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hello there you flying looking folk this christmas expert I’m here with the new Nokia 7.2 smartphone grit budget-friendly device costs 250 quid here in the UK the actually pick it up around 230 from the likes of Amazon and coffin warehouse in free which is fantastic value continents packing a 6.3 inch hitch do you already display got a triple ends week I’m a nice stock version of Android some really great specs and features for that price so let’s get it fully unboxed set up and take a full-on tour that hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pork subscribe and dig not though North occations Bell Cheers so the for itself let’s just stick that aside for a brief moment while we check out what exactly else you get in the box but keep in device of course to actually get your sim in the soccer get started guide don’t need that always nice and straightforward with a bit of Android one action and then in here you got everything else that you need so a nice bit type-c USB action to actually power it back up as you get some headphones bundled in there as well not expecting much from these I’m guessing they’re fairly sort of cheap and cheerful yeah unsurprisingly they are your typical average ear scratches so alright I sort of shove in a bag or a pocket something just in case your Bluetooth pair die on the the rod and you also get a bit of three-pin plug action as well lovely stuff and there you have it ladies and gentlemen that’s the highly exciting contents of the Nokia 7.2 box this is crumb all that crap back in there get rid of that now we can actually concentrate on the phone itself now first of all I’m super chuffed because this is the lovely ethreal green version of the Nokia 7.2 you can also figured I’ve been born black

and white if you’re like but frankly this is a stunning version so as you can see it’s kind of almost got a nurse over an Aurora style galore just ease sort of bend it towards the light lovely little Sheen coming off this thing gorgeous stuff and the Nokia some point do definite has a very unique distinctive look and feel it’s got almost a metallic style Sheen as you can see there it’s actually composed of grass it’s actually kind of a polymer composite which is that in surfaced with Gorilla Glass 3 on the back and you get Gorilla Glass 3 on the front as well for a bit of extra protection which is great to see bit metallic edge in there as well I said like 180 grams despite the fact that obviously it is quite a beast at six point three inches we have a quick tour of the rest of the hardware as well here on the right edge you’ve got your power button and your volume rocker and then over on the left edge you’ve got a dedicated Googler system button great if you always pestering that thing to do your bidding and then you got your symmetry as well I’ve just ripped that out and as you can see there you’ve got space for two sim cards or personal and work sim or what have you everyone’s got space for micro SD memory card of up to 512 gigs as well to boost the believe it’s 64 128 gigs of on-board storage so hopefully we’ve

got some gas in the tank where you can get the naki some point – all set up yeah oh that is a powerfully bright display I think that lucky is that is a of the global of course who actually manufactures the Nokia branded phones now said it was up to 500 names I’m guessing that’s gone straight to maximum level because ouch that is eyeballs Seiran right there ah [Music] classic always gives me a bit of a chill startup a Nokia smartphone for the first time mostly because my very first smartphone was a Nokia and it reminds me that that was over 20 years ago and how bloody all day am these days and of course here on the lock you some point to you get a rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor which is absolutely lovely to see still in 2019 it is still a thing I don’t mind in display ones they get a lot better than they were this time last year but I still do prefer got to see it a proper physical sensor on the back it’s just nice and convenient easy to reach and rarely lets you down and yes you’ve got full face and lock support as well great stuff let’s get started just got to scan in my mug looking a bit be the bit horrible ish that’s because I’m bothered to shave this weekend’s don’t judge me too harshly thankfully that shouldn’t really prove an issue because if it’s recognition tends to disregard things like stubble anyway and be I tend to look like a hobo most of the time so all good anyway said a process

is complete I managed to dial down the brightness finally because of some annoying reason you can’t do that during setup really really irritating and here we are inside of good old Android I believe was just Android 9 unfortunately it certainly was when the Nokia 7.2 was launched so bit Bashir me don’t have the latest version of Android and indeed yes I just checked it is still version 9 so not Android 10 just yet but hopefully that should be coming really really soon and of course the great thing about an Android 1 device like the Nokia at some point too is you guaranteed to folios of OS updates which should get updated to Android 10 and then Android 11 again come at the end of 2020 scary thoughts and also three years of security updates as well so then lucky some points who should stay nice and fresh for the fallen foreign contract which is great seen as you can see it’s got lovely stock feel it hasn’t got heavy overly or anything like that okay so you’ve knocked it all they’ve done is busy added in some extra bonus features such as that face recognition

and you’ll finally a couple of other bits hidden away in there but for the most part it is lovely vanilla Android UI but first up a little bit more about that actual display so as mentioned before it’s a six point three into it’s an IPS panel and it’s got a full HD plus a resolution nice and bright about 500 nits so as you can see there just a dinky little notch up top the bezels are sort of relatively slender for a budget device a fairly chunky down bloke what’s got there Nokia Brandon on there that’s how chunky they are but really really not that bad at all for an affordable handset they’re actually slimmer than the iPhone 11 saw all right almost impressive aspects as well of this six by three it disappears the fact that it’s each do of 10 compliant and it can actually do upscale and as well Str level content to near HD or quality so as you can see they’re pretty sharp contrast reasonably punchy colors for an IPS not exactly super vibrant in your face or anything but but it definitely looks pretty good detail levels not the strongest this is a 1080p video that I’m just streaming over YouTube it’s not quite as crisp as you would hope when you sort of get in close but again absolutely fine if you’re just going to be kicking back with the bit Netflix on the train so the viewing angles and everything seem perfectly fine as well as we twist and turn

