Preview Realme C35 vs C31 Comparison

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from tech experts and if you are royally skinned right now but in search for new smartphone well real meat might be your new bestest bud it hasn’t just launched a single new smartphone costing just over a hundred quid but packing some respectable specs it’s actually just path down a pair of them the real me c31 will cost you a hundred and twenty nine quid here in blighty the real me c35 slightly more expensive at 149 quid but for that extra 20 quid you are getting a lot more phone here it upgrades those specs in pretty much every way so let’s rudely yank the real me c31 and the c35 out of their lovely pretty yellow boxes do a full side by side comparisons you can see which one might be best for you and for more on the latest and greatest deck please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what do you get in that little box besides the smartphone of course well both phones come with a power adapter bundled in the box it’s an 18 watt adapter here in the realme c35 and it’s only a 10 watt adapter on the c31 you’ve also got an identical type c usb cable on a way to scrap that it’s actually type c usb here on the c35 on the c31 it’s all micro usb for that reason alone frankly you should just choose the c35 and you’ve got a quick start guide the usual gump but no condom case bundled in there to protect your new real me phone and also has to be said here on the real me c35 you get a proper phone box with a

proper lid whereas it’s more of a cheapy effort here on the c31 so obviously that’s going to be a massive crucial factor in the decision okay so here on my left we’ve got the real me c31 on the right it’s the real me c35 slightly bigger at 6.6 inches versus 6.5 although despite the fact that the c35 has that bigger display the actual dimensions of the phones aren’t really any different that’s mostly because the c31 has chunkier bezels surrounding that display especially down below now like old budget blowers around this price point both the c31 and the c35 are constructed from plastic but it is a very different design on the two you’ve got a matte textured finish here on the c31 so it feels slightly rough when you rub your thumb of your finger over the surface there whereas here on the real me c35 it is a very smooth finish instead and as you can see they’re incredibly glossy and reflective as well and in fact that one’s already picking up greasy prints and finger smudges here on the back end so if you want something that’s going to steer pristine without needing constant buffing well definitely the c31 is gonna sue you you’ve got a more rounded finish on the edges here on the c31 as well compared with the very flat edges on the c35 so the c31 a little bit more comfortable to clutch that also weighs more at 197 grams versus the 189 gram c35 and you’ve got a small selection of colors with both of

them by small i mean literally two you’ve got glowing green or glow and black here on the c35 on the c31 this is the silver model but you can also pick it up in a dark green finish so on the software side of things as far as i can tell it’s identical setup here on the c31 as it is on the c35 what you’ve got is android 11 so not the latest freshest android 12 unfortunately and on top of that it slaps the real me uir launcher so it’s not full on full fat real me ui as you would get on a lot of other real me blowers this is a more restricted version because of the limited performance so you don’t get as much in the way of for instance customization options but you do get some little bonus bits chucked in there like some smart gesture control and most of the standard android stuff the likes of digital well-being and parental controls yada yada and certainly is a very stock android vibe here on real me ui you’ve got the usual google discover feed and everything just dragged down the notifications bar like so and like nokia and multiple arrivals very stripped down very streamlined and easy to get on with for security both of these budget realme blogs have an edge mounted fingerprint sensor it’s likely indented here on the c31 whereas the power button is jutting fourth from the surface here on the c35 both seem pretty responsive pretty reliable quick tap of your digit to the surface and you are straight in basically likewise the c31 and the c35 also support face unlock so if you’re wearing gloves or your mitts are a bit moist or something however the real me c35 offers up double the storage of the c31 you’ve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs on the more expensive model whereas that’s cut in half to 32 or 64 here on the c31 but both do offer a separate micro sd

memory card slot on the symmetry so you can expand that storage up to a further terabyte now when it comes to that display tech i’m actually surprised by how much better the real me c35 is compared with the c31s in the visuals that it spunks out now both smartphones do serve up an ips panel on the realme c31 it’s a basic 720p display compared with the full hd panel on the c35 so you do get crisper visuals on the more expensive phone however the c35 seems like an upgrade in pretty much every other area as well the visuals seem more poppy and more vibrant probably because it reaches a greater peak brightness compared with the c31 definitely the clarity is better when you’re using it outdoors especially if you’re wearing sunglasses the viewing angles are better as well the image darkens quickly and the colors get all distorted when you tilt the c31 away from your face whereas the c35 that picture quality holds up pretty well even at an angle so overall i gotta say the real me c31 display is quite disappointed even though it is a very cheap handset whereas the really c35 that display is pretty bloody good for under 150 quid you’ve got a small selection of display settings you can play around with including a night light just to basically filter that blue light and make for an easier on the eye experience in the evening times for instance you’ve got a very small number of color

