Review Honor Magic Earbuds ANC True Wireless for £100

let me introduce you to honors first pair of true wireless earbuds charmingly christens of the magic buds these bad boys will cost you just 90 quid when they go on sale here in the UK and yet despite that budget-friendly sub 100 pound asking price they Rock lots of premium features like active noise cancellation and yeah the honour magic buds defi sound a bit too good to be true you’ve got that Apple earpods Pro style design and feature set but for about a third of the price well about the automatic buds lodged in my lug holes for about two weeks now using them as my full-time personal headset and this is what I think in my full review alright from one the latest greatest tech please do plug Subscribe ending that notifications belt says so first up I think it’s probably fair to say that Apple deserves some credit for inspiring the design of honors tree wireless earbuds this white pair certainly looks very very similar indeed of course beYOU can also pick up the owner magic buds any robin’s egg blue if you like very specific color choice there and unfortunately yes you do get the same stupid stems style design which Apple popularized so I did admittedly feel a bit of a kid when I was out and about with these things and unfortunately you don’t get an official IP written on the on a magic earbuds either most true Wallace Ava’s or the very least splash resistant nor such joy here so bear that in mind if

you want something to keep you entertained by you’re out jogging a lot especially if you live here in the UK where we’re kind of known for inclement and unpredictable weather however one aspect of the honour magic earbuds design that I really enjoyed was the comfort levels these things have got rubber ear tips of course just like the Apple earpods Pro that make some super cozy for just fit and snugly into your locals even for hours at a time no problem whatsoever they’re crazy lightly just five grams each is certainly what would feel weighed down by them anything like that and pairing up with a new phone or tablet or whatever you fancy is an absolute piece of piddle as well you got a little button here on the back of the on a magic earbuds case mean it does long press out for a couple of seconds I saw the indicator light inside will start flashing white and that’ll tell you that the buds are in pairing mode and then they good to go now most true wireless earbuds come with some form of touch control as well as you can control you music come out in a regent you pocket your bag or whatever and digging out your smart phone each time unfortunately here on the owner magic earbuds they are a bit more basic than most other rivals so by default a double tap Vader of the buds up near the top will pause or play your music so another double tap and it’ll do the opposite and meanwhile if you press and hold your finger on the top of each bowed for a couple of seconds or saw that leave the switch ON or switch off active

noise cancellation and that’s it absolutely no we have skipping tracks changing the volume anything like that which is the kind of stuff you’d kind of hope to include in that touch control you can’t thankfully customize the touch controls to a small extent using it while ways a iLife app you can download this for free from the Google Play Store the functionality here is basic best but you do have a couple of Handy alt features including being able to tell the approximate battery life left in the case which is really good cuz otherwise all your going on is the indicator which turns orange when it’s kind of running a bit low and then red when it’s basically dead you can also update your firmware or tinker with all shortcuts as far as the long press cores you have to use that for the active noise cancellation unfortunately you can’t deactivate it if you don’t want it and there’s also a fresh new awareness mode on here as well which you can switch on or off more and all that in a bit with a double tap you’ve got a bit more control over at all you can separate the left in the right bud and have them do different things so for instance I’ve now got a double top of the right bud switch into the next track but again compared with most true wireless earbuds it is a basic set up now I’m kind of getting used to that double tap action now but the first week I saw I had the magic year but I was really struggling iPhone I’d be like tapping away or trying fast apps law taps hard taps soft taps trying all kinds of different things to try and get it to work eventually I seem to have sort of got the knack of it now after a couple of weeks of use sort of

word I can get it to work most of the time not quite every time stopping that one really vigorously it’s got a nook in my ear and the magic earbuds do actually automatically pause your music or podcast where have you listened to if you yank either of them out of your head as well which is a nice feature but then unfortunately they don’t then resume playback when you shove them back in again which is kind of annoying so then again you’re trying to get that DoubleTap to work otherwise eventually given up and using your phone now let’s talk about sound quality here on the owner magic true wireless earbuds you know what it’s pretty damn decent for the price you get a 10 millimeter dynamic driver in there and honor has been really big enough the bass qualities of this I’ve got to say though I did find the bits performance could be a little bit all over the place offers is listed to some early and a Shakira tracks I found that the base was ear pounding Lee heavy it was drowning out quite a lot of the rest of the track there as other rock and metal tracks I’d be listen to it and it wouldn’t sound like there was much bass at all go on this hundred rather weak in comparison that minor grumble aside I’ve definitely heard far worse sound quality from two wireless earbuds under that 100-pound mock the full range is generally well covered and you can sort of pick up on some of those playing the details if not quite all of them well as from volume as well no worries if you’d like to blast to your tracks as well if you attended too many rock concerts or club nights as a kids these things go all the way up to eleven on that top volume it’s also worth mentioning that that doesn’t appear to be any aptX audio support here on the honor magic earbuds which is all to do with syncing up your video and your audio but I had absolutely no problems whatsoever using these buds well what should have been a Netflix Amazon Prime video YouTube all of those streaming sites absolutely fine they were

