One month review Huawei P30 & P30 Pro

so for around a month now I’ve been Jill wheeled in the fresh new Huawei P 30 and P 30 Pross Mart phone and spoiler alert they really are effing marvelous the P 30 probe was pretty much all of the best features found in one of my all-time favorite smartphones last year’s huawei mate 20 pro with an updated quad lens camera to top it all off but the vanilla P 31 lack in some of its siblings more premium elements still has a few advantages over that pro model switcher on this smartphone should you actually buy because you should probably buy at least one of them because they are absolutely bloody brilliant well here’s my fault one month one with P 30 and P 30 Pro review and don’t forget for more on the lips to go it’s more more text a poke subscribe ending that there in notifications bell Jezz now long before the P 30 Pro emerged I was pretty much resigned to the fact that modern mobiles would all be the size of in skyscrapers and sure enough that trend hasn’t changed one iota the 6.4 7-inch P 30 pro is an absolute beast still with those sloping edges and rounded corners the pro model thankfully isn’t a chore to hold and if you make liberal use of Huawei’s one-handed board you’ll definitely come to love it well enough but I do really

really like more compact nature of the smaller why wait P 30 don’t get me wrong 6.1 inches isn’t exactly miniature but it certainly feels it compared to the slew of Godzilla style phones we’ve handled recently this is a great-looking pair sport and a water drop not chat up top much more subtle than that I’ve gone at moustache of the mid-20 bra so the display does pretty much stretch edge to edge and what both phones are pretty damn fine from the front it is that awesome that really shines literally Wow is glossy glass finish is brought a dazzling life in these breathing crystal and Aurora models just a couple of the gorgeous designs on offer I particularly like the swirl and dynamic surfacing of that Aurora option however bear in mind that the vanilla p30 is merely IP 53 splash resistance whereas the pro model of greatest I P 68 water and dust resistance or angle dropping it in the box without any worries but for general hardiness either will do the job well shiny rays are still blissfully scuff free after a full month and while the ultimate 20 pros display was well scratched up by the one month mark there is nothing to report here the Statler p 30 even comes with a pre-installed screen protector for extra peace of mind cheers while we’re now when it comes to the display tech there is really no difference here beyond the size you get an OLED screen with full itch to your support and a full d-plus

resolution in both cases the p30s power does seem a touch warmer on the default color settings compared with a bigger p30 pro but it is really just a tiny gap you probably won’t be shocked to discover that Netflix movies youtube vids and everything else looks absolutely spiffing and you can play about with the output to make those tones pleasingly realistic or smack you in the face vibrant unfortunately you do not get a stereo speaker output with either of these handsets the p30 Pro does at least have a excuse for this so on that’s the fact that it doesn’t actually have a physical earpiece speaker laptop instead it uses screen vibration tech whenever you’re on a call thankfully the clarity and volume and everything is absolutely fine was a bit of a worry before we tested it out but we had no problems understanding what was going on however the p30 does have one clear advantage over its more premium sibling and that is the addition of a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to do away with those awful dongle thingies definitely great news if you’re not a fan of the bluetooths now I already feel like I’ve talked to death about what weighs a motion ui9 in fact I’ve actually published a full tour of some of the best new features when it first emerged on the mid-20 pross smartphone last year so check that out for an in-depth tour here on the p30 pair you get the super fresh emotion UI 9.1 this sports a few background updates and freshens up the look and feel and a couple of key places but the main thing is you still get all the same grit emotion UI

features which really do help with everyday use you’ve got the one-handed more gesture navigation split-screen multitasking parental controls they’re all here and they’re all still rather lovely security wise you once again get an optical fingerprints heads are bowed away in that display as well that seems to be even more accurate than the pretty decent mid 20 version it’s positioned a bit lower now on both the p30 and the p30 pro as well so I found it personally a bit easier to look here when the phones were hibernating something those Gunners don’t work particularly well if your finger is moist or a bit grubby so definitely the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors on the likes of subsumes Galaxy S 10 win out in that regard thankfully you do have a strong alternative option here while weighs excellent facial recognition this isn’t the full 3d treatment so it won’t work so got a few errands shades but it isn’t fooled by standard glasses eyelid does the job even in fairly dark environments now its neck and neck between these two devices when it comes to performance the p30 and the p30 probe both serve up while is Kurenai nearly chipset has first launched with the MIT when he brought in combination with that slick muy software you can bet your left butt cheek that you’ll enjoy smooth satisfying responsiveness no matter what you’re up to and yes the given experience is as solid as ever I’ll happily blast through much after match on pudgy mobile with either of these phones or should I say it be blasted apart by sneaky snipe and toss

pots on match after match off pop G another highlight of WoW is handsets is of course the battery life that energy efficient Kirin platform is backed by a mighty three thousand six hundred fifty million cell here on the standard P 30 and that’s boosted to a four thousand two hundred milliamps L on the pro model despite the difference in capacity the p30 still keeps up fairly unruly with the bigger blower you’ll still enjoy well over a day of playtime by George unless you’re smashing this thing with non-stop gaming however the pro model does go for longer and it also boasts faster 40 watt charging plus full wireless charging support as well and even reverse wireless charging – which is only really particularly helpful if you have an accessory which supports the Qi standard now the very best thing about these Huawei handset is definitely the camera tech and why you get a very similar experience between the p30 and the p30 pro the hardware is actually very different in a couple of key areas the 40 megapixels super spectrum primary lens boasts a wider aperture and optical image stabilization here on the pro model I thought to be honest that doesn’t seem to have much impact on the general photo and video results both phones also support an ultra wide-angle lens plus an 8 megapixel telephoto shooter – and this is where the main gap between the p30 and the p30 pro lies for well the P 33 times optical zoom is rather bloody grit the pro is simply next level in fact it’s more than next level it’s already on the final boss and smashing it to bits this 5 times optical zoom offers an unrivaled close-up view of any distant subjects which is perfect for any travellers who love getting geeky with their touristy snaps if you want to take a closer look at the best camera features and see how the p30 on the p30 pro really stack up for their optics then definitely go check out my full in-depth p30 vs p 30 pro camera

comparison live right now so after a full month of having the P 30 handset stuffed in my pants would I recommend them well I already kind of give that away at the start the video didn’t I so kudos for actually bothering to stick around and listening to the rest of this gum the only problem of course is that these handsets are not cheap the P 30 starts at 699 pounds while the pro model even boost that up to eight hundred ninety nine pounds basically making them just as expensive as the likes Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 phones and Google’s pixel threes but as I mentioned the main reason to buy these blows over rivals is that camera tech you simply will not find a better mobile shooter around right now and unlike those pixel phones the p30 and the p30 brought both feel like a complete overall package and a bloody great one at that so I you tempted by the p30 other people definitely let us know in the comments down below be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget for more on the latest in grits mobile tech tap on subscribe and doing that notifications belt cheers everyone love you

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