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so today we’re going to be unboxing and checking out the fresh new nokia g11 budget friendly smartphone but because it’s the easter weekend they’ve only gone and bunged it inside of a giant chocolate egg because i’d rather they somehow ensconce the phone inside of a giant bottle of single malt or an enormous pork scratching but that’s pretty cool until we crack it open and actually get to the phone inside uh i’ll need the help of a glamorous assistant okay do you want to give it a little taffy tap then go for it yeah i’ve put a dent in it god there’s so much chocolate in there so we’ve got one nokia g11 and this time next week we’ll probably have type 2 diabetes so you can grab the nokia g11 here in the uk right now for just 120 quid and for every phone sold hmd global will kindly plant 10 trees in your honor that’s making up for that time you had a plastic chair bonfire in the back garden so first up what do you actually get inside of the nokia g11 box a box which by the way still smells very much like white chocolate well you’ve got your nokia g11 smartphone of course we’ve got about trees

worth of random pamphlets and manuals but don’t worry we’re still nine trees to the good got a dinky wii power adapter it’s the two pin model here because this is the european review sample and you’ve also got one type c usb cable and that’s it nice and easy so let’s crack on with the phone all right so as far as the design goes the nokia g11 doesn’t exactly shock and surprise it looks very much like other nokia branded budget smartphones it’s a 6.5 incher not absolutely massive by 2022 standards but it is rather rectangular and build with a very thick bezel surrounding that display especially down below where you’ve got quite a fat lip as you can see they’re quite flat edges as well but the nokia g11 doesn’t feel uncomfortable to grasp and then flip it around back you have a plastic back end of course at this sort of budget price point what else would you expect this is the charcoal version but you can also grab the g11 in ice it’s a matte textured finish so hopefully you won’t show up greasy smudges another muck too easily the camera chassis is actually fairly dinky for a 2022 smartphone and as you can see there it doesn’t jut far from the surface of the handset either no mention of gorilla glass up front on that display but you do have a pre-installed screen protector just to help keep it free of nicks and scratches and scuffs and at 189 grams the nokia g11 has got a bit heft but certainly doesn’t feel cumbersome to wield or anything like that now unfortunately like a few other budget smartphones in 2022 it is still android 11 on here creaky old android 11 not the latest freshest android 12.

So while you are guaranteed a couple of android os upgrades with the g11 unfortunately one of those will be to android 12. hmd global is guaranteeing three years of security updates with this nokia blower as well and of course after a couple of years they may only be trickling through once every three or four months or so but still that’s better to have that guarantee than nothing at all oh by the way i hope you like my uh wallpaper because it’s easter i of course decided to go with a halloween style thing and as usual with a nokia branded blower you do have a fairly stock version of android very little in the way of tampering from the manufacturer although i have noticed increasing amounts of crap where come and bundled on these things that’s for sure so for instance the likes of spotify linkedin facebook etc expressvpn all coming chucked on here without your general permission you’ve also got face recognition here on the g11 as well so you can use face unlock to boot into your smartphone like so besides that you also have a fingerprint sensor built into that edge mounted power button and so far seems reasonably reliable occasionally takes me a couple of taps to actually get in there meanwhile over on the opposite edge you’ve got a dedicated google assistant button like a lot of these budget stock android smartphones and i gotta say i do find this assistant button utterly pointless not really sure why it’s a thing because if anything i just end up

accidentally knocking it when i’m trying to fumble my phone out of my pocket or something you’ve got plenty of other ways of calling up the assistant like just swiping from the corner of the screen or using the little mic down here the good news is if you do find yourself accidentally knocking it a lot you can just knock it off in the settings if you go to the google assistant button section but unfortunately you can’t remap it if you’d rather do that instead storage wise you’ve got 32 gigs here on the nokia g11 so pretty meager amount but the good news is you can expand that via microsd memory cards and you’ve actually got a separate slots here on the sim tray as well as you can fit in two sims and the memory card all at once so let’s move on to that 6.5 inch ips display and yeah it’s a fairly basic panel as you’d imagine from a budget smartphone that barely scrapes over the 100 pound mark but it’s really not bad at all it is only 720p hd so yes visuals aren’t as crisp as some rivals you can get some poco smartphones around this sort of price for the full hd plus resolution instead but it’s still fine for just kicking back with some disney plus some youtube whatever i had no issues with those visuals really the brightness level is fairly uniform and you know what the viewing angles actually aren’t too bad either even when you tilt this phone away from your face you can still generally see

what is going on you know you get the usual darkening of the picture the colors warp a bit but it’s nowhere near as bad as some other budget phones that i’ve tested out and yes colors aren’t quite as punchy or poppy or vibrant as what you would get on an oled panel but they’re not terrible either you know they don’t look washed out or anything here on the nokia g11 got a tinky little nipple notch poking its way into proceedings when you go full screen just uh just ever so slightly just a little hump that’s all it is it doesn’t really disturb you too much and you’ve got a 90 hertz refresh option as well so i’ve got to say overall for again a 100 pound smartphone like this is a pretty decent display overall however on the audio front it is just a basic mono speaker set up just your bottom mounted speaker down here let’s bump up the volume see if it’s actually okay review and for more on the latest and greatest tech please subscribe notifications about cheers all right so it’s reasonably loud on that top volume not exactly going to be shattering any eardrums anytime soon of course and not too tinny either but of course if you want to get a truly immersed into your your movies or of course if you want to keep up some music or something you’re going to want to get plugged in you’ve got a headphone jack up top otherwise

