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hello you gorgeous people this is Christmas expert and I’m here with the Huawei it watch gt2 the 46 mil edition it’s middle of night here in Munich Huawei has just launched this bad boy a few hours ago along with the me at 30 minutes that you probably check out my photo hands-on review with those if you want to know more about them what I’m gonna do now is just get this unboxed get it all set up and give you a quick tour so while we watch gt2 is of course the successor to the original while we watched GT both several improvements revamp design longer battery life and a few new features thrown in there as well in picking up in 46 ml which will cost you from 249 euros that I’ve Yukiya prices on that yet or a 42 more version which will cost you from 2 to 9 as you see they’re very nicely presented as always with while wear as a watch itself just stick that outside of course you have a charging cable it looks like a bit type-c action always gets and the proprietary magnetic dock which that then slips into and as you can see there at least that’s all separate as well so you can just use your standard phone charging cable and just remember to click the little dinky dock with you whenever you go up traveling and so it’s not the only other thing you get is of course the user manual Quick Start Guide nice and simple now if

you really like the design of the Huawei watch gt2 as you can see there it’s not too ridiculously chunky or anything even in this 46 millimeter edition here’s the samsung galaxy watch the one from last year in comparison as you can see it’s much thicker much wine of bezels and everything as well you’re a nice perfectly flat piece of glass there nice crystal bezel design with as you can see there the etchings and everything and it feels suitably tough and rugged as well there’s metal band and certainly reckoned that should resist scratches and scuffs quite nicely I went hands-on with the 42 millimeter version yesterday at Wow is massive launch it’s a lot more elegant bit more slender got a slimmer body and practically no bezels around it as well there’s none of that edge design or anything as well it’s still a little bit on the chunky side but the size that it does look very nice it’ll be good for skinny wrists just like mine really and this one I have here is of course the black model but you can pick it up in a few different colorful variations and of course with different straps as well it’s a standard 22 ml strap with a quick-release catch so you can just pull it off and get yourself a new strap slapped on there so you can have for instance a silicon one for doing you a bit of jogging down the street in slap on a leather one for your night out on its own let’s just see if we’ve got any gas in the tank and

hopefully we’ll do a quick setup and a tour of the system as well yep looks like it as usually you do of course got two physical buttons here on the side this top one acts as a power button and it also loads up your apps first step is nice and easy all you need to do is download the huawei health app which is freely available unlike the Google Play Store the apple app store as well let’s get through all the T’s and C’s and log in with your wallet ID and then once you’re all logged into the health app all you need to do is head to the devices section stick on ads and then we’ve got Huawei watch GT two right in there even though it only just launched yesterday nice to see that the app is immediately updated and then the two will pair up nice and easy like that super simple and as you can see there in shows exactly what notifications you get from all of your apps as well so you can pick only the ones that matter most you know to 1.39 inch or LED display here on the Huawei watch gt2 it’s a pretty standard for a modern day of premium SmartWatch some nice punchy colors a nice dark blacks as you can see there strong contrast and it’s super super bright as well if you boost it all the way up to the maximum brightness level of 1000 nits you have no problem seeing that and a bright sunshine a bright sunshiny day and with watch GT 2 you do now get an always-on display as well as you can get a bit of analog or digital clock action as you see there this will cut your

battery time in half it’s what’s a bit of a risk to wake action as far as the battery life cause why are you reckons you’ll get 2 weeks from the 46 Milverton of the GT 2 and about a week or so from the standard 42 millimeter version so as you can see there is the always-on display there you can actually customize the color of it and as I say choose between digital or analog and if you’re curious there’s the analog version now as for these physical buttons here on the side while the top one basically loads up your apps so you see these get my simple straightforward scrolling list of all of the apps pre-installed you do get quite a lot on there quite a lot of fitness ones as you can see breathing exercises so things just a de-stress you tough work doing all this YouTube shenanigans all the usual alarms flashlights etc etc it’s not quite as funky as the sort of the scrolling circular list which you get on your likes of Android wear but it’s absolutely fine and then another tap of that top button just takes you back to the main watch face as for this bottom button by default it’s set to bring up your exercise fitness style stuff so you can get ready get a workout on the gone however you can’t actually fully customise that just dive on into the settings and go two down button again pretty straightforward stuff that let’s just stick on whichever app you feel you’re going to be using the most because as

usually get a pretty decent selection of standard default watch faces as well a selection of analog and digital ones you can sort of pick one let’s suit your own particular tests and obviously quite a few of them have a lot of information on there as well so firs if you’re into your fitness something like this well do you can see exactly how many steps you’ve done calories burns and battery life RAM in and as well and presently you can actually use the while we watch gt2 to answer calls as well as has got built-in speaker as well as a mic so as you can see there you’ve got direct access to your contacts and your call log I mean actually use it to listen to music as well if you’re like absolutely desperate you don’t have your headphones on you you know what the speaker call is actually pretty good I’ll give it a testing out in the demo but if it’s better than the likes of the Fossil watch Gen 5 which is a bit crackly and rubbish but when I use it to jam to tunes on the bus I mean probably not so much let’s briefly touched on before you’ve got full fitness tracking on there as well lots and lots of all of your standard stuff walking running cycling you can of course do full swim tracking as well as this watch is water-resistant of 50 meters and it can even measure your heart rate as you’re swimming as you see there you’ve got four health monitor and via the app it’s well sleep tracking heart rate monitoring all the

rest of it and you can also of course completely configure the device itself so get it all set up for your sleep track in your heart rate tracking and all of the other important settings and of course from here you can also select a new watch Fierce download new apps things like that and last of it’s the Huawei Kiran a1 chipset powering the GT to watch so far seems perfectly nippy as something my hands on time yesterday as well it seemed like a nice impressive bit of performance no worries there so as you can see as you’re flipping through all of your various screens nice and smooth I mean it fits itself nice and simple as well as you can see you’ve got access to all of your main information mostly health-related stuff just by swiping around and then if you want notifications that’s just a swipe up from your main watch face sorry there is just a taste of the new Huawei watch gt2 as a sale be fully reviewing this 46 millimeter version so stay tuned for my in-depth thoughts on it next week but what do you reckon are you tempted by the gt2 to if you’d be greater your thoughts slap them down in the comments below and please do pom subscribe and ding that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest tech is everyone love you

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