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hello there you beautiful person you this is Christmas expert and I’m here with samsung’s new Galaxy S 10 5g edition comes a few months after the launch of the original s10 and if you know anything about this device you’ll know that of course it’s not just the s10 with 5g added it does actually have quite a few differences it’s actually bigger even than the s10 plus which is already a bit of a behemoth so I’m gonna do now full unboxing of the s10 5g get it all set up and run through the hardware and the software and oh my god that is an absolute block that’s the one the latest greatest mobile tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell semester all of course you’ve got your lovely bit of three-pin plug adapter action you’ve got your charging cable type-c and naturally you get a dinky little USB adapter as well Type C 2 full-sized USB seems to be quite a common occurrence these days you get those bundled in the box which is nice to see and you get some a key G headphones bundled in the box as well that’s just give these a bit of a Gore they actually look alright to be fair they’ve got the nice rubbery tip so they’re not the the old rip your lug holes to shreds plastic efforts they look like they’ll do the job quite nicely a nice bit of 3.5 millimeter audio jack action there as well because we do actually have a proper headphone port on the Galaxy S 10 5g which is great to see and of

course you’ve got some spare rubbery tips as well hooray so that’s what you get in the Box let’s just chuck all this aside alright let’s take a look at this absolute beast as you can see that I’ve got the silver model it’s got the usual shiny glass back quite like that actually busy just looks like a mirror on the back so if you wants me to do your hair in or not so much in my case then that’ll do the job nicely it’s pretty glass 6 back and front so it should prove nice and resilient shall we say it looks like you do actually get a pre-installed screen protector here on the front as well just for extra resistance that’s always good to see at a hundred ninety a grams that the S 10 5 gee-whiz the same as the S 10 plus ceramic model so it’s one of the heavier of the bunch it is the biggest as well at six point seven inches this screen is absolutely enormous of course if you’re gonna have five year you’re probably going to be using it to stream a lot of movies and things like that so make sense diver absolutely and on the screen and thankfully because it does stretch basically edge to edge you know it’s still not incredibly

cumbersome but you know if you want something to use 100 basically steer clear of course of course because you’ve got that shiny glass area hello our Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g yeah it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get fingerprint grease although I mean look at that that’s already an absolute state just from you know not even a minute of fondling oh my god shut up and that’s with the standard SD m sm+ and everything as well it’s fully IP 68 dust and water resistance or again super super resilient nor worries now with all that six point seven inch display might be bigger than the standard s10 and at the guess 10 Plus even it uses the same technology so it is once again a dynamic AMOLED panel so that basically just means like punchy colors are nice really deep blacks sharp contrast levels that’s fully HD or 10 plus compliant and of course because you’ve got that shot 30 40 by 1440 pixels resolution as well it means that everything is just nice and crisp so again perfect view better Netflix so as you can see there of course you get a pretty much full view experience when you’re streaming a bit of movies on the go you do input you have these little dinky front facing cameras poking into the view but not too much at all is a it’s pretty stunning stuff to be fair gorgeous visuals are definitely one of the best out there right now because you dive on into the display settings you’ve got full control over the output in here as well so you can dial it down from vivid to more natural hues if you prefer that we can have a play around with the color temperature you can

actually change the screen resolution at any point as well so we’ve got a boost it all the way up to wqhd plus but it does start in full HD plus by default and you can also have a play around if you’ve got the year of course H screen functionality once again so you can pull that out and fast access to your favorite apps favorite contacts things like that navigation bar swap that around cut which drives me nuts that the back ends the recent apps always the wrong way around and you’ve got the usual like so the video enhancer mode as well which to be perfectly honest just seems to boost your screen brightness up to maximum and not really do much else but here all it’s there if you want it and there is full stereo speaker support as well if you are blasting a bit of music watching a video of things like that so you got your button man speaker and then your earpiece is also used for the media as well and just like the S 10 and the S 10 plus you do have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the screen itself as well so it’s a full 3d scan I’m much better than your standard 2d optical scanners that you get on a lot of smartphones these days it’s super fast super responsive and even if your finger is wet or a bit sticky or something it tends to work all the same because it takes a proper 3d image and then as you can see if you power off the device that fingerprint sensor is basically always active so you just need to make sure you know roughly where it’s positioned and then just tap your thumb to it and as you can see you don’t even need to hit that

power button you’re straight into the Galaxy S 10 5 G and yes there is full face recognition on board the S 10 5 G as well as you would expect you to actually get a time-of-flight 3d scanner right there on the front of the S 10 5g though I’m not sure if it actually uses full 3d face modeling or if it’s just standard 2d let’s just get my gorgeous mug registered like a little bit sweaty in sunburn today I mean I apologize as you can see there you’ve got plenty of customization as well so for instance you can have it just bypass the lockscreen entirely when it recognizes your fears you can do lift to wig brighten the screen if it’s low-light situations things like that and it’s just quickly test it out now sort of turn it off just hit that power button and as you can see it does a little loop around the camera and as you can see with straight into our desktops easy stuff and I’ve activated the lift to wake as well so hopefully if I just pull it up there we got straight into the desktops again noise now the actual software here on the galaxy s 10 5g is exactly the same as the standard s 10 and the S 10 plus as well you get their androids PI action with a bit of Samsung’s or 1 UI overlay sup neatly on top so as you can see there it’s android version 9.0 and then 1 UI version 1.1 a lot of the features on here are the kind of things you’d already find on an android pi device such as the likes of the digital well being just tells you exactly how you’re wasting your life with your smartphone you do of course get full bigsby support as well as the google assistant as well I find it a bit excessive having all that but you do have a dedicated Bigsby key here on the left hand side a quick tap of that and it loads up good old BIG’s how we love it the good news however is that just like with the standard S 10 you

