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so you know what today i really fancy yanking something out of a box and then banging on about it for just under 15 minutes because i don’t do that very often at all and hey look it’s the honor x9 a fresh new budget friendly blowout from our great mates on i should be launching here in the uk and across europe very soon indeed and this thing comes packing a whopper of a 6.8 inch 120 hertz display you got the snapdragon 695 chipset in there so hopefully it should be awesome for game i’m going to give that a full testing got full 5g support you’ve got a 4 800 milliamp battery with 66 watt fast charging so overall pretty respectable specs for a budget smartphone but let’s take a full on tour of the honor x9 and for more on the latest and greatest deck please do poke subscribe ending that notifications battle cheers first order of business is as always what do you get in the box well you’ve got one suitably shiny honor x9 you’ve got yourself a 66 watt on a supercharged adapter a bit of a beast although i have seen bigger fan off now you got one type c usb cable and on it is rather kindly bundled in a

condom case as well to keep your phone safe from home although there is an almighty hole cut out at the middle of this thing to make room for that raw the sizeable camera bump and that is it everything that you get chucked in here nice and straightforward so here clutch to my claw is the fresh new honor x9 and first up i gotta say i’m liking that design actually reminds me of the honor magic iv flagship smartphone which only just launched and that’s not just down to the fact you’ve got that enormous circular camera bump on the back which is almost identical the eye of oscera so whatever random name they decided to give it but overall it looks and feels more premium than i actually expected start with that display perfectly flat screen with quite skinny bezels surrounding it as you can see there slightly chunky chin but nothing too dramatic definitely not talking to full on jimmy hill or anything honors official specs didn’t mention anything about gorilla glass unfortunately upfront but you do get a pre-installed screen protector at least to help stave off scuffs and scratches phone definitely has a decent heft to it at 189 grams and not too thick as you can see there it is of course a six point eight one inch beast saw one-handed use is gonna be a little bit tricky thankfully there is a dedicated one-handed mode on this thing got your edge mounted fingerprint sensor built into that power button volume rocker type c usb down below no headphone jack

unfortunately and then if we flip around to the back end it is just your basic plastic finish but it’s got a lovely matte design so hopefully touchwood shouldn’t prove too much of a magnet for greasy fingerprints and other horrible nasty grime this here is the titanium silver model but you can also grab it in midnight black or ocean blue fairly clean design overall only a tiny bit of brandon down below so nothing too horrendous and yes that camera bump is a sight to behold holy begises thankfully as you can see there doesn’t jut too far from the arse end of the smartphone so it shouldn’t prove too troublesome so let’s check out the software here on the honor x9 and unfortunately it is running the older android 11 not the latest 12.

And squatting on top of that is on his very own magic ui version 4.2 not sure exactly when it’s going to get that upgrade to android version 12 but hopefully should be coming soon thankfully at least magic ui isn’t a really heavy overlay you do get a reasonably stock version of android here so you’ve got the discover feed if you flick that way you’ve got your apps tray to store everything away sadly there doesn’t seem to be a way of dragging down the notifications bar just by swiping anywhere on the screen which is a problem further combined by the fact that the honor x9 is a 6.8 inch beast quite a meager selection of home screen settings there as you can see but if you jump on into the rest of the smartphone settings you do get a fair

amount of customization that you can perform here including changing up the themes the wallpaper the icon design but because you’re not running android 12 on this thing you can’t change up for instance the colors of the ui based on what wallpaper you currently have slapped on there but yeah it already hasn’t messed around too much at all with the settings menu here on android it is a very stock sort of vibe if you jump in there accessibility features you have likes the one-handed mode you’ve got some other shortcuts and gestures why am i using this one-handed and thankfully there’s very little in the way of crapwear stuffed onto the honor x9 as well it’s mostly just your standard google stuff you will find a few extras squirreled away on here like on his own app markup you are for a play store access thankfully you’ve got this beta club shenanigans a recorder tool you’ve got the on a store and the honor club if you are really big on full-on into your honor and then as mentioned before for your security needs you do have that edge-mounted fingerprint sensor it’s slightly indented built into that power button there so very easy to find when you’re just grouping around for it and so forth no qualms with this whatsoever as you can see they’re very speedy very responsive doesn’t seem to have any issues

