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hello they you wonderful gorgeous human being you this is Chris from tech spurt and I’m here with the red meat naught it t– fresh new budget-friendly smartphone had quite a few good affordable handsets hitting at the end of 2019 start of 2020 this bad boy costs just 179 quid here in the UK and yet it boasts a quad lens rear camera a nice guerrilla glass finish snapdragon 665 chipset performers four thousand milliamp battery some really strong specs for that sub 200 pound price point so without further adieu let’s whip it out and have a good old tour of the hardware and the software here on the redmi note 8 t there will be isn’t it’s my personal handset for a full review as well so please do poke subscribe and dignity notification spell to be the first to see that action there’s the actual smartphone itself the redmi note it t is just set that aside for a second see what else you get in the box so in here nice pick up or keep in device action so you can actually get your sim in there and i quite a lot of the budget smartphones these days do come with its own protective cover bundled it in the box as well which is great secret bit of extra value for money just

helps to keep your purchase a nice pristine condition and is your typical rubber johnnie cover just slap the red mean or it t in like sort o bit of a tight fit said the actress to the bishop thing on as a tack this from another angle also said the actress to the bishop when you buy got there we go up bloody yell that was a bit of a struggle but at least you know that that covers on there nice and tight ain’t gonna come flying off unexpectedly and as you can see there you’ve still got the design showing through and everything so it doesn’t ruin the overall aesthetics much beyond obviously adding a bit chunkiness and yeah and then if you have a squint inside the rest of the box is pretty straightforward stuff by the looks of it you get yeah two pin european adapter in this case you should get three pin plug if you order it here in the UK touchwood and a bit of type-c USB action as well lovely stuff alright so now let’s turn our attention to the actual redmi note its t itself as you can see they’re fairly standard looking for a budget blower I do quite like the aesthetics you’ve got this typical sort of gradient style finish as you can see a lighter hue up top working towards a deeper sort of blue down

below you can pick up the redmi note city in three different colors this is the starscape blue very dramatic you can also grab it in moonlight white or moon shadow gray mid shot a great is basically just black yeah for sub 200-pound smartphone certainly looks pretty damn nice and its constructed from glasses while you get a Gorilla Glass five Courtin back and front as well so hopefully that should help to improve the hardness of it as well as deficit so they’ve got a decent heft to it that’s for sure as I said he doesn’t feel totally like or anything like that it does have a splash resistant exterior Courtin as well so don’t go dunking it in the shower or anything like that but it should be fine in typically in Clement British weather as you can see they’re slapped on the back you do get a rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor possibly the tiniest scanner I’ve ever actually seen on a smartphone it’s sort of thinking I won’t be able to get my entire fingertip on there I don’t think but it seems to be reasonably located quite comfortable and easy to find because it is slightly indented in the surface there as you can see as you can see there that quad lens camera grille does just somewhat from the surface of the smartphone as well not particularly troublesome degree but it doesn’t mean if you’re using the redmi note it’s here on a flat surface it will rock back and forth a bit now if we pull out the old symmetry as well you’ll see you’ve got room not only for two different nano SIM cards but

also a micro SD memory card as well and great stuff then the rest of the redmi note it is fairly straightforward you actually get a headphone jack down below or some stuff type-c USB port and a nice bottom fire and speaker pretty standard again and of course your power button and your volume rockers let’s see if the redmi note et has some juice in the tank and we can get it all set up and tour the rest of the hardware and of course that lovely software right so there of me not a it t is all set up but I just wanted to stop by saying already this phone is impressing despite costing just under two hundred pounds here you get full dual band Wi-Fi support you get NFC supports though no obvious features missing from this device which is great to see at that sort of sub 200 pound price now what we have as far as the software is concerned is a bit of Android 9 action but of course you’ve got Yami’s me your wide launches slapped on top to change up the general look and feel and add some new features at the moment it’s me UI 10 but it looks like we’ve got a system update which will hopefully take it up to me ooh I 11 so keep it nice and current as you can see even though you’ve got androids 9 the me UI does add some Android 10 style features like the dark mode as well which is just nice and easy on the peepers and also good

from an energy efficiency point of view and as you can see there’s tons and tons of extra features on top of that as well unfortunately by default there is no apps tray that is missing in actions all that all of your apps are just slapped there on your desktops kind of similar to the likes of iOS but you do get plenty of other customization of these buried away in the settings you can change up the general homescreen the grid layout all that sauce on Anakin’s and of course if you don’t particularly like the me UI launch if you’d rather get the app straight back and add a little bit of extra customisation always just go on the home screen and change the default launcher up so it’s nice and straightforward and they just round up some of my favorite Android launchers so that you can download right now in 2020 so definitely go check that out if you wanna see full list of recommendations as you can see here updates me UI 11 has changed the general look of the settings menu it looks a bit neater and tidy and now not quite as full on things have been organized a bit better but it’s still the same general features and everything buried away in there so I will be gone through that in depth in my full review now let’s ship from the software and take a squint at the redmi note T’s hardware instead and up front you’ve got a lovely 6.3 inch IPS display as Exeter stretches fairly edge trends you do get a chunky

