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hello that you beautiful people this is Chrisman to expert and today Amazon has sponsored me to set up and check out the all-new blink XT – smart home security camera blink as you can see there an Amazon company its XT – smart cameras just launched here in the UK it stops from just 95 pounds for a one camera setup and you get a discount if you buy more than one for complete home coverage and despite the fact that it’s more affordable and a lot of rivals you get all of those sim Grit smart features surprises to wait on your two years of battery life on just two here batteries as you see if they’re full date and night coverage doesn’t matter whether you want it indoors or outdoors because it in deal with extreme weather as well and make sure you stick around to the very end of the video as well to find out how you can have a chance of winning your very own blink XT – camera system set up just like this one worth 180 pounds so first up let’s rip this bad boy open and see what you get in the box and slip this on out of the packet and there we have it so as you can see right there this is the two camera box I’m loving the discreet little design these things were really really tiny certainly compared with a lot of the other smart cameras that you get these days and the guys you get everything you need bundled in the box to actually get them all set up mounted outside or indoors if you like and they even bundle a nice bit of Energizer battery action as well hooray that’s good cuz I’m always running out of these things and as you can see here a bit of quick

set-up guide action and this is a friendly little want anyone who might be wandering past protected by Blink video security yeah it’s all right there is everything you get in the box you get the blink XT 2 cameras themselves of course the battery power to keep it going for up to two full years you get the mounts you can install them either indoors or out and of course you get the sync module as well and now it’s time to get this all installed the first thing you want to do once your be yanked everything out of the box is to download the blink home monitor app which is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices it’s also available on the Amazon App Store and also the Apple App Store if you’ve got an iPhone just hit install once that’s downloaded just open it on up and of course if you not used a blink camera before you need to create an account just follow the instructions it’s nice and simple and straightforward so I took all of about 30 seconds now it’s time to tap the blink logo and get our system set up this again is pretty straightforward stuff just give your system and name and I’m gonna add the sync module the is an absolute peace of place all you got to do is scan the QR code on the back of the sync module so I just stick on there there you go and the serial code for you don’t have to do any annoying typing in or anything like that then you’ll need to plug your sync module and it’s always best to do this somewhere near where you’re going to actually install the cameras and then the old blue light starts blinking it’s

time to sync up and there we have it all done so now it’s time to actually adds the cameras onto the system and get them all set up first of all you’ll need to do is just pull down this little green knotch thing and then just ease up the back like so and then that exposes the XT 2’s in it’s shoving those batteries alright so then you may have noticed another QR cord squirreled away inside and that’s what we’ll need to set up so once again it’s just a case of scanning that QR cord using the phone once again just follow the instructions and a few seconds later your blink xt2 cameras will be all set up and ready for action now he’s going to decide where to stick them one of the best things about the bling XT two camera setup is the fact that they’re so dinky and of course the whole Wire free design means that you can move them about wherever you want them if you’re not happy with the original position and just try them somewhere else they could be used indoor or out it’s ready to just stick them wherever there’s a space you can actually mount them up and because that ip65 water and dust resistant they’ll be absolutely fine everyone left outside against the elements you want to use them indoors you can actually just prise out this little rubber tip thing here as you can see you do have a micro USB plug there you can actually plug them in so if you do want to use the batteries you can actually have them

permanently powered up that way instead you just have to provide your own plugin cable of course and the blink app is dead easy to use as well if you’re going to be leaving the homestead just click on this little a button here and as you see the cameras will then on themselves at any point you can just take a snapshot from the camera to see what’s going on in that particular room and if you actually want a live feed just tap this little button here they’d be able to see exactly what is going on with full audio feedback as well you can actually save little clips of whatever is going on in the room at the time and you could also hold this little button here and you’ll be able to chat with whoever is skulking around what are you doing in there let’s play the game are you stealing my stuff the blink XT – cameras captured video in Full HD resolution so everything’s nice and crisp and you’ve also got a night vision mode as well as you can even see what’s going on in the dark when your blink cameras are arms they have full motion detection enabled as well so if you are away from home you’ll get a nice little notification if they pick up on any kind of activity or whatsoever all you need to do then is give them a quick tap and as you see there you get a full list of all of the little video clips that it’s recorded so when you’re getting out of

kitchen pop though you can see exactly what is going on see any shady characters lurking about all perhaps is just the cat wandering by so no worries and the other great thing about The Bling xc2 cameras is you get free cloud storage thrown in as well as you can still literally hundreds of video clips absolutely free of charge normally you have to pay some sort of subscription fee or something like that to have that kind of peace of mind but not here and there’s impressive levels of customization here is also for instance you can change the read trigger time the sensitivity levels of the camera all that kind of shenanigans and actually set a proper activity zones as well so as an example my cat likes to settle on this little surfer down here at the bottom of the picture and that’s obviously going to trigger the camera quite a lot which is going to be rather annoying so what you can do is just completely ignore that area just set up the rest of the picture as a hotspot and then if suddenly wanders by that will trigger a notification but little miss snuggles will be completely ignored and if you dive into advanced you can set it up to be even more precise it really is very impressive stuff indeed and now right there in a nutshell is the blink XT – wireless home security system it’s available right now from Amazon and also from Alexa of Argos Curry’s PC world very and screw fix and now for your chance to win your very own dual camera blink XT – security system just like that one when I was showing off there nice and easy stance all you gotta do is leave a comment down below and somewhere within that comment mention the expected battery life from two ear batteries in a blink XT to camera thought agencies including the expiry date for the competition will be in the video description just beneath it we’ll be in touch as one of you lovely fine folk to arrange delivery once we’ve picked a winner some yourselves a lovely week people and thanks for watching Cheers

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