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so Nokia is still in the habit of delving deep into its back catalogue of classic feature phones and re-release an updated versions of those iconic handsets for a whole new generation to enjoy or the very least get old codgers all misty-eyed and nostalgic for that good old days where men were men and phones were phones and we wasted hours and hours and hours of our existence guide in tiny little monochrome snakes around gobbling up apples for some reason and no Kia’s latest three releases this marywade chappie here the Nokia 5310 2020 Edition now admittedly Nokia’s original xpressmusic 5310 feature phone wasn’t exactly one of its true iconic classics but thinking of that original handset still fills me with a happy joy joy feelin and that’s mostly because when it originally came out I still had all of my hair and only a fraction of my internal ridge and this new 20/20 edition of the Nokia 5310 is quite just in time for us to celebrate world snake dear give us all an excuse to grapple with our ever expanding reptiles although admittedly this time with a healthy dose of arthritis to

really raise that difficulty level and to further celebrate this illustrious occasion each of the global is offering a generous 10 pounds off the price for Nokia 5310 over on Nokia comm drop in the price to a bargain is 25 pounds all you gotta do is head over to Nokia calm and use the called snake dear when you’re checking out that’ll save you a tenner – stick towards the beer fund instead but that’s enough for me banging on let’s actually yank the 5310 out of its box and see what we got I’ve gotta say I love this dinky wee box it’s very cute indeed there is the actual Nokia 5310 2020 Edition what else do you get in the box you get a battery I’ll be very helpful to actually power on at the Nokia 53 tone of course usually built in these there’s not very often you get it stuck in the box like that you’ve got your charger and yes of course it is a bit of micro USB rather than type-c and a handy weed QuickStart guide as well so job one is of course get the battery inside the Nokia 5310 thankfully that back end is very easy indeed to prise off and inside that battery compartment that’s also where you’ll slip in your SIM card as well all SIM cards because it is actually a dual SIM device great to see on feature phone and there’s even a Wii slot for you micro SD memory cards as well more on that in a bit okay so battery is in place back end is back on and let’s see if we’ve got any juice in the tank now sends a shiver down my spine every time so just like Nokia’s previous at classic re-releases the Nokia 5310 2020 Edition as you can see there sports a very similar candy bar design to the original feature phone you’ve got a choice

of just two different colours when you pick up the 5310 you’ve got this black model or otherwise alternatively and the white version which is actually displayed on the front of this box rather confusingly but both models come with iconic funky red stripe and on both the left and the right edges they’ve got to say as well even with the battery in place and the Nokia 5310 2020 wears a measly 90 grams I just can’t get over how light these old phones are compounds like the 200 gram behemoths that we wield these days and is of course just a basic plastic finish here on the 5310 but there’s something undeniably lovable about these classic old feature phones got to adore them definitely natural software on here as usual as the Nokia series 30 plus OS which you navigate using the nifty little joy pad here and straightaway I’ve got to dive into the settings and turn off with some orient on every time you press the keyboard because that is incredibly irritating tell you what I’ll also need a scale back that brightness a bit as well because that is powerful I like soup above you I’ve no problem seeing that outdoors but you will have problems with is seeing anything else because this thing will sear your retinas and of course as always it’s fully customizable you can check on your own wallpaper basically use in any for tour that is stored in the memory and a glance screen on or off have a play

around with all of the different ringtones amazing this is what we had before crazy frog but of course it has to be [Music] what else I don’t think definitely worth pointing out as well is the Nokia 5310 23 does not actually have Wi-Fi support at all so if you want to get online on this thing no definite have to slap a SIM card inside of it and of course the Nokia 5310 comes pre-loaded with all of those awesome features like a calendar function or some stuff if you dive into them and you’ve got a whole host of apps pre-installed on there it couldn’t of course good old Facebook because why not what doesn’t come pre-installed with Facebook these days frankly I’m supposed my toilet doesn’t have facebook now but definitely rather like in that dinky 2.4 inch QVGA screen it’s nice and bright as I mentioned before you know what those colors are pretty punchy as well of these stuff because one of the major features of the Nokia 53 turn the original and this new addition is its music playing chops it’s got a dual stereo speaker output as you can see there two front firing efforts above and below unfortunate if you’ve got aspirations for carrying around a mass of music a catalogue to blast on the bus well there’s only a measly 16

megabytes of storage space here on the Nokia 5310 that’s right megabytes not gigabytes so unsurprisingly that’s pretty much filled up with just the apps and stuff that come pre-installed however you can’t expand that using a microSD memory card up to 32 gigs by slapping that inside alternatively if money’s too tight for microSD you can always rely on the built-in FM radio for extra quaintness classic for the Queen Freddie’s never sounded better and even on that lowest volume it is obnoxiously loud I’m sorry and I was with the original 5310 these red stripes in just four Lux they also hold the media controls as well so you got full volume controls here on the left side and on the right side you can play it and pause and you can also skip tracks or if you use another radio you can skip through the various presets tell you what this would definitely annoyed the piss out of all the grannies on the bus just like the classic original four and up top here on the 5310 of course you got that headphone jack otherwise you also have bluetooth 3.0 support as well again a blast from the past if you want to go wireless and now because it is weld snake dear that’s of course celebrate with a game on that classic title and it should play like a blinder as well because you got mediatek mt6752 lot or indeed if i’m just old and past it victory and apparently that mighty 1200 milliamp battery will give you a full 30 days of standby time remember those days Kelly’s Jesus Christ oh you can also get

24 hours of talk time how much snake time well hopefully at least a long afternoons worth and that’s top before I forget you do have a VGA camera around back on the Nokia 5310 as well so it’s just test that out see how good that is for everyday snaps and imagine it’s yeah functional just about and you even actually have a video option here on the mannakee 5310 as well if you want to yeah I should have been a home movie action probably only be able to shoot about 20 seconds of fetch of course before the remaining two megabytes of memory fills up oh yeah there we go and that’s that so there you have it there’s a quick tour of the Nokia 5310 feature for nazar sit just 25 quid on Nokia calm right now so certainly if you want just a secondary handset to take some festivals when festivals are once again actually a thing and they’ll do the job then like a Wi-Fi so board is kind of annoying but it definitely more than makes up for that with its ability to annoyed pensioners on public transport so let me know what you think down in the comments below enjoy a bit snake action if you decide to grab on and have yourselves I love these snake do cheese look

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