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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris with expert and today we’re gonna be unboxing a Turin and fully testing out the red magic 5g one lost exciting game and smartphones of 2020 this bad boy packs in some seriously premium specs for some top game and a pro s for the likes of pub G more value got a snapdragon 865 chip say you got a 144 heads display and you got a turbofan-powered liquid cooling system as well but well more standard flagship smartphones packin those kinds of specs tend to start off and run the sort of seven eight hundred pound mark the red magic 5g stops from just five three nine here in the UK that’s enough for me banging on let’s get this gorgeous looking box prized open and fully test out that red magic 5g and from on the latest greatest tech this do plug subscribe and Digg notifications Bell Cheers so first up we have definitely a fan of that box designer ship and so many Givens smartphones come and such boring standard black boxes really when you could have a nice bit of artwork like that there is the red magic 5g let’s just pop that aside and see what else you get here in the box so I’m gonna go out on a limb and see a plug cable an instruction manual here and yes indeed that is exactly what you get and even still on brand with the USB cable a bright red effort not going to lose that one in a dark room and that’s it quite a software affair actually consider on all the excitement on the outside of the box here yeah not even any stickers decals or anything like that to speak of not even a little bumper kiss to protect the run magic 5g but let’s get this bad boy in sheath and there we have the red magic 5g smartphone in all of its glory as you can see it is a better glass back and around the back ends very glossy and shiny so that

will not I’ll pick up fingerprints cuffs rather quickly but I really like that red magic design as you can see you’ve got this X finish which I believe mirrors the antenna which are built into it definitely unmistakeably a game and small phone based on the funky design but it doesn’t go over the top it’s actually fairly subtle compared with quite a lot like year Zeus rock phone to things like that particularly a fan of the symmetry are there definitely that’s good so the Qi is in balance there on the edges of the red magic 5g you’ve got what appears to be vents in order to help allow that hot air to be expelled from the innards of the small phone just to prevent any kind of throttling or anything also like some of the little details like the fact you’ve got a red slider button in order to get into the red magics in gaming UI and on the episode you’ve got what appears to be two edge amount of fingerprint sensors what they actually are is the capacitive shoulder buttons I’ll touch on those in a bit so overall I’ve got to say I think the red magic 5 G’s probably won the nicer-looking game in smartphones of 2020 not too hefty to brands for 220 grams but same as the black shock 3 and it’s good that you actually get pre-installed screen protector on here as well as that just hub to prevent that display from getting damaged accidentally scratched something like that so anyway let’s see if there’s any gas in the tank if there is look at all setup yes there is so take a full-on tour of the

hardware in the software it and then we’ll do some proper pub G game and tests for this thing okay so the red magic 5g is all set up and ready for action where you get here it’s bit of androids at 10 with the red magic OS version 3 I believe it is slapped on top and as you can see it’s a fairly stock version of Android they haven’t missed Rumble things too much you’ve still got your apps draw a very little on the way of crapware and everything pre-installed obviously got pub G mobile which I’ve installed personally got the user manual and that’s pretty much it it’s just your basic Google stuff but of course there are lots of little tweaks and bonus features packed in there which will find if you dive into the settings menu where all of a sudden it becomes a lot more complicated than your standard Android effort now one element of the red magic 5g design that I’m and I had a chance to check out and so of course I’ve got the phone all booted up was that or GB lighten so as you can see there the red magic name and the logo both can Galore on demand and you can set this up exactly how you like from within the settings here on the red magic 5g software so you can select the colour let’s go for a nice bit yellow you can change the LED effects let’s have it on the breather and you can do flash info on whatever you fancy and then if we turn it around it’ll actually be doing what we want and yeah a fair play haven’t those I believe these flashing while you’re gaming is completely pointless because you won’t even get the chance to enjoy them but you can also use it as a notification like for likes of incoming calls any messages things like that so that’s great to see there are plenty of other features to play around with here and thus ends all the typical Android stuff like digital well being if you dive in at more features you’ve got the like to the one

