Huawei P40 vs P40 Pro Should I upgrade to the Pro?

hello there you stand on the attractive person you I’m Chris from textbook and I’m here with two of what is fresh new flagship phones for 2020 here on the left the beautifully compact while we at p40 and on the right the upgraded super sexy Wyatt P 40 Pro something more expensive but more premium tech so I’m going to do is I’m going to run through the specs the features and everything that you need to know about the while we’re P falling the P for you put to see how they compare how they stack up and which one might be best for you and for one Allah is great so please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now the first thing to consider when you’re wondering which why we’re P 44 might be best for you is of course that form factor personally I’m definitely more drawn to the way we’re P 40 which sports a beautifully miniature for him because it still feels kind of weird even in 2020 to be referring to it six point one in smartphone as compact or miniature but that is the case most other smartphones these days are around the 6.5 inch mark and so there’s 6.1 inch definitely feels really nice in the hand still got a decent heft to it but definitely 100 uses just about possibly just about reach up to that notifications bar on all the rest of course the good news is that if you do choose the 6.6 inch while we’re P 40 port you do still get that nifty one

handed mode courtesy of a motion UIC least you can again just about Oh God just about reach up to that notifications bar and of course use all your apps in this miniature mode and it’s a lot easier to handle and if you squint real of course you’re not a few other little design differences as well supposes the p40 but bezels already really skinny but on the p40 pull you get walk while we his term the over floor display there’s actually curve around the left and the right edges are you lots at those corners just pop up slightly to meet that a split as well which is apparently a design based on water surface tension array now flip these bad boys over and well for while with p40 mp40 poor sport eight glass back and end with both models that you can choose either time a traditional shiny glass finish I was modeled here by the pro model or you can pick up a matte glass finish as demonstrated here on the standard while we’re p40 it’s almost a metallic style Sheen and it means it’s lovely and smudge free even when you get your greasy mitts all over it touchwood both the p40 on the p40 pro seem really really Hardy so far although only the p40 comes of the pre-installed screen protector and p40 pro is more water resistant it’s got full ip68 water and dust resistance ridden or as p40 is just I p53 splash-resistant now when you want to actually turn on your smartphone and check out your messages whatever you’ve got the choice of the in display fingerprint sensor which is now 30% bigger on both models and 30% faster as well so as you can see here nice and nippy for sure you’ve also got full face and

lock support on there as well with a bit of raise to wake action as well so you’ve got to do is pick up your smart phone as you see both the p40 and the p40 brought nippy as out and in fact they’ve both got an infrared sensor up front as well as so as you can see when you turn them on even in a pitch-black room immediately straight into your desktops nice stuff now the display tech very similar on the p40 and the p40 Pro apart from of course the obvious change in dimensions you’ve got 6.1 inch 23 foot by 1080 Full HD display here on the p40 on a p40 ports a 6.5 inch 20 640 by 1200 again full HD plus now if you dive on into the display options on both the p40 on the p40 poor you’ll see that they’re very very similar in both cases you’ve got the option of playing around with the color temperature they’re setting vivid more by default being play around with more natural hues if you prefer as you can see there you can actually knock down the screen resolution or set it to a dynamic setting as well if you want to preserve battery life or just keep it on that high rate you’ll also notice the p40 port is the only one to offer a change in the screen refresh rate that’s because only the p40 pro actually has a 90 Hertz refresh rate at the standard p-40s and the tops off at 60 Hertz you don’t get that super silky smooth experience now to my eye the p40 display seems a little bit warmer on those default settings compared with the p40 port but again of course you can play around with the color temperatures and everything to get it

just to suit your own personal preferences and yeah both phones offer a gorgeous full HD plus experience your visuals come through nice and crisp and sharp plenty of fine detail great stuff as for the speaker tech well no difference at all between the P floating the p40 Pro really at all they’re both our model speaker setup unfortunate you don’t have a stereo speaker setup because neither of these smartphones actually has a proper earpiece what it does is it uses vibration technology built into the display itself whenever you’re on a call to replace that speaker tech but both will do the job for a nice bit YouTube while you’re chilling on the couch or whatever so just tried the p40 first of all features books is carried over to the magic book and that is a feel for in sensor built into the power button for now the p40 pro after washing and of course stay moisturized so as you know CLE here they’re both coming through pretty loud and clear so no worries even if you pick the more compact more p40 is still pretty decent speaker now on the software front no difference between these two blowers at all they’re both on the very latest freshest at motion UI version 10.1 so basically no matter your choice between the p4 unit before you pour you’ll get the same software experience exactly the same settings if you dive in there pot from obviously a couple of little hardware based ones such as that display

