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so the oppo f5x5 pro is an absolutely lush smartphone one of my favorite of 2022 so far without a doubt but it also costs over a grand so yeah there’s that but for you not if you’re highly tempted but don’t have cash literally gushing out of every orifice because there is an alternative option that’s more affordable the oppo find x5 it’s still pretty pro despite the lack of it in the title packing the same smart camera tech as that pro model and it’s 750 quid in the uk yes not exactly affordable but it’s definitely less strain on the wallet so enough waffle let’s whip the oppo find x51 out of the box taking a full-on tour and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what’s in the box well you’ve got one oppo fine x5 smartphone you’ve got yourself a pretty meaty 80 watt adapter with my favorite pop-up action got a type c usb cable a highly thrilling bit of usb a2c adapter action and yes oppo has kindly bundled the condom case for the fine x5 to keep it wrapped and safe from home and that’s everything that you’ll find shoved away in that box nice and easy now it would be kind of a shame if you did slap a case or cover on the oppo f5x5 because it is a bit of a stunner although at least it would kind of cover up all of this ridiculous text stuff that’s slathered across the back don’t so much mind the oppo logo i’ll even take the pointless hasselblad stuff but it’s all this extra guff that really should just not be there the phone itself is a 6.55 incher quite modest for 2022 if i do say so myself it is still a bit of a beast though has to be said uh so i would highly recommend two-handed use with this thing if you’re looking for something to go one-handed with uh maybe check out the xiaomi 12 instead it’s a bit more compact still at least those bezels are reasonably slender as you can

see there the screen just subtly curves around the edges of the device but thankfully not to the point where your palm flab is intruding on that mighty display 196 grams has definitely got a serious heft to it and uh the front end is gorilla glass victus with a pre-installed screen protector as well so super protected from scratches and the like while around the arse end you’ve got yourself a matte glass back available in either white or black highly recommend the white model because it looks a bit stunning it’s got a pearl-like texture to it very very comfortable to grip and just just feels really nice in the hand as you can see there though you don’t quite get the unibody finish of the pro model because that camera chassis is separate although it still sports the same funky and rather iconic shape it is slightly troublesome that the oppo f5 x5 doesn’t sport an official ip rating for water and dust resistance unfortunately which a lot of rivals at this price point do apart from the likes of the new xiaomi 12 series smartphones but all the same it seems to be absolutely fine if it does get a serious splashing in the shower for instance i’m still a little bit too nervous about actually submerging the bugger though okay so far so rather ready nice on the software side there’s no real surprises whatsoever to speak of here you’ve got the coloros 12.1 launcher sat there all snug on top of the latest android 12 os and i have banged on extensively about color os in the past to the point where i’ve actually got a dedicated video on color os 12.1 but a quick recap for

anyone who missed that out and can’t be bothered to watch it thanks very much by the way like a lot of launches these days you’ve got a reasonably stock android vibes you’ve still got the google discover feed for instance you’ve got your apps tree you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere however color os also adds a whole bunch of extra functionality on top of standard stock android so for instance you’ve got a lot more customization you can do this is particularly evident if you jump into the settings menu head to personalizations in here you can change up the icon design you can change up the fingerprint animation which actually plays when you’re using that fingerprint sensor got that nifty edge lighting which kind of acts as a sort of makeshift notifications like just to attract your attention whenever something pops in you’ve also got a decent variety of always on display options which are fully customizable again you can even craft your own using photos that you’ve got on your find x5 it doesn’t seem to work particularly well for cats that’s just kind of terrifying you’ve also got an awful lot of apps pre-installed here on the oppo find x5 including a lot of that frankly could do without for instance can definitely get calm top tip though a lot of them are just downloaded from google play once you first boot up your smartphone so just jump on there and knock

them all off the to-do list before they actually get a chance to download and then you won’t spend absolutely ages uninstalling them all and a couple of operas or naps are actually pretty good for instance i quite like or relax which is good if you’ve got a uh a stressful life as i obviously do as a youtube you can listen to the likes of the sounds of the sea for instance very relaxing indeed lots of other stuff to choose from and yeah some stuff is more relaxing than others i’m not a massive fan of nighttime camping for instance which just fills me with dread yes please do check out my dedicated color os 12 video if you want to know more lots of features stuffed in here quite a few of which are well worth getting on board with and the oppo f5 x5 comes back in 256 gigs of storage although unfortunately no micro sd memory card support so now let’s have a shifty at that display tech and as i mentioned before 6.