authenticating and this is also backed with some tsd face recognition as well just in case you can’t actually use the fingerprint sensor because you’re wearing gloves or whatever else as you can see there again pretty swift and responsive and on the storage front you’ve got a choice for 128 or 256 gigs of space here on the honor x9 and if you pull out the old sim tray you’ll see that while it is a double-sided effect so space for two sims there is no room in there for micro sd memory cards so if you do think you’re going to be using up a lot of storage shooting a lot of video downloading a lot of apps and media where you might want to plug for that 256 model now if you like them big well you’ll certainly enjoy the honor x9 mighty 6.

81 inch lcd display it’s an absolute freaking whopper you got a full hd plus resolution on there 2388 by 1080 pixel resolution so even though it’s quite spacious reasonably crisp visuals certainly absolutely fine for your netflix and your youtube and whatever i see you netflix and but netflix currently actually isn’t supported on the honor x9 as it is a pre-release device hopefully by the time it actually hits the uk that will be resolved we’ve got disney plus prime video all that good stuff on here reasonably punchy for a basic lcd panel you don’t have the real punch of an oled panel of course although that display is set to vivid mode by default you can play around

with various other eye comfort modes you’ve got an e-book mode as well which just turns everything black and white basically viewing angles aren’t particularly great so once you start to tilt the display away you will notice a bit of a degradation in the picture quality everything sort of darkens but on the top brightness it seems absolutely fine for everyday use even when it’s super bright outside i didn’t really struggle to see what was going on and you’ve only got that dinky wii selfie cam sphincter intruding on precedence when you do decide to go full screen for your disney plus or whatever you do have a variable refresh for it as well here on the honor x9 as you can see they’re set to dynamic by default i can scale it from 60 hertz up to 120 hertz when you’re using a supported app otherwise you can just here get and check out 120 hertz full time if you so desire all right let’s merely bounce our way onto the audio chops and the owner x9 does support a simple mono speaker setup just a bottom mounted speaker right here it’s a shame because some budget phones do come rocking a stereo speaker output

now but let’s bump up the volume see if it’s any good display again on the a53 and yeah it’s perfectly fine pretty bog standard to be perfectly honest with you not particularly loud on the top volume should be absolutely fine as long as you’re not in a crazy loud environment just for kicking back with a bit of youtube shenanigans or what have you uh but rather tinny as well which makes the fact that there’s no headphone jack here on the honor x9 all the more irksome so it is bluetooth all the way thankfully i’ve had no issues so far just in a preliminary 24 hours with the honor x9 as far as the bluetooth 5.1 streaming goes to speakers headphones and what have you absolutely flawless even at a decent range and likewise the performance has been absolutely fine on this shiny silver smartphone you got the snapdragon 695 crammed inside of there same as the likes of the poko x4 pro that’s backed on this paco blow by either six or eight gigs of ram i’ve got the a gig model here and as you can see they’re very similar benchmark and scores to that poco x4 pro and also samsung’s galaxy a53 which i just recently reviewed however i saw less judder and overall junk here on the honor x9 compared with that samsung blower and also while the galaxy a53 really struggled with the likes of gentian impact absolutely no issues here on the honor x9 yeah there’s the occasional little frame rate dip but to be honest it plays on those lower detail settings with a very fluid finish more

