Review Samsung Galaxy Buds Live One Fatal Flaw

hello there i’m chris from texpert and in the interest of youtube science i’ve had samsung’s latest pair of true wireless earbuds stuffed inside of my baldy head for the better part of a week the samsung galaxy buds live will cost you 179 quid if you purchase them here in the uk so not quite as bad as the likes of the beats but they’re definitely getting up there more expensive than the likes of the jabra elite 75 t’s but these bean-shaped buds are among the most compact you’ll find in 2020 they pack lots of audio smarts like active noise cancellation and the sound quality is pretty bloody good so here’s my full samsung galaxy buds live review and from all the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up like the fresh new galaxy note 20 ultra smartphone you can pick up the buds in a trio of colors these are the mystic bronze but you can also grab them in the slightly more so that mystic black or white and let me tell you mystique bronze is definitely shaping up to be this year’s marmite color some people really like it and some people think it looks like puke i happen to quite like mystic bronze to be perfectly honest it actually gives it more of a kidney bean aesthetic and the whole bud does actually

slip into your ear orifice quite comfortably as well as you can see once they’re in very little of the buds actually protrude out of your lug hole there’s no droopy bits seeping out of each ear like you get with those god-awful airpods if you’re squinting really close at the galaxy buds live as well you’ll see that you’ve got a rubbery wingtip which just helps to hold them in place you’ve actually got a second size that as well just in case you don’t find the fit is entirely comfortable but there’s no actual rubbery tip that goes into your ear canal this bit that actually pumps out the sound it just rests outside your ear canal so there’s actually zero penetration of your inner ear and despite mostly being a hard shell i found that the samsung galaxy buds live actually really comfortable to stick in there and just leave in your head all day long they’re super light they’re super smooth there’s no annoying janky bits that are cutting into your flesh or anything like that yeah really really nice unfortunately you can’t quite get away with uh sticking them in and then lying on your side in bed because you’ll find there’s just enough protrusion from to actually get sort of forced back into your skull put a bit of extra pressure on there so that’s not too comfortable but that’s basically with all true wireless earbuds that’s for the actual connectivity no problems there whatsoever either the first time you get them just pop open

that lid you’ll see on your smartphone a little message will pop up if you’ve got an android and it’ll say do you want to pair with your galaxy buds bish bush bash job done even if that doesn’t pop up just go into your bluetooth menu and they’ll pop up in there the connectors in seconds and that connection stays strong as well it’s very stable in the bluetooth five of course you can wander a fair distance away and you’ll still get a nice strong signal i literally had to go from one end of my house to the other with my phone left behind before i started to get any kind of judder or break up of course back in the day i used to do a pressure test with my earbuds as well take them to like london bridge station and see how they cook they’ve been absolutely fine on a busy high street uh but i can’t see any more beyond that now samsung’s incorporated the usual auto pause feature uh it doesn’t work if you only pulled one of the buds out you have to pull both of the buds live out of your locals and then it will auto pause your podcast or music or whatever you’re listening to but to be honest because there isn’t any rubbery tip actually sticking into your ears i found that i could leave them in and quite comfortably have a conversation with anyone all you got

to do is just pause whatever you’re listening to with a quick tap job done as well as the tap to pause and then resume uh whatever you’re listening to you’ve also got a double tap in order to skip a track and a triple tap in order to go back a track and you know what i found that all works in absolute charm it’s very intuitive i didn’t have to sit there for ages sort of trying different taps different speed of taps to see what really worked occasionally of course if you do just have a bit of a fiddle with one of the buds you’ll accidentally trigger those touch controls that’s pretty much standard samsung’s galaxy wearable app is the one that you’ll want to grab but it’s freely available via the usual app store shenanigans i’ve got to say it’s one of the better ones that i’ve played around with as far as true wireless earbuds go so far as you can quickly check the remaining battery life of your buds you’ve got a little equalizer that you can play around with there you’ve got to find my earbuds feature which works just fine and if you jump in the touch controls you’ve got a little bit of configuration you can do in there as you can see there you can’t actually piddle about with what happens when you tap each of the buds but what you can do is see what happens when you touch and hold them so i’ve got active noise cancelling

