Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs OnePlus 7T Pro Side-by-side comparison

so some some shiny new galaxy s 20 plus is one of the first new flagship smartphones of 2027 uploads of sexy premium tech like a 120 Hertz AMOLED display completely revamped camera hardware and the latest one UI software smarts of course this shiny gadgetry comes at quite the cost on from 999 quid so the question is how does the S 20 plus compare to one of the best flagship handsets of last year the oneplus 70 Pro which is still pretty damn clever and cost you just seven hundred quid well here’s my full side-by-side comparison with samsung’s galaxy s 20 plus R naught 1 plus 70 Pro so you know which one to throw your cash at and from on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now first up both of these blows could definitely accurately be described as large the oneplus is a six point six seven inch beast while the Samsung is it might bigger as six point seven inches so if you’re looking to compensate for something then either will do the job they’re certainly both a handful but both the 70 Pro and the S 20 plus boast very slender bezels surrounding those mighty displays to keep the form factor as manageable as possible and despite being a wee bit bigger the s 20 is also lighter at 186 grams compared with a hefty 206 crown one plus and samsung also helps you earn the comfort stakes with a proper dedicated one handed

mode while oneplus makes do with an easy to pull download applications bar not quite as good it is a glass finish on each of these handsets though Samsung has gone for a fingerprint bit and gloss surface while oneplus opted for a frosted design instead which I personally prefer as it’s definitely easier to keep smudge free sometimes Galaxy S 20 plus is officially the big tough mother of this pedal with its ip68 dust and water resistance the oneplus will definitely survive a lation in a rainstorm but it is not certifiably waterproof so let’s check out these gargantuan displays both of which use AMOLED tech for sky high brightness punchy color reproduction and sharp contrast the oneplus 70 pro boasts a proper full view experience with no kind of notch intrusion and that’s because the selfie cam is one of those pop-up copies instead lovely stuff meanwhile as samsung s 20 plus has an infinity or pinhole selfie count stuck up at the top of the screen it’s centrally positioned which makes it rather obvious when you’re watching full screen movies or Shores although if you’re really not a fan you can just dive into the galaxy s 20 plus is this believe settings and then hide that the pinhole camera from view with a black bar you get a mighty quad HD plus resolution with either device for pin shop visuals and you could also play around with a color open on them both to to see you on personal

preferences now that one plus MZ bra and the galaxy s 20 plus both serve up a nippy refresh rate as well the mom plus tops out at 90 Hertz while Samsung wins that round thanks to its 120 Hertz screen although bear in mind that this feature is only available at Full HD resolution and not the maximum quad HD still samsung has also added a 240 Hertz touch response rate to the galaxy s 20 plus as well which is perfect for any fast-paced action games like pub G mobile and for nightwear reactions are a key essential factor and you’ve also got a to your 10 plus support on both of these blowers but sadly no love for Dolby vision and well you have a dual speaker setup on these handsets neither phone has a headphone jack so it’s dongles or Bluetooth all the way on the performance from the S 20 plus packs in Samsung’s fresh new octa-core 7 nanometre Exynos chip set and meanwhile the oneplus is powered by the Snapdragon 855 plus platform from last year you have a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram on the oneplus while the samsung comes with a whopping 12 gigs as standard but either way you’re gonna be able to blaze through the lit skins on those top details ends with a brilliant beautiful smooth frame rate the fans of punchy mobile and the like will love the delicate fanatic giemon walls here on the oneplus 70 Pro which dedicates all necessary resources to your session and prevents pesky background tasks from nicking your bandwidth you can also block all incoming notifications if you want to steer properly in the zone the

