Review Ticpods 2 Pro AirPods killer?

so the very start of 2020 mob boy launched the new tick pods to antic pods to pro this is the pro model that cost you 120 quid which means they’re a little bit cheaper than the likes of the Jabra elite 75 tees although a bit more pricey than the likes of the creative out ladles and several other true wireless earbuds as well but they do pack a lot of really cool premium features I’ve been testing out the tick pods to profit just don’t for a week now using them as my full-time headphones on here is my in-depth review and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now first up you’ll notice that the tick pods to process what a very similar design to last year’s tick pods free and this is probably my primary beef with these things overall so first up we still have this silly air pod style gangly stalk thing which kind of looks a bit untidy compared with a lot of the pills shipped true Wireless a buzz that you get these days there is actually a reason for it does have a dual mic setup and also a swipe touch system which I’ll touch on in a bit but I’m definitely more of a fan of the more compact earbuds I bought from that lot they look

absolutely fine you got a choice of three colors as well you got this Livi blue option and you’ve also got white and pink or ice and blossom there’s more boy turns and because you can’t just give these things normal names you have to call them something silly and the tick pods to pro are full ipx4 splash resistant as well so no worries if you using them out in the rain as I discovered yesterday and also if you get a bit of a sweat on doing a bit of jogging or something like that you don’t have to worry about them being corrupted however and this is my other major bug bear with the tick pods is the fact that you don’t get a soft flexible silicon tip instead you get this hard scratchy surface just like last year’s efforts those scrappy tips definitely do not feel particularly comfortable especially if you’re taking the tick pods to pro in and out of your ears throughout the deer I follow my inner ears to get a little bit sore and tender as a knock-on effect about the tick positive didn’t feel particularly secure inside my ear holes but thankfully there was no movement or dropping out while I was jogging down the pavement

anything like that and to prove that they are fit for purpose maash test I had no problem connecting the tick pots to pour to my smartphone either even when I’m connected to a new device when they’re already connected to something else all you need to do is just double push this little button inside the kiss they will unpair and then they’ll be ready for action again and where the tick pods to bro really excel is the super flexible and deep level of control that they offer either hands-on or hands-off so first up like most to balance earbuds you’ve got a full complement of touch controls these are vaguely customizable you can do a double tap action which you can customize to either play and pause your music or skip a track you can also adjust the volume by sliding your finger up or down that stem and you could of course answer and reject calls as well and if at this all works absolutely fine sometimes it does take me a couple of attempts to actually get that double tap to work but the volume slide in certainly seems to work absolutely fine every time no worries at all and also if you yank one of the tick pot two buds out of your lug hole then it will automatically pause

whatever you’re listening to as well and then resume again once you shove them back in so that’s really helpful and if you upgrade to the pro models of the tick pods – then one of the benefits of that upgrade is full voice controls so any pointing zoom hey tika skip track however I did notice there were some smart phones including the likes the Y where p30 Paul let that voice control would only work if the mob boy app was actually front and center otherwise unfortunately just didn’t work at all so hey Tico no worries at all there let’s just minimize the app hey Tico bugger all hopefully this is just a little quirk little bug then mob boy is gonna iron out with future patches and updates you can actually update the the buds firmware and everything via the app which is good to see and in addition to the voice controls the touch controls you also get head gesture controls as well so if you’re receiving a call in your smartphone you decide either to accept their call or give them a big fat nope and these features gobby activate the deactivating link some cases customized via the mob boy app as well which is great to see so basically the mob boy tick pods – pro can give you a level of control of flexibility that most of the true wireless earbuds simply can’t even touch upon so even the voice controls were a little bit touch-and-go as I say

