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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Christmas expert I’m here today with the owner 9 X 4 this bad boys gonna cost you just 250 quid when it hits the UK imminently or 250 euros if you are European hello Europeans I still love you even though I’m British there’s no Google services onboard but what you do get some pretty slick hardware flat price included while we’re still very capable keren 810 chipset a bit of a bit of liquid coolant for all of your gaming needs you’ve also got a four thousand milliamp battery a triple lens rear camera and all kinds of other stuff so let’s get it all unboxed set up and take a tour of that hardware and that software and for more the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell Cheers so the actual phone itself just slap that aside for now just on quick scanner the rest of the box I’m sorry it’s going to be pretty straightforward stuff so you get a a rubber prophylactic a kiss thing to help keep your on a 9x pull nice and safe and secure you’ve also got a pokey pin device facts you get your sim in the thing and of course you’ve got a USB cable and an adapter for a charge and this is the two pin European adapter because it’s a European review model you buy it here in the UK of course you’ll get your three pin adapter as usual and it’s a bit type-c charging as well so that’s the highly exciting box contents now let’s actually check out this Radek gorgeously stunning phantom purple on a 9x bra so you can pick this phone up in a couple of different hues this is the Phantom purple as you can see there with it’s funky egg style design on the back just as it catches the light just so love and a bit of that but if that’s just too much excitement for you want something a bit more sedate you can pick up the honor 9x Pro and just a plain old standard black as well the colour and pattern aside is not vastly different from any of the other on a smart phones like I’ve tested out recently or indeed any of the other sort of budget-friendly 200 to 300 pounds handsets a quick tour of the rest of the phone doesn’t see there you got your type-c USB port and you’ve also got a headphone jack down below great stuff a bit of edge mounted fingerprint sensor over here on the right side as well as your volume rocker up top you’ve got your symmetry and a pop up selfie camera as well it’s certainly got decent heft to it as well at 202 grams so you’ll certainly feel this when it’s slapped or in your pocket

why it looks like we’ve got some gas in the tank so I’m going to get it all set up now and then we will take a proper full-on tour of the honour 9x pros hardware and software and the good news is when you want to slip your SIM card inside this bad boy you’ve got room for two Sims otherwise a single sim and a microSD memory caught up to 512 gigs so is forward 10 minutes on the honor 9x Pro is all set up and ready for action now of course as I mentioned before nor Google services unfortunately just like the reason why we handsets or what you get instead is the likes of the Huawei app the gallery and of course you’ve got third-party stores like Amazon’s App Store which you can use to download your apps from as well so obviously not ideal if you’re a bit of a Google find use lot the Google services like Google Calendar or Gmail things like that thankfully there are a lot of third-party options that you can use to get your the likes of your Gmail account on there an alternative school maps like map store Emme for instance and of course you can access other stuff like YouTube via the web browser as well it’s not an ideal setup but on its office said that this form the online export is not for the average consumer and of course what ways got plenty of Club behind it so I’m pretty sure that I’ve color is going to start filling up with

some of the more popular apps here in the West are very shortly now if we dive on into the about fallen section you’ll see there and fortunately on a 9x port is currently running the older mu e nine point one point one slots on top of android version 9 as well but apparently testing is ongoing with a bit of a motion UI version 10 the latest version on top of android 10 of course so hopefully that i’ll be coming in the next sort of month or two we will see so fortunately no dark mode support or anything like that here on the online export just yet for hope for your sake of ensuing you do get this white bean navigation at least so that’s something bit of other gesture support and everything as well and the likes of that digital balance screen time management as well as you don’t spend all day long on facebook and so far touch for that edge might have fingerprint sensor defi seems to do the job as you can see there does double as the power button we don’t actually need to push it in when you’re unlocking your device just lightly tap your print to the surface of the sensor and as you can see your straight in unfortunately doesn’t look like there’s any way to get their face and lock on the goal probably because that pop-up selfie camera is rather on the slow side so would be actually faster just to type in your PIN away ever of course one of the benefits of that pop-up selfie cam is you get this gorgeous full view finish here on the six point five nine inch IPS display there’s no trouble some little notches or pinhole jobbies or anything like intrusion on the action the full HD resolution is keeping things reasonably crisp despite the fact it’s a six point six inch beast as you can see their viewing angles and

everything absolutely fine and on top brightness it will definitely do the job let’s just see how those speakers are doing so as you can see there it’s just a mono speaker setup just this bottom effort here if you cover it up everything will be muffled but the good news is that on the top volume level it clarity is pretty decent it’s probably just about strong enough to cut through some fairly horrific background noise as well of course you’ve got that headphone jack where is it there’s the bad boy if you actually do need to slap in a pair of wired phones that’s where the on a 9 X Pro really impresses is the performance side of things because it’s got Wow is Ciaran 810 chipset stacked inside the seven nanometer platform actually sports a neural processing unit as well which is pretty unheard of at this sort of price point so free that should really help out when it comes to the likes the optics get some really a nice smart camera features on there nice Swift performance as well and as far as gaming goes as well as long as your game of choice is available by the likes of the amp gallery of course then you can expect super silky smooth performance certainly helped along by the father you’ve got six gigs of ram stuffed inside this thing I’m also expecting some

pretty stellar battery performance from this thing as well it’s got four thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside so I reckon that will easily see you through a very intense day especially knowing the general energy efficiency of emotion UI it’s usually pretty impressive stuff you got usual power sieve and modes and all that shenanigans on there if you need it as well and no worries as for the storage either because you get 256 gigs stuffed inside here which is pretty rare for again a budget blow around that sort of 200 to 250 pound price point plus the microsd expandable 82 so as you can see some very clever hardware overall here on the honor 9x pro especially given the wallet-friendly cost and hopefully that will continue with the camera tech what you actually get is a 48 megapixel primary lens pretty standard these days even for quite cost-effective handsets it’s an F 1.8 aperture and that’s box playing it megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor the camera will of course be immediately familiar to any honor fans as you can see there you’ve got all your standard modes including good old portrait mode to get a nice bit of bulkier action behind your subject complete with various effects you’ve got your night mode to shoot a long exposure shot and that just helped to make them nice and bright if it is a low-light environment if you flip along it to more you got a even bigger selection of bonus modes including full control as you can see there that’ll just later fiddle around the lights the white balance the shutter speed to lightly get a very precise kind of result overalls as usual you’ve got that AI mode toggled on by default but you can knock it off if you want and that just helps to breathe a bit of life into some of your photos make some of those more vibrant colors a little bit more vivid and it also suggests own

other boards at appropriate times as well and if you need to get a different viewpoint in it anytime you can swap that ultra wide angle lens with a quick tap down there otherwise a tough up here activates a bit of two times digital zoom action but when I got a video and I dive into the resolution sentence it seems to top off a 1080p rather than 4k which is pretty much standard these days even among budget bras I’m not really sure what’s going on there I tried restoring the defaults and that doesn’t seem to help at all and they’re called swap around that 16 megapixel front-facing camera and shoot yourself a glamorous selfie or two complete with usual portrait smarts and everything mirror on or mirror off either way that in a keeper and there you have it that in a nutshell is the honor 9x pros I see it coming to the UK imminently for 250 quid which is pretty buggy and it’s considering the hardware onboard this thing some incredible smart indeed assume it doesn’t have that Google service support but you know what there are workarounds for pretty much all of the standard stuff that you would get involved with anyway so what are your thoughts on the owner 9x product it would be great to hear from you down below in the comments because do box subscribe and doing that notifications bell let’s just stare at that the gorgeous X designing for a little bit longer stunning stuff and have yourselves lovely week people just love you

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