-installed by default that saves you a wee bit of bother and then of course you’ve got the razer synapse which essentially acts as a kind of hub to control every aspect of this laptop from here you can configure pretty much anything you want from the

keyboard lighting to the screen settings and the performance limits so as long as the blade 17 is actually plugged in you can really push it to its limits in the performance mode you can tinker with the refresh rates force that rtx to be used full time and you’ve also got the likes of the chroma visualizer as well so if you do have a smart lighting setup you can get those all synced up with the laptop to turn your gaming den into a kind of a mini disco as for the camera as well you got a full hd 1080p webcam housing that dinky bezel just above the screen there and it’s really rather bloody good strong detail levels and even as you can see they’re super powerful studio lighting in short it isn’t here’s in the visuals it’s still clearly picking up on my face actually recognizing that it is a face of sorts and fully tracking it no matter where i move no kind of privacy shield unfortunately but you do at least have a tiny little led which flashes on when the camera’s in use or you are alerted to it being used by an app and you’ve got full windows hello support using face recognition as well so you don’t have to mess around with pins or passwords you can unlock the razer blade 17 just by gunning at it now even though you’ve got copious ways of doing so you don’t have to worry about hooking up an external display to the razer blade because that 17.3 inch ips panel is one of the undoubted highlights as you’d expect from one of the best and most expensive gaming laptops in 2022 this thing pumps out 4k resolution visuals absolutely ideal for a panel of this size so images are beautifully crisp stunning amount of detail packed into every single frame and of course thanks to the rtx smarts and everything else there’s no tearing or other visual issues to speak of colors are faithfully replicated as well you got 100 coverage of the srgb gamut 89 of the adobe rgb and this review unit right here supports refresh rates up to 144 hertz for

a nice smooth finish as well you can get different refresh rates depending on how much money you chuck at razer i find 144 is as much as i need with my knack it all eyes and even more knackered old brain and on the max style brightness this thing hits 565 nits definitely one of the better efforts out there so it means that no matter where you’re gaming you’ll have no problem seeing what you’re doing even if you decide to have a bit of a play outside although that’s battery life permitting more on that later as for audio we’ve got eight speakers in total here powered by four tweeters and four subwoofers with thx spatial audio support and on top volume it’ll absolutely blow your friggin skull off it’s uh it’s rather good shall we say but of course as always you’ve got a jack on there you’ve got bluetooth 5.

2 support which is perfectly reliable as well so if you want to stick a headset on get truly immersed or just you don’t have that available mic and everything for your online co-op multiplayer whatever job done so yeah that display large and crisp and stunning and gorgeous but also the real reason you’re buying this thing is the grunt and what you got packed in here is a 12th gen intel core 9 processor specifically the 12 900 h backed by a beefy 32 gigs of ddr5 ram as for the graphics well they’re handled by a geforce rtx 3080 ti with 16 gigs of gddr6 vram serving up ray tracing support dlss all the usual goodness and what can i say about the gaming experience that you wouldn’t already kind of know and expect i mean basically any title out there you can ramp up the graphics settings to the absolute maximum levels and enjoy a fantastic silky smooth experience the only time i saw any dropped frames whatsoever during a game was when i was playing forza horizon 5 in which case on the again absolutely maximum ultra settings everything switched on and running full pelt now i did see the frame rate

drop a little bit when some crazy shenanigans was going on such as massive cargo planes just zipping overhead that brief moment aside everything else ran perfectly do maternal on ultra nightmare run like an absolute dream or an absolute nightmare i guess gorgeous gorgeous visuals no tearing or anything super super silky same for guardians of the galaxy as well again completely maxed out everything switched on that i could possibly toggle and yeah just not a single drop frame that i could actually physically notice so if you are looking for a laptop that can run absolutely anything out there and should be able to run absolutely anything out there for the foreseeable as well well the razer blade 17 20 22 definitely ticks those boxes but what’s that you say you’re absolutely busting for a proper nice slice of benchmark and well good news then on cinebench release 23 the razer blade 17 pumped out a 12 693 multi-core score you got a 1713 single core score as well i did a bit of forza benchmarking as well on extreme board absolutely no stress there or whatsoever the blade 17 held a smooth frame rate and those visuals were absolutely stunning likewise the guardians of the galaxy benchmark and run perfectly and spaffed out excellent results and of course moved on to a good 3d mark port royal excreted a score just shy of 8 000 one of the best results i’ve personally seen from any gaming machine that i’ve tested and time spy extreme results top 6 000 again very impressive stuff which just emphasizes the raw power of this thing and finally i run the 3d mark stress test and

unsurprisingly there is blade 17 kicked its ass right down the street and back again we’re talking a 98.5 pass rate with 80 frames per second average and a consistent temperature throughout speaking of heat this laptop boasts some serious cooling tech including the vapor chamber and some high speed fans and those fans did a remarkable job keeping the razer blade 17 cool under pressure that wind action can get a bit noisy at times but usually not too bad so for instance even when maxing out forza those noise levels were only just creeping above 50 decibels far from the worst that i’ve ever heard so you know as long as you’re not trying to game on this thing in bed next to someone who’s actually trying to get some kip you should be absolutely fine and if you are gaming in say a library for some reason we do have a whisper mode which can limit the noise levels of those fans but this also obviously then limits the performance of the laptop as well so yeah even if you’re gaming for three four five several hours at a push without letting this thing rest for even a minute no worries you won’t see any throttling or anything and all that hot air is also directed well away from you so you won’t get any toasty fingertips or anything and no worries on the networking side either you’ve got wi-fi 6e support packed into this thing you’ve got 2.5 gigabit ethernet as well so if you are gaming online you can expect a smooth connection as long as your internet isn’t balls now as usual here on the razer blade at 17 that keyboard is shunted into the center of the chassis by the speaker grilles which means you’ve got no space for a dedicated number pad but i did find it very comfortable to use for frantic action games with sufficient travel and fast spring action and as i mentioned before every single key on this keyboard can be individually recolored as well to match whatever crazy color scheme you’ve got going on using that synapse system you’ve also got a pcie gen 4 nvme ssd with your choice of anywhere between one and four terabytes of storage i saw read speeds close to seven gigabits per second in my testing write speeds almost five gigabits per second so not quite the fastest that i’ve tested off but really not far off and loading times are pretty much non-existent on

every single game that i tested likes to do maternal couple of seconds you know that’s basically it i never once found myself drumming my fingertips impatiently waiting for this thing to do something and you’ve also got a spare m.2 slot in there as well so you can stick in another ssd again up to four terabytes in size if you do find you need some extra space as for the battery life here on the razer blade 17 20 22 edition well as with most gaming laptops that is absolutely waffle you won’t even get a full hour of play from this thing before it is proper full-on dead not really a massive shocker and as i say if portability is what you’re after you definitely do not want the razer blade 17 trust me the sliding nut shows what i reckon there is a blade 17 20 22 after using it as my full-time gaming machine for about a week or so and i gotta say i really do love it the portability is shockingly bad obviously and that price oh my god the price it makes me want to cry but if you absolutely demand one of the beefiest gaming laptops around one that you don’t have to hook up an external display to because it’s got an absolute stunner bolted right there onto it well you really can’t go wrong as long as you’ve got so much cash flying around that you literally use a 50 pound load to light up your post dinner cigar every evening then yeah go for it so that’s why i think anyway that’s my full review but what do you guys reckon are you tempted by the razer blade 17 be great from you down below please do put subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest i can have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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