Review Moto G8 Plus Worth the upgrade?

there’s only been six short months since the Mortal g-seven family launched here in the UK and yet here we have the first of the mortal G it handsets already seriously right now motorola is spitting out offspring faster than a Randy rabbit convention now because of that slender time frame the new Moto G at Plus isn’t exactly a huge upgrade over the older g7 plus spot-on very similar specs and features for the most part the main change comes in the form of a fresh triple lens camera setup while the performance has also been boosted and it is now cheaper than ever to cost him from just 239 quid so the question is is the mortal g8 plus a worthy purchase for owners of all the more handsets it’s just anyone after a respectable budget blow up well I’ve been using that as my full-time personal handset for about a week now and here’s my in-depth Motorola MOTO G at plus review and from on the little skirt steak please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers now have a quick squint at the g8 plus and you’ll notice that not much has changed in the design stakes compared with the last gen gone is Motorola’s iconic circular camera shall see that we know and love replaced with a more traditional vertical lens arrangement instead boo but you do still get that rear fingerprint scanner with the model logo

etched lovingly inside the display here is typically big at six point three inches plus bezels are just as skinny as any recent iPhone somewhat well this handset doesn’t feel too cumbersome to wield although it’s definitely got some proper heft at 188 grams thankfully Motorola has fun ways to ease the pain when it comes to a one-handed use for one you can drag down the notifications panel with a quick flick about rear mounted finger prints hence it does occasionally take a few flicks to get gone because it’s quite a narrower sensor doesn’t always register it but it’s better than nothing you do also have a dedicated one-handed board as well which is particularly handy when you’re playing around in apps and means you have to knock your thumb stretch into those far reaching corners you can grab the Moto G 8 plus an either crystal pink or this dock at cosmic blue Finnish and cosmic is bloody right because it’s really really dark with just a subtle gradient finish I don’t personally prefer more colorful variants but the cosmic blue design does look rather sleek and the dark finish does help to hide all a smudgy greasy Ming that inevitably covers that glass surface the instant you pick it up after just a few days of use that glass surface and has already picked up a couple other light scratches so if you want to keep your Moto G at plus in good Nick you’ll definitely want to slap on that condom case that comes bundled with in or maybe treat yourself to a more premium if you feel an old flash and the model ga+ is at least a water repellant as well basically means it’s kind of splash proof you can use it out in the rain absolutely no bother whatsoever and plenty of testing of that as per usual thanks a lot UK

let’s move on to the media and as usual Motorola doesn’t disappoint for the screen tech after all mortal was one of the first mobile manufacturers to Chuck a decent full HD screen on a budget blower housing let up since delivering a crisp and colorful 6.2 inch IPS panel here on the g8 Plus this more than does the job for YouTube and Netflix sessions given a comfortable good-looking view of all of the action and I’m also loving the dual stereo speakers set up here on the Moto G R plus as well quite the rarity at this sort of price point it’s quite powerful not top volume let’s just give it a test oh go we audible now one of the biggest upgrades on the fresh new Moto G plus is that new triple lens camera the model has slapped on the back this is got some real punch to it and also the current is pretty decent on that top volume as well so not bad at all and yes thank you baby Jesus there is a headphone jack when you want to plug in and keep your viewing session private now Android Pi is the OS of choice here on the Moto G at plus and so far there’s no indication of when the fresh new Android 10 will be beamed across but hopefully this side of when cynic squeezes his jolly fat arse down the chimney pipe as usual it’s a stock version of Android with a few more additions thrown in to make things a bit more usable mostly gesture controls like that one handed mode and the likes of flipped to silence I did experience a couple of what appeared to be just teething issues with the Moto G it plus my first week of user day which

seems to at least calmed down towards the end of that week I occasionally for the first few days the fingerprint sensor would refuse to respond to my fronting jabber now though it usually behaves itself and there’s always the respectable face recognition to fall back on if needed and another time all my apps bitsy just refused to respond until I rebooted the handset then everything was absolutely fine again as I said sure thing you get these little teething problems with phones do in the first few days so fingers crossed that’s all it was and now the mortgagee r+ will behave itself right overall the moto g r+ does provide a solid and satisfying everyday experience though I do miss some of the Android 10 features such as the system navigation the likes that swiping from the side of the screen in order to go back just nice and slick and of course that lovely dark mode action as well so hopefully only too long a wait until we get that Android luckily performance isn’t a problem for your everyday shenanigans there’s a Snapdragon 665 chipset backed by 4 gigs of RAM which is plenty to ensure that your apps Lord in a nippy enough manner and run smoothly too you can indulge in a spot of game and if you like what the lies are publishing more balding with a

respectable framerate as long as you keep the detail levels low that is and of course you do have the usual budget form problems such as lackluster screen responsiveness in those life-or-death situations so I would recommend sticking about casual titles on the Moto G 8 plus whenever possible but one of the best bits of the Moto G 8 plus like many previous models is the battery life thanks to the mighty four thousand milliamp cell crammed inside I find that even when I was using the phone as by sat-nav for a good few hours in a day Streetman lots of media doing all kinds of stuff on it I would always end the day with at least around 20% of life remaining and I’ll tell you what after using the pixel for for over a week as my personal handset that kind of battery performance is more refreshing than taking a shower in mountain Jiu the battery also recharges at a decent rate as well thanks to modern rollers 18 watt Turbo Power Tech which atop silent is still pretty good 15 watts using other charges I’ve got so far so familiar for owners of previous Moto G generation handsets but one of the biggest upgrades here on the g8 plus compared with the other g7 plus is that rear camera tech you now have a mighty 48 megapixel primary lens plus an ultra wide-angle shooter for video and a depth sensor to help out with portrait shots so the hardware has been boosted here on the Moto G 8 plus but does that directly translate into better looking photos and video well keep yourself in suspense endure longer I’ve got a full moto G at plus camera review which is live right now let’s go check that out for all you need to know and so there you have it the big question is is the Moto G it plus worth a punt if you’re after a new smartphone for under 300 Bob my

best thing I have to say yes especially that new low at 239 pounds good price you really can’t go wrong it’s a satisfying Oren experience decent camera tech on the back certainly for photos not necessarily for video great video experience fantastic smooth everyday performance you can even do a bit the gaming on it if you like and the battery will keep you going all day long so definite gets a thumbs up of course Motorola might go and launch another dozen handsets before the end of 2019 I certainly wouldn’t be shocked if they do so it might not necessarily be the best motorola blow of 2019 but it’s one of my favorites right now alongside the Moto G 7 power let’s definitely slap your comments etc etc down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe but think that notifications bar for more I’m gonna quit support well tech Jesu born love you

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