Amazon Echo Show 5 Full Tour

hello you gorgeous people this is Christmas expert and I’m here with the fresh new echoes Shore 5 from Amazon so it’s more compact version of the original echo shell with a 5.5 inch screen it’s essentially an echo speaker with all of the Alexa smart except of course you’ve got that glorious display so you can actually watch videos you can get text feedback from Alexa and everything on there as well which is great news if for instance you’re following a recipe something like that makes it a lot easier than just using the standard Amazon echo speaker so I’m gonna get fully unbox set up and take a tour of the interface and the hardware and everything so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for if you buy one it’s first up let’s check out what you actually get in the box I’m expecting it to be fairly straightforward stuff you can see there is the Amazon echo show 5 itself just stick that aside for now let’s get a nice simple QuickStart guide takes a little bit of a tour of the hardware and shows you how to get started with it nice and easy as always things to try it guide as well because of course Alexa has evolved a considerable amount since you first emerged a few years back as soon as you’ve got all kinds of what Amazon terms skills and excitingly you all saw of course it gets a plug unfortunately the echo shell 5 doesn’t have a built-in battery so you can’t simply fill her up with juice and then take her on the road with you you all have to have a plugged in so it’s really nice smart neat design here on the echo sure 5 as you can see you’ve got some physical controls up top you got volume up and volume down you’ve also got a mic mute button right there which is very handy if you

value your privacy and you’ve also got a camera shield as well so as you can see you just quickly and easily cover that 1 megapixel front-facing camera so if you’re not skyping with anyone then you just make sure that your echo should definitely ain’t snooping on you as you see it’s quite clear when it is covered up because it’s a nice big bold red color there don’t blow you’ve got a nice bit of rubber grip actions when your echo shoe is sat on a surface if you accidentally knock it’s not gonna go flying off and MIM the cat or something and then around back you’ve got the power ports you can just plug that in like so you’re sort of a two point five mil all your jacket and also a bit of a micro USB support there as well and there she blows the screens already getting lots of lovely fingerprint grease all over it I see only problem with the screen based ones is you have to give them a bit of a cleaner every so often right so we’ve got power so let’s get it all set up so yeah let’s have a bit of you nighted Kingdom action alrighty let’s do this you just choose your network and they’ll be prompted to enter the password as you can see it’s all done via an on-screen keyboard so as often with a smart device you’ll be prompted to download an app to get it all set up you can actually just set up the echo show directly through that touchscreen display which

is quite nifty and then of course because it is an Amazon device you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Amazon account and that’s what you use to access all of your online Chanel guns and for instance if you’ve got a music unlimited subscription you can then stream the Amazon music direct through the course your five so you can set up exactly where you are gonna plunk your Akash or five down in your home follow the kitchen is generally a great place to do it because as I say you can set timers you can get recipe ideas things like that through and it’s great food just like listen to a bit music or watching a bit of video as well as your cooking but it also fits quite nicely in pretty much any other room you stick it in the bedroom it does actually have a Sun Rise alarm feature as well which I’ll have to get you up in the morning and you could also near me or at Koecher which is very helpful if you do have more than one echo device in your home so you can specifically refer to this one by name alright just had to update the echo show five and now it’s ready to rock so as you can see it’s probably a five inch touchscreen as you can actually control it via the screen itself if you’d rather use that instead of your voice controls it’s 960 by 40 so seems pretty crisp here as you can see there oh god I’d sure and let’s get rid of him if you swipe from the far right you’ve got fast access to your various apps or music stream and video stream and alarms communication so you can Skype with your family members and friends using that 1 megapixel front-facing camera right there it’s pretty basic camera bits absolutely fine just for a bit

of video chat action as you can see that if you do shutter you do get a little message all about that you’ve got full smart home controls as well so for instance you’ve got a nest thermostat something like that god Gor we’re cheering so through here you can actually turn your lights on or off so give that a quick tap and as you can see there the lights have dimmed just give it another little tap and the lights will pop on but it’s much easier just to see it Alexa turn off the studio main light ok and of course if you want to stream a nice bit of music as well you can do that tool exercise for support for the usual streaming services such Spotify you’ve even got there Apple music support things like that if you don’t want to use a bit of Amazon music I’ve got my Amazon music account set up via this thing so for instance Alexa shuffle songs from Bring Me The Horizon are they going to get a nice bit of album art and everything you can even get some lyrics if you wanna have a bit of a sing-along and so for what speaker built into the Amazon echo show 5 so it’s not as powerful as the the fall of believed it was a dual drivers speaker and the full-sized echo short but should still do the job alright if you just want you know a nice little bit of background music let’s just pump it all the way up to maximum volume see how it does [Music] who you so

it’s got a good bit of punch to it at that top volume it’s certainly loud so it’ll cut through any sounds you know if you’re in a busy loud kitchen something like that you’ll still be able to hear quite clearly but as you can hear on that top volume it’s not exactly crystal clarity it’s quite a muffled sound rather tinny as you would expect from a device this sort of size so if you want a dedicated music speaker as well I definitely say go for the larger echoes short or something like the Nova’s original smart display but if you just want something to friends as you maybe just listen to better the radio or some audio but podcasts things like that and then this will do the job nicely it’s worth pointing out as well you’ve got full touchscreen controls up at the top here as well so for instance for going back to the home screen of a change in the screen brightness when just dial it down a little bit on that top brightness it’s super powerful I don’t believe unfortunately that the Amazon echo show 5 can change the brightness of the screen based on the ambient brightness levels so that’s a bit of a shame but I mean to be fair for 80 quid it still does quite a bit of course you’ve got a full Settings menu as well so you can dive on into that as you can see it’s got Bluetooth supports you can actually connect to another Bluetooth speaker if you want a bit more powerful output you can change alexis weak word to a couple of different options as well Amazon computer and echo are the only ones available at the moment so Alexa is probably the best of a bad bunch to be fair I guess the only problem would be if you have a daughter or dog or something called Alexa in which kids might get confusing as you see even sports a

nice bit of tapping gestures waiting tap the top of the device to snooze it along which is quite cool and of course you’ve got full a video or a stream and support as well so for instance if you said on I want to wear stream The Lion King trailer so Alexa show me the lion king trailer and there we go so as you can see can then stream you trailers or YouTube videos if you want to watch a video recipe something like that you can get it actually straight through the Amazon echo short v and the quality of the screen is absolutely fine for a device this sort of compact you probably wouldn’t want to be you know what should a full-length movie or something on this but if again if you just want something to to watch your show on for 20 minutes where you’re cooking your dinner job done and yeah pretty good viewing angles and everything on there you don’t have to be viewing it you know straight head on to get a good clear image nice and bright and it sort of reasonably punchy as well good stuff so that right there is the Amazon echo sure five available right now from Amazon Corey you care for 80 pounds and certainly the 80 quid it seems to be one of the better video screen smart speakers definitely seems to be a step up from the likes of the novel smart clock because you can actually stream videos got a full skyping capability and all the rest of it as well so it has all of the main features that you would expect you’ve got your privacy guards if you you want a bit of that so as a say if you want to stream a bit of music you want that proper music quality I would say maybe go for the bigger model otherwise this will do the job nicely it’s like watching everyone hope that’s been helpful definitely let us know what you think down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest tech

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