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hello beautiful people I’m Christopher to expert and I’m here to do it with Motorola’s budget-friendly moto G it handset now play it around with all of the Mortal g8 series smartphones go check out my unboxings if you wanna see more on them the Mortal G it of course doesn’t have a sexy suffix like the Moto G of power or the Moto G at plus so it might seem a little bit bland in combat now why would I just get the bold standard G it it’s kind of like your mate : not particularly sexy on the exterior but you know I’ve got it where it counts at a hundred nearly quid the Moto G it is one of the more affordable members of the family certainly cheaper than the likes the plus and the power you still get Simpson up Drowning chipset packed inside of there some great specs everything so it should do anyone who just wants a good dependable everyday blower so I’m gonna do now is give the Moto G at a thorough unbox and take you on a tour of all the horrendous software so you know what I expect abnormal its greatest take 50 poke subscribe anything that notifications about yes so it should be a fairly standard set of stuff packed inside this box so quite usual literature pamphlet shenanigans you got your type-c USB cable in order to charge it back up it’s good to see a bit type-c action even though it’s obviously sub 200 pounds and a bit a three-pin plug action as well because of course this is the UK model and that’s it nice and easy kiddies let’s actually check out the phone as you can see there the more legit actually comes pre packed and a prophylactics style case as well just add a bit of extra protection prevent your lovely shiny what would you get from getting scratched or scuff that’s a bit of extra bulk onto it but it is fully transparent so you can still see like gorgeous blue finish let’s get all this stuff off it and actually check out what the phone looks like

in the buff so this is the blue model of model G a pretty standard color for the Model g8 series but you could also grab it in white if you like and if you look really really close you could also see there’s a very subtle stripe and effect here on the back end to is of course the plastic finishes you would kind of expect for the sub to Japan smartphone it doesn’t like glossy finish as well so it will probably pick up little greasy prints and scuffs and stuff like that as you keep on picking it up putting it down over the course of a day but it’s good to see a bit of type-c USB charging always great and up front as well you also get a bit of headphone jack action lovely stuff and like the other more legit handsets you’ve also got a water repellant design as well and it looks like we’ve got some juice in the tank so i’ll get it all set up right now and then we can have a proper full-on tour that hardware and software right moto G it is all set up and ready for action and the good news is it’s got fresh Android ten on here as well it’s not old Android nine like we’ve got on the Moto G power light for instance very frustrating in 2012 crappy old androids but yet you got basically a stock version of it right here all of the great Android ten features that you know and love including of course like a bit dark mode all of that shenanigans and of course you’ve got that model experiences app as well which is one of model as few additions to Android this just adds I feel a little bonus features for instance their mortal actions gesture support some great stuff in there including a

good bit of one-handed mods just makes using apps and the like a lot easier with just the one mitt as you can see there and thankfully of course Motorola has also added in the ability to swipe down that notifications bar from anywhere on screen so that also helps up because it is of course a mighty six point four inch device do get a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the back end of the Moto G it and it seems like your typical sort of budget fingerprint sensor reasonably nippy takes about a second or so to just register your print and get you into those desktops there’s not fearsome lock support on the standard model G ears but you do get the usual Google smart lock stuff so for instance trusted places if you’re at home you don’t have to have your phone unlocked all the time this is worth just quickly pointed out however that there is no NFC support here on the Moto G 8 if you want a bit of NFC you’ll have to go all the way up to the g8 plus upgrade to that bad boy and also like the Model G it power lie you only get a 720p display here on the standard more ology it’s six point four inch a reasonably crisp despite the fact that it’s just HD plus 720p instead of full HD colors all sort of fairly natural they’re not particularly popular in your face but they don’t look some dude or anything either thankfully you only

