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so just last week more to all the launched what I reckon could be its best smartphone of 2020 and I’m not talking about the edge flagship of the edge plus or anything I’m talking about the mortal g5g plus let’s blow across just 300 quid here in the UK yeah that offers strong Orin specs and features including a bit of 5g future proofing as well for those who want it and even if you couldn’t give two shiny stuffs about 5g right now the rest of the specs frankly make it a very drill worthy prospect indeed so that’s yank the Moto G 5 G Plus on out of its box take a full-on tour of the hardware and the software so you know exactly what to expect ahead of my in-depth review and from on the latest greatest tech please do post subscribe ending that notifications Bell says but quickly first I’ll just got to give props to the actual box that the mortal g5g Plus arrived in important role up for some races and it in this absolute beast of a locker box and apparently the Moto G 5 G+ will also come with its own funky range of software as well very cool so anyway just thought I’d share that with you guys only an unusual package so to speak now of course ons the most interesting part of the entire package and that is the Moto G 5 g plus itself there is the way Beauty stuck way at the top I’ll just put that aside for now see what else we get in the box is your boring bit of literature and your poor keep in device to get your SIM card inside that there tree three pin adapter with hilarious pop-up action of course you’ll be of type C USB cable action too and of course the modern g5 g plus as with all that Motorola phones comes pre clad in a very nifty condom case just to help keep it protected from the elements they’re actually not so much the elements it’s more just you being a bit cack-handed slash inebriated enough to drop the bloody thing on concrete anyhow that’s prise off that prophylactic kiss and check out the more a g5 G+ in all of its for all naked glory so far I’ve got to say quite like in the budget friendly design here on the Moto G 5d plus as well this is

apparently the surfing blue color option very gnarly once you get in really close as well have a bit of a squinter that surface you’ll see it’s a got a bit of a microdot style design as well it’s not just a plain surface you’ve got a glossy back here which I’m pretty sure it’s just plastic they didn’t specify glass certainly in the official specs and then you’ve got a nice bit of matte and Bandhan around the edge and as well just to break up the glossy finish you’ve got your square camera housing as well which is becoming very fashionable in xx time these are a lot of phones Rock a night you mounted fingerprint sensor sadly no pre-installed screen protector here in the modern g5 g + Thor so you want to slap your on if you want to keep that display in tip-top condition and apparently the Moto G 5 G Plus is water repellent as well so be fine if you accidentally splash a bit your beer on it but don’t go drop it in your actual pint anywho let’s see if we’ve got any juice in the tank yes we do love these stuff all dig in the yeah the funky logo as well very nice it’s gonna get it all set up now and then think you’re on a full tour the whole run the software well man that’s really psychedelic hello as for the sim setup well it’s a dual SIM device the Moto G 5 g plus and all that second sim also doubles as a microSD memory card to boost the 64 gigs of on-board storage so you can have to choose dual SIM or micro sd so here we have in the Moto G 5 g pluses all set up and ready for action and of course as usual with Motorola smart phones what you’ve got is a lovely clean stock version of Android 10 very little tinkering done by

Motorola itself all those great Android 10 features like a dark mode and of course full swipe gesture navigations are present and correct but Motorola has made a couple of little tweaks here and there as well including of course unknown it’s Motorola experiences at which it always slaps on there and that just adds basically a whole bunch of gesture controls and some other tools and features that are actually pretty nifty as usual of course you can fully personalize your Motorola handset you do have a good bit of theming as well if you just long press on the main desktop got a Styles you can actually change up the fonts the icon design or that kind of shenanigans and yeah sure it’s very basic compared with some Android launches out there but you know what it’s absolutely free if you want to tweak a couple of little elements to suit your own particular taste without going absolutely nuts one of the best physicians is of course mortar for all the actions as usual and what allows you to do is basically get the the torch on on the back by doing a quick karate chop you can activate the camera with quick double wrist twist and you’ve also got lift to unlock support as well which is great when combined with the fierce unlock feature here on the Moto G Phi G Plus so as well as that edge Mountain sensor you can’t simply raise up the phone it’ll scan for your mug and boom straight in one of the more interesting new features here on the model experiences app as well is the mortal game time at all and what this can basically do is block notifications help manage your resources and keep you fully focused on that game but in pub you better call of duty whatever you fancy you also have a dedicated assistant key here on the side of the motor g5 you plus as well a quick tip of that we’re Lord of the assistant as if there aren’t already enough ways of getting the bloody thing to listen in to you so as well as