Samsung’s game booster tool on the S 20 plus can also help our gamers couple it was similar to do not disturb tools and also on the performance front you’ll soon be able to pick up a 5g variant of the samsung galaxy s 20 plus for a bit more cash sadly the oneplus 70 pro does not offer a 5g option here in politey you’ll have to go back a generation to the mom plus 7 pro 5g for a minute action on the battery front Samsung has managed to find a bit more internal space for a large capacity cell it’s got a 4500 milliamp battery versus the 4080 5,000,000 battery stuffed inside the 70 pro that said I am fully expecting the battery performance on the s 20 plus to be about the same as that wampler 70 pro as all Samsung Exynos chips that seems to be a little bit less power efficient than Qualcomm’s platforms Samsung’s fast wireless charging tech is eclipsed by one plus as new warp charge 30 T which refills your drain phone in double-quick time unfortunately oneplus does not support wireless charging on its flagship phones unlike at the

galaxy s 20 plus which also has some things wireless power share feature for sharing your juice with other chief supported gadgetry that’s for storage you get 256 gigs as standard on the oneplus 70 pro while Samsung offers a choice of 128 or 512 gigs on the S 20 plus and also some songs blow is the only phone to offer microSD expansion given up to one terabyte of bonus space now it’s very gratifying to see both Samsung and the one plus plaus come in with a fresh bit of Android 10 out of the box and though they both offer a slightly different UI experience as they’ve got the manufacturers or launchers slathered on top Samsung’s 1ui launcher is absolutely stuffed with new features and a bit more dense compared with oneplus as oxygen OS don’t both definitely deliver on essential features like gesture navigation and a snazzy dark mode and they both certainly serve a plenty of customization options so you can tweak and fiddle to your heart’s content both of these premium phone sports and in-display fingerprint sensor which in samsung’s case is an ultrasonic scanner and though on both phones it is quick and responsive for unlocking your phone yours our face recognition support and while you have to wait for one plus seventy plus selfie camera to actually spring on up it is at least a pleasingly fast action

from what I’ve seen so far Samsung’s new flagship phones also offer more powerful camera tech compared with the oneplus 70 pro the older galaxy s 10 plus flagship phones had more than their fair share of flaws when it came to photo capture but the galaxy s 20 plus seems to have rectified most of these quite happily so let’s just take a quick look at the hardware and the S 20 plus serves up a 12 megapixel primary lens with built-in optical image stabilisation and that is backed by a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens as 64 megapixel telephoto camera and our final depth vision lens meanwhile the oneplus 70 pro supports a similar set up for the 40 a megapixel primary lens as well as a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter and an 8 megapixel telephoto camera there is no dedicated depth sensor though after spending some time with the galaxy s 20 plus it certainly seems to improve on the s tens weaknesses including less motion blur when you’re shooting an active subject the encapture picks it up to 64 mega pixel resolution thanks that telephoto lens while the oneplus tops out at 48 megapixels either Ford will grant plenty of fine detail in respectable lighting conditions see if photos will look great when blown up as far as the zoom Chop score both telephoto lenses deliver a three times optical zoom but while the one +17 probe maxes out at a ten times hybrid zoom Samsung’s dramatically titled speed soon gives you a mighty 30 times hybrid zoom although of

course about MaxEnt things definitely get a bit grainy so don’t get too excited that’s for your whole movies both phones here can shoot 4k resolution video any of the 30 or 60 frames per second but the galaxy s 20 plus goes a step further boston full 8k video capture you can even pull thirty-three megapixel photos direct from your video frames when you’re playing them back and you get plenty of bonus camera smarts in there too and all the s20 plus offers a lot more options than the one plus including a pro mode for video as well as that live focus video feature and finally as for the selfie comes where you get a 10 megapixel effort on the galaxy s 20 plus versus the 16 megapixel surfy shooter here on the 1 plus both offer portrait smarts and will definitely do the job in a pinch for a bit instagram action although if you fancy yourself as a bit of a vlogger nor that the 1 + 17 pull maxes out at full HD video using that selfie camera as the samsung galaxy s 20 plus can boost that up to 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second very sharp stuff and all right there’s my full side-by-side comparison of the 1 plus 70 pro and the fresh new samsung galaxy s 20 plus my question to you is is that Samsung flagship worth the extra cash and F&B great to hear thoughts in the comments down below please do pod subscribe in doing that notifications well and that’s also lovely week people Cheers love you

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