than playable that’s for sure the screen response rate 240 hertz perfectly reasonable again for an action-packed game like gentian impact it should also be fine for your likes your call of duties your pub g’s all that good stuff and you do have a dedicated game center app here on the honor x9 as well but sadly that wasn’t working for me in this pre-release version again that’s something like netflix that will hopefully be sorted when it comes to retail and the honor x9 also stays pleasingly cool during long gaming sessions as well so always if you want to spend an entire afternoon smashing goblins in their grubby little faces the x9 certainly won’t get all toasty you won’t see that performance getting throwed and that snapdragon 695 also serves up a good bit of 5g support as well as sorted for your connectivity as for the battery life well the honor x9 packs a 4 800 milliamp capacity cell it’s only a smidge under the 5 000 milliamp efforts that you’ll get packed into many rivals but you know what absolutely does the job perfectly here helped along by the fact that you’ve got that energy efficient snapdragon 695 soc so far just today alone i’ve had the screen on for almost two hours i’ve been making liberal use of that camera shooting home movie footage lots of photo samples streaming disney plus stream and youtube of course just showing off the various features to you fine fork at home and the battery is

still at 85 so most people should be able to get away with just charging this thing up once every couple of days or so and when you do need to recharge the honor x9 it’s got full 66 wide charging support as well so it powers up pretty damn nipply i know there’s no wireless charging support but that’s bloody difficult to find at this sort of budget price point so let’s finish up with the squint of that camera tech and despite the fact that that camera bump is basically the size of bulgaria you do only get three lenses on there so the main shooter uses a 48 megapixel primary sensor you’ve got all of the usual bonus boards including ai photography this is kind of boost the colors a bit though i prefer to leave it off for a more natural finish you’ve got various filters and the rest as well but a fairly straightforward streamlined interface just tap and shoot and here’s just a few of the test picks i snapped around the homestead these past 24 hours reasonable results overall a fair amount of detail packed into every snap as long as the lighting conditions are okay von rex9 doesn’t seem too perturbed by hdr style situations does a good job when capturing living subjects as well you’ve got a nice bit portrait mode action on there if you want it colors

reasonably natural again as long as you leave that ai mode knocked off in more ambient conditions indoors for instance yes you still get some decent color reproduction however pets kids or the moving subjects will have to actually keep still otherwise they’ll just come out blurry and at night time you know what again the honor x9 does all right for a budget blow you’ll get a reasonable amount of detail packed in there not too much grain and you do have a dedicated night mode if you want to brighten up a scene one slight peculiarity with the honor x9 is in fact you don’t actually get an ultra wide angle lens on here for a more pulled back view the final two lenses are just your bog standard basic macro and depth sensors so you got a few bonus modes you can play around with including the likes of a high-res mode if you want to shoot at the maximum 48 megapixel resolution otherwise the owner x9 captures images at 12 megapixel using four and one pixel binning and you’ve also got a pro mode on there as well if you want to mess around with the individual camera settings iso levels white balancers shutter speeds if it’s video you’re after well you do max out at full hd 1080p here on the honor x970 there’s no 4k option at all and that is at 30 frames per second as well there’s no 60fps option and as long as you’ve got enough light this is absolutely fine for very simple home movie

shenanigans although the image stabilization is pretty balls so you want to stay as still as possible while recording and then around front you’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie shooter as well if you want to get some uh some basic shareable snaps for your facebooks or whatever uh seems to be looking less wrinkly and haggard uh compared with usual that’s because the beauty mode is active by default so you want to knock that off if you want to actually look more like your actual self you’ve got the usual portrait mode smarts as well for that selfie shooter and again seems absolutely fine as long as the lighting conditions aren’t too troublesome and if you want to be shooting video with that front facing 16 meg selfie camera you can once again shoot at full hd resolution at 30 frames per second and it should be absolutely fine for your skype and your zoom and all that good stuff so there you have it that in a nutshell is the honor x9 a fresh new budget from the blower should be hit in europe and the uk imminently and while it is lacking some features you’ll find quite happily at this sort of a budget price point such as a headphone jack stereo speakers setup etc etc i’m overall quite impressed i’ve got to say the performance is really really slick even if you want to play better games and impact and some of those more demanding android titles the battery life is absolutely sublime i just really hope it gets android 12 soon and stays updated in the near future as well with the security updates and also those os updates so be great to hear what you think down in the comments below please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the lips and greatest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week cheers

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