hopefully that’ll be sorted in an update as well as the actual audio quality goes absolutely no complaints whatsoever with the tick pods – poor first up the call quality is absolutely fantastic you’ve got a dual mic designs basically but one might to pick up your voice and another mic to pick up all of the surrounding ambient sound and then block that out for your call as a result I found that I could have a call even quite a noisy environment a high street and so on and the other person at the other end of the line picked up exactly what I was seeing without having to repeat myself or anything like that as far as the sound quality goes for listen to music audio books podcast all that sort of thing again no real complaints here the lower end of the scale could use a little bit more power so if you’re listening to rock music hip-hop dance things like that that could use a little bit more Grunk just to give it a real forceful feel but that’s just my own personal opinion the mids and the highs are well represented and I’ve found that if you listen to something vocal like a podcast or an audiobook they the voice come through nice and crisp and clear so yeah it’s definitely pretty strong on that size however if you are going to be using these true wireless earbuds out about in the big bad world quite a lot and you might want to think twice about that take pod stupor because there’s absolutely nothing in the way of noise cancellation or isolation as well because of that firm solid tip a proper silicon tip on a true wanna see about helps to really drown out the surround and noise even if it doesn’t have proper noise cancellation built in

unfortunately when you’ve got a firm tip like this it doesn’t fit to your lug hole and therefore it doesn’t do anywhere near as good a job at blocking out all of that noise so find if I was next to a busy road for instance I’d really have to boost the volume on whatever I was listening to in order to combat that traffic sound especially buzz listen to an audiobook or a podcast where you have to really pay attention listen to every word but on the flip side it does mean that you do have a good amount of environmental awareness hospitals if you’re going to be listed to something while you’re cycling for instance you need to know what’s going on around you then they are good for that and absolutely no worries as far as the Bluetooth 5 connection is concerned as well upon even if I left my smartphone downstairs and I wondered upstairs still had a nice strong stable connection or stuttering or static and absolutely fine went out and about as well when I first started testing the tick positive or my music did mysteriously pause a couple of times without me touching the buds or seen a teak or anything like that but that seemed to be teething issues and after that no problems at all and if you watch a lot of video on the goes well the great news is that the tick pots to pro have full app tech support as well so no issues were syncing between the sound and what you’ve seen on your screen all you have to actually enable this feature via the mob boy apps you will have to download that now let’s talk about battery life and mob boy wreck you’ll get two four hours of use from the tick pods to pull once you yank him out of the case and shove him in your locals unfortunately I found that wasn’t quite the

case was a bit optimistic actually got close at the three hours of use each time now unfortunate that is pretty limited performance compared with a lot of especially more modern true wireless earbuds for instance the creative outlet goals which I recently reviewed can go from between ten to twelve hours on a single charge before you need to shove them back in the case and of course three hours of use is absolutely fine for a long commute things like that but if you’re gonna be wearing them for you know the good chunk of a day or for a long flight for instance something like that it’s gonna be annoying having to constantly put back in the case to recharge them thankfully the tick pods to produce support fast charging as well more voids you’ll get an hour of use from just five minutes of recharge time in the case I timed it and did exactly five minutes I thought I got closer to forty to forty-five minutes of use but that’s still pretty good and I found that shipping them in that case generally give you around three to four full recharges of the tick pods to pro before the case itself needs recharge and which thankfully can be done by a type-c USB and I’ve got to say I do absolutely adore the dinky mob void tick pods two port charging kit as well it’s a very very compact so perfect for just slipping the tick pods back into and then you can just slap that into your back pocket or whatever when the tick pods aren’t in use clasp it shut and some handy little LEDs will show you when the tick pods themselves are actually charging and also give you a clue a heads up when the actual case itself needs recharging they feel very compact and very lovable indeed and I love the fact that it’s the same color as the actual tick pods as well so all matches or very nicely and neatly so that’s what I think of the tick pods – prof.

– use them as my full-time headphones for just over a week not one of my favorite qi wireless earbuds unfortunately they’ve got very strong controls the fact you’ve got the yeah the voice controls as well as the touch controls the gesture controls that everything is fantastic nice little design it’s just a shame that you don’t have those proper silicon soft touch tips in order to make them really comfortable to wear for prolonged amounts of time and of course that would also help with the noise isolation as well which would be great if you’re using them out and about quite a lot so are you tempted by the tick pods to prod a few be greater your thoughts down below and don’t forget to ding that notifications Bell hit subscribe and have yourselves a lovely bloody week people Cheers

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