Review Huawei MateBook X Pro Best Ultraportable Laptop?

so i’ve been a big fan of huawei’s matebook x pro over the past couple of generations because this ultra portable laptop packs some impressive tech despite its crazy thin and light design but of course this kind of tech does come at a sphincter shred in price 1 700 pounds to be precise so who is the made bug x pro 2020 actually for and is it worth that massive watch of bank well i’ve been using it as my full-time laptop for the past week or so and here’s my in-depth review and from all the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now first up if you do already own a past generation of this laptop you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the exact same machine that sleek premium metal unibody of the older notebooks hasn’t changed at all and that’s no bad thing by any means huawei has once again successfully delivered one of the slimmest and most lightweight laptop designs around it’s a strong rival for anything else out there including the asus swift 5.

it really is difficult to imagine how they could trim anything else out of this super lean beast the 13-inch maybook x pro weighs just 1.33 kilos so not only will it slip into quite compact backpacks and bags you won’t even feel it when you’re carrying it about all day long and yet despite that super skinny build the mirbuck x pro is as tough as a sack of old bricks that lid for instance super super skinny but certainly tough enough to take some serious impact damage and protect the display inside and you can quite happily just chuck it in any bag bang it about the place all day long no worries at all no scratches or scuffs so far on that gorgeous surface and the actual internal components are very well protected by that metal frame and thankfully huawei did decide to jazz up the color options a bit for this 2020 model which is just as well because that spears career model let’s face it it was a bit on the austere side this emerald green effort is loads nicer and it helps the mirrorbook to stand out even more from rivals like the macbook air and when it comes to the ports no changes there either you’ve still got a pair of type-c usbs on the left edge one of which is a thunderbolt with display port compatibility while a proper full-sized usb is somehow

watched onto that right edge still and absolutely mind boggling feed for sure and i’m definitely still a fan of the midbug x pros chiclet style keyboard as well which is super comfortable to type on all day long despite the unfortunately shallow travel which is kind of a necessary evil of ultra portable laptops huawei has once again stretched it right across the chassis making the most of the limited space so those keys are well sized and separated and unlike on laptops from a certain other manufacturer i’ve never had any kind of long-term issues from a huawei keyboard these things are built to last that’s before you get respectable bit of backlighting as well you’ve got a couple of different levels of brightness to cycle through and that definitely does the job when you’re beavering away into the wee hours and the midbug x pro once again has a windows hello compatible fingerprint sensor built right into that power button and it’s surprisingly responsive as well even when your fingers are rather greasy from a bit of late night pork scratch and snackage and once again huawei has amusingly squirreled away the webcam in that row of function keys to keep the screen bezels nice and skinny the only problem being that on most desks your zoom companions will mostly just end up staring at your saggy neck fat unless you prop up the matebook on a few bucks and huawei has not fiddled with the mere bug x pro’s ltps display for this 2020 model either and that’s definitely a good thing that screen is a smidge under 14 inches almost completely fill in the insides of the lid and it’s a proper stunner the 3000 by 2000 pixel resolution pumps out gorgeously crisp images packed

with detail and the 1700 by one contrast ratio is pleasingly sharp too some movies look absolutely stunning and the mirrorbook is also ideal for photo editing creative users will also approve of the accurate color reproduction too the srgb gamut isn’t completely covered but the 98 result is still strong while 73 of the adobe rgb is also supported and i had absolutely no worries working on the huawei mate bug x pro outdoors either the screen is rather reflective but on maximum brightness it hits over 500 nits that really helps to counter any glare that you’ve got and it’s a touchscreen panel too so you can completely bypass the spacious and actually pretty decent touchpad if you like and no worries on the audio front either while quite a lot of ultra portables bury away their speakers underneath the laptop somewhere here on the huawei mate bug x pro they’re actually housed either side of the keyboard as you can see they’re two stereo speaker grilles and actually surprisingly loud on that top volume as well certainly loud enough to comfortably watch some netflix or whatever in a noisy room and the sound quality is pretty damn decent too but it’s on the performance front where this 2020 model has really been jazzed up from the previous generation which used intel’s eighth generation chipsets now you’ve got the far fresher 10th gen intel chipsets here in the midbuck x pro 2020.

crammed inside is the intel core i7 1051 ou processor helped along by a generous 16 gigs of ram and this can cope with all manner of apps running side by side in windows 10. i never saw any slowdown at all even with a butt ton of chrome tabs open including media streaming and all kinds of shenanigans and for benchmark fans out there cinebench returned a fairly respectable score of 736 not bad at all for an ultra portable of this caliber although obviously don gore expected it to run some really really beefy software as far as the solid state drive goes where you get a whopping one terabyte of size crammed in there somehow and that’s also rather nippy crystal mark returned a read score of 3.5 gigabits per second and write scores of three gigabits per second as well so it’s definitely on par with other premium laptops you also now get nvidia’s geforce mx250 gpu to handle the visuals and this isn’t as capable as the mx350 that’s stuffed

inside of ace’s latest swift 5 but you’ll still enjoy some fast and frantic action on any pc games that aren’t too demanding earth defense force for instance played with a perfect frame rate even with dozens of pissed off

enemies on screen attacking me at once and skyscrapers literally collapsing in a burning heap all around and the matebooks fans did an admirable job shunting out all of that hot air as well although the laptop did start to get rather toasty after just half an hour of gaming so you best not play for too long and besides stuff like this will just rot your mind go read a book or something similarly photo editing was not a problem and the maybook expo even handled a bit like video editing as well nothing too full on but wondershare ran absolutely fine and if you want a laptop to basically last you a full working day as well no worries there even when i was working in chrome on lots of tabs did a bit of media streaming and on full screen brightness as well because most of it was spent outdoors it was actually sunny in the uk in summer i still managed to get a full seven hours of play time no problem whatsoever not the best result out there admittedly but definitely still pretty damn good and if you happen to have yourself a

premium huawei smartphone from recent times like the p40 pro it’s also worth mentioning that you can get a bit of huawei’s share action on the go just tap your phone against the stickered area on the matebook expo 2020 and the screen will pop up on the laptop so you can easily use your phone apps share files and other fun shenanigans and that right there is my review of the huawei matebook x pro 2020 edition so as you can see if you’ve still got a working model from a year or two ago still doing the job absolutely fine there’s no need to upgrade to this one it is basically just the performance boost and that’s the main upgrade anyone else who’s looking for an ultra portable machine that’s still actually pretty damn capable it’ll definitely do the job but boy is it pricey at 1 700 pounds if your cash won’t stretch quite that far then asus swift 5 can be had for a little bit less although the display isn’t quite as good so let me know what you think down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell if you haven’t already and have yourselves a lovely weekend people cheers everyone love you

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