Review Google Pixel 3a XL Long-Term 6 Months Later

so the mighty pixel for smartphones have finally launched and they’re actually a wee bit cheaper than usual this time around other you’ll still probably need to prise out at least a couple of grams gold teeth to afford one especially that Excel monster but if your overdraft won’t quite stretch to one of these shiny flagships then no worries because earlier this year pixels squeezed out the excellent three and three year excel started from just four hundred quid these wallet-friendly pixels boast a very similar look feel and everyday experience to their premium siblings right down to that bloody brilliant camera tech as much as I like the pixel form the pixel for excel I’ve got to see it I’d rather recommend the cheaper handsets that anyone who doesn’t actually sleep on a big pile of money now I’ve been using the pixel 3 XL on and off the last few months ever since it originally launched and I thought with the release of the pixel 4 what better time to return to it and remind everyone of how bloody get it is and from all the latest regrets ball will take these to plug Subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now first up I do actually still struggle at times to tell these cut-price pixels apart from the more premium models of course you don’t have the same ridiculous mustache notch here on the pixel 3 XL which is definitely a major plus but beyond that you do get a similar style and complete that dual

texture back in and that poppy power button the act is very similar and thankfully even though this cheaper device is actually made from polycarbonate rolls and more premium materials it’s still in good Nick all these months on I haven’t dropped it or anything unmitigated plenty of backpacks and take it on quite a few nights out where alcohol has played a major factor in touchwood no scratches scuffs or chips or anything to speak of this white model still looks pleasingly fresh after all this time and that matte finish means that it won’t pick up greasy fingerprints when you fondle it unlike most glass based rivals and it’s also quite refreshing I have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor instead of one of those built into the displayed doohickey some in the in screen scanners are a lot better than they were roughly a year ago but still not quite as responsive as a proper physical effort and as usual you can swipe that sensor to drag down your notifications bar which on this excel model is an absolute godsend because it’s more of a handful than ron jeremy i’ve got one of the biggest benefits of bugging yourself a pixel smartphone or most rivals is finally get pretty much immediate software and OS updates so of course the pixel 3 XL is now on a lovely bit of Android 10 this update was very welcome indeed great new features the new dark mud thement is lovely and supported by most of

google’s own app so a couple on google homes still do annoyingly need updating the excellent use swipe gestures make for Swift and satisfy navigation and that stock launcher just works so smoothly here on the pixel 3xl I just love it to chuff in bits and plus you can rest easy known that of course the pixel 3xl will get an update to Android 11 this time next year so it won’t be redundant any time soon and despite the cut price cost Google did not skimp on the hardware either you still get those edge pressure sensors for calling up the assistant with a frantic squeeze while the six inch or LED screen is absolutely stunning no seriously this thing puts the iPhone 11s display to shame pump it out bright gorgeous images whatever you’re up to it’s not aged you already but I still have smushed my way through box sets on the gore those full HD plus visuals mean plenty of videos packed into every frame while the contrast levels definitely can’t be sniffed at this is news on the audio front as well because you actually get stereo speaker setup and on that top of volume it is a little bit tinny and of course the the audio is definitely weighted more towards this downwards fire and speaker here rather than the actual earpiece was still pretty respectable +7 Pro has survived a couple of steep drop so the 1 + 17 port is tougher than before with a Gorilla Glass 6 plate it up now the good news is as well if you don’t have or Bluetooth or dongle you do actually get a bit a headphone jack

action up top lovely stuff now one of the few areas where the pixel 3 our handsets don’t quite live up to rivals is the performance the subjoin 670 chipset is backed by 4 gigs around as I said that’s perfectly fine for everyday use things on nice and smooth however gamers are more demanding users may want to spend a bit more cash on the oneplus 70 or something packing one of Qualcomm’s 800 series platforms which definitely deliver grid along charity well said Pub G plays fine here on the HDD 2 level which is where the graphics max out for the pixel you will see the odd little stutter or stammer when things get proper TST but nothing too distracting annoyingly there is no dedicated gaming mode or features like that built into Android such as notifications blocking or network streamlining but I still managed to keep a competitive edge and Bitsey not get blown to smithereens seconds after touching down welcomes the storage space things were a bit tidy on the pixel 3xl as well you get to 64 gigs of storage and no microSD memory card support to expand that either they should do get unlimited like some google photos so they’ll help out a bit but of course the biggest argument for grabbing this Excel version of the pixel 3 rather than the standard model is the mighty 3700 milliamp battery that’s slept inside of the bugger a few months on and I’ve still never managed to drain this thing in a single day even with proper intensive use in fact if anything it’s got better over time thanks to the Android improvements and the likes of the dark mods and while they’re eating what fast charge

and inexactly gonna win any speed records it is still reasonably nippy you’ll get lost of a charge with one hour at the plug now the best reason for buying a pixel smartphone over similarly priced rivals is still that camera tech you’ll find sexier design about performance from some rivals around that 400 or 500 pound price point but you will not find better optics a single then set up my sound almost archaic in this world of trial end smartphone cameras but the solo 12.2 megapixel shooter captures great-looking photos in basically any conditions my pics always look sharp and natural with fiber and subjects really shinin when you throw them up onto a tele screen and no worries if you’re dealing with dodgy lights and either as Google’s itch to your smarts definitely give you a leg up over rivals capturing a respectable amount of detail while also Tim in those lighter elements and that light sight mode is still a winner as well you don’t get quite the same perfect balance that you do and while is p30 handsets but the pixel 3 excel is just as strong in low-light as over priced at like the iPhone 11 and Samsung’s premium smartphones even the portrait mode impresses here despite that single and setup and the lack of Google’s pixel visual core ISP as well plus the handset saves a version of each portrait pic without that bokya style blurring in case for whatever reason you’re not keen on the results and no complaints for the video front of the pixel 3xl either as you’d hope you can shoot up to 4k resolution video with dependable image stabilization my home movies once again look good when I check them out on a TV and they sound good too thanks to the crisp

clear audio pickup and meanwhile selfie fans can capture shop it megapixel photos of their mug with quite a wide-angle finish which is definitely handy when trying to grab lots of background action or if you have lots of friends like I don’t it’s really I’ll get dedicated pro controls or anything like that but the pixel 3 XR this I feel perfect for anyone who simply wants to point-and-shoot and get great results with minimal thought which to be fair is 99% of smartphone users alright there’s what I think of the pixel 3x several months after launch and as the pixel for phones actually become a proper thing rather than just an endless barrage of bloody rumors and leaks and stuff as I say arrivals were on that 400 or 500 pound price point me I butt beat for performance but frankly the pixel is perfect in every other way that lovely slick stock version of Android the fantastic camera tech the great battery life basically it is a winner and if you are looking around that sort of mid-range price point I would highly recommend them now have you been using the pixel three XL emigrate to hear your thoughts down below as well or if you’re tempted by the pixel 3 is over the likes to the pixel falls definitely gritty your thoughts bash them down in the comments below on please do poke subscribe and thing like notifications both for what another latest a great small more tech J’s everyone love you

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