options you can play around with basically you can make those visuals a bit warmer or a bit cooler no refresh rate option though because these are both 60 hertz panels you don’t have a 90 hertz or 120 hertz fast refresh option and it’s a basic model speaker output on both the c31 and the c35 let’s run them side by side see if there’s any weekly tech news difference that still presses ahead even when there’s bugger old tech news all week long hence the absolute garbage fire that was last week’s episode so as far as the speakers go that’s definitely one area where the real me c35 isn’t superior to the realme c31 because those speakers are both cac good news is you do have a headphone jack on both these realme budget blowers and you’ve got bluetooth 5.0 support on both too as for the performance well it’s a unisock chipset a power on both of these handsets they’re a slightly different version you’ve got the t616 in the freshly realme c35 and that’s downgraded to the t612 in the c31 four gigs of ram in both though and as you can see not exactly a massive golf between them as far as the benchmarking scores go gotta say for everyday shenanigans both these fauncy maps that you find your apps don’t take an age to load up and seem so reasonably responsive get away with some light multitasking and all that good stuff but of course to truly test out that performance i’m just gonna give them both a quick go on call of duty mobile see if you can actually do some gaming on them let’s start with the roomy c31 it looks like you can bump that up to medium graphics quality and a high frame rate so let’s try that out and sadly neither the c31 or the c35 sports the usual real me ui gaming mods i guess because it’s the r version so that’s been stripped out and i gotta say not a great gaming experience as you might imagine on the realme c31 the actual performance was smooth enough and the phone didn’t heat up or anything like that but that display not particularly

responsive 120 hertz touch sampling so not quite as responsive as you need for something like call of duty where every poken swipe like every millisecond matters and also the display is pretty low res and kind of dark and it’s just not very easy to see what on earth is going on at times so now let’s try the real me c35 and as you can see there the actual graphics settings exactly the same as the c31 it maxes out at medium graphic quality and high frame rate and i gotta say despite its improvements the real me c35 definitely not made for gaming the 180 hertz touch response still not quite good enough for something like call of duty mobile i couldn’t quite get those sights on people fast enough so again my aim is just a little bit too lethargic i just felt like i was behind the pace the entire game but that said again the performance was absolutely fine and again the phone did not begin to heat up even after a pretty grueling match so yeah if you’re after a wallet-friendly smartphone that’s also going to be decent for gay men i’d say definitely look elsewhere something like a poco smartphone instead i’ve rounded up the best budget smartphones under 200 pounds right now let’s go check that out for more ideas because these real me’s just don’t quite cut it and also because you’ve got the basic unisocket technology in there as well no 5g supports you are limited to lte as for the battery life it’s a 5 000 milliamp capacity cell crammed in both the real me c31 and the c35 and the battery life seems to be basically the same on both as far as i can

tell the drain seems to be consistent even though you’ve got that upgraded display tech here on the realme c35 at the start of this video they had the same percentage battery remaining and i did the same amount of video streaming and gaming and everything on both of them throughout this video same amount of screen on time and as you can see there they’re pretty much neck and neck so the only real difference with the battery tech is the fact that the real me c35 will recharge faster it supports 18 watt charging versus 10 watt on the c31 so last up in this unboxing and comparison let’s check out their camera tech and on the real me c35 you’ve got a 50 megapixel primary sensor versus the more basic 13 meg effort here on the c31 looks like you get effectively the same camera app on both the c31 and the c35 though complete with the same a bonus set of features including a portrait mode that’s fully scalable with that bucket effect if you flip across to more you’ve got as you can see they’re almost the same amount the only difference being the high resolution 50 megapixel mode here on the c35 here’s a quick side by side of a few photos i captured around the homestead with both the c31 and the c35 so you can see how they compare for the actual quality as you can see both of them quite limited in their effectiveness especially when you use them indoors you gotta be really careful with tricky lighting and in fact i found that in quite strong sunlight the c35 often oversaturated the image whereas the c31 didn’t so these are definitely best off used just for your simple shareable family shots you can also shoot video on both the c35 and the c31 as well

neither of them offer a 4k option or 60 frames per second option but that’s not a massive shock at this sort of price point and again best limited to very basic simple home movies and that’s about it given the quality that i’m seeing right here and then rounding up the camera lenses is a basic macro lens and also a monochrome sensor as well and around front it’s again pretty basic tech you’ve got a five megapixel selfie shooter on the c31 that’s upgraded to an 8 megapixel here on the c35 and if you’re a massive instagram fan or something i would say try and bump up your budget if possible otherwise again these are five for just simple shots to share with the fan and both the real me c31 and the c35 can shoot 720p hd footage using the front facing selfie cam this is the real me c31 right here and this is the real me c35 just again to give you a bit of an idea of how they compare for the visual quality and also that audio pickup and there you have it that in a nutshell is how the real me c31 and the c35 budget blows stack up against one another and as you can see that c35 may only be 20 quid more expensive but it packs some serious upgrades in there including likes the storage that display tech the visuals are so much better on there got a boost to the charging speeds and a bump in the camera resolutions as well but of course both are very limited still as you’d expect for under 150 quid so if you’re looking for something to do a bit of gaming on for instance i would say stay clear that’s what i reckon anyway it’d be great to hear your thoughts on these blows down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you you

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