Vivo X Fold, the Samsung slayer

hello gorgeous peeps welcome to another trouser tickling episode of texpert weekly the weekly tech news show that still presses ahead even when there’s bugger old tech news all week long hence the absolute garbage fire that was last week’s episode but pris b there is actually some tech news this week i can’t promise that any of it is actually particularly interesting or that any of it indeed has been properly researched but you know what just like your mum last night i’m gonna grab it with both hands and just get stuck in jingle me expert weekly now first up if you like your phone a bit bendy well vivo’s latest better news will be so firmly lodged up your alley it’ll be repeating on you for days the fresh new vivo x fold has been officially unveiled and it’s a proper whopper sports on a 6.5 inch external display and a mighty 8 inch screen that’s revealed when you tease it on open and that’s a great big leap over the oppo find then which serves up smaller 5.5 and 7 inch panels respectively vivo’s hinge looks just as

advanced as opposed as well so you should once again get a near flawless flat screen experience when the phone is unfolded and apparently it can enjoy constant aggressive folding and unfolding without fallen to bits according to vivo’s official trailer the x-fold is the perfect companion for when you’re funny and about in prehistoric caves or somewhat inadvisably going for a bit of a jog in what appears to be a violent apocalyptic storm and i certainly wouldn’t recommend balancing it precariously on a bunch of rocks either in fact i’m not sure that any of this would be covered by your basic warranty shenanigans so maybe just knock it off all right that’s for the general specs of the vivo x-fold well they’re basically an upgrade over the find in in pretty much every way performance comes courtesy of a snapdragon 8 gen1 backed by 12 gigs of ram while the bendy frame has a 4 600 milliamp hour battery crammed inside with 66 watt wide charging support and 50 watt wireless if you can’t be having any of that annoying cable bollocks on the r7 you’ve got a quad camera setup you’ve got a 50 meg main sensor a 48 meg ultra wide 12 meg telephoto with two times optical zoom and a five times periscope zoom as well these can be used to take a selfie by flipping the front screen around but you also have a 16 meg sphincter cam stuck away in both of those displays if you need them for skyping zooming all that kind of good stuff so far so nipple chaffing the exciting but don’t get too carried away because right now there’s no

mention at all of the vivo x-fold actually making it outside of china and coming over here to blighty hopefully that’ll change at some point though and if it does make it to the uk you can bet your left bum cheek i’ll be stood there in line ready to get my greasy mitts all over it also this week nubia part of the zte fam launched a global version of the fresh red magic 7 pro a beef tastic game and blower boost in the usual super premium specs tucked inside of a see-through casing so you can make sure that they didn’t stiff you in any of those pricey components a 6.8 inch 120 hertz amoled screen serves up a full view of all that action with no selfie cam orifices to get in the way you’ve also got 960 hertz touch sampling so you can effortlessly murder their living heck out of other pubg fans no worries if you’re fan of the pub g’s the gentian impacts whatever you like it should all run buttery smoothly thanks to the snapdragon 8gen1 chipset again this time backed by a mighty 16 gigs of ram and hopefully that performance should stay breezy thanks to the multi-led cooling system including graphene layers thermal gel and even a turbo fan that rotates at 20 000 rpm this should apparently improve the airflow while reducing the noise up to 40 over older models and that’s just as well ready because the last red magic i tested sounded like it had a couple of bees trapped inside having very angry b sex i don’t think the bees actually do it per se but if they did it would definitely sound just like this bugger playing gentian impact on high detail settings and the red magic 7 pro is the first nubia game and smartphone to rock the new red core 1 chipset which sits separately from the snapdragon soc and is responsible for a variety of bonus bits including the rgb light and the haptic feedback etc that just allows the snapdragon to concentrate on

making your games run fluidly and look extra lush the magic 7 pro also sports a fairly modest 5000mah battery with 65 watt charging you’ve got a stereo speaker set up and the same incredibly handy shoulder buttons while the dual x-axis mortars provide stronger haptics now apparently compared with previous models so hopefully at some point i’ll have a red magic 7 pro review if you fine fork uh yeah if you want to see me get murdered and embarrassed over and over and over again by annoying school children but you know what kids if i actually stopped drinking for a couple of days cleaned up and actually bothered to care about you know who shoots who in a mobile game that’s not even real then i’d absolutely school a lot of you so if you don’t have much cash to blow on a blower well really just shout out a couple of budget phones the thrillingly titled c31 and c35 these realmes are still running android 11 unfortunately with the stripped back real me uir launcher slapped on top but they do have a big old 5000mah battery stuffed inside as well as microsd support and a physical fingerprint sensor that’s pretty much where the similarities end or the c31 has a 720p screen unisock t612 chipset and 13 meg primary camera and that starts at 129 quid in the uk while the c35 upgrades to a full hd plus panel unisock t616 and a 50 meg main shooter for 149 quid and up and if you bag yourself one of these real me smartphones in the next few days you’ll get 10 pounds off your purchase that’s 10 shiny pound coins that you can put towards a discount bottle of jaeger down your local boozery like i just did except i didn’t actually buy those real me phones first and is that all of the big news this week um apple ar headset reportedly delayed till 2023.

