Review Huawei Freebuds Pro Best ANC True Wireless Earbuds

so when i reviewed huawei’s free buds three true honest earbuds i found that they were good in a lot of ways but also fatally flawed because of that hard shell design which for one made them about as comfortable to shove in your ears as a pair of pine cones and also basically rendered that active noise cancellation completely pointless but thankfully that design has been completely refreshed for the new huawei free buds pro which are another pair of premium true wireless earbuds this time sporting some very smart active noise cancellation and huzzah some actual silicon tips but all these dinky buds actually worth splurging on well i’ve had them lodged in my lug hauls all week long and here is my full huawei free buds pro review and from all the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so these rights here are the carbon black model and they are unsurprisingly very very black but you can also grab the huawei free buds pro in silver frost or ceramic white if you prefer something a bit lighter they’ve got smaller stems than before which in my book is definitely a good thing and it’s actually quite a boxy design as well whereas most rivals are curved and that definitely helps them to stand out against rivals thankfully the most definitely not boxy on the bit that you actually shove inside of your ear flap uh they’re nice and curved and got that ergonomic design on the goal so it just fits neatly into your local and of course with those silicone tips in there as well that really raises the comfort level means you can have them in there for hours at a time and they don’t feel like they’re about to slip out even if you’re getting a bit of mosh action on the go and as usual you get three different slices of silicone tip bundled in the box you can find one that fits your own particular locals nice and

neatly and huawei’s ai life app can actually try and identify the one that will be best suited for your own particular earship if for some reason you’re struggling to tell yourself now actually pairing up your huawei free buds pro with your smartphone is easier than nicking a twix from a sleeping toddler all you’ve got to do is flip that lid and then hold down this super dinky button which is pretty much invisible on the side of the case you’ll see that the light on the inside will start flashing white and you can then pair up with your smartphone through the bluetooth menus nice and easy in fact the only tricky part is then actually getting the free buds pro out of their case because they’re so curvy and so slippery and not magnetic all this sort of goods that they really don’t want to come out usually take some serious pinching to actually encourage the little kids to vacate their home come on you little buggers you know you want to out you come and when you do finally manage to stick them in your ears i find i had absolutely no issues with connectivity at all here on the free buds pro uh connection stays strong and stable even if you wanna do a bit of a distance away uh from your smartphone or whatever is streaming the music of course i haven’t been able to properly stress test them by going to an airport or a busy train station or anything not really the best of plans but hopefully they’ll cut fine because the three buds three certainly did now on the outer edge of the stems here on the free buds pro you get what huawei is terming a force sensor and this basically allows you to control your media and your phone calls and the like with quick squeezes and swipes so for instance one quick squeeze will pause your music another quick squeeze will resume it again

you can double squeeze in order to skip forward a track and then triple squeeze in order to skip back a track if you squeeze and hold or long squeeze as i like to call it then that will turn on enc or knock it back off again and last up you can also slide your finger up or down the stem in order to raise or lower the volume now i did find that the full sensor was a little tricky to get the hang of at first i kept squeezing the stem in just not quite the right area but eventually you sort of get the hang of it and the double and triple squeezers took a little bit of getting used to as well but once you get the hang of it it’s a perfectly good system and you’ve got a little bit of customization via the ai life app or actually via the bluetooth menus if you’re using a huawei smartphone like the p40 pro so for instance instead of having a long squeeze activate in so you can actually assign that to the voice assistant on your smartphone instead and you also get accurate in-ear detection with the free buds pro as well so if you pluck out a bud your music will immediately pause and then when you shove it back in there it will resume now one of the best things about the freebuds 3 was definitely the sound quality and once again you get some really strong output here on the free buds pro although it’s now a smaller 11 millimeter dynamic driver compared with a 14 millimeter which was to be fair quite big for a pair of true wires here but stuffed inside the freebuds 3.

all the same the clarity remains super super strong here on the freebirds pro helped along by huawei’s very clever sound stabilization the audio is well balanced across the range with perfectly respectable bass although i would have preferred it if drums had a bit more of a kick to it some rock and metal tracks did sound a little bit flat i’d say if you’re into your rock maybe check out the sennheiser 450 bts which i just reviewed or maybe the jabra elite 75 t’s they seem to give them a bit more punch but overall can’t complain about the sound quality certainly for a pair of true wireless earbuds they are very good indeed and like the three buds three you once again have full active noise cancellation here on the freebuds pro but unlike the three but three it actually works on these more fours because you’ve got that silicone tip which forms a proper seal inside of your local as i mentioned before you can activate that enc at any time with a long squeeze of either stem and huawei promises up to 40 decibels of noise cancellation from these buds and let me tell you what when i took them out about on a busy high street it was miraculous cars will glide by you making little more than a whisper quiet hum and even diesel-guzzling tanks will sound like they’re running on electric and not only that but the freebuds pro can actually intelligently raise or lower the level of the anc based on the ambient noise so for instance if you’re just chilling in a quiet office or a cafe it’ll be on cozy mode so a low level of anc the general mode is uh if you’re on a high street or something like that there’s like traffic and other noise and then you’ve got ultra mode when you’re on board a plane or something with that really annoying persistent rumble and suddenly i haven’t been able to test out of course the three buds pro on a plane because yeah again not a great idea right now but i’ll tell you what if you are constantly out and

about and you want a nice little bit of peace and quiet you want to cut out all of the clamour going on all around you these freebus pro will definitely do the job but if you find you actually want to let in the noise that’s going on all around you for instance some inconsiderate git has started talking at you no worries just another long press of that stem and you’ll be in what huawei has dubbed awareness mode and found that in this mode as long as i wasn’t listening to you know super crazy heavy metal i could have a conversation with people going all around me no problem at all just if you having to fiddle around yanking out the buds potentially dropping them on the floor anything like that those external mics aren’t just used for the amc they’re also used for when you’re on a phone call so what you got here is a triple mic setup and you’ve also got the same bone conduction tech from the free buds 3 as well just detects exactly when you’re speaking and helps to cut out all of the external crap going on all around you well we’ve even chucked in an anti-wind filter which has got nothing to do with that vindaloo you had last night and the result is basically crystal clear clarity when you’re on a phone call personally at the other end though i had no problem picking up my voice even with a fair bit of noise going on all around me and i had no problem hearing them either i found that the battery life had also really improved for the pro model over the three buds three as well so the three bus three used to get about four four and a half hours of use per charge i found that with the free buds pro i got between seven and eight hours of use that’s with enc knocked off with the nc on you can reduce that by about an hour or two but even then it’s still pretty

decent for a pair of true wireless earbuds and when the three buds pro do need to recharge no worries that i’ll just slip them back inside of their little coffin you’ll notice there’s an led light up top which flashes this will be red if they’re pretty much dead or green if they’ve got plenty of charge on them and down here on the arc end of the case you’ve got a separate led as well and that will flash red when the actual case itself is almost out of battery charge in order to either plug it in via type-c usb otherwise it also supports wireless charging as well now we reckon you’ll get a combined 30 hours of use between the buds and the case as well and i think that’s reasonably accurate as long as again you leave that anc switched off so you have it that’s my review of the huawei free buds pro definitely a very strong pair true wireless earbuds and basically what the three buds 3 should have been they finally fixed the design issue they’ve boosted up that anc and yeah if you want noise cancellation on a pair of wireless earbuds job done so are you tempted by the free buds pro or perhaps you’ve been using them yourself definitely be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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