handed mode which you can set up as well suffers you’re gonna have swiping up from either side of the screen start this 100 mode or you can have it launching the Google assistant instead if you would prefer I’ll just let me drag down the old notifications bar well it’s got an always-on display feature that you can set up you’ve got a few different custom options that you can use so let’s get a bit digital clock action on the go I quite like this one so let’s give that gor hit apply you can actually change up the the color and everything as well if you like so it can have a bit of purple orange whatever you fancy and then there we go next time the phone is hyperbole it’s in that always-on display or kick in the life lovely and of course there’s plenty of game and features packed in here as well but we’ll dive into those once we actually get the pub G tests on the girl now as for the actual screen it’s a six point six five inch AMOLED panels are certainly nice and spacious few bit game action perfectly flat as well there’s no curvature at the edges so don’t have to worry about the responsiveness on something like pub G where you got lots of little on-screen buttons around the side and it’s a 23 40 by 1080 pixel resolution as well as a full HD plus a nice and crisp for your visuals not like a quad HD plus panel but again considering the affordable asking price you can’t really complain because one thing you’d certainly expect from a modern gaming smartphone is a high refresh rate and indeed you get that as you can see it’s at 90 Hertz by default we can bump that up to 144 Hertz if you like and the good news is if you ever actually forget what refresh rate you’re currently set up there’s a handy little reminder right here in the status bar nifty and of course you might be

wondering how many Android games can actually run at 144 Hertz right now while there’s only a couple really a reader of Allah and real reason three I believe whether two examples that red magic actually pointed out to us and it is a stereo speaker set up here on the red magic 5g as well although that bottom speaker isn’t firing audio directly at your face is actually a bottom mounted but the good news is you do get a proper headphone jack up top on the red magic 5 g4 connects and headphones and headsets as well as of course got all Bluetooth supports and no worries if you want to download a lotta games as well because you’ve got a choice for 128 or 256 gigs of space and it’s ufs 3.0 storage as well so nice and nippy no there’s no microSD memory card support unfortunate is only room in here for a pair of SIM cards anyway that’s enough for the general specs and features here on the red magic 5g now for the good stuff so it’s the end of a long day seen bollocks to it I’m sick of work I’m gonna go online and blow some stranger’s to smithereens on pub G mobile what you need to do is little kit this red switch here in the corner and just give that a little flick and as you can see the red magic gaming UI boots up and of course those LEDs kick in to life as well great stuff you’ve got this jazzy your neon UI you can flick between all your different installed games that like so and you can play around with some of the basic settings as well you can actually pull this out during a game at any point to get a CPU and GPU usage read up see how heavily lauded your network is very useful for online gaming have a quick toggle of your screen brightness setup between automatic and not

you can block any pesky calls another in come in notifications as well to stay in the game fully focused you’ve also got features like ‘man assists in a bit forty shock action as well right I’m in a proper bloodthirsty mood feel like murder in some stranger’s online so let’s get there pub G Mobile on the gore gonna do full benchmarking and everything as well and see on the red magic 5g holds up so I really really enjoyed blast into a good few games on pub G mobile hit on the red magic 5g first of all there’s that perfectly flat display with the 240 Hertz touch response rate busy means every time you touch the screen the results are instant kind of important when you’ve got some mad Buster trying to shred your guts with an assault rifle or whatever else also I really like those capacitive trigger buttons up top there’s only a two millisecond delay so basically again the results are instantaneous and you can even adjust the sensitivity of the triggers and I found they were perfect as is you can map those to any on-screen buttons hide the left or map to em the right one to fight and that worked a treat not fumbling around for those vital buttons on the screen when some thirteen-year-old asshat suddenly pops up and expectedly and if you want an even bigger advantage you can always purchase the pearl handle for the red magic 5g which adds a physical thumb stick and more buttons to the side of the phone this is configured from within the game space menu and unsurprisingly that stereo sound definitely helps out mid match when you’ve got people circling all around you and you’ve got full DTS X ultra

