Zenfone 6 One Week Later Love & Hate

one of the biggest smartphone surprises of 2019 so far is this beastly wee bugger right here the azuz zenfone 6 now this handset has defied all expectations on quite a few fronts from that cute flippable camera tech to the overhauled Zen UI experience that’s been a full week since here Zeus’s launched and this is my in-depth love and hit list so you can see all the best and the worst bits of the zenfone 6 and from on the latest regrets mobile tech please do plug Subscribe ending that notifications bell says now first up I’m gonna have to start with a pretty common complaint with any 2019 smartphones the zenfone 6 is absolutely bleed and massive sure the bezels are pretty thinkI but you really feel this six point four inch beast when it is stashed in your shorts mercifully azouz has at least added a one-handed mode to android via that Zen UI interface you can shrink everything down and avoid doing yourself a serious thumb injury and you even get some fingerprint gesture support as well for draggin down that notifications bar and because it’s quite a dinky sensor there on the back I find that don’t accidentally knock it like I do with scanners on their likes of the pixel threes for instance next up isn’t really a love it’s more of a quite like and it’s all to do with that physical smart key housed over on the right edge of the zenfone 6 you can push this once for the Google assistant or you can customize the functionality so for instance you can turn it into a pushy version of the oneplus seven’s alert slider however you unfortunately can’t

set that smart key to open up your favorite app instead you’re limited to this rather short list of actions right here in the settings and it’s another almost love for that full HD plus IPS screen which offers a full view experience unfettered by notches and other annoying bits like that this display is pretty punchy and exceedingly bright as well topping out at a mighty 600 nits and you also get a limited amount of customization to tweak the color temperature to suit your own personal preferences however unfortunately the auto brightness is utterly borked this often plunges down to the very minimum setting even when you’re stood in extreme sunlight which I know is a bit of a rarity for the Yukiya but it’s still pretty bloody annoying when it happens still despite the complete lack of any kind of pre-installed screen protector and my general CAC handedness there are thankfully no scratches or scuff marks on that gorgeous screen after a full week of basically being stashed my bag in my pants wherever I roam and that is of course thanks to the hardy Gorilla Glass 6 finish now something that’s definitely slapped into the love category is the audio chops of the zenfone 6 you get an actual headphone jack for plugging in a proper wide pair and for DTS X support as well you can pedal about with the audio range to suit your choice of music and enjoy supported content with full surround sound and if you do decide to go wireless of course you’ve got full Bluetooth 5 support with aptX HD also on boards don’t expect too much from the so called stereo setup however unfortunately that earpiece up top packs about as much punch as a spiders fart in a hurricane so the bulk of your son is basely blasted out of this bottom fire and speaker down here it’s still absolutely fine if you just kick it back with a bit of video or something but definitely recommend headphones or a proper speaker instead another

entry for the love category is the performance the zenfone 6 is basically speedier than Usain Bolt with a firecracker lodged in his rectum packed inside this phone you get a snapdragon 855 chipset backed by either six or eight gigs of ram so basically you can do whatever the you like and everything will be nice and nippy plus with a bit of game genie feature action as well you can live stream will record your gaming sessions and block all those pesky notifications so your mum doesn’t distract you from your pub G session just to tell you that Annie Maud piles are acting up again and there’s a performance boost feature on board as well like you’ve been even that anytime soon I also really love the mammoth 5 thousand milliamp battery stuffed inside the zenfone 6 that makes it on par with the Moto G 7 power as far as capacity is concerned although suddenly the battery life isn’t quite as strong here on the zenfone you’ll still more than comfortably make it through a full day of play on a full charge even with plenty of camera action media streamer in gaming and so on but you will want to charge it up every night just to be sure I’m more Big Love had in

Zen phone sixes where thanks to the refreshed azouz nui 6 experience it’s basically very very similar to stock Android now with an emphasis on performance you do still get a fair few bonus features chucked on top similar to the likes of oxygen OS these include welcome bits like a proper dock mode plenty of gesture support and stuff that I’ve already banged on about like the one handed mode and that game genie effort it’s all a very clean and neat package and really the spiffing and refreshingly is who seemed to really commit to the long-term future of the zenfone 6 as well it’s only guaranteed and updated to Android q and then beyond that a year later Android r as well which is all the more important and gets a big thumbs up considering certain revelations that emerged earlier this week get ready for some more praise because I absolutely love the adorable flip camera as well this Wallops that dual end setup around to the front on demand so pretty much all of those features are available for both a bit of front and back action for laughs now this includes the ability to shoot lush look at 4k videos at 60 frames per second featuring your gorgeous mug you get full physical control of that camera as well the volume rocker can change the tilt while the smart key can be used as a shutter button to take photos and a Zeus has thrown in some nifty features to make full use of that flexible setup including a radical auto panorama mode of course making all

of this work is a rather complex mechanism consisted of 13 individual gears is uses of course stress tested it records has got a lifespan of about a hundred thousand flips at all which should be enough but there is always a chance that it could take a knock or something like that and then that’s your camera bucket and thankfully is Zeus has added in drop protection so the camera will quickly zip back into position if the faun detects that it’s in freefall check out my full zenfone 6 come review for all you need to know about the optics and its various features and last up I do love the zenfone sixes asking price this thing starts it just 499 euros for the entry-level model which packs six gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage rise only just $5.99 for the absolute top premium Billy Big bollocks model that is solid value considering the premium setup here you don’t get that same stunning screen of duan +7 pro but almost other fronts it is at least a match sorry there is what I love and not so much love about the zenfone 6 as you can see it is a fantastic or run package especially for that rather affordable asking price but are you tempted definitely let us know in the comments down below because hear your thoughts and please do Park subscribe and think that notifications both form or another latest and greatest egg J’s everyone love you

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