Review iPhone SE 3 (2022) After One month

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from texpert and this dinky weed chap right here is the iphone se 2022 at 430 quid it’s loads more affordable than the cheapest iphone 13 this here mini model and it’s also almost as pleasingly compact which is great news if you’ve got stubby wii fingers like me this mid-range mobile may look like the old iphone 8 but you’ve got apple’s latest a15 chipset power in the show you’ve got ios 15 you’ve got wireless charging support which is seriously rare at this price point it’s on the surface in many ways the iphone se 2022 looks pretty bloody good but under the surface many many issues indeed so it’s kind of like the smartphone equivalent of johnny depp i thought at least now even johnny depp has got the good grace to look a wee bit mental anyway i’ve been getting cozy with the iphone se 2022 for about a month or so now so here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest deck please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so let’s begin of course with the elephant in the room the frankly outrageous old-school bezels on this thing and speaking of elephants those bezels are just as huge as one like back in the day it was bearable because we didn’t really know any better but in 2022 those bezels are a state it’s just like your groupmate kevin down the big market on a saturday night when he decides to smash back 12 smell of fices then get up on the bar whip out his knob

and do his impression of a windmill so when people see these bezels it’s the exact same reaction but despite those chunky mophors the iphone se 2022 is still reasonably compact compared with many androids so one-handed use is just about comfortable enough especially as you’ve got hand pleasing curves instead of flat chunky edges like the iphone 13 series and this thing slips with ease into pretty much any pocket or bag or whatnot as well so very comfortable to carry about you don’t get the extra reassurance of the ceramic shield glass of more expensive iphones but the standard glass screen here hasn’t scratched up yet as always though i would highly recommend slapping on a screen protector and a case as well if you want to keep it in pristine condition and the great news is the iphone se 2022 comes with full ip67 water and dust resistant so it can happily swim around in a bubble bath or whatever no issues there whatsoever that’s a feature that’s not found very often on androids around the same sort of price point like the samsung galaxy a53 has it so it’s great to see here and overall while the design is a bit of a relic from the past i do really like that product red finish so i’d highly recommend snapping that one up that is if you decide to

completely ignore all the negative things that i say about this phone in this video and buy yourself one anyway let me tell you most of the niceties are already over and done with at the end of this video this thing’s gonna be like chris rock to my will smith so for the software of course it’s apple’s ios 15 on board here with all of its various pros and cons pros include some very strong security and privacy features of course you’ve got the benefits of apple’s fully fledged e-core system if you’re actually rich enough to afford all of timmy cook’s other devices ipads and macbooks and so forth and you’ve also got the benefit of long-lasting support with the iphone se 2022 just like all other iphones as well years and years of os and security updates cons include the usual lack of customization and personalization you are very much stuck doing things the way that apple wants you to do them and quite a lot of the apple services and apps such as maps for instance simply do not work as well here in the uk as they do in their home country of the states thankfully the iphone se 2022 has generally behaved itself this past month although it did decide to reset itself as i was shooting my previous video on the smartphone which was a great help it’s also seriously disappointing that the iphone se 2022 its base model comes packing just 64 gigs of storage which frankly is poultry beyond belief when most budget androids even you know 150 200 pound handsets compact at least 128 these days says androids also generally offer microsd memory card support not so much on this thing so while yes this thing starts at just

over 400 quid you’ll actually probably want to bung a bit of extra cash on top of that just to make sure you’ve got enough storage to you know shoot photos and hold movies and download apps and so forth it’s also worth pointing out that there’s no magsafe support here on the iphone se 2022 unlike the more expensive iphone 13 series so if you are wanting to chuck extra money at timmy cook for some of those mag safe accessories then you can’t do that with this now it’s not just the design of this smartphone that’s a blast from the past it’s also the screen tech we’re talking some ips action here whereas most android mid ranges and even some half the price now pack an all led display what you can expect here is weaker contrast colors that don’t really pop and visual quality that’s just all around just isn’t as strong well that lack of oled action also unfortunately means you don’t get any always on display option the tiny screen size means you’ll be squinting

to see what’s happening if you are watching a movie or whatever and in the likes of disney plus you can’t even pinch in to try and get a full screen experience the dinky finish also means that responsiveness can be quite ropey when you’re trying to tap a tiny link or a button on that display you’ll find yourself poking it over and over like it’s an unruly child and also good luck actually seeing anything outdoors when the sun decides to actually cut through those clouds even on maximum brightness i found myself squinting quite a lot especially when i was trying to wear shades and yes naturally is a 60 hertz maximum refresh rate here on the iphone se 2022 unlike pretty much every android rival at this price point which offers a 90 or even 120 hertz finish so you don’t get that lovely silky smooth ultra fluid experience technically it is a stereo speaker setup here on this bad boy but unfortunately that earpiece speaker is rather tinny so it’s definitely the bottom mounted speaker that is pulling all the way to here that said the actual speaker quality is pretty good especially considering the size of this thing so it’s actually fine for just you know kicking back some youtube or whatever but i would recommend getting some headphones on the go for actual music of course sadly there’s no headphone jack here on the iphone se 2022 unlike again most mid-range android rivals your bugger or dolby

