Honor 20 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 7 Pro vs Huawei P30 Pro

the only flagship phones are often really good value for money as they basically just pill for the best hardware from some of those top-end huawei’s smartphones but then seriously trim the asking price as well great news if you like your premium tech but you aren’t mr. or mrs. moneybags for instance here on the arse end of the shiny you on a twenty pro you get some seriously slick camera tech a quad lens setup complete with ultra wide-angle and telephoto lenses plus a new macro lens for some extreme close-up action I thought I’d test out how good the honor 20 plus quad lens camera setup really was for everyday photos and video so I’ve been taking it out and about each tier with the Huawei P 30 Pro and the Wampler 7 Pro to see if it could handle the piece here’s my in-depth camera comparison and for more on the latest cigarettes mobile tech please do poke subscribe and England notifications bail Jezz now the honor phone and that one plus seven pro sport almost identical optics besides the addition of that mackerel snapper here on the oneplus you once again have a 14 megapixel primary shooter with Sony’s AMX private 6 sensor though the aperture isn’t quite so gaping and that’s set alongside similar wide-angle and telephoto lenses and the p30 pro once again offers up the flexibility of a wide-angle and telephoto viewpoint as well although this time around you get a mighty 5 times optical zoom instead of the 3 x oom of the others courtesy of that snazzy periscope design that’s all the techie bollocks out the way but now on to the good stuff how do these three

actually compare for photo and video quality well fear everyday shots as far as detail levels are concerned is basically a dead heat between all of these blowers not really surprising considering the strength of those primary lenses when you blow up each photo it is rare to see a difference in clarity between the three zoom right in and everything still remains crisp and clear colors are often captured differently however depending on your choice especially with the honor and huawei’s AI more in play this could often tweak the color slightly to make them more palatable slap this off and you’ll get more natural results instead in comparison the 1 plus 7 Pro has no separate AI feature and those colors are given a slight boost where appropriate when shooting against a bloody bright sky the honor 20 pro reproduced the subject with as much detail as the others here while also capturing those rich attractive blues behind it especially with that AI lords active and extremely bright conditions those honor and huawei handsets are still capable of producing warm good-looking results while the oneplus mm occasionally just can’t quite keep up it is very rare to see any proper oversaturation or white washing with any of these phones however they all basically excel when it comes to high contrast situations and as far as indoor hgi shots are concerned the 1 plus emmaandpaul captures the most

natural-looking photos while the weight in honor phones pick out more detail in those darker areas now that special macro lens on the honor 20 broad does actually help you to ground more detailed up close and personal shots from a distance of mere centimetres I thought isn’t quite infallible with a very narrow range so you definitely best off taking a couple of snaps to ensure you get a good result the p30 pro results give very close indeed well the 1 plus 7 pro is clearly in last place in this round struggling at this extreme distance change up to the ultra wide-angle lens and you’ll be able to shoot enormous buildings and other massive scenes without buggerin avout with panorama modes and the like the actual angle is identical between all three of these phones and the honor and wahwee handsets produce very similar results with quite warm hues on offer meanwhile the 1 plus 7 pro captures cooler images overall with the same level of detail if you’re obsessed with long distance shoot and then the p30 pro is by far your best bet the mighty and so far on match 5 times optical zoom produces stunning pics from afar absolutely crammed with detail that you’ll have no hope of seeing with the naked eye the next best option here is definitely the one plus serving bra that 3 times optical zoom sweeps the captures sharp adido from a distance compared with the honor 20 pro for a more attractive and defined finish results are often brighter as well while

the other 20 producers are naturally warm photos with its long distance snapper at nighttime using the standard auto mode the honor 20 Pro and while with P 30 Pro often serve up slightly better pics than the 1 plus 7 Pro the 1 plus does occasionally over expose those lighter elements in order to produce a bright photo it still looks good but just not as good however bring the specialist night modes into play and the 1 plus seriously impresses the only 20 Pro and p30 Pro offer brighter results and bolder colors without long exposure feature but the one plus is nightscape version to successfully cuts out that overexposure for a really clean and clear finish considering how fast it is to use as well compared with the others these photos are very impressive indeed all 3 blowers here serve up a portrait mode as well with the Huawei and honor phones once again offering the same effects and very similar results you can add a Bakke style blown into the background and add all kinds of weird filters if that’s your bag in comparison the 1 + 7 Pro offers a more straightforward effect but the edge detection is strong on all three of these phones and the results are definitely pretty switch it up to video mode and the 1 + 7 Pro is the most capable handset on paper at least offering up to 4k resolution recording at 60 frames per second well while we honor top off at 30fps at that Ultra HD

level still you will not be disappointed with the footage you grab with any of these devices stick them on 4k and you getting gorgeously crisp results with a nice punchy kick for those colors audio pickup is fine and the focus definitely handles light and distance changes perfectly on all three of these phones plus even at that Ultra HD level these blowers delivered to pen double image stabilization you will notice a slight shimmer in the picture with every step but that is pretty much it definitely nothing puke inducing flip – the selfie camera and you’ll get great results no matter your choice as well even on crazy bright days with plenty of sky action your face will stay bright and sharp you do of course get portrait mode smarts with all three of these phones as well and this seems to work best on the 1 + 7 Pro there are weight and honor edge detection with just a single install on can be quite aggressive lot of ear lobes and other bits of your bonds and that right there is how the honor 20 pro stacks up against the 1 + 7 pro and the Huawei P 30 pro as far as everyday photo and video quality is concerned what Eric and which one is your favorite smartphone snapper definitely great to hear your thoughts down below and please do poke subscribe and doing our notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech Giovana love you

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