55 incher and it is amoled technology as you would expect at this sort of price point an absolute stunner just like most of its rivals it is only a full hd plus resolution display but i found the visuals were still perfectly crisp but this size of screen you’ve got gorgeous sharp contrast you’ve got natural looking color output but it is also poppy as hell on that default vivid setting of course you can change it up you can go into pro mode for instance you can have a dp3 output instead quite handy if you’re going to be editing photos on the fly and you want to stick to that dp3 gamut for more authentic output go full screen you’ve only got a dinky little selfie cam orifice stuck away in the corner there which barely intrudes on the scene

it’s it’s not much of an issue at all you’ve got wide viewing angles you’ve got a strong enough brightness you can clearly see what is going on outdoors even when the sun decides to actually shine and the oppo f5 x5 display also supports refresh rates up to 120 hertz although i don’t believe it’s ldpr tech so i don’t believe it drops all the way down to so for instance one hertz in order to preserve battery life when you’re just viewing a static image but you know it’s got to the point now where basically all premium smartphones rocket a very nice looking display indeed so i sort of struggle to really see much of a difference between them all to be honest and then as for the audio it is a stereo speaker setup just using the earpiece speaker and then the bottom mounted speaker so let’s bump up the volume see if it’s any good although unfortunately it’s not particularly well suited to anyone who actually wants a good smartphone did i kind of spoil the rest of the video now i definitely don’t like this like this don’t like this and that’s certainly one loud output on that maximum volume that’s for sure so you’ll have no trouble hearing what is going on in the fine x5 when you’re just watching a bit of youtube or whatever even in a pretty noisy environment reasonably clear as well the clarity doesn’t take much of a hit when you bump all the way up to that maximum level of course like most premium rivals around this sort of price point you’ve got no headphone jack here on the oppo find x5 so it’s either annoying dongly thingy otherwise bluetooth 5.2 for your headphones speakers etc and i haven’t had any issues with that in the uh the couple of days i’ve been testing out the oppo find x5 it’s fine for streaming and as you’d kind of expect from a premium smartphone you’ve got full dolby atmos support so you can get that on the go and you

can play around with various different profiles now unlike some other premium 2022 flagship smartphones the oppo f5x5 does not sport the latest freshest snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset which was launched just at the ascend of last year instead it uses the snapdragon 88 which is now well over a year old i can see why that would trouble some people especially when you’re spending 750 quid on a new blower it’s not exactly affordable but thankfully the performance here has been absolutely fine apps load up swiftly and they don’t immediately shut down in the background once they’ve been running for more than a few seconds of course you know the snapdragon 88 it’s still a very capable chipset indeed and everything looks so nice and fluid with that 120 hertz refresh and as you can see they’re still very respectable benchmarking scores here on geekbench 5 as well not too far behind that snapdragon 82n1 at all and if you are a gamer well good news there it’s a solid gaming experience here on the oppo f5 x5 you do as usual have that built-in color os gaming mode and this serves up all kinds of great features including the performance boosting mode or you can also

drop it to lower power mode if you are running low on juice your game focus mode to block notifications you can record the screen all kinds of stuff i’m particularly a fan of the touch optimization feature as well which allows you to tweak the sensitivity of the screen if you find it’s just not quite right for you although i actually found i had bug roll problems with the sensitivity here on the oppo find x5 it’s a 240 hertz touch response rate so you know not as big a figure as a lot of rivals churn out but i still found that it was perfectly responsive to all my pokes and swipes certainly kept up absolutely fine with my knackered brain and my arthritic fingers i had gentian impact one of the most demanding android titles out there running on the maximum detail settings at the 60 frames per second rate did i see any drops in the frame rate on the oppo f5 x5 at that higher detail settings yeah i sure did there were a few little jettison stumbles here and there usually when i was in some really frantic battle trying to not have my head staved in by some giant bugger with a massive battle axe but apart from that it was perfectly playable experience really enjoyed it and yet the back end of the oppo find x5 does get a little bit warm after you know probably only about 15 or 20 minutes of use but it doesn’t get any hotter than that even if you’re playing for a good hour or two that’s thanks to oppo’s

