Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Full Tour Best foldable vs Moto Razr?

for the bendy phones have been all the rage for quite a while now but it’s taken until 2020 for us to finally get some proper compact models on the girl motorola smashed out of the gates first with its rather seductive reimagining of the classic razor but it’s sadly a kiss of style over substance and sew up steps Samsung to kick Mordor square in the crotchal region and put it to shame with the seriously impressive Galaxy Zed flip which post premium performance a bigger battery and some very clever tech indeed now I’ve got my greasy mitts all over the galaxy Zed flip at last night’s big samsung galaxy unpacked event and so far I’m definitely liking it indeed this is coming from someone who wasn’t really a massive fan of that Samsung Galaxy Fault which let’s face it was a bit of a brick so here’s my full in-depth thoughts so far on the galaxy said fit everything you need to know and more on the latest a great stack please do post subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers so in its folded form the galaxy’s head flip is a super compact delight just like the Motorola RAZR phone it’s 74 millimeters wide 87 millimeters tall and 17.3 millimeters and it’s thickest point so basically you can stuff it wherever you like within reason of course and at

183 grams it’s got a decent heft but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as heavy now the flip will come in a choice of purple black or if you’re an eighties rapper a bit of blingtastic gold but that last variant will apparently only be available in select regions not exactly a massive shocker my only bugbear with the design so far is the standard issue with glossy smartphones name there had to constantly buffer thing on my shirt to wipe away smudges even on these dark models your smudge you greasy principles show up all too easily now when the samsung galaxy zed flip is folded up you have a dinky one point one inch cover display to stay in order find this AMOLED screen is absolutely tiny literally just about big enough to show all the time and a couple of those icons and not much more it’s a far cry from the spacious external display on the motorola razr and of course Samsung’s own galaxy fault it would definitely be nice to have a more spacious to split really let those notification alerts breathe and certainly if you get a lot of messages and other things pinging in all throughout the day it won’t be much help at all but still I guess like an always-on display at least it won’t be sapping and much power so I was gonna use on a battery light front and that cover display is also perfectly sharp and bright so everything appears nice and clear now anyone open for a satisfying flip option may be quite disappointed the galaxy’s head flips hinge is quite a stiff affair so it doesn’t pop open in one smooth joyous motion and though there is actually a reason for this which I will touch on in a bit now I found

that the Zed flip was still perfectly possible to open with one hand when needed although it wasn’t exactly an easy affair and I was ever so slightly petrified of dropping the thing weren’t doing so so it definitely feels like a well constructed hinge so hopefully should prove nice and durable over time now a big concern with the Motorola RAZR smartphone is how much muck can infiltrate that bendy fold and hinge mechanism and that’s an issue that hopefully Samsung has addressed with a special fiber guard here on the galaxy’s head flip who’s just helped to trap any dust and other crud was trying to infiltrate that little space now once you pop the phone open chances are you’ll be impressed by that gorgeous dynamic AMOLED screen it’s a full HD plus panel roll and quad HD like the new Galaxy S 24 but I found that video and pics look perfectly sharp in my hands-on session and has certainly both bright and punchy as well with usual customisation options on offer but no there’s no 120 Hertz refresh rate or 240 Hertz touch response rate here on the galaxy Zed flip your after upgrade yourself to the galaxy s 20 smartphones are a bit of that sexy screen tech a Samsung 6 point 7 inch fold will display matches the s20 plus 4 size and eclipses Motorola raises 6.2 inch effort so you get a spacious panel for enjoying all your media while that stretched aspect area short it’s definitely well suited to modern movies now the screen is actually constructed from ultra-thin glass rather than plastic and yes you can see that central crease when you tilt the phone away from your face but when viewed head-on it’s very pretty invisible however you certainly can’t feel that crease when you’ll run your