about I can’t remember off the top my head if it’s stereo speakers or not let’s just try it not just model speakers unfortunately see all of your media is pumped out at that bottom speaker [Applause] oh yeah sorry loud enough to be clearly heard in a noisy environment that’s for sure oh god this movie looks so bad because I’ll be fully tested out there display the media chops everything in my in-depth Nakia 7.2 review so stay tuned for that hopefully coming over other soon indeed in the next sort of week I saw as for the performance I was provided by a budget-friendly snapdragon 660 chipset back to maybe the four or six gigs of ram depend on how much money you throw at nokia so I’m not exactly expecting the performance to blow mine it’s off for anything but hopefully likes a pub quinoa bar will play with an acceptable frame rate on obviously those low detail settings probably best off with more casual titles of course here on the the Nokia 7.2 but you can of course do a nice bit of multitasking like Suzuki I’ve got another security update already available so I have to get that downloaded on battery front you get a 3500 milliamp cells stuffed inside so I should hopefully keep you going all day especially as it’s a nice power efficient platform obviously nice stock version of Android everything as well so yeah fingers crossed it’ll do a better job then the pixel for did I’ve got to go at usual battery saver

Moore’s and all that shenanigans now let’s move last but certainly not least onto that triple lens or Ria’s ice camera tech so as you can see they’re three lenses plus the LED flash making up a nice awkward arrangement on this circular cameras chassis it’s only the circular sort of camera body is getting very very popular in 2019 is where hand into 2020 so expect to see a lot more of those now I won’t go into too much detail on the camera tech here on the Nokia 7.2 for this unboxing video I’ll save that for my in-depth review but this you get 48 megapixel primary lens like pretty much every other smartphone snapper that’s been released at the moment it’s called pixel techno sort of shoot a 12 megapixel 4 tour by default and they’re just combined 4 pixels into one all that information just how brighten up to the overall image so as you can see there if you got photo resolution photos from the rear camera 12 megapixel you can actually boost it up to 40 it megapixel if you want to ditch the quad pixel tech and just shooter that top resolution you’ve got raw picture support as well and the photo and promote if you just quickly dive into the video resolution while we’re in here as well as you can see it’s full HD by default you can bump that up to 4k resolution footage as well and of course you can shoot up to Full HD using

the front-facing camera and as you can see from that main camera UI there are lots of girls and different modes to play around with it’s a little bit cluttered but once you sort of learn your way around it it won’t be too bad you can swap between the main 48 megapixel lens and the secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with a quick tap of these little icons down here as you can see it’s not the swiftest of transitions we get afforded a nice 180-degree angle view with that ultra wide-angle so really good for a dramatic action shot of for instance a meerkat dressed as Batman great stuff and of course you’ve got five megapixel depth sensor as well that’s the third lens here on the Lakia 7.2 let’s just skip all that now obviously just basically helps to keep your subject nice and crisp and then gives you a nice ba Kia style blurry background just like every other portrait mode full broad control so you’ll have a bit of a play around with those if you want to just skip a lot so you see I saw level a white balance all that kind of shenanigans you can have a play around with or just leave them individually on auto if you like and if you dive back this way you see you’ve got your course your video model you’ve also got a knight mode as well witching dive into is just shoots lots of different photos of different exposure levels and then mel’s them together into a lovely sexy brightly lit hopefully well

balanced shot of course again be fully testing them out and as you can see there you can actually use the ultra wide-angle lens with that night mode as well just let you come on the latest oneplus handsets for instance and then if we flip around to the front face and snapper it’s a 20 megapixel lens f 2.

0 I believe it is as you can see they make sure you photos your videos up to full HD of course don’t believe you can shoot night modes unfortunately soon as you can see they’re just swaps back to the rear facing camera but you can however shoot a nice bit of portrait shot action using that front-facing camera of course is probably won’t be quite as reliable with the old edge detection because you don’t have a dedicated depth sensor but hopefully should do the job quite nicely smile and now there is the look of a deranged madman who hasn’t had enough sleep and desperately needs a shave so there you have it that in a nutshell is the Nokia 7.2 full hardware and software towards his stitute might in depth knock you some point to review that’ll be coming in about a week’s time off on my sim slapped in there from today’s Sunday the 24th or free come come next Sunday / Monday we’ll be able to get my in-depth thoughts on how good this budget blower is some hundred fifty quid you know what looks pretty good to me so yeah thanks very much for watching everyone have you got any questions quiz any recommendations on videos you would like to see on the nokia some point to definitely bug your thoughts down below be grids in here and don’t forget to book subscribe and ding that notifications well from what on the list of greatest tech isn’t that right make up Batman oh my guess is very rock for all your surely lived in section handsome I love your bold shiny head

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