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so for the last week I’ve been tested out not one but two pairs over wireless earbuds we’ve got the power beats and the fresh do one more ANC pros now these don’t cover is true wireless earbuds because the two buds were actually connected via a skinny we cable or in the case of the one more you actually get a proper neck band with it as well and a lot of people might prefer this design to proper true wireless earbuds as well because it’s a bit more secure if one of the buds comes out of your ear while you’re down the gym pounding the pavement whatever it’ll just flop around your neck instead of going flying off under a car or down a drain or something of course these things are still pretty pricey the one more ANC pause will cost you one hundred and forty five quid here in the UK the pelt beats are

actually slightly more affordable at one hundred and thirty quid and since I’ve been testing both of them out this past week I thought I’d give you a two-for-one review and also a comparison between them so you could decide which one might be best for you and four on the latest greatest tech whose do pork subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers now first up

if you’re a sucker for design and especially vibrant colors then you might prefer that powerbeats they cover the choice of black white or red whereas with one mores you just got one choice black and the power beats also have these proper handles or grips or whatever you want to call them so when you slip them on there they definitely feel a lot more secure than the one bars which don’t have that attachment so yeah if you’ve got more active lifestyle and the power beats will probably suit you more that said there one more in suppose they felt like they would pop out even if I was doing something like a bit of jogging been a dancin bit of motion when you want to take a break the one mores have the added bonus of the buds actually clasp together magnetically like so and then because you’ve got that neck band they just dangle they’re nice and comfy don’t feel like they’re gonna slip off unfortunately however sticking the buds together like so does not automatically pause your music like it did on the likes the oneplus bullets that’s kind of a shame you’ll have to remember to posit yourself otherwise yeah but really just continue to dream I could did for me a couple of times unfortunately the beats are a lot less secure when you are actually using them they don’t stick together magnetically or anything

there’s kind of dangling if you are moving around they do tend to slip to one side and then you have to sort of rearrange them it’s quite annoying you and the option really is to kind of tie them together to form a kind of beats necklace and more good news few active people as well because both the power beats and the warm or NC pros are water and sweat resistant as well as the noise if you are doing a bit of jogging even in a light drizzle they’ll be absolutely fine no problems with connectivity either both of them support Bluetooth 5 is you’ve kind of hope from a more pricey pair of headphones in 2020 and I know issues with pairing them what with my smartphone and just turn them on they pops right up in the bluetooth menu they’re on my smart phone no matter what I was using or you could also use their respective apps to get them connected to and with one more NZ pause you even get a type see 23.5 milk cable bundled in the box as well so you don’t even have to rely on that bluetooth connection you can actually get them hooked up to your smartphone or whatever as long as of course you have a headphone port now on one more Pro ANC’s you do of course I’m built-in controls but you’ll find that they are all clustered around the left arm of the neckband there’s a pretty comprehensive set of controls but frankly it is also a bit of a mess you do eventually get used to which button is which but for a while you’d be kind of fumbling around trying to remember which ones the power which ones the ANC and so on here on the power beats you

don’t have as many buttons you’ve actually in fact only got three in total but they perform much the same functionality as the one laws and at least the buttons are spread between the left and the right bud you’ve got the big beats button over on the right bud and you can use this to either pause or play your music and you could also skip through your tracks with a double or triple tap another right but you’ll also find the separate volume controls while the left bud holds the power button nice and straightforward until when the power beat you’ve also got full hay series support if you were to call up that I for voices system without actually touching anything otherwise all you got to do is long press that beats button and that’ll also call up your phone assistant here on the one more in suppose you’re also supposed to be able to call up your voice and system with a quick tap of that power button as always you’re connected to the one more app as you can see here though I’m tap home at that button and sweet Fe is happening on the phone even though I’ve got that one more connected up up and I’ve got the firmware for the upgraded hopefully that’s just because this is a pre-release review unit maybe an update will be happening in the next week or two to add that functionality if I managed to get it working I’ll update in the description now speaking of that one more up it is very straight forward stuff it doesn’t really do much beyond tell you the battery life to the nearest sort of 10 percent and also allow you to turn on that noise cancellation

