Huawei P40 Series Tips & Tricks Best EMUI 10.1 Features

so always litters flagship phones while we’re P 30 P 30 port and P 30 Pro Plus all compact and the freshest emotion UI 10.1 software which is absolutely round full of very cool features the only problem being that most of them are buried away somewhere in that rather mammoth Settings menu and can be a little bit tricky to find so this Tips & Tricks guide will give you a run through some of the very best features hidden away on Wow is new P 40 family of smartphones from snazzy air gestures to very cool new camera tricks and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notification spell Cheers it’s one of the very first things you want to do on your fresh new p40 p40 pro or p40 pro plus is get your apps on there which is make easier said than done because there’s no Google Play Store frecchi not though because you can use one ways very helpful phone clone app to actually copy over most of your old apps from your previous handset first of you’ll need to actually download the form clone app onto your old handset you can do this fiber like so always app gallery or the Google Play Store and once that’s actually downloaded onto your old smartphone it’s a very easy process so just select your old phone as the old phone a new phone as the new phone like what type of phone at your old handset is and then you’ll see on the new phone you’ve got a QR code pop up just scan that using the old smartphone and the two will pair up you have the option of copying over your contacts messages all kinds of shenanigans and you’ll see down at the very bottom apps and data this is where you can select exactly which apps get copied over from your old phone to your new one now you should find that most of your old apps once copied off onto your fresh new p40 handset should work absolutely fine and that includes a handful of the google efforts as well so for instance the Google Chrome web browser works absolutely fine here on the p40 of home that Maps

works fine too but sadly some such as Gmail and YouTube just do not play nicely at all with the new Huawei handsets and thus it suddenly applies with some media streaming apps as well so as Netflix does not work on these mobile devices because they’re not certified if there are any gaps in your apps you can jump into the wahwee gallery and have a good old scan on there they’ve got a growing selection on there stiffly getting better as time goes on and also third-party app stores like the Amazon App Store also work absolutely fine here on the world.we handsets you can grab this easily enough by going into any web browser on your smartphone and typing in download Amazon App Store and I just click the that pops up this will take you to the Amazon website and then just tap that download Amazon Appstore button and it’ll be grabbed for you and another way of getting apps onto your new one with P for your smartphone is by downloading apk files and apk file is basically an app installation file download it from the internet run it on your smartphone and it will install the app for you but of course you’ve got to be very careful when doing this because some apk files could be corrupt or they could have viruses in them they could basically pick up your phone so again lots of caution when using this one website I would recommend is apk pure com they generally have some pretty good stuff on there but again steer safe kitties but the good

news is are quite a lot of developers actually offer their apps via apk downloads as well so forces Facebook apps such as what’s happened facebook Messenger can be grubs direct from them in apk form under the new while we’re P for new smartphones the Google assistant has been made redundant it’s been told the sling attack me and has been replaced by Huawei zon Celia assistant instead you can jump into the assistants at any time by going to the b40 settings menu gone to accessibility features and then it’s the high voice option up top you got the option to wake it up with a quick hey Celia bird um I didn’t say bottom I said but dump or alternatively if you’re a bit more shy and you can wake up Celia with just a quick tap of that power button instead bear in mind all that at the time of the war we’re p40 series launched only three languages are supported English French and Spanish and that’s only in a handful of regions as well all right now Celia can perform all of the standard assistant e shenanigans such as telling you what your upcoming schedule is virtually there is a bit of a delay between you asking the question and the response on yes because it is still a very early access sort of thing hey Celia what’s the weather

goingto be like today it actually is sunny I’ve got to say I do quite like Celia’s voice is a bit different from the normal and she sounds like she’s got a little bit of an attitude behind her and of course as is perfectly understands my northern twang as well so that’s definitely a bonus unfortunately at the moment right now she ain’t the most personable of smartphone assistants tell us a joke sorry Oh sing us a song Oh God Celia Celia stopped Celia let’s move on to some of the hardware and the p40 put on the p40 Pro Plus boss bought a 90 Hertz display for super smooth shenanigans unfortunately don’t get a variable refresh rate so it can’t change up to 90 hurt when needed what you’ll need to do is dive into the display settings and then towards the bottom now you’ll see screen refresh rate this allows you to choose between the standard refresh rate of 60 Hertz all that high 90 Hertz refresh rate I recommend stick it on 90 because it is a super smooth very enjoyable experience and it doesn’t seem to suck the battery life that much quicker unfortunately here on the standard while we’re p40 there is no screen refresh rate option because it doesn’t support 90 Hertz boo I said one advantage that the standard p40 definitely has over its bigger brothers is the fact that it’s got this lovely compact form factor