voice activation you can of course just swipe across a but little mic button there you can tap there’s all kinds of different ways of getting the bloody thing out to be it is but you got that button too and as far as I can tell there’s no way of actually deactivating that button or remapping it to something else suddenly via the the stock settings and everything I might be mr. Log keep on Scouts and around see if I can find something and of course like most just budget smartphones these days the more a g5 G+ also packs good bit of NFC support and dual band Wi-Fi to may got to love the display on this thing as well it’s a very spacious six point seven inch panel apps that you nobs just like the Motorola Edge flagship although here it’s an IPS instead of an all there’d which is pretty common around the 300 pound price point it’s a full HD plus panel so certainly those visuals look nice and crisp to my neck at all thighs anyway and you’ve got it’s your 10 support on therefore supported content as well so you’ll get that nice deep contrast those natural-looking colors so far as pretty standard for a 300-pound smartphone display but what you get here is what mod role is to burn a cinema vision display as well that means it’s got to stretch 21 by 9 aspect

ratio nice widescreen actions are really really good for the latest blockbusters means you get no letter box and whatsoever that’s the same finish as you’ll get on some of these recent experience that’s Latin like so the Xperia 10 mark 2 which comes in a little bit more expensive than this mod or blah do bear in mind all the limitations of the 21 by 9 display and that is basically that if you’re watching all the content like for instance a nice bit of red dwarf in your spare time well you’ll get some big-ass pillar box in down the left on the right side so yeah the the actual screen itself will just be the stinky little squashed effort in the middle and yeah you do have a dual selfie cut Hall pin out whatever you want to call it down here and the palm corners when my brain is melting out my ears so I can’t see words anymore but yes it slightly intrudes on the screen but not too much this is nudged away there in the corner and it’s not one of those big fat dual selfie cutouts that you sometimes get and if you have a little dive on into the display sentence here on the Moto G 5 G+ as well you’ll find more good news in the refresh rate section as you see this is set to auto right now but you can’t actually bump it up to full-on 90 it’s action full-time if you like

otherwise you can just leave it to the phone itself to bump it up to 90 Hertz where appropriate and certainly when you’ve got on a 90 hurts more oh my god it’s lovely and silky smooth I absolutely adore it only only your phone it’s not quite as sexy Sony’s far as the speaker’s are concerned it’s just a single bottom firing mono speaker so you don’t get any stereo speakers set up on this bad boy let’s just bump up the sounds you don’t muffle that speaker certainly seems pretty powerful on that top volume clarity isn’t bad at all it’ll certainly do the job for just watching a video without a pair of headphones connected but if you do want to hook up some headphones you do have a dedicated headphone jack down below and you got full Bluetooth 5.1 support as well it’s kind of a shame you don’t get that stereo speaker setup because you do on the lights the model g8 Plus which is a little bit cheaper I’m not seeing any year support for any Dolby action here in the audio settings either which again is something that you find on some other more drawler handsets or a bit of a ship see it missile in action in terms of the performance what you got packed inside this bad boy is the snapdragon 765 chipset so it’s an obvious step down from the 865 flagship platform but it still provides really really strong performance you know you’re tapping up at bitsy lourd straight up there will be a little bit of