support as well for a proper surround sound experience if you’ve got the kit and something you always expect from a game and smartphone is top-end performance you definitely once again get that from the red magic 5g it’s powered by the Snapdragon a at 6’5 platform which is bolstered by the eight or twelve gigs of DDR v ROM mine was the a gig model and it run like a dream pop G pretty much constantly stuck to the maximum 60 frames per second rate only dip in his law as around 56 or 57 during the most frantic moments in pub Jean of course you don’t really notice the difference and yeah you’ve got the usual performance boost modes and everything but you don’t even need to touch them that’s for the cool and well you’ve got that turbo a fan of course the film still gets pretty toasty without wearing away in sides but the internals didn’t rise far beyond about 40 degrees and I certainly didn’t feel the phone singe in my fingers I’ll see pubsey stuttering even after an hour or two of gaming you can constantly hear that fan whirring away when you’re in game but it’s pretty low-key you can tune it out really quickly and it’s certainly not loud enough to disturb bed partners or anything like that as for the battery to 4,500 million sell inside pretty decent size but it did drain pretty quick while I was game and not helped by the fact that it’s got a power that physical fan as well as the rest of the phone so fun I got around for off hours absolute tops when I was gaming on a full charge and annoyingly the red magic 5g really really doesn’t want to tell you the battery level while your game and it’s nowhere to be seen on that pull out menu in game space and you can’t even add it to the state as far as far as I can see you can show the bloody refresh for it and the network speed on there but not the battery level which is a big bag of ass another irritation is like USB port which is mounted to the bottom so the cable

definitely gets in the way when you’re charging and gaming at the same time but the good news is you can buy from red magic a docking accessory that shifts that and the headphone jack to the edge of the phone instead a lot more convenient and less intrusive and the good news is that even when the red magic 5g eventually keels over it’s got 55 watt fast charging support so I just plug it in and 40 minutes later you’ll be ready to rock again with a full battery era now let’s finish up super quick with a look at that red magic 5g camera tech and here on the back you get a triple lens setup it’s a 64 megapixel primary lens using the imx6 eight six sensor from Sony getting quite a popular sensor that one that’s backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel macro lens and it’s quite a feature packed camera up here from Nubia the usual affair so as you can see what I seen select action up here up top you’ve got HDR your filters and everything and then a buttload of bonus cameras down below you should have to fork it resolution footage and you can even shoot Ultra HD 4k at 60 frames per second which is great to see on top of that you’ve got full Pro controls so if you know what you’re doing you can manually tweak the likes of the shutter speed the white balance there so levels the focus you actually got toggles for your focus and auto exposure as well right there so you can lock those in place once you’re happy got a bit of history Graham action as well lovely as you can see you can dive between the standard lens and the ultra wide-angle we’ll get my fingers out of the way you’ve also got the night mode of course which takes lots of low-light shots to various different exposure levels just how brighten up the overall results and a bit of poultry

action as well shooting at some times Bakke action in the background limited control over that Bakke though oh and as always do not forget to turn off that pesky Nubia watermark as well before you start shooting and then if that wasn’t enough whew not where he’s just dive into the camera family section and as you can see you’ve got a he absolute plethora of stuff to play around with in there including of course good old macro mode if you want to take shots of ladybirds all dead ants or whatever star trail I draw all the usual stuff that so you can play around with and I’ve good fun with if you’re about it and last up if we flip around to the front you’ll see it’s an 8 megapixel front-facing selfie cam should be absolutely fine for yet everyday shots got the usual beauty mode at shenaniganz filters etc and yes you can shoot a bit of portrait board action with some bokya style effects and that way there is definitely the face of a man who is basically given up it’s alright there is a run-through of the new red magic 5g smartphone as you can see some pretty decent specs for on that 500 pound price point and killer performance if you want to do a good game and it’s great to see some dedicated given features like those proper shoulder buttons as well which really help out in the middle of a pub G session a few little quirks here and there like the whole battery level of shenanigans but if you can get over that then definitely a great purchase so have you been using the red magic 5g or you just tempted or maybe not tempted for whatever reason definitely greater your thoughts down below in the comments please do poke subscribe ding that notifications well and of course have yourself a lovely week people Cheers love you

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