can fully customize that Bigsby key so for instance you can relegate Bigsby to a double push and have a single push open in your favorite app instead which is great to see you’ve got plenty of motion and gesture support as well as you can see there but a 100 more which is definitely gonna be pretty helpful with the s10 5g six point seven inch behemoth you can either get that activated with a swipe up gesture diagonally from the bottom corner or you can just tap the home button three times which I actually prefer find that a little bit easier it’s a bit more reliable than the the swipe use might be and as you can see they’re just shrinks everything down means you can actually reach that notifications bar which is great and just all the apps are nicely shrunken as well and one of my favorite one UI features is the game launcher as well all of your games will show up here in one handy menu when I actually download some games and it just allows you to for instance block notifications when you’re busy gehrman you got performance more at all that kind of shenanigans and speaking of performance it’s the Exodus 98 20 of Samsung’s on the vision backed by eight gigs of ram packed inside the galaxy s 10 5g of course if you are in select markets such as the US or bits of Asia you will get the snapdragon me at five five instead and lucky you because it’s generally more energy efficient that’s seen at least you’ve got 4,500 milliamp battery stuffed inside this thing which should hopefully keep you going at least a full day with a full charge so it’s just dive into the battery settings and the good news is that because you’ve got a bigger battery something has also blessed at the galaxy s 10 5g with 25 watts

super fast charging so it’s faster than I believe it’s a 20 watt fast charging the standard s 10 so it should hopefully fill up in roughly the same sort of time and you also get support for 15 watt wireless charging and you’ve even got a bit of reverse wireless charging as well if you pull down into here and find it wireless power share as it is done so if you get that on the go basically you can just share your power with another device that also supports wireless charging such as for instance Samsung’s on galaxy Bud’s really really handy if you run out of juice on the go I wouldn’t recommend charge on another phone with it though because it would take absolutely frigging forever I believe it something like 9 watt charging or something so yeah it takes a long time and as for the storage you get either 256 or 512 at gig somebody this is the 256 gig model and as you can see there a lot of it is still available 225 gigs so plenty of space for your media your apps all that shenanigans that suddenly there’s no microSD memory card support it’s only a single sim slots as lor dual SIM support and micro-sd either boo which brings us neatly onto the camera tech and of course the camera is quite similar to the standard s10 camera in the s10 plus but there are a couple of little differences so first as you get the same basic triple lens set appears you get the 12 megapixel primary lens backed by a 12 megapixel

telephoto and 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle but you also get a fourth time of flight lens here on the back of the s10 5g that is exclusive to this model and up front once again you have a dual lens setup as you do with the s10 plus not the standard s10 and that is a 10 megapixel primary lens backed by again a time-of-flight lens that type of light lenses Bitsey just accurate distance model and very good for if you did a bit of a or something like that very handy in deed I’ve already done a full tour of the galaxy s 10 s 10 plus camera tech in comparisons and all kinds of shenanigans so I won’t bang on too much in this unboxing video as you can see there it’s easy quick and easy to switch between those three primary lenses you’ve got a whole host of bonus features on here so you’ve got your live fork is basically a poultry @mods you’ve got pro controls for full manual controls which is definitely handy I especially recommend doing this at nighttime you get some really nice shots better than you will with the auto modes you do actually have a dedicated night mode at least now thankfully which is good because the standard auto mode is a bit crap to be fair foods do you like taking pictures of your food instead of actually eating it well there you go and you got usual slow motion super slow motion hyperlapse and live focus video as well as

just your standard video as whining shoot using all three of those main lenses of course and if you i’ve run into the video settings as you can see there defaults to Ultra HD you can also shoot Ultra HD and a whopping 60 frames per second as well one of the few smartphones that will allow you to do that you’ve got stabilization really good stabilization and you can even shoot in each your 10 plus for some really nice contrast if you like as well and if you are a bit of an outdoor enthusiast you’re on a film while you’re cycling along somewhere driving something like that then you’ve got the super steady mode which tops off at full HD I believe but it does a really good job of cutting out the judder and just giving you a nice smooth results that’s definitely a great and very unique feature as well and then if we just quickly swap around to that front face and 10 megapixel camera and the time-of-flight there you go there’s my huh good-looking face as you can see there you’ve got a wide-angle mode which does next to nothing really it’s a bit pathetic but there you go and of course you’ve got the usual life walkers portrait mode and all that kind of shenanigans that you can shoot here as well and if you dive into the video I forget which resolution it tops off with actually in the front fear sincere foolish don’t know it does actually got to focus so you go so you can shoot a nice full key resolution video of

your beautiful face if you like to do a bit of vlogging and your viewers aren’t easily scared off and there you have it so that right there is some songs galaxy s 10 a 5g so as you can see it’s a bit of a confusing device because even though it’s called the s 10 5g there are quite a few differences beyond that 5g supports because it’s one of the very few 5g smartphones available in the UK right now along with the likes of the 1 + 7 5 g and the me mix 3 5g as well yeah there you go if you want something that is a super premium device that’s 5g ready perfect for streaming a bit of video or things like that then the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5 you definitely gets an early thumbs up I will be fully testing this I will slap my own sim card in it and give it a full-on test out over the next sort of week or so and then hopefully deliver my full review so what do you think so far this early juncture you tempted by this model or are you going to go for something else if you are interested in a bit of 5g action definitely let us know down below and please do poke subscribe and ignác notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech

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