little bezel action down below with the red me Brandon on there but pop up nothing too obnoxious little dinky little notch up top as well but again doesn’t intrude too much into the action if we just load up an app as you can see there it’s a bit more obvious so it will poke it a little bit if you’ve got full screen in YouTube for instance see as you can see there does it include a tiny little bit but not much at all and it’s pretty standard for a budget smartphone these days and unlike some Netflix and everything you’ll have the sort of black band there as well and you do actually have a high notch option buried await and the redmi note 8 t settings if you want to obscure it from view a full HD resolution helps to keep everything nice and crisp as you can see there the colours look nice and natural as well and you’ve got full control over the output you’ve got usual night mode settings all that kind of shenanigans everything you would expect if you boost up the volume and check out that built in that mono speaker as well so not bad output it’s not the loudest around that’s for sure but actually reasonably clear even on that top volume there’s not much distortion or static or anything like that so that’s great to hear no but you do have that headphone jack and for Bluetooth support as well if you want to go wireless I’m pretty

impressed to find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset packed inside of the redmi note it’s here as well which you’ll find on several more expensive smartphones I believe the likes of the motor all one zoom for instance had it and that was over twice the price of this bad boy couple of little starts so far just as I’m setting the phone up but again that’s pretty standard for pretty much any smartphone it does only have three gigs of ram stashed in it I believe there is a full gig model available overseas I don’t think you can get that here in the UK but hopefully touch for the performance we find again stay tuned might end up review for all you need to know on that there shouldn’t be any battery Wars either as you get four thousand million cells stuffed inside with 18 what faster choice support as well as fingers crossed you won’t have to rely on the likes the battery saver mode even at the end of a busy day unfortunately news we really in great when it comes to the storage though you only get 32 gigabytes onboard again I believe there’s an overseas model with 64 gig if you want to upgrade your your price point a little bit unfortunately yeah 32 gigs that’s gonna fill up really fast especially when you consider I haven’t even begun to install my own personal apps yeah and already you’ve only got 18 gigs actually available thankfully do have that microSD memory card support though so you can at least use that to boost the storage when needed and so before we finish

let’s take a quick look at that quad lens rear camera setup as well you get a forty eight megapixel primary lens F 1.75 aperture uses good bit of pixel binnen to get you a nice bright shop 12 megapixel image and then that’s back to you buy an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens as well as 2 megapixel at macro and depth sensors as well so not telephoto lens as you’d kind of expect given that sub 200 pound price point now if we dive right into the camera but look familiar to anyone who’s used to Jeremy or indeed a redmi phone in the past lots of settings and toggles and stuff to get your head around you’ve got an AI mode up top that’s basically seen a recommission just helps to boost the colors & certain aspects of the photo when it detects certain subjects you’ve got yeah it’s gr mode up top of course as well let’s turn that on to oral I’ll just help out with those high contrast situations got the lights the macro mode up top as well as to give that a petal swap to that macro lens and that’s really good for those up course shots and of course you’ve got the usual wank we like beauty modes and filters and all that kind of shenanigans if you just don’t want to take a natural-looking photo it’s quick it easy to swap to the ultra wide-angle lens as well just quick tap of this little icon Donny and as you can see there we’ve got a nice wide angle view mr.

Teddy you can also do a 2 x digital zoom just by tapping Nana putting pinch with your fingers as well to do a bit at zoomy zoom you can actually shoot up to 48 megapixel images as well if you don’t want to use the the old pixel been in use for that maximum resolution setting and of course you’ve got a video mode which allows you to ship to 4k resolution footage and again you can flick between the different wide-angle and standard views if you like of course you’ve got lengths of slow-motion video and you do have a dedicated night mode as well so if you want to shoot a low-light snap photo just take lots of different shots of different aperture settings and then smush them all together hopefully for a nice well-balanced result they’re gonna check back for my full review to see what I think of all that and you’ve got a portrait mode as well let’s not skip over that so that’s all use that depth sensor in order to make sure your subject is nice and crisp while also blowing out the background the lovely baka style effect and last but not least took a bit of Pro Mod action as well you can manually tweak

settings such as the white balance get very different results depending on your current situation on whatever you do don’t forget to turn off the bloody annoying watermark ah boys you’ll get that at the bottom of every single photo you take and then if we swap around the front-facing camera is a 13 megapixel F 2.0 effort hopefully should be absolutely adequate for your selfie needs and you can I believe once again shoot portrait mode shots using that front-facing camera eventually yeah there we go of course it is only a single lens so it’s just using software smarts to detect you and then blow out the backgrounds but hopefully touch what you get we used to be good results from it still busy process and there we go and there you have it that right there in a nutshell is the new red B naught it t so if you’re underneath quit seems like some very solid specs overall some very impressive hardware – of course the the storage which kind of sucks a bit throw at me well I’m not the biggest fan of me UI but I’ll definitely try living with it for a few days see how that ends up might end up just sticking my own launcher on top to be perfectly honest but certainly 180 quid I reckon that’s top above you so what do you think are you tempted by the red bean or 80 definitely bung your comments down below and stay tuned for an in-depth review and just watching everyone love you bye

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