Review Acer Predator Helios 700 Ultimate gaming benchmarker

and that right there is how the ears of predator Helios 700 starts up as you can see is was definitely gone for subtlety here just a couple of weeks back I reviewed the ESO Nitro 7 game and laptop which was impressively slim and light yet still packed a bloody good punch and this week I’ve been testing out it’s much much much much much bigger brother the predator Helios 700 so is my full review and for more on the latest and greatest tech do please Bogg subscribe and ding that notification spell cheers now let’s get this straight yes this thing is technically a laptop and is technically portable but unless you’re Jason Momoa I don’t even think about carrying this thing further than the next room that seriously chunky metal chassis whizzed around four and a half kilos and it definitely won’t fit inside of your typical backpack you’d be far better off using a suitcase or maybe just hiring a van or something I mean just look at the size of the

mother chuffin power adapter I should you not I threw my back out and just listing this thing by itself you could murder a goddamn silverback with this bastards but looking beyond that behemoth build the Helios 700 is commendably constructed this chassis is tough as all nuts to help protect

all of those precious internals and you want ports well we got ports you get three full-sized USBs a pair of type C’s one of which is Thunderbolt 3 and you also have DisplayPort and HDMI connections conveniently located around the back of the laptop and yep there is an Ethernet connection for glitch free gaming online that’s 17.3 inch IPS screen certainly offers a grandeur view of the action while your game and but first it’s not quite perfect for one the full HD resolution is a real shame this thing’s got some real graphical grunt in it you’re gonna have to hook up your own external 4k display to really take advantage still the predator here the off 700 does boast a 144 Hertz refresh rate and gsync support as well so you can at least expect smooth visuals with no Tarun or any other issues as you blast through endless antagonists it’s not the most accurate display as far as colors go either it’s not too far off though 95% of the srgb gama and 72% of the Adobe RGB gamut are comfortably covered however the brightness could also use a bit of a boost in my test and it didn’t even script 300 nits all those max brightness settings now performance is definitely where it’s at here the predator here the r700 comes with the 9th Gen Intel Core i 990 880 chipset stuffed inside this is no choice for alternative options here but that doesn’t really matter and that’s backed by a maximum of 64 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and that is precisely how much memory was stuffed inside my review unit it’s an absolute house as far as the graphics go you get either Nvidia’s GeForce r-tx 2070 or 2080 and this review model was the top-end 2080 version so perhaps unsurprisingly the predator Helios 700 absolutely

battered the benchmark tests by through its way PC mark 10 spun out a score of 6,000 886 while Geekbench for turnout 4490 for the single core score and a 2631 for the multi-core score some of the best results i’ve ever seen on a gaming laptop as far as the 3d mark scores are concerned again we got some very very strong results from aces laptop it absolutely smashed the average 4k gaming machine scores my strange brigade benchmark and turns out average frame rates around 235 with a peak of near 400 frames per second and a low point of around 80 FPS so still perfectly fine for a fast-paced game like this even when things get super chaotic and you definitely won’t need to worry about long Lord enzymes either the dual drive storage is super nippy hit and read speeds of around 3500 megabytes per second and write speeds not far off are either definitely one of the best results I’ve seen in some time of course that kind of grunted in a laptop mean some serious heat regardless of how massive the chassis is thankfully it has included its 4th gen AeroBlade fans in this bad boy to help will whisk away that hot air and prevent any kind of throttling unfortunately this is another bug bear with the predator Helio 700 those fans on just loud they sound like an aircraft taking off inside of a nuclear reactor while the Lord of hell rises up to crush us all in his mighty fist and they have this rather unfortunate habit of kicking in every so often just for a second or so while you’re simply browsing the web or checking your messages with the unfortunate results that you have to basically waddle away and change your underwear and the predator Helios 700 might cost 5 built-in speakers backed by a dedicated subwoofer but good luck actually here and nav order your spot out of this thing over the son of

those fans definitely recommend a headset and that’s not all either if you’re thinking I’ve been dodging in some overclock and then you can things extra cool by sliding down that hyper drift keyboard to reveal the two arrow blade fans underneath and open up some fresh vents and funds of this kind of thing will probably appreciate the brief noise and light show as you yank down that keyboard as well very nice although it would be a lot sexier if you actually just push the button and it did it all automatically instead of having to drag it out but hey ho slidin down that keyboard actually automatically activates the overclocking mode here as well assuming that the laptop is plugged in and has at least 40% battery life to map to mess around going into the predator sense up and manually click in a couple of buttons array a laziness now those fans may be louder than a climax in Fox that’s been set on fire but you can’t fault the results the predator here the r700 doesn’t ever hit troublesome temperatures so the system seems to work that said you can’t actually access the boosted overclocking sentence without drift in that board so it is impossible to tell how much of a difference it really makes and in this supercharged overclock immorality a bit of a boost in the frame rate to the benchmarking scores 3dmark the ice storm benchmark and also got boosted up quite a bit as well so if you’re gonna be playing a super intensive title with full-on retracing and all of the other frilly graphics enabled then definitely get this thing in full-on transformer mode just make sure you wear a decent noise-canceling headset and there’s no one else in the near vicinity who might be slightly startled by what sounds like godzilla having sex with the UFO as for the battery life well do I even need to see it

the Healey is 700 will survive an hour and a bit while gaming away from the plug and that is your wack so yeah you better lug that huge oz charger with you wherever you roam and last up yes of course Acer has fitted this thing with a fully customizable RGB keyboard with the option of sin each individual key to a different color so you can turn this thing into a retinas here and fireworks show or give it a moody glow that turns your slack-jawed expression a here’s you red color as you gunned down endless strangers online the sides of the laptop means you get plenty of space for that board including room for a number pad macro shortcuts and everything else you would need and hope for those little smug force wised keys well they boast linear switches for pressure-sensitive response to be perfectly honest my test and I didn’t really know so much of a difference just over standard keyboards so you might we just want to stick with a controller if you want that real pressure-sensitive response the keyboard in its vanilla for me is perfectly fine and even in that slid down state it is comfortable enough to use for gehrman and just straight-up typing as well if that’s your bank it’s all right there is my full review of the ace of predator Helios 700 game and laptop I’m going to put it down before it shatters every bone in my arm it’s definitely absolute beast as you can see there but if you’re all about the performance and not at all about the portability and you don’t mind something that’s louder than satan’s bottom then yeah go for it I’m more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that there in order fishing spell yes everyone love you

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