it’s actually surprisingly easy to use one-handed meanwhile the p40 pro and the p40 pro plus above 6.5 8-inch behemoths which makes them a little bit of a struggle to use 100 to say the least but thankfully wowie and it’s emotion UI software is onboard to help the one handed mode is on by default and what you need to do to activate this is just swipe up from a bottom corner either the bottom left or the bottom right depend on which side of the smartphone you want that screen to shrink into and in this shrunken more it’s much much easier they’ll still admittedly a little bit tricky to reach up to that notifications bar and to use all of your various apps as well and if you do want to toggle that on or off at any point you just go into the well where p40 settings and then go down to accessibility features and the one handed mode is right in there now really like the always-on display on the Huawei p40 p40 Pompey 40 plus but it’s not activated by default which is a bit of a shim I guess it’s deactivated by default because it does sup a bit of extra battery power but to be honest it doesn’t again seem something seriously huge impact on the p40 smartphones and you’ve gotten enough battery power to last you all day anyway even with this and the 90 Hertz to spin everything active and some pretty intensive use turn it

on is dead simple all you need to do is dive into the p40 settings and got a home screen and wallpaper and it’s the very first option up there always-on display just hit the little virtual switch and boom it is active and you’ll also notice that you can actually schedule the always-on display as well so it only comes on for instance when you’re actually gonna be using the smartphone it disables itself at night when you won’t be if you tap clock style as well you can actually change what kind of always on display you’ve got for me a handful of selections hopefully it will increase over time you’ve got some digital efforts and a nice bit of nifty analog action too if you dive back into that home screen and wallpaper section of the p40 sentence another feature that’s worth just briefly mentioning is the magazine unlock feature as well this is fresh in you from washing UI version 10 and what this does is this just shows you a different lock screen every time you click on the while we’re p40 there’s all kinds of different categories and there you can select any that you like and deselect any of it can basically do one like celebrities for instance and while ways p40 smartphones also support some funky next level air gesture controls as well which is particularly handy when for instance you’re in the kitchen you got mucky hands hey don’t actually want to touch your gorgeous expensive new smartphone if you want to get onboard what you’ll need to do is go to settings and then scroll down to that accessibility features setting once again dive into shortcuts and gestures and then you’ll see air gestures down at the bottom and the best of these features is definitely the very nifty air scroll so you’re in your

kitchen making a nice bit spotted dick you got the recipe there on your p40 you need to scroll down a bit we don’t actually want to touch that gorgeous screen with your PSP tinted hands what you want to do is just dangle your hand in front of the wallet before you make your wrists go or limp or like saw and then just flick upwards and boom the website is flicked upwards you can read more of the recipe without even touching the phone there’s full instructions on how to use the air gestures right there in the menu anyway so if you are struggling a bit just check those are and there’s also the grab shot feature as well which is also very cool this allows you to grab a screenshot on the p40 at any point despite holding out your hand in a sort of stop type gesture and then clenching into a fist piece of pittle alternatively you can also screenshot and anytime by taking a knuckle and just double tap it on that screen a fun it’s a little bit hit and miss sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t so it’s been on your pressure and the little paws that you leave in between the knocks also a good old reliable power button and volume down we’ll take a screenshot and you can even dive into the notifications bar and there’s a screenshot option in there and a screen recorder option as well if you actually want to capture a bit of video clearly someone in the emotion UI developer team really really likes taking screenshots now the one with p40 series some very clever camera a there on the back of dick you’re on a full tour some of the new features and other updates in my in depth and boxing’s of the P phone in P Foley

Prosecco check those out for all you need to know but there’s also some editing smarts that have been added to the P 40 series as well to make your footage look even better once you’ve taken them so you want to do to get started is go into your apps and find the gallery app and open that up and select on the full type that you would like to edit and then of course just tap the edit button down below now first up if you’ve got the moving pictures feature enabled within the p40 scammer app then you’ll find you’ve got a selection of frames that you can choose from to pick the best possible shot and the huawei P 40 will also select the one that it thinks is the best if you don’t know how to turn on moving pictures it’s very similar it’s just this little icon up here it will tell you whether it is on or off when you give it a tap you’ll also notice that you’ve got a whole host of extra features that you can choose from as well so for instance there’s a guy walking by in the background on this particular photo if you tap remove passerby then the bar with p40 will then try and remove them from the frame crop them entirely just use them at the various other frames as guidance sometimes it doesn’t work entirely perfectly as you can see here it sort of depends on the distance aware of the subject and also how quickly they were moving so we’ve actually ended up with here is kind of a spectral 1/2 person rather

than a complete clean removal but it does work that’s all 50% of the time in my tests so far got lots of other great tools in there to play around with I deftly recommend having a course of resume brightened up a murky looking shot and so on one of my favorites is remove reflection quite handy if you’re shooting something through a pane of glass like really nice view a Vista or potentially somebody staring na you and a slightly terrifying manner like this and it’s just not quite 100% perfect but it does remove the worst of that glare it certainly makes it a much more serviceable shot be quite and if only one of visits a lot of museums and takes shots of the exhibits through the glass as well so that right there is my full in-depth tips and tricks guide for the new while we’re p40 P 44 and P 40 Pro Plus hey Celia what do you reckon good episode Oh Celia if you want to know more about why we it’s nothing new flagship smartphone stuff you go check out my 40 and p40 pour unboxings with a full tour of the hardware and software on there and I’ve also done a comparison video between the two as you see which one might be best for you this did poke subscribe digging that notifications bar and I’m restarts lovely week people Chism love you

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