Huawei MatePad Paper Kindle Killer?

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from texpert and today we’re going to be taking a good hard squint at one of the more intriguing devices launched at mwc 2022 the huawei mate pad paper the mate pad paper isn’t just an e-book reader it’s more like an a-ink tablet boasting some impressive features that you won’t find on any of them kindle jobbies now the mate pad paper is certainly a lot more expensive than the likes of the kindles it’ll cost you 499 euros so it’ll set you back about 400 450 quid here in the uk the question is is it worth that extra scratch well let’s whip down that the box take you on a full on tour of all of the hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest deck please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers oh that’s stiff so to speak so my review unit of the mate pad paper also comes bundled with the mate pad paper folio cover we’ll check that out in a bit but first of all let’s concentrate on the tab itself and what you get bundled in the box so what you’ve got is of course the device itself you’ve got a dinky wii power adapter it’s actually smaller than most phone chargers that are funneled recently you’ve got a type c usb cable you’ve got huawei’s stylus pen as well so you can get all sketchy with the made pad paper and you’ve got a couple of bonus stylus nibs stashed in there as well in case you need to replace the original so overall pretty good package so this in all of its splendor and glory is the huawei mate pad paper and i gotta say it is basically like clutching a gigantic kindle either that or i can pretend it’s a normal size kindle and i’m just like a cute little wee pixie fella it’s a 10.3 inch device pretty skinny bezel surrounding that display actually thankfully certainly compared with those amazon kindle e-readers except for a slightly fatter bezel down the left edge so you can comfortably clutch it like so i’d say actually the design is more reminiscent of something like the onyx books naught air ii another e-ink tablet as you can see they’re very very skinny indeed just 6.6 mils thick at its thickest

point it’s just 360 grams so impressively lightweight despite the size no matter how you want to clutch it should be comfortable to clutch all day long the only thing is you can’t quite wrap your hand around that entire back end unless you’ve got gigantic mitts around the back end you’ve got this leathery finish as well which is really nice just textured just to give it an extra bit of grip and make it feel nice to the fingertips and should hopefully help prevent it from getting all greasy and smudgy as well and you can grab the mate pad paper and chose the three different colors this is the black version otherwise you’ve also got blue or a kind of beigey type color rest to the design pretty straight forward stuff you’ve got your type c usb port down below for charging this thing up if we flip over to the right hand side that’s where you’ll find a volume rocker up at the top end and then lastly here on the top edge you’ve got your power button with a built-in fingerprint sensor and the paper feels like it’ll be a pretty hardy device in general but if you are a little bit paranoid you want to give it a bit of extra protection well you can slap it into huawei’s official folio which just wraps around it like so holds it in place via the wonder of magnets just yeah afforded that bit of extra protection so anyway that’s the design let’s actually get this bad boy powered up and take you on a full tour of the rest of it oh she does a little wow jingle as well lovely all right so setup is complete and i have registered my fingerprint as well so now whenever i want to log in to the matepad paper all i’ve got to do is just tap my digit there and yep we get to skip the old pin entry shenanigans now running the show here is huawei’s very own kirin 820e chipset so far performance seems similar to the likes of the amazon kindles when you tap stuff don’t expect an immediate response like you would on your smartphone it does still take a second or two for things to happen it’s just like waiting for a

response from me after i’ve had a couple of pints for instance it’s most noticeable when you’re searching for something in the bookstore for instance you’re typing you’ll notice that sometimes it takes a little while for your typing to actually catch up as for the actual operating system well the matepad paper is running harmony os2 as found on recent huawei smartphones but obviously in a very different form kind of similar to how you had a bastardized version of android running on those onyx books tablets so as you can see there your homepage is just nicely laid out so you’ve got fast access to any pertinent events you’ve got to attend today any notes you’ve recently stuck in there your inbox as you can see the main emphasis here is very much on readings you’ve got fast access to your bookshelf which is all of your books that you’ve got installed on the device as well as the bookstore and the bookstore is quite an eclectic selection that’s for sure just from a quick scan around it looks like it’s a mixture of kind of out of copyright old classic literature and lots of very uh interesting looking books and the paranormal section for one looks like the kind of thing i wouldn’t wade into with at least five face masks and a bottle of bleach the mine’s just absolutely boggles but you know you can always sample any of these books before you buy just so you know they’re uh right for you yeah there are some absolute bangers on egg a bit of edgar allen port action ulysses obviously a classic and plenty of non-fiction instead if you’d rather dive into a bit of history business giant pandas and even a