refresh rate which I showed you earlier and of course neither of why we as new flagship phone supports and Google’s services you don’t have the Google Play Store on Navy but like so while we app gallery for download apps you use third-party efforts like Amazon’s App Store and of course the likes a phone call to get you apps over from your old smartphone but neither of these handsets will support the likes of Netflix shudder I believe Spotify is a bit chunky as well but if you do want a closer look at the while we’re p14 p40 pause software I will definitely be doing a full tips and tricks guide for these blowers which will be going out in the next couple of days if it’s not out already so stay tuned for that so that’s whizzed through the rest of the specs quickly starting with the Kirin 990 chipset it’s a power and both of these devices that people in people we brought basically very very similar performance you can expect apps to load up the instant you tap them you’ve got full 5g support and Wi-Fi six support both these bad boys as well on the run phone both of these I have eight gigabytes packed inside so perfectly fine for a bit of multitasking and everything however the are different as far as the storage goes you get 128 gigs of space here on the standard p40 there’s double that 256 gigs on the p40 Pro and both can be expanded via one of huawei’s and M cards as well that’s just why is

proprietary memory cards I saw their equivalent of a micro SD memory card nice and Swift so it can be used for recorded video and all the rest on your while we’re p40 device and that card just slips into the symmetry on both the P folding the p40 problem both of these devices are single sim smartphones there’s no room for two on these bad boys and last time before we hit up that camera tech we’ve got the battery and as you imagine why we’re p40 being the more compact device does have a smaller battery but it’s a 3,800 milliamp soul still so definitely fought from obscene you get four thousand hundred milliamps L in the p40 process slightly bigger get the usual power sieve and mores and everything on there as well now for the p40 Pro also bust faster choices it’s 40 watt wired to charging via that type C port and suddenly it’s a twenty two point five watt charge here on the p40 saw quite a bit significantly slower you’ve also got four wireless charging support on the p40 promise you don’t get in the p40 that’s actually up to 40 watts as well providing you’ve got a compatible charging pad that goes there’s a bit of wireless reverse charge on here on the pro model as well honey if you’ve got a pair of Qi compatible true wanna see

about something like that and now onto that sexy stuff the rear camera Tekken it’s a quadrant lens camera here on the p40 pro a triple lens camera on the standard p40 so it’s the same primary shooter on both the p40 and the p40 poor that’s a 15 megapixel or yyb ultravision camber lens f 1.9 aperture with optical image stabilization built-in so that fresh new Huawei sensor has a large pixels than ever before so better for low-light situations they both use fierce detection photodiode Tek well it basically means is that autofocus is faster than ever before so as you can see there snaps between subjects that are near and far distance in for under a second should be really really good for capturing moving subjects like hyperactive children cats things like that I’m going to got an ultra wide-angle snapper on both the standard at Huawei p40 and the while we’re p40 pro as well but while it’s a 16 megapixel f 2.2 effort here on the p40 it’s actually a massively upgraded 40 megapixel effort f1 point it here on the pro and the telephoto snap it is also slightly different on the p4 in the p40 pro as well you’ve got it megapixel effort here on the p40 which gives you a three times optical

zoom and that’s been boosted to a 12 megapixel telephoto here on the pro model with a 5 times optical zoom and if you want to boost it up to the top ends a hybrid zoom that’s five times on the p40 and double that 10 times here on the p40 prom and besides the differences in the hardware there’s not actually that much change in the actual software itself as you can see here in full auto auto mode you’ve got the old AI smart on both the p40 in the p40 poor there’s just a bit of scene detection basically you can also knock that off and turn on the new moving pictures effort which shoots a slipper a video with every force or just to bring your gallery to life and there’s also some other camera features which make use of that to you go for portrait smarts on there with the various effects and everything you’ve got your night modes and on the video front you can shoot up to 4k resolution photos with 60 frames per second action on both the p40 and the p40 pro as well great to see the both of course having pro mode as well so you can dive in there take some proper 50 megapixel high-res images you’ve got raw supports and plenty of other sense to play around with and of course they’ve both got a good selection of bornus camera modes as well and if we swap her onto those front-facing cameras there’s the same dual lens setup on both of these blowers you’ve got 32 megapixel primary lens as you can see there it’s a pretty good job of capturing at your fear so

you can shoot 4k or 60 frames per second video using those front-facing cameras which is fantastic you got the full portrait modes smart to go a bit night mode action oh my god or turn it off turn it off I’m blind and there you have it that in a nutshell is how the while we’re p40 stacks up against his bigger brought the Wyatt P 40 pour now the p40 obviously lacks a few of the smarts the p40 pores not water-resistant some of the camera tech has been pared down a bit got less storage and the batteries a bit small and doesn’t support the wireless charging but part of that I do love the compact form factor it’s gonna be more affordable of course as well so plenty of love for that standard p40 for sure but this now is where it gets interesting which one are you more tempted by would you spruce up that extra cash for the p40 Pro and if so which features on it have got you particularly sould be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do books subscribed ink that notifications bar check out my unboxings of both of these bad boys come back soon for tips and tricks and full reviews and have yourselves a lovely weekend people Cheers blood

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