Who gives a flying bollocks about any of that uh which means unfortunately it is time for the part of the show that generally comes towards the end and features a lot of comments from the viewers hence it’s known as viewer comments viewer comments all righties uh so let’s kick off with seth hi seth he says a perfect artistic balance of insightful informative commentary and egregious swearing uh yeah i mean i reckon that some if not many viewers would probably say those particular skills are tipped heavily in favor of harsh language but um appreciate it cheers seth next up shani says it’s somewhat comforting to watch another adult who doesn’t pretend to have all their crap together and also does decent tech reviews i mean yeah i’m guilty as charged my crap is certainly nowhere even close to being together it’s about as widely distributed as could possibly be like there was a massive explosion at the crap factory and it just ended up all over the bloody place some of it is probably actually somewhere in orbit so that’s how not together my crap is i certainly thought that by the time i was sort of hitting 40 i’d probably have some sort of vague idea of what i was doing in life but um so far you know 40 years of winging it seems to be working out all here to be fair i mean i’m somehow still alive and i no longer work in tech support or bonus uh richard says glad to see the quality of textbook weekly is degenerating with each passing episode so at least you know with that particular comment no sarcasm anywhere in sight although the if the quality is actually getting worse over time then that’s slightly troublesome because a lot of these episodes i’ve done under lockdown where frankly i was off my tits on special brew or whatever booze i could get a hold of at the time and also not in the best sort of mental health state hello hello and welcome you fine ass people to another spur terrific episode of tech spirit weekly the only take take the wek news show well that’s a great start right there isn’t it i mean i’ll be straight up honest everyone i’ve i got nothing i’m spent all right usually i try and come up with some sort of big idea of something

that could possibly resemble an introduction to these little weekly news show things this week nah next up james says one reviewer on digital trends said they struggled to tell the difference between bbk’s flagships the fine x5 pro the real me gt2 pro and the oneplus 10 pro should we just go for the cheapest i mean they do share a lot of smartphone dna has to be said but there are clear differences between them once you sort of get proper stuck in there so the oppo f5 x5 port is definitely the billy big bollocks of the bunch he’s got the best camera easily thanks to that merosilicon npu or mazza for short so certainly if you shoot a lot of photo on video at night time it’s absolutely untouchable i found the battery life is the best in that one out of the trio as well and that design oof i mean i thought the oneplus 10 pro didn’t have quite as much personality not quite as nicely designed the camera tech’s not quite as flexible even though the actual camera app itself is near identical to the fine x5 pro thanks to all hasselband shenanigans same story with uh oxygen os’s as well of course now that it’s kind of merging with color os over on the opposite the roomy gt2 pro definitely scraps a lot of the more premium features in order to reach a much more affordable asking price so the camera tech’s more basic you don’t have a telephoto lens you’ve got no wireless charging no ip68 water and dust

resistance and the design overall does feel a lot more plasticky and look a bit more basic i don’t care how much they bang on about paper texture it feels like plastic but what i’d say is if you don’t give a shiny toss about the water resistance the wireless charging all the telephoto lens and definitely go real me gt2 pro because it still rocks some very premium specs and features you’ve got the gorgeous oled panel you got that fast snapdragon 8 gen 1 performance great battery life and all the rest of it too but you know it’s not like a thousand freaking pounds like the oppo find x5 pro anyway that’s enough random bloody tech talk all right i can already feel the migraine kicking in uh next up sony technology enthusiast says i’m most definitely looking forward to the sony xperia one mark iv i mean that is a massive surprise coming from someone with that username obviously yeah i’m i’m definitely looking forward to the mark iv as well but with a healthy side helping of wariness and a big old dollop of hope they don’t it up and yeah i mean that’s just another crap food-related metaphor that made no sense and just kind of died on its house halfway through but anyway i suspect that we’ll hear from sony very shortly probably around may june time will be the official launch of the mark so stay tuned for more on that and next up graham says i’m over in the great white north canada and we get pretty screwed over on the variety of phones we get here any recommendations for something kind of up a mid-range that’s got a lot of girth to it uh what if it’s girth you want grim well certainly the galaxy a53 which i just reviewed is a proper girthy bugger that should satisfy and i’m also actually expecting the new doogie v20 to arrive any day now so i’ll be giving that a full uh testing out and everything that’s a uh proper full-on rugged smartphone that doesn’t skimp on the specs either so it should be able to survive the extreme temperatures of the great white north quite happily uh but it’s also got like a six thousand milliamp battery it’s got a dimensionally 700 chipsets or should be respectable performance uh so