get a dinky a little pinhole camera intruded on the action here in the corner so you don’t get a big old funky notch or anything like that brightness levels seem alright not one of the brightest panels out there but again for a budget blower it will do the job should hopefully not have to squint too bad when you’re outdoors in the sunlight and as you can see their viewing angles everything absolutely fine to you’d only have a single mono speaker down here on the bottom edge of the more told year that lease has not shipped away on the back like it was weirdly on the g8 power light let’s just bump up the volume see what we got on the Marshalls OC for another pair premium ANC’s instead so as long as you’re actually muffle that speaker then the output is fairly sort of loud and clear on that tops and bottoms so I should do the job quite nicely just for kicking back a bit YouTube or whatever then of course if you want to enjoy some music I’d recommend Duffy they’re hooking up to some speakers or headphones using their Bluetooth 5 action or of course their headphone jack on top the performance phone you get a snapdragon 665 chipset backed by four gigs of rams basically the same as a standard G it plus the G power as it should be absolutely fine again for your everyday shenanigans you can be getting a bit of pub G things like that on the go as well if you are a gamer but only on those low detail settings and do expect the occasional little stutter here

and there the battery is a four thousand milliamp cell same as the plus but obviously not quite as born horrific as there might be five thousand milliamp effort found in the power and the power lights we’ve got the usual power saving was over they should still see you through a full day absolutely no problem on a single charge thanks to the fact that it’s basically snip snap dragon six six five and of course that’s 720p display won’t zap the battery too fast although it is basic 10 watt charge and so it’s light you’re gonna be the nippy Asst twunt as the storage goes as well 64 gigs are pretty standard for the g8 series we can expand that by a micro SD memory card as well up to 512 gigs I believe and finish up with a squint of that triple lens rear camera as well may look like a quad lense up at first glance but this bomb effort here is actually just the dual LED flash and the as you can see there that back end is wholly starting to get covered in greasy prints yum yum yum so uh put on the black camera you’ll finally it’s the fully fledged Motorola app as well with all of those great features packed in there which I’ll take you on a full tour of now it’s a 16 megapixel primary lens to shoot photos in 16 megapixels of course you got all those great features like good bit of auto HDR and you can quickly swap to the manual mode at any point with a quick tap here as well if you want to full control over the eyesore levels the white balance the focus or what kind of shenanigans you can’t shoot in RAW format in this mode as well let’s just swap back to the auto

mode you do actually have an ultra wide-angle lens here on the Moto G it as well which you can swap to with a quick tap there as you can see it just pulls back the viewpoint from more funky effect you can quickly and easily swap to video at any point with a quick tap here and you can actually show up to 4k resolution footage as well as of course the standard Full HD and everything give a little tap down here this is where you bring up all the other bonus mods such as good old spot color and mortar all the stipple for quite some while now a bit of macro action not really sure again to what the point of that is B to actually get a dedicated to mega pixel macro lens here that’s the third and final lens on the mortars yet and if we dive on into the settings menu here on the model G ear that’s where you’ll see that you’ve got a few little bonus AI mods down here right at the bottom so you’ve got the likes of the auto smile capture the smart composition which can help to straighten up any wonky shots and just crop in a bit and of course due to a shot optimization as well and if you want to get a bit of selfie action on the go you’ve gotten it megapixels of you snuffing in that little pinhole housing up top hopefully should be absolutely fine for you every day snaps and everything you do have a bit of portrait mode action which you can get on the go to and I’ll just add a nice bit of blur effects you kind of close to do this with the min lens as well around back and as you can see there you’ve got full control over the bokya style effect and you’ve got various other effects you can throw in as well so a bit of stage action and that frankly

right there is proper nightmare juice good luck sleeping tonight kiddies and if you do want to shoot a bit of vlog action as well as of course full HD a resolution video around fronts or absolutely fine for your basic youtube uploads and that oh and before I forget of course you can quick Lords at that moto G camera at any point with a quick double wrist twist which isn’t quite as quick in my case these days I used to be good at it but now I’m getting old and creaky and actually is start to hurt a bit and that right there in a nutshell is your mortal G it so you see it 480 quid a perfectly fine budget blow especially if you want a nice bit of stock Android something that’s simple easy to use you just want to be doing a bit web browsing browser but YouTube things like that if you’re more demand and user you want a slightly better camera tech that full HD display then I definitely recommend upgrading to the plus instead but I will be doing you a full g8 series comparison between the g8 geode power gear power light and the g8 + so lots and lots of water all the smartphones they did release a fair few so stay tuned glad check out my other gear unboxings if you wanna see more on those goodies and please do pug subscribe doing that notifications bolt and have yourselves a lovely week says everyone

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