fingers across the panel which is a bit weird and kind of off-putting as well but hopefully it’s something leo just kind of adjust to and get used to over time of course there’s no headphone jack on the zed flips so it’s type-c dongles or bluetooth all the way for your music needs now that stiff hinge action on the screen means that you can basically bend Samsung smartphone to almost any angle and it will stay put and doing so activates a kind of split screen mode in supported apps so for instance you got your YouTube video on the top off while perusing the delightful comments in the bottom half it should prove really really handy for something like Skype and for instance you can just like bend the phone so that selfie cameras pointed right at you Mogan then set the galaxy’s head flip down on a counter while you’re chopping your spuds or doing whatever else I’ll hopefully put an end to awkwardly prop it up your smartphone on a can of kidney beans and like that that’s for the rest of you I well it basically seems like standard Samsung you get the fresh new one UI version 2.0 slathered on top of Android 10 and this gives you the usual shenanigans like a dark more gesture navigation a one handed mode which proves quite helpful and so on however while Samsung has undoubtedly crammed a lot of clever tech into the galaxy Zed flipped ignore that there is no fingerprint sensor onboard so you’re stuck with the likes of face recognition or pen entry instead now I’ve taken a

much closer look at all these software smarts and my full Samsung when you’re version 2.0 launch of Tips & Tricks guys go check that out but you need to not as for performance well that’s one area where the galaxy said that definitely smashes the new motorola razr as well you get one of Samsung’s fresh new Exodus chipsets just like the s20 phones backed by eight gigs of ram the performance certainly seems absolutely super smooth in my hands-on session and hopefully the lit skins will play absolutely no problem even on top detail levels with a blistering framerate and yep that game launcher tool is once again back on boards and you have 256 gigs of storage for all of your apps but suddenly there is no room for micro SD memory card support now one of the major pain points with the Motorola RAZR smartphone was suddenly the lackluster battery life it only had space for a 2500 milliamps are which isn’t enough for all-day play but hopefully that’s something that Samsung is ready to sort out by Crom and a mighty 3300 milliamp battery inside of the galaxy Zen flip with one hour of constantly the Zen FIPS battery life seems to drop around 14% so if you’re not always on your phone I reckon you will make it through a full day but of course stay tuned for my full review for the final verdict on that and when it’s time to charge back up you do get full wireless charging support with

the Qi standard here on the samsung galaxy zed flip as well as the standard 15 watt fast charging as well now slaps on the back of the samsung said flip you get a dual lens camera a 12 megapixel lens with f 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization backed by another 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens swapping between the two is easy enough for you to do is tap these on-screen icons and the photo quality seems perfectly respectable for my hands on the session even when you’re battling fierce demo room lighting you’ve got a comprehensive selection of cameras to play around with – pretty much Sims lectured as the s 20s so for instance you got the old new single take board which could capture a wide variety of photos and video clips using both of those lenses at once and fan favorites like the night mode and of course the obligatory food mod do make a return swap to video capture and you can record it up to 4k resolution and either 30 or 60 frames per second with full Pro controls if you like as well I might you can shoot at the standard 16 by 9 aspect ratio you can also flip reverse it to shoot at 9 by 16 instead there’s a 10 megapixel F 2.4 selfie camera

built into that mighty screen in a central pinhole housing and again this is fully featured you can shoot portrait photos or even live focus video and though this didn’t seem to do too much in our hands-on session now speaking of video you can once again capture footage it up to 4k resolution at 30 or 60 FPS with that selfie snapper Bananarama now somewhat hilariously you can also take selfies with that primary camera as well using the weenie external display as a kind of viewfinder again this is a feature already found on the Motorola RAZR however you may have to squint a bit though if your eyes were shot as mind as this really is a miniscule panel and it only gives you a very vague idea of whether you’re basically pointing those lenses in the right direction still it does undoubtedly work just double tap the power button to activate it and then press again to snap away sorry there’s my full hands on early impressions of the samsung galaxy zed flip as you can see i think as far as compact bendy phones go this one could well be a winner and what we were all kind of hoping at the mordoor is it could be but what’s your own personal thoughts are you tempted by this head flip it is of course a pricey wee bugger turn it around the grand and a half marks you’ll definitely have to have pretty fat stacks in order to actually afford water boo anyway please do slap your comments down below and please do poke subscribe to do email notifications belt as well for more on the latest and greatest tech kids ever on love you

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