atmos support here as well but thankfully the bluetooth 5.0 smart works absolutely fine streaming two speakers and headphones absolutely flawless so let’s shift on to performance and the iphone se 2022 is powered by the apple a15 soc same as the most expensive iphones right now so probably not too shocking then that the everyday performance absolutely perfect no judders or stumbles whatsoever apps just load up you can have lots of apps running in the background simultaneously no issues the only problem there is of course if you are downloading anything with one of these apps like deezer or audible or anything you’ll have to have them front and center until the downloads have completed it’s a problem that gets me time and time again with iphones if you minimize podcasts while you’re downloading podcast then it’ll just stop downloading podcasts and of course you’ll get on a tube and you’ll have no podcasts to listen to gaming another thing with even the likes of gentian impact on maxed out detail settings absolutely possible although playing games for a long period isn’t particularly comfortable because of the dinky design and of course that tiny display is a serious disadvantage when you are playing fast-paced online games like pubg call of duty whatever and also if you want a smartphone to play the likes of gunshot impact for long periods i’m talking or one two

hours even longer than that then maybe consider a bigger iphone because this thing gets hotter than the inside of a freshly baked cornish pasty after a good bit of action i didn’t see much throttling of the performance thankfully but it got to the point where the iphone se 2022 simply wasn’t comfortable to clutch because the top end was getting rather toasty around these edges no issues on the connectivity side of things though i found the mobile reception stayed strong no matter how i clutched this thing you got full 5g support i thought it is on these sub 6 here in the uk or millimeter wave and you’ve got wi-fi six support slapped on there as well again the wi-fi reception and uh download speeds and everything absolutely fantastic unfortunately however we’re back onto the bad stuff because battery life is for one of the better words just pants and not just pants we’re talking big floppy pants with nasty skid marks permanently ingrained in the inner lining you pretty much guarantee by about sort of 6 pm this thing will already be dropping into battery saver mode and it’ll be like tensor hooks trying to actually make it to bed with any charge left in the tank and this isn’t even pushing the iphone se 2022 either i’m literally talking maybe about three or four hours of screen on time and perhaps a bit of background dieses treatment or something so very poor compared with

most rivals and especially the iphone 13 mini as well which was actually pretty impressive in this department considering again it’s quite a dinky blower thankfully despite the fact it only supports 20 watt wide charge and it does fill up reasonably fast because it’s quite a dinky battery you do have wireless charging support as well which is a feature that’s very very rare at this price point so that’s good at least so let’s finish this raw stun slash review with a squint at the camera tech and we got here is a single camera lens setup it’s a 12 megapixel sensor similar to the more expensive iphones but only in the megapixel count you don’t get the same wide aperture the image stabilization etc of the likes of the iphone 13 mini and the camera experience is like the design just like stepping back in time on auto mode you can get some respectable looking pics if the lighting is just right but there’s no dedicated night mode for low light shots so you can expect grainy murky results in the evening likewise whenever there’s strong light involved or an hdr style situation you will see lots of lens flare and serious oversaturation and the kind of issues that can basically just completely ruin your shot so you will want to take your time and really plan your snap if conditions are less than optimal color reproduction isn’t quite spot on but

it’s not terrible while detail levels are good enough to make your picks look nice when you’re blown up moving subjects can trouble the focus though even in dear lights the iphone sc 2022 in ideal if you’re snapping kids or pets either although you can get some decent results with the portrait mode at times and yeah because it’s just a single lens set up here on the iphone se 2022 you don’t get that ultra wide angle shooter that you do get on the more expensive models nor is there any kind of telephoto action for your whole movies the iphone sc 2022 will do a perfectly respectable job again as long as you’re not trying to shoot in really bright light or really ambient light you can shoot up to 4k resolution video at either 30 or 60 frames per second of course you’ll have to remember to set the default resolution in the general phone settings menu rather than through the camera settings because otherwise it just defaults back to hd 30 frames per second every single time and overall again as long as you’re not trying to actually test the iphone se 2022 with anything tricky you’ll get good looking visuals and the audio pickup is absolutely fine so overall fine for your simple horn movies and it’s a similar story for the basic 7 megapixel selfie camera as well be all right for your simple shots as long as you’re not shooting against a bright background or in low light situations and i found that when i was using the iphone sc 2022 for skyping zoom and all that kind of stuff

but generally again it was all right as long as my face was well lit but as soon as i moved into a slightly more ambient light suddenly people were complaining that it looked really fuzzy and a bit crap rather than just a bit crap in general so that right there in a nutshell is the iphone se 2022 and yes it does offer a couple of fantastic features that are really hard to find at this price point on any android rivals likes the wireless charging and the ip67 water and dust resistance however most rivals haven’t beat in pretty much every single other area including the design the media chops the camera tech the battery life the storage the you know the fact that they’ve generally got headphone jacks micro sd memory card support just just everything basically and to put it politely this thing looks and feels and plays like a relic from a bygone era and to put it less politely it’s rank but anyway that’s what i think i’m sure lots of you are keen to point out how utterly wrong i am in the comments down below uh so i’m looking forward to reading all that uh please do let me know your real life experiences with this thing if you have been using it as your own because i really haven’t enjoyed i honestly think it’s the worst phone of the year to be perfectly honest um but yeah iphone 30 mini if you can afford that one and you know you’re dead set on an iphone definitely bump up your budget if you can because that thing is superior in pretty much every single way check out my side by side with these two smartphones to see exactly what you’d be missing out on if you decided to go for this thing and please do pub subscribe during that notifications bell and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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