upgrade the firmware and that’s pretty much it but to be fair the beats app is just as basic as you can see they once again get a battery life readout this time to the nearest percent and it seems fairly accurate on that one you can explore it your products features basically like an online manual type thing rename your beats and that’s pretty much it again definitely not equalizers our others now these special features to speak of so let’s move on to the actual audio side of things and a father the one more ANC Pro certainly impressed one terms their technical prowess they’ve got full el dak support on there so long as you’ve got smartphone that also sports el die you get some really nice crisp clear audio it just helps to bring through some of those finer details that might otherwise be lost in compression with a pair of less quality headphones meanwhile the Pat will beats use the ear see codec course because it’s Apple and while it’s not as technically impressive I still found that the audio quality was absolutely solid on the power beats you still get all of those finer details coming through the stereo effect is really really good indeed and it doesn’t matter if you’re into a bit of beer or you’re really all about that treble I found that the full range was well represented by both the wars and the power beats in fact that’s one area where beats has actually started to impress me in the last year or two back in the deer

beats used to be all about the bass about the bass no treble but these days they do actually cover the full range they don’t drown out the rest of the sound with it it’s what you get there’s a much more even slice of audio and of course it’s better suited to a full range of genres rather than just usual hip-hop dance etc however while watching video I did find that with power beats occasionally the audio was a little bit off sometimes it sounded a little bit equity while I was watching something on Netflix and occasionally the voice seeker was just ever so slightly off as well hopefully just little issues that’ll be sorted out in a firmware upgrade really really shortly now if you’ve got a lot of business trips or holidays or let me rephrase that if you plan on going on a lot of business trips or holidays in the future when everything returns to something that’s a less apocalyptic and you probably want to get involved with one more ANC pause because as the name kind of gives away they’ve got full active noise cancellation support which is a quick top of this little button here you can cycle between the two different levels of ANC you’ve got level one which is best suited to planes trains anything with a constant little rumble you’ve got level two which is best suited just a cafe or a general outdoor area where we got a lot of sort of background noise and chatter and then you’ve got ANC off I got to say I didn’t personally notice a lot of difference at all between level 1 and level 2 of the ANC but I was very impressed indeed by the effectiveness the general noise isolation is pretty good with one mores anyway just when you bug them it and your locals then turn on that ANC and suddenly people talking that noise gets reduced sort of traffic going by that gets reduced everything becomes a lot more

quiet and tranquil and serene and it’s just lovely like you’re in your own personal little bubble and everything that’s happening in the world can just try it off and you’ve even got a wind resistant mods here on the one more ANC pros as well which is supposed to help out if you’re trying to listen to all your on a blustery day and that kind of mic distortion effect or anything like that to be honest again personally I tried using it on a windy day it didn’t seem to do that much just the ANC in general is absolutely spot-on here on the power beats unfortunately there is no en si to speak of and the noise isolation is still pretty decent although not quite as strong as the one Mo’s despite the fact that you got basically the same style of silicon tips so if you want to do a lot of traveling in the future with your earbuds defi check out the words one mores and good news if you’re a popular guy or gal you take a lot of phone calls as well because the call quality of both the power beats and the one was is really really good I thought the other person’s voice came through nice and clear as long as obviously the reception was good and both the power beats on the models have external mics as well to help to filter out environmental noise see you come through nice and clear as well it wasn’t perfect on either of them they performed about the same and a partly my voice give through nice and clear even when I was stood right next to a gushing tap a really busy road anything like that but apparently of the two the one more was the better performer again but my voice came through nice and natural and clear actually Simon like I was there in person instead of my voice coming through also filtering with that sort of electronic distortion which was apparently the case with the beats

let’s finish up with the battery life and the power beats Paul come with an estimated battery life of 15 hours on a full charge by thought that was actually under selling them actually personally got closer to 20 hours as for the one was will they come with accorded a life of twenty hours and that’s more or less accurate unless you start using the active noise cancellation and that L DAC Kodak as well in which case the battery dive drops by about heart you can expect to run to 10 hours of use on a full charge but the good news is that both the power beats and the more more support fast charging so you can get a full hour of use with just 5 to 6 minutes at the plug so it’s definitely great if you forget to charge them before you head off in the morning for your commute well in the future when you do commute it again and alright there is how the one more ANC pause stack up against the power beats I’ve got to see the one wars on my favorite of the two they’re only 15 pounds more expensive to get that active his constellation which is fantastic the full L duck support as well and I personally prefer that neck band design as well when they’re not actually in use that said if you want something for hitting the gym or something like that the power beats will definitely do the job but those are awesome ear grips the sound quality is still fantastic and I have very few qualms with the overall design and functionality so that’s what I think Bob what do you think that’d be great to hear thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe ding that notifications ball and have yourself a lovely week Cheers

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