matched up perfectly so let’s talk about the active noise cancellation feature something that was really really read around this 90 pounds price point in fact you germany have to end up paying about 150 to 200 pounds to get that kind of ANC feature onboard and where you got here on the owner magic earbuds is dual external mics which basically aim to pick up and eliminate as much environmental noise as possible to leave you in your own cozy little bubble completely separated from external I’ll try to test it out the ANC without any music or podcast or anything playing I thought I could still quite happily have a conversation didn’t really do much to join our general clutter but it does help out with low rumbles like a traffic train sounds things like that the kind of stuff that you would generally be annoyed about if you’re commuting and so that’s good in that respect but of course for it to be truly effective you’ve got to have the right size of rubber tip so you get a nice snug fit no gaps or anything thankfully you do

get a selection of rubbery tips bundled with you on a bunch of gear buds to fit your own particular locals however one big problem with the ANC that I did notice when I went outdoors was wind as soon as you get any kind of even quite a gentle breeze I father that really distort of the Sun all you can hear is that wind noise which is really really hurting if you knock off the ANC it actually goes away so it’s actually far better when you’re outside to just leave ANC off unless you’re in an enclosed space and as always to be honest if you want a proper dedicated pair of active noise-cancelling headphones I’d recommend the over ear pairs they do a great job I’ve done an out absolutely everything perfect for lots of travel and as I mentioned before there is an awareness mode on these bad boys as well and what this does is it uses those dual external mics to missive pump in all of the Sun going on around you into ears so you actually here what’s going on you might think this be handy if you’re like jogging and you want to listen to a podcast or something as well but also hear what’s going on traffic sounds is he not about to get knocked over by a cyclist or a car or anything like that I

guess it could kind of work for that but certainly if you’re trying to suddenly have a conversation with someone by the time you flipped to the awareness more than just stood there thinking like what are you actually trying to do if an announcements going on but again you’ve just missed it by the time you actually activated that mod this sort of thing only really works well on the likes of the sony wht’s where you literally cup your ear and it immediately kicks in sore instant feedback and as I said before I find I could have conversations with these things in and music playing on law anyway even when teens he was active so I wouldn’t worry about it but another good thing about those external mics is it does actually help to suppress any environmental noise when you’re on a phone call as well and the call quality with these things is actually pretty damn good Duffy as good as any other true wireless earbuds around the price point however the major weakness of the on Imagi gave us and the part that really makes me hesitate to recommend them is the piss-poor battery life unfortunately each but belongs lasts about two and a half to three hours with that active noise cancellation turns on before it will die in a lab to go back in the case for a recharge so while they’ll do you for a quick commute or anything like that

they certainly will do if you want to have them in your head all day long listen to music or whatever and of course if you’re on a long haul trip at some point in the future when that becomes a thing again and again no goods and in comparison you can get back to the creative outlet goals which are about 20 quid less which lasts between sort of ten and twelve hours on a single charge before they have to go back in the case which is obviously a massive difference and then when you do stick long magic buds back in their case you’ll get around sort of three to four full recharges before the case itself needs charging as well which in itself in great either sorry there’s my full review of the honor magic true one I said was off to using them for a couple of weeks as you can see there’s some good aspects to them the fact you get that NC 400 quid although it’s not exactly a game-changing feature their music quality is perfectly fine 140 lot things like battery life make it a tough recommendation I’m starting to sound like a broken record because I constantly recommend the creative outlet Gold’s instead because they are frankly bloody brilliant for under hundred pounds you get perfect battery life excellent sound quality great design and everything as well but I’d be great to hear what you guys think as well pleased smash your comments down below upon subscribed doing that notifications Bell do all that YouTube jazz and have yourselves a lovely week jazz I want love you

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