you’ve also got full bluetooth 5.0 support if you want to go wireless okay so performance and of course as you’d expect the nokia g11 a bit limited in this area it is running off the unisoc t606 chipset uh backed by just three gigs of ram so very similar to the setup on the g21 and as you can see they’re very similar benchmarking scores too so far because you’ve got a clean stock version of android the everyday running seems okay the occasional little sort of pause and jazza here and there as you would expect but overall seems to be doing its job so the g11 is of course best suited to everyday shenanigans like messaging web browsing and so on but in the spirit of giving a bit of full-on testing and also partly because i’m a masochist at heart let’s have a crack at call of duty mobile so first up as you can see there not a massive amount of choice when it comes to uh bumping up the graphics quality or the frame rate you stuck on low and medium basically you know what that actually wasn’t a bad experience in fact i think i preferred playing call of duty mobile here on the g11 compared with the slightly more expensive g21 where the screen just didn’t feel very responsive at all you’ve got a 180 hertz touch response here and that’s perfectly fine for likes of call of duty mobile pub g and stuff like that where obviously every pork and swipe needs to be quickly

registered because otherwise you’ll get a bullet in the face obviously you’re stuck at the lower detail settings so everything looks a bit cruddy but the good news is that i didn’t see any obvious drops in the frame rate at all even throughout a fairly action-packed intensive match there’s bug roll 5g support here on the nokia g11 however you will find some phones on the tundra pounds that do sport a bit of 5g though and i have rounded up the best budget 5g phones in a separate video if you are intrigued but the big whoop with the nokia g11 is the fact you’ve got a 5050 milliamp hour capacity battery stuffed inside of that plastic chassis and that combined with the fact you’ve got that really energy efficient unisock soc stuff done there you’ve got that stock version of android so i reckon you get close to three days of use between charges as hmd records as long as you don’t punish it obviously we’re talking light everyday use just messaging bit of web browsing and so on if you’re going to be streaming a lot of disney plus or something like that then you’ll notice you’ll probably only get a couple of days max and the g11 does support 18 watt charging when it is completely out of juice although you only get a 10 watt charger bundled in the box so let’s finish up at this nokia g11 unboxing on tour with a squint at that

camera tech what you’ve got here is a 13 megapixel primary shooter and if i learned anything of the nokia g21 it’s that the focus probably won’t be particularly swift especially when the lighting conditions are less than great here’s some simple test shots i’ve snapped around the homestead this past 24 hours just to give you an idea of what the g11 is capable of and of course it is a very basic camera setup indeed fine for everyday simple snaps of the kids or whatever but they’ll have to steer pretty damn still especially when you’re indoors otherwise they’ll come out as a blurry mess as usual you’ve got a variety of bonus mods slapped on here including a portrait mode where as you can see there you can select a variety of different bokeh style effects and yeah you have a dedicated night mode as well although it doesn’t exactly do a huge amount to brighten up or decrapify your photo now the g11 can be a little bit slow when it comes to swapping between the different modes especially when you swap to that video mod i’ve seen a couple of pauses already and there’s no ultra wide angle shooter or anything here on the g11 but you do get a dedicated macro sensor it’s a very basic affair again but it’s fine if you want to get an extreme close-up of something and then for your video shooting needs well you can’t shoot 4k video but you can shoot up to full hd 1080p video at 30 frames per second

so as long as the lightning conditions are good you’ll get sharpish visuals pretty balls image stabilization those who want to keep reasonably still and even though this thing apparently supports ozo audio capture everything sounds a little bit muddy and muffled so not great quality and then lastly around front it’s a very basic 8-megapixel selfie shooter so again don’t expect too much from this thing all that right there definitely one for the facebooks but again you’ve got those portrait modes smaller so it’s absolutely fine as long as the lighting conditions are okay and you can shoot up to full hd resolution video again using that selfie camera though again the audio quality not fantastic it kind of sounds a little bit like everything’s under water or something so no idea so there you have it my lovelies that in a nutshell is a fresh new nokia g11 budget from the smartphone as you can see grab it here in blighty for around 120 quid right now and for that price i’d say it’s pretty bloody good value as well as long as you know the limitations you know the camera tech is very basic indeed the performance is kind of limited as well but you can still do a bit of call of duty or pub g if you absolutely must got pretty decent display tech on there you got your headphone jack your expandable storage all of that good stuff as well although unfortunately when you buy the nokia g11 in stores you won’t get a massive chocolate egg around it so there you go anyway it’d be great to hear from you guys down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody wonderful rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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