yeah so hopefully i’ll have more on that soon all right next up uh ben says every year has its ups and downs no matter what century you live in that’s just how life is getting quite philosophical now here on textbook weekly that always slightly worries me i know people who describe the 90s like it was the worst decade in existence what yeah i remember it as being pretty awesome for music of various genres as well as a pretty great decade for films and tv shows agreed uh and also moon shoes were still around christ i remember those those were basically just like springy plastic boxes that you wore on your feet right so you could just bounce around the entire house and just piss off your mum endlessly yeah absolutely agree 90s was when i first started properly getting into music so you know i just absolutely fell in love with not just the brit pop stuff but also obviously the dance music the prodigy in fact there must be a 90s dance night club somewhere around where they just play banger after banger you know happy hardcore as well these days if i just need to smash out some work in a very small very intense period just slap on a happy hardcore compilation and it’s done in like 25 seconds and hip-hop as well like 90s was the best decade for hip-hop you know big pun notorious big you know mystical ludicrous all all the rest of them as well yeah just like every genre in the 90s was just awesome and

now i’m go yeah i’m in proper grumpy old man more now and now these days these kids this this hip-hop trash absolute trash anyway that’s enough about how life was great 30 years ago uh next up crispy jams says hoping to see another zenfone flip soon yeah me too man i love those zenfones and a little birdie tells me there might be one later in 2022 so fingers crossed it’s just as good still got the same awesome flip mechanism uh sebastian says i’ve been watching the episode trying not to think about my job interview tomorrow oh good luck for the job but or rather i hope it went well because this was obviously several days ago uh now if you let us know how it went down below fingers crossed you got it obviously you could have just impressed them with some of the fantastic up-to-date tech knowledge that you would have gleaned from watching textbook weekly and sebastian continues 2012 the year of the london olympics and the euro cup held in poland and ukraine yeah completely forgot the 2012 was the london olympics it’s i can’t believe it’s a decade ago now that’s slightly terrifying and that year i worked in a pub in us court crazy times oh by the way greetings from sunny catalunya are you bastard uh scazzy 2305 says 2004 to 2006 were goodyears in general oh yeah that’s true actually for a good uh good chunk of that 2004-2005 period i was busy finding myself by backpacking around asia consuming my own body weight in shockingly cheap and disgustingly strong alcohol and perhaps unsurprisingly what i found out about myself was i really liked lying around on beaches getting pissed all day and then unfortunately my money ran out and i had to bugger a form and get a proper job next up is our music says still waiting for the

honor magic 4 pro here in the uk it was supposed to be released on the 9th yet no sign is launching here on blighty in the middle of may i believe it’s like the 12th of may or something like that so still unfortunately a good sort of month or so to wait but yeah i definitely can’t wait to get my mix on that one that looks like a good premium blower uh next up on me you knew great i mean immunity sorry i have no idea how to pronounce that and me emily you know great says uh where do you get your wallpapers um well i get this question asked an awful lot here on textbook weekly and in my videos in general and so i thought it would actually produce a little jingle to answer it wall dot that’s where my wallpapers come from although in hindsight i thought that producing that little jingle would save me time in the long run but then it took me about sort of five to ten minutes to shoot and edit that jingle and it generally only takes me about two seconds to say vault. so doing a bit of mental maths that means i’ll have to use the jingle uh at least 150 times before the whole time cost thing is finally in positive figures and that doesn’t even include the time i’ve just wasted right now explaining this and doing that surprisingly tricky bit of maths in my head um it’s the end of the week all right don’t judge me next up terry says just a quick input about vampire movies one of my favorites is a low budget affair called stakeland amazing i’ve gotta admit i don’t think i’ve actually heard of this one before so let’s just do a quick bit of googling action uh came out in 2010 directed by jim mickle uh i don’t think i’ve heard of that guy um or indeed there’s films i’ll definitely have to check that out thanks for the recommendation um hugely run out of times better just make a couple of quick final ones um danny stiff you win immediately uh best username of the week afternoon macomb still rocking the huawei mate 20x that 7.2 inch screen is bloody lovely are there any other large phones coming soon not these piddly 6.8 inch things i mean big screens i gotta say mr stiff it does kind of sound like you’re compensating for something else as far as something that’s seven inch plus it sounds like your best bet is probably going to be the likes of the vivo x fold whatever the it was i’ve

already forgotten the name was it the x-fold or the x-bend uh let’s just scroll back up to the top again the vivox fold yes um yeah something like that where it unfolds to a bigger display because i know they don’t make them that big yet or give it freaking time and then last up for the week chris says is it sad that one of the highlights of my week is watching textbook weekly and that comment wasn’t written by me uh by the way and uh in a word yes but don’t worry i still love you very much indeed so a massive thank you to everyone who commented last week hugely appreciated as always please do smash your comments down below and we’ll try and get as many of those covered off next week less of the tech questions though please my my head is already hurting just from the two or three in this one and speaking of next week next week next week what the is next week um i’ve got absolutely no idea um i’m assuming there’ll be more tech launches of some description there’s usually something to be yanked out of a box and piddled about with and i’m of course the uh the perfect for that so stay tuned for lots of more hot tech content hopefully there’ll be more tech news next week so i don’t have a complete show on my hands come friday morning and have yourselves a bloody lovely weekend whatever you’re up to cheers everyone love you oh and uh poke subscribe and ding the notification bell forgot to see that cheers you

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