Review Motorola One Action Camera Vs Moto Vision

the Motorola one vision is far from a feared in memory but already the mighty moto has launched a fresh new Android one smartphone the Motorola one action this time Boston a triple Enzo a camera with a serious emphasis on video I’ve been tested on the Motorola want action for a few days now alongside the older more talk one vision to see if that slightly shonky camera tech on the vision has been improved upon and the good news is that Lord Rolla seems to have actually learned from its mistakes here’s my full Motorola one action at camera review and comparison and for more the latest of grits mobile tech please do poke subscribe and take that notifications well Cheers first up as always some hot specs come in right at your face the one action sports a 12 megapixel primary lens with F 1.8 aperture as a bit of a step down in terms of megapixels from the one vision which serves to play 48 megapixel F 1.7 primary shooter and you also don’t get any optical image stabilization here in the new action both phones serve up a 5 megapixel depth sensor but the Motorola 1 action doesn’t stop there this new blower also boasts a 4 megapixel action camera with 117 degree wide angle view and F 2.2 aperture this offers a whole new prospect for video capture which I will touch upon in a moment tease tease tease first up photo capture and the one action does a bang-up job for a 219 pounds smartphone you’ll get pretty crisp results on the whole photos on quite as detailed as pic shot with the one vision because of that

megapixel drop but you’ll only really notice when they’re blown are big or when you zoom right in colors are actually surprisingly boosted with the one action certainly compared with much more sedate and natural-looking snaps that your grub on modern rollers other handset personally I prefer the more punchy results from the action which really highlights those more vivid hues but it is of course a question of taste of course one of the main issues with the model 1 visions camera tech was the shonky autofocus usually took its sweet ass time actually kicking into life and sometimes it just completely give up on life and didn’t bother to work thankfully the Motorola one action uses a trusty bit of face detection autofocus and the improvement is immediately obvious you’ll rarely have to resort to manual focus override so you can expect sharp results with minimal effort and in double-quick time that is unless you’re trying to capture a moving subject indoors as with pretty much all budget smartphones the results often come out a little bit fuzzy HDR why is the model 1 action performs almost as strongly as its sibling shooting the subjects on a bright day doesn’t cause any undue stress you’ll still get a clean shot almost every time without any oversaturation of those brighter elements and the rich blue of this sky came out really nicely here on them looking all washed out however darker subjects do occasionally lack a bit of texture and don’t look quite as natural when shot with the action and at nighttime the one action isn’t much cop at all sadly on standard auto mode you’ll get hazy grainy not very pretty results when the light is against you very similar to the shots that you will grab on

the motor all at one vision also in auto modes however the vision did have a clever trick up its sleeve to really help out in these cases the dedicated night mode which really brightens up those photos and sorts out the overexposed lighter elements unfortunately at launch time at least that night mode is missing in action here on the motor all at one action Sun face you get all of the other bonus motorola camera modes here on the action however including the tasty but it’s spot color to isolate one particular hue and turn everything else monochrome there’s motion photo to bring your gallery to life and of course you get a portrait mode to add a Bakke a style blur or various other effects when you shootin a fellow human being I like the model one vision this works at Shaun you get different degrees of Bakke and you can actually fiddle with it in the editing stage as well after you shot a pic if you’re not entirely happy you can also turn the background black and white or remove it entirely if that is your bag however the other effects are rather questionable and to be honest best avoided including the usual studio mode shenanigans you do get all of Motorola’s AI features here on the model all in one action as well such as for instance the Scene Recognition so as you can see here it’s recommended switching to portrait mode if you just understand it or if a face is detected in shot and you also get the smart composition tool as well which can crop in and level a shot just to make it a bit more attractive sometimes this works quite nicely and sometimes it basically just slices off a chunk of whatever you’re trying to shoot but no worries because the original pic is saved alongside the altered one so you can just stick with that one for the video side of things you can

once again shoot up to 4k resolution footage here on the Motorola 1 action colors once again look pleasingly punchy and bright conditions are happily dealt with and yes that autofocus overcomes the issues that I saw with the one vision you don’t any of that irritate and pop and image stabilization isn’t amazing at this four key level as you’d kind of expect but if you drop down to full HD levels you do get a proper stabilizer tool which crops in a bit to reduce that tremor and it definitely makes a difference Plus at full HD you can also shoot at 60 frames per second for a smooth more natural finish and whatever your choice of resolution I found that audio came through cleanly from all directions however the most interesting and arguably most exciting part shooting video here on the more than one action is that action camera that is of course named after which can be swapped to at any point with a lot of top of this icon down here listen not only offers a fresh wide-angle view of the action it also allows you to shoot standard landscape video in portrait mode so you can clutch the phone in one hand and get on with whatever action you’re trying to film god that sounds really filthy video with this camera is captured at Full HD resolution and what all’s stabilization feature makes a welcome return so you can sprint or cycle or do whatever you want while filming cycling will probably work best as the stabilization works more on that vertical axis or still got a lot of side-to-side sway when running and shooting at the same time and don’t bother shooting anything at night as it’ll look proper crap switch into the front and the selfie camera has been paired back somewhat for the one action here you get 12 megapixel F 2.0 shooter compared with the one visions twenty five

megapixel F 2.0 effort however the results are still solid shoot against the bright sky and your face won’t appear too murky at all the said sky will of course be blown out snaps are still more than sharp enough to share online and yes you do get a B anymore if you want to eliminate those creases and stress marks shoot at night and the results are less than stellar of course even with that screen flash active you’ll get a bright ish pic but you’ll also look a bit like a grainy mannequin thing and yes there is a portrait mode for your selfies too with a full range of features though the edge detection isn’t quite as reliable with the model and setup so you can expect the occasional spot of janky Ness impressively you can also capture up to 4k resolution Ultra HD selfie videos who’s not a front-facing camera as well something you won’t see on that many smartphone so it’s fantastic to see here on the Motorola 1 action or if you don’t want those enormous file sizes you can just dial it down to good old standard full HD however here on the original Motorola 1 vision you can only shoot up to full HD video there is no Ultra H the four key option where you do get on the one vision which you don’t get on the one action is an HDR option which I’ve just activated now does it work well it definitely brightens up things in the background but unfortunately it also seems to brighten up might be so I look even paler than normal which is not great and of course when you do have a bright sky everything looks all oversaturated and a bit crap so that’s what I think of the Motorola warn actions camera tech after a few days of testing it out and about and comparing with the vision software it’s definitely an improvement purely on the autofocus front definitely a massive step up from the vision it’s great to see a camera of this caliber on a 219 pounds smartphone here in the UK so are you tempted by the Motorola one actioned after you go check out my full unboxing if you want to see more on the rest of the smartphone and I will be bringing you my full in-depth review next week after I’ve had a few more days living with it with my sim stashed inside so thanks very much for watching everyone please leave your comments below box subscribe and doing that notifications well and have yourselves a bloody lovely day love you

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