dedicated coolant setup which includes a vapor chamber you’ve got graphene layers to help all that heat bugger right off you’ve got 5g support on here of course because it is that snapdragon 888 chipset and like every phone now has 5g so why we even still bothering to mention it not really sure but here or you’ve also got oppo’s smart antenna system which basically stretches the entire circumference of this smartphone so no matter how you clutch it you’ll still get a strong mobile and wi-fi signal as for the battery where you’ve got a 4 800 milliamp hour battery crammed inside of the oppo find x5 i say cram there’s a pretty big chassis plenty of room in there and the battery life seems as solid as always on oppo’s smartphones i’ve had the screen on for four and a half hours for instance just to do it uh doing a bit of gentian impact stream and video all kinds of stuff obviously shown off to you fine fork as well and it’s still at 40 which is pretty solid i did find the battery life on the oppo f5x5 pro was excellent as well so no shock that it’s good here on the standard find x5 and it’s dual cell battery tech so this smartphone supports 80 watt wired charging so it’ll fill up pretty damn nipply as well you’ve also got 30 watt wireless charging support as well and then finally let’s move on to what is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the oppo f5x5 series and that is the camera tech like the pro you’ve once again got a 50 megapixel imx 766 camera sensor here with optical image stabilization built in basically uses the same hardware and

that same mara silicon x npu as the pro to process your photos once taken hasselblad has helped out with the color calibration i have found that my test photos on the pro and also the standard fine x5 absolutely stunning no matter what time of day it is at night time is when the oppo finex 5 series really shines that mpu helps to produce absolutely stunning crystal clear photos with impressive detail and very little grid even when there is seriously low light on offer it really is rather stunning stuff indeed you’ve also got a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor again using that imx 766 so you’ve got the same accurate color capture and everything and then last up you’ve also got a 13 megapixel telephoto shooter capable of five times hybrid zoom and a maximum 20 times zoom although at that sort of level things will be decidedly grainy and you’ve got the same range of bonus features chucked on the standard fine x5 just like the pro as well so for instance dive into filters you’ve got the three new master style filters they definitely offer up a very different kind of a photo i quite like the radiance one of course you’ve got the portrait mode if you jump into the mall section you’ve got the likes of the x-pan mode this is quite good for capturing scenery for instance with its sort of elongated aspect ratio and as always loads of other bits to play around with in there if you want them this includes the hasselblad pro mode which allows you to jump between the various different lenses and as you can see there tweak the iso levels the white balance etc you can shoot in jpeg otherwise bump it up to raw if you want to edit your images on the fly or even raw plus when you swap to

video it does shoot at full hd resolution by default you can bump that up to 4k resolution if you like and that is at either 30 or 60 frames per second and again you can get some good looking video pretty much any time of day again in those low light conditions the fine x5 shines just like the pro if you do want to see more on that camera tech including the mara silicon mpu definitely recommend checking out my oppo find x5 pro review full in-depth look at it there including loads of photo and video samples and then last up around fun it’s a 32 megapixel selfie shooter and pretty bloody good for your instagram action i’d imagine so anyway if you’re actually on instagram because you’re not a wrinkly baldy sack of misery like me and again whether you’re shooting outdoors or indoors and more ambient light and you’ll find you get some nice crisp detail and not much grain and if you do want to shoot video with that front facing 32 meg selfie camera it’s up to full hd plus resolution you can’t shoot 4k footage but visuals are fine the audio pick up nice and clear so there you have it my lovelyz that in a nutshell is the oppo find x5 as you can see a lot more affordable than that poor model despite the fact it’s still pretty expensive but it does still bore some of the best camera tech out there in 2022 not quite the strongest specs around otherwise but still packs plenty good performance some strong battery life a respectable color os experience so overall gotta say i do like it rather a lot because it’s got tough competition from the likes of the real me gt2 pro the xiaomi 12 all kinds of great premium blows that have emerged in 2022 so let me know what you think down in the comments below are you tempted by the oppo f5 x5 or maybe you’re gonna boost all the way up to that pro model and from all the latest and greatest tech please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fine ass rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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