background : going on and stuff like that but on the whole nice and nippy so far and they’d run a bit Geekbench few lovely people as well if there’s any benchmark and nerds out there who fancy a bit a number crunching and all that kind of stuff so certainly from those numbers seems to be holding up very nicely you should be able to play the latest games like Call of Duty pop G mobile stuff like that absolutely no problem and all this sort of price point is something really beaten by the real me X 55 G which only just came out of all done a full unboxing allowed bad boy as well and that’s got the 765 G which has got a slight boost to the adrenal GPU you’ve got a choice of 4 or 6 gigs of ram even the 4 gigabyte model should be able to blaze through everyday tasks nor worries or whatsoever and of course we’re on the benefits of that snapdragon 765 is the fact that you’ve got integrated 5g in there as well as you’ve got that future-proof connectivity if you need it if you happen to live somewhere that has a bit of 5g action on the go and it doesn’t disappoint on the battery life or either or at least it certainly shouldn’t I will of course be delivering my full verdict on that for my in-depth moto g 5g plus review but it’s got a five thousand milliamp cell

stuffed in there so it should keep you going all day long Nori’s what you punish this thing with and they’re probably well into a second dear to although I admittedly the 20-watt fast Georgia North turbocharging as motor all the terms that is and particularly sexy it is being by a lot of rivals but you know what you shouldn’t be hanging around too long waiting for a full charge so last up let’s have a squinter that very very square quad lens rear camera what you’ve got here is a forty eight megapixel primary lens adorn as with more smaller other handset it uses a good bit of pixel building actions where you actually get is 12 megapixel pictures when you hit that shutter button and if you prefer bit of ultra wide-angle action and studying swap to the 8 megapixel ultra wide lanes with a quick tap down here oh you should be able to except it doesn’t seem to be doing anything okay a bit of a boo-boo there okay quick restart later and now the angle lens is working fine so it’s just a funny that will set up glitch or something absolutely good so as you can see there it megapixel ultra wide-angle lens gives you a nice broad view of your subjects particularly handy if you’re trying to shoot a massive cough building a landscape something like that well you do also

have is a dedicated 5 megapixel macro lens if you are into your macro shots again make a cross on stitches fuzzy little nose there and you’ve also got a 2 megapixel depth sensor finishing off at the quad lens arrangement and that could just be as if your portrait mode shots just to keep your subject crisp while keeping the background all blurred out with all of the bokya style effect as you can see there you can raise the intensity of the Bakke and though that seems about it as far as the portrait mode controls go and you got all the other usual motorola bonus camera wars on there as well give it a spot color action but night vision which is good to see so that just take several different exposure shots meld them together for a brighter more balanced results and of course you can shoot like a bit of video as well up to 4k resolution and is set to full HD by default as you’ve seen bump it up to four key and even for kid 21 by 9 if you want that lovely cinema vision finish you got the ultra steady smarts of everything on there too and then of course if you are a self you find you – of course i’ve got your a selfie camera arrangement up front you got 16 megapixel primary lens which is active by default or you can swap 28 megapixel ultra wide-angle hopefully yes okay it’s bit happier with that compared with the back ends one I am looking

rather fresh-faced and for the young and spry in this though unfortunate that’s because they’ve got the the beauty model it’s just often there we go there’s all the wrinkles and sags and bags that I know and despise and really like that you can tell which lens you’re supposed to actually be staring up by the fact that it’s actually glows when it’s active as well so this is the standard lens and then this is the ultra wide-angle lens as you can see there the little glowing ring changes places and frankly just call me the king of selfies because that is yet another beauty right there anyway I will be fully test another camera tech for my in-depth moto G 5 g plus review so stay tuned for that bad boy should be coming soon I’m gonna review the real me X 55 G first and I’m gonna be comparing those two directly as well to see which one might be best for you because for 300 quid those are two top phones right there and please do let me know what you think of the model at g5 G+ so far down in the comments below book subscribe ting that notifications Bell do all that good YouTube stuff and have yourselves our lovely dear people cheers everyone love you

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