selection of audio books as well if you can’t be bothered with all of that using your eyes bollocks of course another way of getting books onto the matepad paper to read is to simply transfer them off of a laptop computer whatever you’ve got 64 gigs of storage on this bad boy so plenty of space for lots of books unfortunately it looks like it’s not compatible with moby files which is what the kindle users or cbz graphic novel files either but it is compatible with pdfs by the look so it seems to recognize that one so let’s give this a go and there you go that’s working an absolute treat so i can get my geeky 2000 ad fix on the go so yeah if it’s cross compatibility you’re after straight out of the box those books e-readers absolutely fantastic so quick and simple just copy your files across and pretty much everything was immediately understood and worked with so now let’s focus on one of the highlights of the huawei mate pad paper that epic size 10.3 inch e ink display it is monochrome of course as standard with inks and well with bins up that are mighty displays major advantages it means less page turning compared with the most e-readers so it’s ideal for lazy gits basically but it’s also really really good if you fancy yourself a good bit graphic novel action you got an 1872 by 14 or four pixel resolution so those visuals are nice and crisp pretty respectable contrast as well for an ing display so moody a graphic novel fair like judge death duffy looking pretty slick in fact according to the tech specs it’s 256 grayscale effects so 256 different levels of grey from white to black and of course those viewing angles are absolutely perfect as well you’ve got an anti-glare display as well so even

when the light is directly striking the screen as you can see they’re still clearly legible you’ve got 32 separate brightness levels as well as you can see it’s not even anywhere close to that maximum brightness at the moment and still no problem you can manually tweak the brightness at any point otherwise you can set it to day or night mode it’s set to smart refresh by default as well and so far touch were not much problem with the refresh it’s not the fastest refresh around as you can see there but thankfully there isn’t much in the way of ghost and i’ve noticed a little bit here and there but nothing too severe and that can often be a problem when you’re dealing with graphical novels or just any books with lots of illustrations pictures and things in and if you do decide to get some audio book action on the go well it’s a dual speaker setup you’ve got one speaker down here beneath the device and one up top as well so let’s give a random one a goal you’ve got your volume rocker on the right edge of course to quickly and easily change up the volume sweat poured off derrick west’s body as he manually trimmed the hedges along and that’s enough of that well the speakers seem pretty powerful certainly on the top volume you’ll have no problem listening to an audio book even when there’s lots going on all around you otherwise just not listening to this particular one when there are other people about vocals coming through pretty clear as well so you could feasibly just stick

on an audio book or podcast or whatever slap the made pad paper down beside you if you didn’t want to bother with headphones or anything be do a bluetooth 5.2 support as well if you do want to get connected up and then of course you’ve got the huawei m pencil stylus support as well and that comes bundled in the box as you saw before all you got to do is stick the stylus on the edge of the e-reader like so and then they will pair up via bluetooth very quick very straightforward and simple get a nice little tutorial on how to actually use the thing and this stylus is as good as it comes basically you got 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity you got 26 millisecond latency so basically as soon as you touch that tip to the screen of the mate pad paper you will instantly see results meanwhile the textured surface of the display gives a proper paper-like feel when you are scribbling as well which is really really nice feedback it’s just times like this i wish i had any kind of creative talent whatsoever you can also record little voice memos while you’re sketching as well quite handy if you’re going to be in a university lecture or something like that for instance so you can record what is going on while you’re taking the notes and replay it back like so and this right here is uh my take on a person who’s happy i’ve heard such people do exist who’s giving him a bit of hair something that i don’t have so i’m personally already very envious of this twozy fictional character and when you’re reading a book you can also scribble notes actually directly onto the book if you like all you have to do is swipe down from the top corner using

the stylus pen uh like so get there on the end and then you can as you can see annotate and then uh just do whatever you want to do and then when you finish annotating you can just save it for later you’ve also got lots of other features you’d expect including handwriting to text and a split screen mode so you can read a book and take notes at the same time for instance and then you’ve also got a small selection of apps sat here on the matpad paper as well pretty standard stuff so you got a file a browser you got the optimizer app calendar email recorder and like those boots tablets you also have a basic web browser as well this allows you to quickly jump online and go to any website you like and obviously an e-ink device isn’t the ideal way to browse the internet because it tends to be not quite as quick and the screen obviously not as well suited to scrolling up and down web pages as you can see there the refresh rate obviously not as strong as the likes of a smartphone or a proper dedicated tablet but it’ll certainly do the job in a pinch and as you can see you’ve got a nice spacious screen so it’s

absolutely fine well suited to reading long articles and the like what’s even more intriguing is the fact you’ve actually got a direct youtube link right there on the main browser page so if you wanted to you could enjoy uncle spurt in full monochrome glory right here on the mate pad paper and there you have it a bit of textbook action on an ink display exactly the way i intended it to be viewed there’s possibly only an 80 chance that my ghostly monochrome visage will haunt your sleep until you wake up in a puddle of what you can only pray is sweat and of course there’s room for expansion in the future as well because you’ve got support for huawei’s app gallery here on the map paper as well a very small selection of apps available at the moment however that appears to be basically it as for the battery well it’s a 3625 milliamp ourselves packed inside of the mate pad paper give you around 10 hours of full-on screen on time so there you have it that in a nutshell is the huawei mate pad paper few little issues right now such as a lack of app support and a lack of cross-platform compatibility as well be nice to be able to just chuck kindle books on this thing and read them wherever you run but hopefully that’s the kind of support that will come in future updates and for now it’ll be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody wonderful rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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