uh designated to the left one and the right one launches up a bit of bigsby however i’m going to change that up so it actually does volume up and volume down instead because i personally find that more useful and if you find the touch controls a bit cack then no worries you can actually deactivate them entirely in there but of course that really slick design and all the brilliant audio features wouldn’t amount to a barrel of pish if the galaxy bud’s life sounded like arse and the good news there is they most definitely do not those 12 mil drivers handle absolutely everything with ease i’m telling you rocket and metal music sounds really punchy really weird it’s got some incredible bass on it but it doesn’t drown out the rest of the sound some of those finer details you can really pick up on especially on the more uh calm more sedate the ambient tracks classical music comes through as clear and as crisp as you like dance music has a real punch to it’ll get you bouncing about the room like a hyperactive badger and i was really impressed by podcasts and audio books as well those vocals come through so so cleanly they sound really natural it’s almost like you’ve got people whispering right into your ear and i was worried that the sort of

open ear design as it were would kind of affect the audio quality but no worries there you can hear things nicely and loudly and plainly no problem at all but what unfortunately it does mean is that also ambient noise environmental sounds going on all around you do also seep in so while it’s nice and that you can have a conversation quite happily with someone with the bud still and then you’re not on the constantly yank them out and shove them back in again it also means that other people all around you having conversations and stuff that’s all getting right in there and really distracting you so especially if you’re listening to a podcast or an audiobook you’re gonna have to really crank that volume to actually be able to clearly hear what is going on and yes samsung has added active noise cancellation to the galaxy buzz live as well but like other true wireless earbuds that don’t have a proper rubbery tip like the huawei free buds it just doesn’t really work i was literally walking down the road turn it on turn it off seeing if i could really pick up any kind of difference with the rumble of the traffic but you know what it’s very very debatable whether it makes any impact at all and it’s a real shame because i really wanted to love the galaxy buzz light everything else about it is superb but frankly the fact that it doesn’t filter

out all of the crap going on around you means that it’s kind of hard to recommend them perfect for home use not so good when you go outside as for call quality well not too bad you’ve got three mics two on the outside one on the inside which just help to pick up your voice while also filtering out uh all of that external noise that i was banging on about before unfortunately apparently my voice came through a little bit sort of fuzzy it wasn’t quite distinctive enough uh but at the same time all of that background crap was cut out quite nicely so you can have a conversation in a noisy area you’ll probably just want to speak quite loudly and quite clearly that’s the actual battery life well i finally got around five and a half hours of non-stop use from the buds uh with the active noise cancellation turned on and around seven and a half hours with the anc shut off and since the nc is basically pointless you might as well just shut it off and enjoy the extra battery life so that’s a little bit better than the average set of true wireless earbuds you can get two full recharges from the case itself which is a little bit below average you tend to get somewhere between two and a half and three full charges but it is a very dinky case i mean look at the size of this thing this is absolutely adorable it’s definitely one of the more miniature cases as far as true wireless earbuds in 2020 go and nice and light as well just like the buzz themselves you can quite easily slip it into a back pocket

or whatever when you’re out and about and when the case itself demands a recharge as well no worries you’ve got a type c usb port there on the back otherwise the galaxy buds live also support wireless charging as well so great news if you’ve got for instance the new note 20 handsets the s20s anything that supports reverse wireless charging just slap it on the back and get them juiced up again on the go sorry there’s my full final review of the galaxy buds live true wireless earbuds i really really like everything about them apart from the fact that they do not cut out all of that environmental noise that’s going on around you so if you’re just going to be rocking them about the house or whatever great stuff the sound quality is fantastic the touch controls are great super super comfortable as well definitely very adorable now it’d be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more the latest greatest deck if you haven’t already and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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